Your Love Guide: Navigating Taurus Season (Single & Taken)

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Your Love Guide: Navigating Taurus Season (Single & Taken)


We can all feel the changes in the air as we enter spring and are hit with Taurus season. Whether it’s your Zodiac sign or not, the gravitational shifts in the atmosphere are sure to impact your life in ways you couldn’t imagine. That’s why we’ve put together a list to help guide you through the season with love and your relationship status on our minds.

Whether your single or hitched, the Taurus season is the time for you to start making some power moves in order to adapt to the shifts in the universe.

With the new moon in Taurus, a wave of energy is sure to hit everyone’s personal life as they grapple with their romances. Your astrological sign is sure to guide you this season as Venus finishes its retrograde and new values are adapted.

Prepare for your money, values, creativity, beauty, and most specifically romance to shift this season as a new you is about to take the stage. Grab a yummy drink and prepare to sip through this season’s love guide to give you some insight on what actions are sure to do the trick in your personal relationships this season. Whether single or hitched, your Zodiac’s faith in Taurus season is sure to leave you ready to handle anything.

24Aries Single: Love Yourself First

Forget about romance bummers and self-pity and prepare to transform this season as you learn to love yourself before anyone else comes into the picture. This is your time to truly analyze your flaws and strengths and reconnect with yourself!

There is no point in starting a relationship with someone else when you haven’t come to terms with yourself yet.

Take a look at every aspect of yourself that you’re not thrilled with and start trying to love them. If you desperately feel that you cannot love even your worst flaws, work on changing them. The key advice here is just because you love yourself, does not mean you can’t improve. Whether it’s your health, career, quirks, or habits, everything can change if you truly want it to.

This is also your moment to reassess the parts of yourself that are pretty awesome. This is one of the most important steps in truly loving yourself. Empower yourself by displaying all of your awesome traits for the world to see and admire alongside you. You are destined for greatness so don’t wait around for someone else to love you if you haven’t yet learned to love yourself.

23Aries Taken: Keep Your Lover By Your Side

Attention all Aries in a relationship: keep your lover by your side 24/7 this Taurus season!

With the new energy wave hitting the universe, there are sure to be some changes to come from the outside environment that can be hard to prepare for. Expect to notice some subtle changes in your partner this season, as your love life’s course has been derailed to a slightly different path. Whether they blame their irritableness on work, school, or family issues outside of your relationship, don’t sweep it under the rug — keep working at it.

There may be much more to what your partner is hiding that may, in fact, be linked to your relationship. Keep them by your side as there might be another person coming into the picture. Trust in your relationship and your partner; however don’t be naïve towards newcomers that are willing to compete against you. With the crazy energy in the universe this season, as your Zodiac sign is pushed off its normal course, be prepared to have to work overtime on your relationship to make sure everything is okay.

Remember that your significant other adores you endlessly, but don’t think that they’re immune to being distracted by someone else. This Taurus energy is sure to cause some waves for you this season so be prepared to hold down your sails with your lover.

22Taurus Single: Take The First Step And Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

You’re single, so take advantage of it! Forget about all of your not-so-single friends, some of whom might even be stuck in boring relationships because they’ve gotten too comfortable with their partners. Learn from their mistakes and step out of your own personal comfort zone in order to excel tremendously and meet a special someone.

Let’s get it straight. Your future lover isn’t going to simply show up and knock on your front door while you lay in your bed having another Netflix marathon.

Instead, they’ll be out in the real world actually practicing for a marathon and stepping outside of their comfort zone. And that’s what you need to do too!

If you aren’t exactly keen on changing your ways in order to meet your future lover, at least change for yourself! It is most likely that nothing exciting will happen to you while you keep living life in your little safe bubble. But when you actually decide to experience new things is when you will begin to grow.

This is your season to take some new leaps and begin to change in order to live your best life. Whether you will find your special someone or get to know yourself a little bit better, you’re sure to experience some amazing changes.

21Taurus Taken: It’s Time For A Big Leap

Get ready for some major changes to make waves in your life as its time you take a big leap. It’s your Zodiac season, so it’s only fair that you get ready to make some changes in your life and relationship for the better!

You and your lover have been together for quite some time and are totally comfortable with each other. Your relationship has been through thick and thin and you have managed to stick by each other’s side and support one another. That’s why it’s time for you and your guy to take a big leap and make some crucial changes in your relationship.

Consider something big. Perhaps finally go on that vacation you guys have been dreaming of for a while. Maybe think about moving in with each other, or buying a pet together.

Since it’s your birthday season, think of something big to do with your lover to celebrate your special day in style. But, make sure this activity is something that is sure to take both of you to the edge. Something like skydiving together would totally be a huge leap of faith for the both of you.

If you don’t think your relationship is ready to undergo these big changes, then start small. Think of some activities you guys can do together in order to grow your bond. Whether it’s a cooking class, going for runs, or reading books together, it’s time to strengthen your love.

20Gemini Single: Beware Of Summer Flings

Being the flirtatious Gemini that you are, steer clear of entering some summer flings. With the weather getting hotter, you’re sure to see your love life following in the same direction. And with the endless summer parties, beach days, and BBQs, you’re sure to meet someone special.

Even though you may feel as though you have finally met your special someone that you’ve been dying to find forever, be careful and make sure it’s not another summer fling. Everyone likes to step out of his or her comfort zone during the summer, so make sure the other person isn’t just using you to have a good time.

Make sure that the other person’s intentions are as genuine as yours.

If not, let them go and focus on yourself! If you think that you’re the one wanting a more casual relationship this season, think again. Your fragile self might not be able to handle another summer fling as you crave the real deal. Don’t stretch yourself out hoping to find someone who isn’t into having the real relationship that you desire. You deserve the world and shouldn’t settle on a mini summer romance in order to feel a connection. Therefore, beware this summer and make sure you find the real deal and not another fling.

19Gemini Taken: Bond More Often

With the seasons warming up, it’s finally the time for you and your partner to spend some more quality time together to reconnect. You’ve both been running around the past year focusing on your studies, work, and other obligations that you’ve been caught up in.

Let loose this season and spend some more time with one another to truly remember why you feel such love for each other. Since you guys are constantly together, it may not feel like you’re losing your connection but think again. Always being together does not mean you are truly bonding. You must give your lover all of your attention to truly bond.

Some new activities could be exactly what the two of you need to switch it up together. Have a homemade picnic outside at the park as you guys talk until sunset about everything that makes you happy. Catching up with one another about your week and what’s going on in your life can be just what the doctor ordered.

It’s essential that you two take the time this season to reconnect and rekindle the flames in order to truly prosper. You will have to bond in order to sustain your relationship and prevent any issues.

18Cancer Single: Get Out And Mingle

As the weather warms up, it’s time for you to get out of the house and start mingling with some cute singles! This is the only way you’ll be able to finally meet your soul mate and run off into the sunset.

Grab a few of your friends and head out for a fun day. Make sure you and your friends have the same mindset and are keeping an eye open for potential lovers.

Don’t be scared to make some new friends since that’s the only way you will meet the right person for you!

If you’re not too shy, try heading over to a bar to truly do some mingling. Bars are a perfect place to meet your special someone, as most people are interested in getting to know other people there. Strike up a conversation with someone you find intriguing to see where your relationship with them can go and if they’re the perfect person you’ve been searching for.

Your love life is in your hands, and this season you will have to strike up some conversations with prospects in order to create a long-lasting relationship. Nothing this season will romantically happen for you if you are not willing to put in the work. Don’t be scared to approach someone and ask them out on a date. This is your time to make some moves and mingle around to meet the right person for you.

17Cancer Taken: Your Love Is More Important Than Anything Else

It’s time for you to cherish your relationship this month as it might come under fire by your other priorities. Whether you’ve been offered a new promotion overseas at work, are thinking of studying somewhere abroad, or are pondering whether to go on your family vacation for a few weeks this summer, you have to remember that your love is more important than anything else.

We’re not saying that you should forget about all of your personal goals and dreams, but consider your relationship when making decisions. Remember that what you and your significant lover have built is endless and is of top priority. So make sure to figure out how to incorporate them when making life-changing decisions. While you’re most likely not going to be faced with having to choose between your work, school, family or your relationship, you might find yourself in some other difficult positions.

Don’t forget about your partner when an exciting opportunity presents itself. Figure out how to incorporate your other half in order to have the best of both worlds. If you’re completely stuck and are forced to pick between your lover and anything else in the world, pick the love of your life. It’s difficult to find true love, and when you have finally found it, make sure to keep it.

16Leo Single: Your Next Love Interest Is The Real Deal

You’ll be happy to hear that your next love interest is sure to be the real deal! We know you’ll be out and about this season having fun and might come across some interesting prospects. Prepare to potentially fall head over heels as they might be the real thing you’ve been waiting for.

With Taurus season in high swing, it’s no wonder that the universe gifted you with a potential lover. The energy shifts have caused your path to come across someone else. Since your next love interest is most likely to be the real deal, make sure you choose them carefully.

Before agreeing to go on any dates or proceeding to get to know someone, make sure you’re 100% interested.

With the gravitational pulls this season you may fall head over heels for your next lover, so make sure they’re worth it. Once you’re sucked in there is no going back, unless it’s with a broken heart. So make sure there aren’t any red flags before proceeding with endless dates and endless nights.

While you’re a lucky Leo to finally see a glimpse of love in your life, be cautious before moving forward. Once you’re totally invested in this other person, let the Taurus energy lead the way as you’ll probably fall into a perfect relationship you could only dream about!

15Leo Taken: Someone New May Come Into The Picture

We’re sorry to break it to you, but this season you might see someone else coming into the picture. You’ve finally built a loving relationship where you and your significant other completely respect one another, however, be prepared to experience some rough waters.

There’s an equal probability that someone new is going to enter the picture on your lover’s behalf, or yours. If you notice that perhaps your partner has been showing some excessive attention towards someone new, they perhaps are indeed. Talk to them about it to figure out if they’re interested in the other person or if it’s a false alarm. Perhaps they have developed a mini-crush on someone else, and it’s your priority to figure out if you guys can work past it or not.

If there isn’t anyone new in your lover’s eyes, there might be someone new for you. You may have fallen completely head over heels for someone else, or have just developed a crush. Whichever it is, you must figure out if it’s worth it or just a simple bump in the road. The most common advice on the matter is if you’ve fallen for someone else while in a relationship, then you aren’t happy in your relationship. Figure out if you’re willing to leave your boo for someone new, or maybe the new person is nothing at all.

14Virgo Single: Open Your Eyes And You Will See

Since you’re a flirtatious Virgo constantly exploring everywhere you go, there’s no surprise that you’ve probably found the perfect one. If you’re dismissing this advice by stating that there isn’t anyone new for you, think again! There’s a huge chance that your future lover is indeed right in front of your eyes and you don’t even know!

Whether this is a forgotten old friend, a past fling, or some random relationship you have just formed, be prepared to experience the real deal.

Don’t simply ignore someone because you don’t think they’re your type, but take the chance and get to know them to see if you can truly form something.

Open your eyes and you will see the endless opportunities that are right in front of your eyes.

Not every relationship is perfect, and not every potential lover is too. Look past any flaws that you’ve spotted on a potential lover and give them a shot. You’ll be shocked as to what you can find behind their external shell. What truly matters is what is on the inside of their hearts and what they can offer you. You will be surprised to see that your dream relationship was right in front of your eyes. Remember that the best relationships start out through a friendship, and we are sure that you have quite a few lined up right in front of your eyes that you just can’t see!

13Virgo Taken: You’re Totally Passed The Honeymoon Stage

Oh how we adore the honeymoon stage, it has to be one of the best parts of a relationship. You two are still getting to know each other, but are completely dedicated. You’re obsessed with one another and can’t wait to spend every moment together. While it’s totally awesome, your relationship has already passed the honeymoon stage.

Now don’t be completely bummed out. Just because you and your lover are past the endless ice cream dates doesn’t mean that what you have isn’t completely amazing. You two are now becoming absolute best friends who will be there for each other until the end. Cherish this new phase the two of you are entering!

If you’re still sad over the fact that you’ve passed the honeymoon stage, don’t sweat about it. Just figure out how you can re-ignite the flame between the two of you. Perhaps hop in your car and head for an awesome road trip this summer to spend some one-on-one time together. Step out of your comfort zones and go on some awesome adventures with each other to feel that amazing energy again. Your relationship is in your hands and you control the fate of you and your boo.

12Libra Single: Focus On Having Fun

Forget about all of the couple photos on social media, your friend’s wedding or anyone’s lovey-doveyness around you, you’re single and it’s time to have fun!

You have experienced your fair share of relationships in the past that have not ended smoothly. Whether you were consumed with a partner that didn’t respect who you are as a person, or you’ve both changed as people, it’s time to forget about the old. Don’t stress about finding someone new, as eventually, that day will come. Instead, focus on being single and having fun!

Ditch all of the bad vibes you’ve been holding onto and take a hold of your independence.

Call up your best friends and experience some once in a lifetime experiences with them to remember how awesome it is to be single. If you still feel like you’re bummed out that you haven’t met the right person yet, don’t be! The universe is sure to deliver them to you when the time is right. Instead, right now it is time for you to reconnect with yourself and focus on experiencing endless fun. You deserve a break! Stop focusing on your future and live in the present.

11Libra Taken: Show Your Love For Them

Sometimes we forget about how special our significant other really is. We forget how kind, supportive, and wonderful they truly are and have always been. That’s why it’s time this season to show your significant other that you truly care for them and wish them the best!

Think of some sweet ways for you to show your partner the endless love you will always have for them! Small things such as buying them a cupcake, doing their laundry, or inviting them for a picnic would be exactly what your partner needs to remember that you are head over heels for them.

With your constantly busy schedule, you’re totally worrying if your partner thinks you don’t appreciate them. Instead, your endless love for them should be so evident that they wouldn’t even have to second-guess it. Yet, with the difficult energy during Taurus season, your partner may need even extra love in order to feel satisfied and appreciated.

If you truly want to express your love, take a few days off and run away with them on a vacation to re-spark the chemistry and romance. If you two can’t currently ditch your obligations, head out for the weekend on a mini getaway to showcase your love.

10Scorpio Single: Manifest Your Dream Lover

You may have been bummed out recently that while all of your friends are getting hitched, you haven’t exactly met the right person. However, your negative attitude is exuding negative energy into the universe that is getting in the way of what you truly want.

Instead of constantly envying others and sulking on why you’re single, think about your dream relationship and open your eyes to what is to come.

You need to let out good vibes into the universe by thinking about how awesome you are and how wonderful you would be in a relationship. This positive attitude will be the sole factor in finding your perfect other.

Spend half an hour a day thinking about your dream lover and all of their characteristics. Imagine their personality traits, characteristics, and overall physical appearance to get the perfect idea of what the person you desire is really like. Then sit back in your positive vibes and prepare to come face to face with the manifested version of your future boo.

You will be absolutely thrilled that all of your positive thinking was able to create the person of your dreams. The most important aspect is that they will also be attracted to you based on all of the happy emotions that spill out of you!

9Scorpio Taken: You’re Meant To Be Forever

You are absolutely blessed that you were able to finally meet your soul match. It is as if the universe had carefully crafted them just for you as they have every characteristic you desire. And even if there are a few things about them that you aren’t absolutely obsessed with, overall you are head over heels for them.

With the Taurus energy causing chaos for many Zodiac signs, you Scorpio are flying high. You and your lover have truly gotten to know one another and have become best friends. You respect each other endlessly in all of your pursuits. Whether it’s through difficulty in your career, educations, or familial relationships, you are there for one another.

You should be thanking the heavens for finding you such an ideal match that will be there for you until the end of time! Make sure you honor your significant other and show your love for them as well. Think of some small things you can do for your partner to show them your immense appreciation for always being by your side!

This season’s Taurus energy is sure to keep you safe and satisfied with your soul mate. Take some fun risks together as you are able to get through anything. Don’t stress about outside energy getting into your relationship, as your endless love for one another is sure to zap any negative vibes heading towards you!

8Sagittarius Single: Trust Your Heart

You’re sure to meet some exciting people this season that make your heart flutter. Even though you’ve always been a single butterfly, you’re considering handing in your wings for the real deal.

While you’re ready to meet someone new and take a huge leap by falling in love with them, make sure you first check your circumstance. It is necessary that you analyze your potential lover and make sure that they will respect, support, and admire you for the years to come. Trust your heart in making this decision, as it is absolutely critical. If you don’t feel completely obsessed with your potential partner, then cut it off immediately and don’t take it any further.

The last thing you want is to lead them on as they fall in love with you. Don’t pull the rug out from under them as they give you their full self in hopes that you will do the same.

If you’re not totally vibing with them then it’s not worth it.

Trust your heart and figure out if this person has all of the qualities and characteristics to make them your dream lover. Analyze them fully and figure out if their personality will perfectly accentuate yours. The only person who knows whether it will work out between the both of you is you and them, so trust your heart and make any decisions you have to before jumping in heart first.

7Sagittarius Taken: It’s Never Too Late To Improve Your Relationship

You two have been together for what seems like forever and sometimes you find yourself wondering if the two of you have what it takes to make sure your relationship withstands whatever is thrown at it. If you feel that the two of you don’t exactly have what it takes to tackle any conflict that comes about, remember it is never too late to improve your relationship.

Take some time and think about all of the strengths and weaknesses that your relationship has and what you two can improve on. Whether it’s your communication, support, or trust, it’s time to work on it before it’s too late. If you’re completely stuck on what the two of you can do to improve these areas, talk to your significant other.

One of the most important aspects to have is strong communication. You must be able to talk to your lover about almost anything and know that you can trust them in your words. At the end of the day, this person is indeed your partner for life! You need to make sure that anything you tell them will be kept a secret and that they won’t judge you.

These elements are essential to master in a relationship in order for the both of you to succeed together.

6Capricorn Single: Don’t Dismiss The Next Person

As a Capricorn, there is a high chance that you are almost perfect. Everyone respects your opinions, loves to hang out with you and always run to you if they have a problem. Your high status is well earned, making you the perfect partner.

Yet, even with all of your awesome characteristics, you still find yourself single. Don’t be bummed out that you haven’t found the right person for you yet, as it’s all based on your character. You are constantly trying to achieve more and obtain your goals, so when it comes to love you are the same way. Even though you’re consumed with finding the perfect person, there’s a big chance that you will find them soon!

However, with your impeccable standards, you may feel like you haven’t found the person of your dreams. That’s why it’s important for you to not dismiss the next person that you meet, as they may be the exact lover you desire.

Forget about external looks and dig to the person within to figure out if they are your perfect match.

Don’t be so fast to dismiss them if they don’t initially meet up to all of your standards. They may excel in other areas that will totally make up for some unimportant factors you’ve been wanting. Keep your eyes open as your dream lover is just around the corner!

5Capricorn Taken: Your Happiness Levels Will Go Up And Down

It’s absolutely critical for you to read this season’s love guide in order to understand what’s in store for you this month! Get you and your partner ready as you will experience some intense happiness levels this season.

You and your partner have experienced an overall calm relationship throughout your time together! So this might come as a surprise to hear that your Capricorn energy is about to be taken into chaos as you experience a ton of different emotions. Prepare to be both happy and sad this season as external factors enter into your relationship causing havoc.

Someone else might enter into the picture this season, whether on your end or your partner’s. However don’t stress, you two have built a solid foundation of trust that will totally dismiss this third party from getting anywhere near you two. Be ready for some stressful news to hit the both of you, which may take a toll on your relationship. Keep communicating through any conflict in order to restore your relationship to a healthy state.

Even though some bad news will come about, note that some awesome things will jump into your relationship as well! Get ready to spend even more time together as your schedules will finally match, giving you two some much deserved alone time.

4Aquarius Single: Do Your Thing And See What Happens

It’s time for you to relax about finding the perfect person to spend the rest of your life with and focus on yourself. Spend all of your time worrying about your internal growth and you will be shocked to see what will come about through the universe around you!

Spend some time this season with your closest friends relaxing and gossiping about what’s going on in your life. But even more so, spend some time alone to truly focus on your goals and what you want to achieve. The Taurus energy will pave the way open for you to experience some new opportunities. Just remember that it’s your responsibility to actually take them.

By focusing on your internal growth and what makes you happy, you will allow yourself to enter an incredibly happy state that will attract positive vibes.

You will witness a wave of love opportunities come about where you can get your pick and choose from!

You absolutely deserve to finally be able to meet someone special but focus on yourself in order to truly allow for that to happen.

By focusing on yourself, you will become the person of your own dreams. Over time that person will attract someone else into your love life!

3Aquarius Taken: Re-Ignite Your Chemistry

Being together for a while has sadly caused for you and your lover to slowly lose your connection. But don’t be scared, Taurus season is prepared for you to re-ignite your chemistry to allow for many more happy years to come!

You and your lover have entered a comfortable relationship where you guys are pretty chill with one another. You don’t exactly go out to crazy parties like you used to, or spend endless hours on the phone. You’ve been slowly starting to fear that your relationship is losing its touch that will inevitably lead to its downfall.

Don’t fear! It’s time for you to take on some extra work this season and figure out how to get your relationship’s chemistry back. It’s never too late to take some new leaps of love to build an even stronger relationship. This process will take time and patience; however will be the exact step you need to take.

Try to incorporate some fun activities into your relationship! Take a fun class together, explore your neighborhood together, or maybe go on a double date! All of these activities are perfect to rekindle your relationship and restore your connection with one another! Make sure you re-ignite your chemistry this season as the energy is in your court.

2Pisces Single: Show Off Your Inner Beauty

This season is your time to shine Pisces! Show off your inner energy and spirit to everyone you meet, as one of them may be your future lover!

Don’t stress too much this season about finding the right person to fall head over heels for, but instead focus on showcasing your awesome characteristics from within. While everyone knows you’re physical beauty is jaw-dropping, show off your internal characteristics that truly make you who you are.

Since Pisces’ are some of the most genuine and loving people ever, this season it is your time to shine and show off everything you have to offer.

Don’t be scared to let people see your genuine side.

Your positive vibes are for sure going to rub off on some other people around you and impact them for the better. If you instead decide to opt for your poker face, you might get some dirty looks in the process.

Give a helping hand to those around you to help others. Who knows, perhaps the person your helping may spark a relationship once they fall absolutely in love with your personality. Your inner beauty is for sure going to seize everyone around you and leave them totally obsessed with everything you have to offer. Don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve as your genuine kindness is exactly what your lover is looking for.

1Pisces Taken: Is Your Relationship Worth It?

You and your boo may have already been together for quite some time; you two have experienced the ups, downs, and everything in-between. You’ve gotten to know each other incredibly and are officially best friends!

Even though the two of you respect each other tremendously, it is time for you to ponder if your relationship is worth it. You’ve noticed a few red flags recently that is totally causing you to halt and think if all of the efforts are worth it.

While some relationships often lose their luster over time, the feeling shouldn’t be completely gone. You should still feel excited when you see your partner and get butterflies once in a while to truly feel that your relationship is worth it. If you are constantly feeling irritated by them or are constantly getting into fights, it’s time for you to ponder if it’s really worth it.

Don’t fall into a comfortable relationship that you are truly not happy within. Reassess your love life and figure out if you are growing as a person, alongside your partner. If you feel that you are not growing and are instead stuck in a lifeless partnership where either people are happy, then it’s time for you to run !

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