Your Secret Phobia, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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April 2, 2019
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April 2, 2019
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Your Secret Phobia, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

We all have something that frightens us – and there is always a very long and hard to pronounce word to describe our fears. The stars know us better than we think, and there are some phobias which are common to each of the zodiac signs. Let’s find out which one is yours.


Dear Aries, you always want to be on the move – and being in one place for too long can give you jitters. Kathisophobia, or the fear of sitting down, would be the most suitable phobia for an active sun sign like yours!


The bull feels secure, confident and safe in its own comfort zone and does not like to move or make changes to its surroundings. As a Taurean, you love where you are and don’t particularly enjoy change. Thus Tropophobia, or the fear of making changes or moving, could get the best of you.


Tell a Gemini to sit and decide on one particular thing and you will see them getting the heebie jeebies. Decidophobia, or the fear of making solid decisions is what you, Gemini, go through each time you are asked to take a decision – and you just want to escape in that moment!


You, Cancer, love your home. Being at home makes you feel warm and secure. Your family and friends mean the world to you – and if someone takes this away from you, you would be one terrorized crab! Thus Agoraphobia, or the fear of leaving a safe place is what describes your phobia the best. After all, we all know, a crab is always the safest in its shell.


You, dear lion, love limelight and attention. As long as everyone around you is praising your hard work and you are in the spotlight, you are happy. But…if someone steals your thunder, you roar! Thus, Athazagoraphobia, or the fear of being ignored, would completely fit your zodiac.


Spick and span is the phrase that describes you best, Virgo. You want everything around you to be orderly, well kept and organised – and the slightest of disorder can irritate you. Ataxophobia, Atelophobia and Automysophobia; fear of messes, untidiness and disorder are what describe you the best. Want to mess with a Virgo? Leave the edge of a carpet folded. :


Togetherness and partnership are two things you value most, Libra.  A romantic at heart and thoroughly relationship oriented, you, dear libra, hate being alone in life. Thus Autophobia or Isolophobia – the fear of being isolated – would drive you up the wall.


You never fail to surprise people, Scorpio. Sensitive, emotional, deep and also one of the darkest zodiac signs. You, Scorpio, are one of the most loyal and faithful sun signs and having you around is a blessing. However, you can also very easily be made to feel insecure. Thus Proditiophobia, or the fear of being betrayed by a loved one is what makes you stay in your own  bubble until you trust someone enough to know for sure that they won’t betray you.


Wild and adventurous are two words that describe you perfectly. You, Sagittarius, cannot be tamed and hate following rules. Everyday chores bore you and bring you down. Since you cannot be in one place for too long and the word “confined” has no place in your dictionary, Claustrophobia, or the fear of confined spaces suits you the best.


Always striving to be the best at everything, you, Capricorn, hardly ever show any sign of weakness. Not being successful in life is your deepest fear. Thus Atychiphobia, or the fear of failure, is what best describes your fear. But, dear Capricorn, please do not let this hold you back in life – you have a big and bright future ahead of you.


Merinthophobia; the fear of being bound/tied up is what best describes your fear, Aquarius. You desire freedom and individuality, and hate being told what to do. No wonder all you little Aquarians hated school so much!


You, Pisces, are the most sensitive and emotional of all the zodiac signs. Your loved ones mean the world to you and thus, Thantophobia – the fear of losing someone you love – is what your biggest phobia is. You fear them being taken away from you and so you always cling on to them. Don’t worry, dear Piseces, your loved ones will forever live in your heart!

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