Your Zodiac Sign’s S**ual Strengths And Weaknesses

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Your Zodiac Sign’s S**ual Strengths And Weaknesses

How does knowing each zodiac sign’s s*xual strengths and weaknesses helpful? Whether or not you’re a fan of astrology, the truth is it’s always good to know exactly what you’re good at and where you need improvement. It’s also helpful to know about a new partner’s s*xual strengths and weaknesses so you know what to do more or less of.

It’s also good to know how to change things up, and being comfortable with your strengths and partners can help you be more open to trying new things. You already know that you’re a master at giving, but maybe you need to be more selfish with your needs, especially if giving really gets your partner going.

It can be nerve-wracking to be with someone for the first time and have no clue what they might like. We all want to be the best our new partner has ever been with, but how can we be that if we’re going in blind? A guide based on their zodiac sign could give you an advantage or at least a little bit more confidence.

Some people want a lot of warm-up and foreplay, while others just want to get right down to business. There are times where we might feel that by directly asking for what we want, it will break the mood, but you can’t let that stop you. S*x has to be as good for you as it is for your partner.


Strengths: Aries have a lot of energy and put it to good use when they’re having s*x. They love variety, are always open to trying something new, and they have a reputation for being the best kissers of the zodiac. They tend to be very dominant and enjoy things such as hair pulling, wrestling, and some bondage.

Weaknesses: Since Aries are fast out of the gate, they also tend to finish fast. If there’s not enough variety, Aries will get bored and do something impulsive such as cheating.While it’s great that they will let their partner know what their needs are, they can sometimes say the wrong thing at the wrong time and break the mood entirely.


Strengths: Taurus are extremely sensual and love setting the mood with candles, music, and expensive sheets. They love taking their time when having s*x. No body part will go untouched or unkissed on Taurus’ watch. If they can incorporate some tasty lube or honey, that’s great.

Weaknesses: Once a Taurus finds their s*xual sweet spot, they will stick to it. They aren’t super experimental and they can lack spontaneity, so probably don’t count on too many quickies or unexpected s*xual escapades.


Strengths: Geminis are one of the more open signs in the zodiac. They love to try new things and they like to keep things fresh with all kinds of s*x talk. They need to be able to connect intellectually as well as s*xually with their partner. Geminis get turned on by lipstick, tickling, toys, and screams of passion.

Weaknesses: Geminis tend to have a short attention span which can put pressure on their partner to stay entertaining and pull out all their tricks. Sometimes you just want to have s*x, not put on a show.


Strengths: Cancers can be the most caring and attentive of s*xual partners. They thrive at being able to please their partner, and just in case you think a Cancer might be too tame in bed, they have a kinky side and are often up for anything. Some of their strengths include belly rubbing, role-playing, and trying out the newest toys.

Weaknesses: While a Cancer has been known to have the occasional hook-up, they tend to take a minute to get comfortable with a new partner. Cancer can also get possessive, which can be a weakness or a strength depending on your point of view.


Strengths: Leos definitely want great s*xual reviews, so they’ll try to make their partner’s enjoyment their first priority. Leos are great at biting, sensual-scratching, s*x outdoors, and making tapes.

Weaknesses: As much as Leos love giving, they also love being the center of attention, and can get so caught up in it that they forget there’s another person who needs their attention. They are huge flirts, but sometimes their flirting may be confusing. They tend to love getting into a fight before having s*xbecause it makes everything so intense, which may not work for every partner.


Strengths: Virgos are little freaks. They may seem reserved on the outside, but they can get kinky. Not only are Virgos into trying new things, but they’ve also got technique and will make sure they know how to do what their partner likes. They are into submission, role-play, masks, handcuffs, and fetish-play.

Weaknesses: Virgos aren’t the best at initiating s*x but can get into the mood fast when someone else starts things off. They are sensitive, so if they feel that their partner slighted them in any way, resentment will build up and they may withhold intimacy.


Strengths: Libras are very romantic so they like s*x with a romantic flair. It’s not that they don’t enjoy the occasional animalistic encounter, but not a steady diet of it. They are surprisingly good at all things involving their butts such as spanking, analingus, and anal s*x.

Weaknesses: Libras can get so involved in making sure their partner gets their needs met that they may forget all about their own. Libras aren’t great about speaking up about what they like or don’t like.


Strengths: Is there anything s*xual that a Scorpio can’t do? Probably not, as they are known as the most s*xual of the zodiac signs. Scorpios are great at exploration, experimentation, bondage, and semi-public s*x. They thrive on s*xual intensity and will definitely show their partner a good time.

Weaknesses: Scorpios can mess with your mind, so depending on your point of view, their mind-games could be a strength or a weakness. They can become overcome with lust and be more concerned with their own s*xual needs being met than those of their partners.


Strengths: S*x with a Sagittarius is like going to the amusement park — they’re going to turn you out.They are adventurous, and while they love to pamper their partner, they also love to try new things and new locations. Sagittarians give as good as they get.

Weaknesses: Once the s*xual encounter is over with a Sagittarius, don’t expect it to be a thing. They might go for a no-strings-attached deal or the occasional hook-up, but don’t think that just because you had s*x there’s any kind of relationship happening. It takes a lot for a Sagittarius to get into relationship-mode, and one night of hot s*x isn’t going to do it.


Strengths: Capricorn is another sign that is surprisingly s*xual. They may seem traditional, but this sign is anything but boring. They’re good at everything, and the more adventurous, the better. Submissive/dominant, vanilla s*x, or fetish-play — Capricorns will try anything once. If they like it, they’ll add it to their list of skills, and if their partner likes it, Capricorn will perfect it. They are also very open to different types and ages of people.

Weaknesses: It can take Capricorn a while to feel comfortable enough to make the first move or to recognize that someone is hitting on them. However, once they get it, it’s all systems are go!


Strengths: Aquarians are also very open-minded and up for trying new devices, techniques, and toys.They love cyber-s*x, phone s*x, group s*x, and coming up with new ways to orgasm. S*x with an Aquarius will make you feel equal parts spent and completely satisfied.

Weaknesses: If a partner is lacking in getting Aquarius off, they will let them know and they won’t do it in the most sensitive way. You will definitely know if it was good for Aquarius.


Strengths: Since Pisces are so intuitive, they know instinctively what their partner needs. If they need to go slower or faster, more pressure or less, Pisces adapts to what they feel their partner wants. If they can connect with their partner on an emotional level, that’s nirvana for them. Pisces offer a s*xual experience that satisfies both the body and the heart. And they often have foot fetishes, so they love feet play and toe-sucking.

Weaknesses: It can get tiring being as much of a giver as Pisces is, and sometimes they can be a lazy bottom in bed, letting their partner do all the work.

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