Your Weird But Accurate Relationship Goals <3 , According To Your ( Zodiac Sign ) !!!

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March 3, 2019
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March 3, 2019
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Your Weird But Accurate Relationship Goals <3 , According To Your ( Zodiac Sign ) !!!

Relationships are different for everyone. To be honest, there’s a lot to talk about when it comes to relationships because everyone seems to expect something different. We get into relationships to get something out of it, but we also want to give something. That should be the goal of every relationship we ever have, no matter what kind it is. However, while that’s the goal of most relationships we have, we tend to go into a new relationship with certain expectations of how things should go or things we should do, even if it’s a little unrealistic. That being said, some relationship goals are totally realistic and doable, but they’re just a little weird.

Everyone has these secret relationship goals that they’re not always willing to share with the world. For some people, it’s the goal of having a constant companion and traveling buddy. For others, it’s having a person you can stay in with and not talk at all and still be happy around them. Still, others want the kind of relationship where the two of you can just do random things and laugh together. While these are things that you can do in any relationship, you end up prioritizing certain things in a relationship based on what you think is important. With that being said, here are your small-scale, weird but accurate relationship goals according to your zodiac sign. Make sure to check out your moon sign to get a better idea of what you want in a relationship too!

16Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): Seeing The World And Expanding Your Point Of View

As a Fire sign, your biggest thing is being in a place where your inner light can shine on other people. The same is true of your relationships, to be honest. Your biggest relationship goal is to be with a person who lets you do that and learn from them and from the world around them. You’re the type of person who needs to be doing at least one new thing at any given point or else you’ll feel like things are going stagnant. Your relationships are no exception: if you’re in a relationship where you’re bogged down into a routine, you’re going to be absolutely miserable. Your relationship goal is to have a travel buddy who’s down with all the things you’re down with, from going down and around the corner to some restaurant you’ve never been before, to hopping on a plane to a random city you’ve never heard of at the drop of a hat.

15Aries: Every Day Is An Adventure, But Every Night You’re At Home

For you, Aries, the adventurous streak you’ve got is a mile wide and you couldn’t be prouder of that. What everyone sees in you is exactly what they’re going to get and that kind of straightforwardness is rare in this world. Your relationship goal isn’t just to have adventures with your significant other, however. What you really want is the best of both worlds. You want someone you can share the exciting times of life with, but you also want someone who can also go home with you and have those quiet moments together. Honestly, Aries, you want everything and there’s nothing wrong with that. You just need to find someone who’s worthy of you and can keep up with you!

14Leo: Dinner Parties Every Day, Hollywood Style Love

You, Leo, are a person who loves being the center of attention. Your small-scale relationship goal is to have someone in your life who appreciates your flair for the dramatic and your love of being the center of attention. You want someone who’s going to indulge you when you command all the attention from a group of people and can hold a candle to you themselves. On a deeper level, though, you want the kind of love that can truly sweep you off your feet. Out of all the signs of the zodiac, you’re the one who’s most likely to fall in love in the most classically Hollywood kind of way. Deep down, that’s what you want, too. You want the intensity and the passion and yes, even the drama sometimes. There’s nothing wrong with that, but admitting it’s one of your relationship goals is a step you have to take to get that.

13Sagittarius: Going To Concerts And Festivals Every Weekend

As a Sagittarius, you’re the adventurer sign. You’re the type of person who needs to feel like they’re always in motion or else you’ll get bored and move on to the next thing. This tends to serve you well when you’re dating casually but not so much when you’re looking to settle down. It takes you longer than most to learn that relationships aren’t just built by the fun times, they’re built by the hard times, too. Your relationship goal is to find someone who you can have adventures with all the time, even small ones like going to a concert every now and then or trying a new kind of food. Doing new things is basically your favorite thing, so it makes sense that adventure would be a big ticket item when you think about your soulmate. Just remember that the quiet, even boring times can also make or break relationships.

12Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): Deep Rooted Connections And Quiet Days In

Unlike Fire signs, who value spontaneity in their relationships and constantly want to do new things with their partners, you’re a little different as an Earth sign. You’re a person who needs routine or at least some semblance of it to be happy. This doesn’t mean that you can’t be spontaneous, quite the opposite. However, this just means that you value having an order to your days. This is something you really need in your relationships to feel secure in them. Your relationship goals are having someone in your life that fits into your routine and for the two of you to create new routines together. When you’re looking for “the one” you’re in it for the long haul. While new adventures every day can be exciting and fun, you know that the true strength of any relationship is how you handle the little things together.

11Taurus: Every Day Is A Netflix Bingewatching Day

As a Taurus, you value stability and solidness above everything. You might come off as a little materialistic at times, but you’re honestly one of the most practical-minded people you know. That’s not you bragging either: that’s just not your style. You’re just not one to shy away from a hard truth when you see one. Unlike some other signs, you think relationships are built from the small moments that others would overlook, so your relationship goal is to find someone who values those small moments as well. Sure, you can expand your horizons at any point, but if you can’t spend quiet time watching Netflix with them, there’s no point in being in the relationship for you. It’s not that you live in those boring relationship moments, it’s that you know how valuable they are.

10Virgo: Having Your Own Non-Verbal Language Only The Two Of You Understand

As a Virgo, you’re a person who values communication, but you might not be super great at it all the time. Many a potential relationship has gone down the tubes for you because you didn’t know how to articulate your feelings or because you simply couldn’t pick up what the other person was putting down. This is why your major relationship goal is finding someone with whom you feel comfortable communicating with all the time. With the right person for you, Virgo, you want to feel like you don’t even need to say anything. They’ll be able to pick up how you’re feeling with one look or by how your face changes when you hear or see something you like or don’t like. On the flip side, you want to be able to understand them in the same way. While this kind of language between two people can be learned and worked at, for you it’s really special when it just sort of develops out of nowhere.

9Capricorn: Heated Debates And Warm Hugs

As a Capricorn, you’re really not about the cutesy kind of love. You just don’t have time for that, you have too much to do. You like to say that you want a relationship where the two of you are totally independent beings who happen to have a relationship, but that’s when you’re trying not to indulge your romantic side. In reality, you can be very romantic and there’s nothing wrong with that even if you think it’s sometimes a waste of time. Your major relationship goal is to be with someone who has no problems having a relationship that is equally cute and practical. You want someone with whom you can discuss heavy issues like politics and religion without them getting offended, but you also want someone who can give the best hugs on demand.

8Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): Understanding Everything More With Each Other

As an Air sign, you seek understanding above all things. You’re less interested in the building blocks of relationships and even constant new adventures. What you really want is to get to the truth at the heart of everything, not just relationships, but the whole world around you. You tend to be the person with the big ideas, so your relationship goals would be related to those big ideas. You want someone in your life who can keep up with you intellectually: if there isn’t a mental connection there, eventually you won’t be there either. The true reality of the situation is that while you know you can understand a lot, you need others around you to help you understand things you never could on your own. Your major relationship goal is to find someone who can keep up with you, but who approaches the big questions in a different way.

7Gemini: Random Surprises And Discussing Everything Taboo

As a Gemini, you value friendship a lot, which is why your friends tend to be a huge presence in your life whether it’s good for you all or not. You tend to date people who feel like your friends first, which can lead to some issues with chemistry but more often than not going about it this way is actually helpful for you. That being said, your relationship goals aren’t really related to friendship or anything because you already have that. Deep down, your relationship goals are to have someone who brings something new to your life. You want someone who’s always surprising you in big and little ways. You tend to be such a good communicator and have such an understanding of people that they tend to not surprise you, so someone who can actually get the jump on you is someone you like keeping around.

6Libra: Traveling The World And Watching Every Sunset Together

As a Libra, you love to travel and see the world. However, you don’t want to travel because you need the constant motion to feel alive. You just like it and can take it or leave it in your relationship. That being said, you’re happiest when you have someone you can share your big and little adventures with. That’s why your biggest relationship goal is to have someone you can travel with. You want someone who feels like they fit with you in any situation. You also want someone who can take the lead when you’re feeling particularly torn between two great options or things to do. More than that, though, you want someone with whom you don’t have to talk in order to be understood. For you, if you had someone to watch the sunset with every night for as long as the two of you are together, you’d be happy.

5Aquarius: Funny, Weird Dates And A Bookshelf You Share

As an Aquarius, you’re just a weird person. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing: honestly, this is one of the best things about you. You’re a person who is always yourself and people can’t help but fall for how unapologetic you are about that. Your relationship goals are to have someone you can be yourself around and have weird dates with that you couldn’t have with anyone else. More often than not, people, your date tell you that you’re not like anyone they’ve ever met in their lives, and you’re proud of that for the most part, but there are times where you do wish you were more normal. That’s why another relationship goal of yours is to have someone who makes you feel like you’re not so weird all the time. You also would love having someone in your life who you could learn from, so when you move in with someone, chances are all of your books, movies, video games and the like will be shared.

4Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): Happy Homes And Domestic Bliss

As a Water sign, you’re less about the mental connection (although that still matters and is important to you) and more about the emotional connection. While you can be an adventurer at heart and you value building a life with other people, you do it in a different way than the other signs. In reality, you want to be with someone who you can be truly open with. The thing for you is that you want to be with someone who makes you feel like you’re home whenever you’re with them. Your relationship goal is the romance that comes with a long-term relationship, the little domestic things that make a quiet life together with them a happy one. Sometimes you feel like you can be a little too emotional or a little too sensitive, but you never feel that way with the right person, and for you, that’s the real relationship goal.

3Cancer: Deep Conversation And Slow Ballroom Dancing

As a Cancer, you love the idea of romance and love in general. You wear your heart on your sleeve and have trouble concealing your emotions most of the time. You tend to get along best with people who roll with the punches and can handle your penchant for being high maintenance, or even better, people who are high maintenance themselves and can understand you on a fundamental level. Your relationship goals are to have someone you can have deep conversations with. They don’t need to be about some taboo or highly intellectual topic either. If anything, you’d actually appreciate having deep, meaningful conversations about feelings than about those topics. On top of that, your love of all things romantic makes one of your relationship goals to have someone who you can do those things with and not have to act like it’s cheesy, like ballroom dancing or getting wined and dined.

2Scorpio: Going To A New Place And Only Seeing Your Own Hotel Room

As a Scorpio, you tend to operate with a degree of passion and intensity that nobody else in your life does. Even if you’re a person who comes off very quiet, you have this intensity bubbling beneath the surface that comes out every now and again with the people you trust. This is why your relationship goals involve meeting someone who you can trust completely with every side of yourself, even the parts you’re not all that comfortable with. That being said, your other relationship goal is to be able to go somewhere great and wonderful with that person, only for the two of you to only really have eyes for each other. You and your significant other would be the type to go to some vacation city or some incredibly remote and beautiful place only to spend most of your time in your hotel room together not really seeing any of it because that wasn’t the important thing.

1Pisces: Sharing Your Lives Together In All The Small Ways

As a Pisces, you’re a person who lives for romance and is very idealistic, but you also know what it means to be hurt. You’ve been through a lot in your romantic life: even if you haven’t you tend to see that as romantic baggage in itself, so regardless you tend to come into a relationship with a lot of expectations based on what you’ve been through. More than anyone else, you’re a person who really knows what love means to you, so you have much higher standards than anyone gives you credit for. If you’re dealing with someone who people see as “beneath you,” it’s because you have an intuitive sense of who people are under whatever facades they want to put up. This is why your biggest relationship goal has nothing to do with specific things to do: your relationship goal is just to have a soulmate you can share your life with.

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