Your Biggest Personality Contradiction, According To Your Zodiac Sign

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Your Biggest Personality Contradiction, According To Your Zodiac Sign

When we talk about ourselves, there are parts of our personalities that are hard to explain. This isn’t because we’re too complex for other people to understand, nor because they don’t want to understand us. In reality, parts of ourselves clash with other parts of ourselves, and we have a hard time really coming to terms with that because we want things to make sense. We especially want ourselves to make sense to ourselves.

That being said, people don’t really make sense.

We want very badly to be able to fit into neat boxes, which is why we’re not very comfortable when labels we know don’t apply. But people aren’t really meant to be ‘labeled’ like that: our contradictions make us human. We can have good qualities that don’t make sense together. We can even be both a good thing and a bad thing that directly contradict each other. It’s not really up to us to judge anyone for their contradictions, it’s just up to us to accept that people are not simple to understand. Here are your biggest personality contradictions according to your gender and zodiac sign. Make sure to check out your moon sign as well for a better understanding of yourself!

24 Aries Man: Headstrong, But Vulnerable

Hey, Aries man, you’re the kind of guy who doesn’t seem themselves as being all that complicated. You’re all about forward motion and getting things done. Out of everyone, you’re the most likely to consistently get up early and get your whole day done before everyone else. This is because you’re a really headstrong person. You’re not necessarily ambitious in the way some other signs are, but you have a ton of energy and you’re going to use it to do the things you want to do. It’s one of the more admirable things about you and why other men tend to look up to you so much. It’s what makes you a leader.

However, one of the other things that makes you a great leader is something you might not want to admit to others. You’re actually a deeply vulnerable person who’s very willing to listen to where other people are coming from. You have a deep desire to be loved and respected and you’re more people oriented and care what they think more than you’re willing to admit. This is what makes you such an excellent leader: you’re headstrong enough to remain true to your ideas and vulnerable enough to let that go and let others in.

23 Aries Woman: Impulsive, But Logical

You, Aries woman, are the type of person who’s always looking for the next adventure. You’re a really impulsive person who does what she wants, but more importantly, you’re a person who can make snap decisions because of your inherent personality. You’re fearless in a way most people can’t be. Many people are afraid to be truly spontaneous, but you’re not because you know what you can do and even push yourself beyond what you think you can do. Your impulsive nature isn’t because you’re flaky, it’s because you want to be the best woman, the best you, that you can be.

That’s why while you’re an impulsive woman, you’re also an incredibly logical one. You’re not going to take unnecessary risks just because the people around you are doing it or because it’s the trendy thing to you.

If it doesn’t make sense to you to do something, then you just won’t do it and that’s that.

Just because you’re a passionate person doesn’t mean that you can’t be a smart one who makes good decisions. Aries is the leader sign and you want to be the person other women can look up to, so you make it a point to set an example not just for others to follow, but for you to follow yourself when you start to feel doubt creeping in.

22 Taurus Man: Stubborn, But Easygoing

As a Taurus man, you are the most stubborn of all the signs by far, at least in the most traditional sense. While this stubbornness can be seen as a detriment to your personality, in reality, it just makes you a person that’s willing to stick to their guns when it matters. If something or someone matters to you, you’re the type to dig in your heels and let the world move around you then let anything get in the way of what you want to do. That’s not just admirable, it’s a quality everyone should have a little more of. That being said, it’s also worth considering that stubbornness isn’t the way to get everything you want.

To be fair to you, that little truth is something you already know. You’re stubborn, yes, but you’re also a person who can be very, very easygoing. You’re stubborn when backed against a corner and that’s what people tend to remember about you, but the people who know you well enough to see you in situations where you don’t have to dig in your heels know that you’re also really willing to go with the flow. You’re not necessarily a person who needs everything and everyone to go your way to be happy, but when you do you’ll fight for it, and that’s great!

21 Taurus Woman: A Little Materialistic, But Extremely Generous

Let’s be real, Taurus woman: you’re a person who really values the finer things in life. Some people might see you as being a little materialistic, but you don’t really see anything wrong with that. It’s not wrong to want to relax and get the things that you want, and it’s especially not wrong to indulge in the things you like. You, much like your male counterpart, know the value of hard work and would rather earn something than cheat your way to it. For you, having nice things isn’t you being selfish or materialistic, it’s you working really hard to get where you are and knowing how valuable it is to set a goal for yourself and be rewarded for it.

That being said, you’re also a person who tends to live life to hold out an open hand rather than a closed fist. You’re an extremely generous person and you live that way as a rule.

Even if you’re not necessarily the most generous person by nature, you make it a point to be in life — and that’s what counts most of all!

After all, you work hard to get where you are not just so you can have nice things and be seen as successful. You do it because you also see the real value in helping other people and you want to make a difference in someone else’s life as well. In your case, your contradictory traits aren’t really contradictory at all.

20 Gemini Man: Decisive, But Can Change His Mind

As a Gemini man, you are a master of communication. You’re great at getting your point across, but you’re also great at listening. However, as a Gemini, you know this already. That’s the first thing you hear about when anyone tells you about the Gemini zodiac sign. At this point, talking about how good a Gemini is at communication is honestly just rehashing things we all already know. There are other things about you that are totally worth talking about. For example, you’re actually way more decisive than most people think you are, especially considering that you’re a Mutable sign. Mutable signs are known for being changeable.

Despite your ability to adapt to change and jump into things you might not always understand right away, you are decisive in how you do that. If you want to learn about something, you decide that this is what you’re going to do, and then you go out and do it. You’re decisive about the things you make decisions on, but you can also change your mind about what you want to do at the drop of a hat, making you both decisive and changeable. It just goes to show how curious you are about life and how you understand more than most that you have a lot to learn even if you think you know a lot.

19 Gemini Woman: Literally Everything About Her Is A Contradiction

We need to talk, Gemini woman. We can talk for days about specific personality traits you have that contradict each other, but in reality, you’re a person who’s constantly contradicting yourself in your personality. All of the little contradictions of your personality live inside you and make you one big contradiction, in a good way. For example, you can be an incredible social butterfly, but you can also be painfully shy. You can be ridiculously confident, even cocky, but also have self-esteem that goes through the floor with how low it is. You can communicate well, but you can also confuse people with your mixed signals.

To be fair to you, the Gemini zodiac sign is represented by the Twins, which is literally two separate people.

You might feel like there are multiple people or souls living inside you in a way that’s hard for you to articulate. Some people might get a little overwhelmed by you because they don’t know the kind of woman they’re going to get until they give it the old college try, but if they feel that way about you they honestly don’t deserve you anyway. Don’t worry about being contradictory: that just means that you’re that much harder to put into a box of labels.

18 Cancer Man: Emotional, But Strong

As a Cancer man, you’re kind of a shy guy and more than a little mysterious. You’re also kind of a ridiculous sweetheart when you want to be. More than that, though, you’re hard to pin down at first. Out of every person of the zodiac, you are one of the hardest to pin down into different personality traits, Cancer man. This is because of the fact that you are so in tune with your emotions, you often are swayed by them. You wear your heart on your sleeve and your heart can change from one moment to the next. This often gives people the impression that you’re not really a strong person and you might even be a little bit of a pushover.

This couldn’t be further from the truth, Cancer man. You’re a guy who’s stronger than most men because of how emotional you are. You’re willing to talk about your emotions, which gives you a level of power over them that a lot of guys are afraid to have. Sure, sometimes you might get a little distant and moody, but at least you make it a point to tell people how you feel. Despite your emotional changes at times, deep down you’re a guy who is kind and affectionate and more than willing to open up to those you can trust.

17 Cancer Woman: Kind, But Also Full Of Rage When It’s Necessary

Cancer woman, you’re one of the moodier girls of the zodiac. You’re often seen as the gentle, “mom friend” type of girl, and there’s a huge part of you that is that girl. You’re the type to always check in with your friends, even if you don’t necessarily have the emotional bandwidth to take care of yourself. If anything, sometimes the way you take care of yourself is by taking care of other people: showing people kindness feeds your spirit in a way and makes you feel like you’ve really done something good.

While you are an incredibly kind person who deserves the world because of that kindness, you’re also the kind of person who should not be messed around with in any way.

You might be a super kind person, but you’re also a person who can tap into levels of rage and passion that most other zodiac signs could only dream of. You are equal parts sweet and terrifying, which just adds to your appeal. You can be both stubborn and easygoing, both angry and happy. You contain worlds, Cancer woman. Embrace those contradictions.

16Leo Man: A Little Arrogant, But A Teddy Bear

Hey there, Leo man. You’re a guy that the world can see coming a mile away. They don’t just see your dashing good looks and general confident demeanor (okay, they see those things too). In reality, what they’re seeing is your unparalleled charisma and ability to command attention from others. You’re just a guy that can really pull focus, and that’s great. Sometimes that can make others see you as a little arrogant, which is a trait that you have no problem really leaning into. To you, it’s not really arrogant to admit to yourself that you’re awesome. If anything, other people have the wrong idea about embracing your greatness: showing needless humility just sells yourself short.

That being said, despite your confidence in yourself which can sometimes lead to overconfidence, you’re a person who’s honestly more teddy bear than human most of the time. You’re part-lion — the animal that represents your zodiac sign — and part-kitten, a sweet and cuddly floof! You like working with others and helping them see how great they are, and you’re the type of guy who would rather work with a team in a productive way than be the leader all the time. Despite your possible arrogance, it’s counteracted by your kindness and generosity. Those two sides of you exist because of that other side.

15 Leo Woman: Courageous, But A Little Insecure

Leo woman, you’re the kind of person who can be singled out from any crowd. That’s a trait that both you and your male counterpart certainly have in spades, but you have that in a different way than the Leo man does.

While the Leo man attracts people because of his ability to charm them, you attract them with the sheer force of your personality.

You have the brightest smile and the loudest laugh out of anyone in the zodiac and people can’t help but be attracted to you. If the Leo man is a teddy bear, attracting people with kindness, you’re literally the Sun (the celestial body that represents your sign). That alone gives you all the courage in the world to be yourself.

That being said, you can also have a little insecurity. Honestly, that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. You, Leo woman, are strong and courageous enough to admit to yourself and others that you have those insecurities, which allows you to be that much more inspiring to other people who look to you as the light that the rest of the world crowds around. You are courageous, but that courage bleeds over into your desire to show others that you’re human, which is a wonderful contradicting personality trait.

14 Virgo Man: Detail-Oriented, But Creative

Virgo man, you’re the guy that others tend to go to if something needs to get done. You might not be the leader or the head of every project, but everyone else had better believe that you’re the spine of every project, taking care of the little things that other people with other zodiac signs tend to forget. You might sometimes get mired in a little anxiety because of this: you’re so used to looking at the small picture that the big picture can overwhelm you a bit. That being said, you’re comfortable not getting all of the recognition for something because you know that the work you tend to be good at can be a little thankless, but the people who matter know what you bring to the table and that’s all you care about.

That being said, you’re an extremely creative person and that side of you often gets overlooked in the minutiae, even by you. You’re a master of creative problem solving that looks ahead to the future and anticipates the bigger picture you’re putting in place. You might be a really artistic sort of guy, but more often than not, you’re a creative thinker who’s always looking for new ways to think about things. That makes you a guy who’s obsessed with the details while also keeping the big picture in his sights, making you a man with an incredibly impressive skill set.

13 Virgo Woman: A Little Obsessive, But Extremely Talented And Confident

Virgo woman, you’re the type of person who’s also good at thinking about the details, but instead of keeping that detail-oriented part of yourself limited to matters of the mind, you’re detail-oriented about people. You remember all sorts of things about people you’ve just met without meaning to, making you not just a reliable person, but a considerate one. On top of that, your ability to see small details about people makes you a really discerning person who can figure out what’s going on with a person and whether they’re worth your time. You’re hardly ever wrong about someone unless you’re off your game in some other way. Sometimes seeing those details can make you obsess a little over them, and if you’re wrong a few times in a row, you can get really insecure about it.

While you have the potential to wallow in insecurity, you’re also a person who is multitalented in many ways; you might not like being around people, but you certainly know how you socialize and get to know people well.

You might not feel like you have a ton of talents that get recognition from the world at large, but you’re good at things that almost no one else in your life is good at, making you an incredibly special person. More importantly, knowing that gives you a ton of confidence, making you a person who can be both incredibly insecure and the height of confidence. Now that’s a contradiction!

12 Libra Man: Willing To Compromise, But Stubborn

Libra man, you’re the type of person who is all about fairness and justice in the best way. You’re very focused on doing the right thing, which is a very rare trait nowadays. That’s why you’re so willing to hear the points of view of other people and you’re willing to change your mind if they make a good point. That’s a great trait, but it can become a flaw if you take too many people’s opinions into account and make it so you’re so willing to compromise that you can’t really make decisions of your own. Luckily for yourself and everyone else, though, you’ve learned so that you know better than to do that.

Despite your willingness to compromise, you can also be very stubborn about the things that matter to you, making you a person that’s committed to their values and a very rare breed. You’re a person who makes it a point to examine their beliefs and constantly test them to see if they still hold up to the trials of the world, and if they do, you never stray from them. Libras are all about fairness, kindness, and justice, and no matter what other things you might waffle on, those things are absolutes and to you, they are always worth upholding.

11 Libra Woman: Indecisive, But Driven

As a Libra woman, you’re a person who believes in balance. For you, everything works on scales: sometimes they’ll tip one way or the other, but eventually, they will always balance out in a way that makes sense, even if it doesn’t make sense to you as a person. You have this sense that there is a truth out there bigger than yourself and even if you never come close to understanding that, just knowing that it’s out there is enough for you. Because of your fascination with the ultimate truth of things, you can sometimes get really indecisive.

Any decision you make can tip the scales of the world in a way that’s not in your favor, so sometimes you just elect to do nothing.

That being said, despite your inability to make decisions at times, you’re an exceedingly driven person, just not in the way other people might expect. Most people are the type to go relentlessly chasing after success, making it so fate is in their hands always. For you, though, success is about letting life lead you to the place where you should be, even if that’s not really something that you planned for. You’re driven not just to succeed on your own terms, but to find your place in the universe in some way.

10 Scorpio Man: A Hermit, But Not Lonely

Scorpio man, you’re a guy who sometimes tends to push people away. Unlike some other signs, you do intend to push people away at times, making you a person who tends to go through life like a loner. Let’s be real here: there are people in your life that would consider you a friend but to you, they’re just there, or they’re more of an associate-type of person who you keep around because of what they can offer, not because you like them a ton. This doesn’t mean you don’t have genuine friendships, if anything, it makes the friendships you do have that much more genuine. It just means that a lot of times, you tend to become a hermit and not get to know people in order to maintain your facade like you don’t care.

Despite spending a lot of time alone and mentally separating yourself and your emotions from that of other people, you’re really not a lonely person at all. In reality, you’re totally content sticking with your circle even if you don’t stay totally open to them. You don’t mind being alone because it gives you time with your thoughts, but if you wanted to connect with others, you can do that too. Many Scorpios tend to see the world as black and white, so they sometimes think that others see them as lonely because of how they compartmentalize their relationships, but you know that’s not the case.

Scorpio Woman: Intense, But Chill

Scorpio woman, you’re a person who isn’t just an intense person, you thrive in intense situations. Sure, you like to live a drama free life and you’re not generally the person starting any problems with anyone, but if a fight is brought to you, you’re going to finish it. For you, if you’re not really passionate about something, you’re not going to do it, but unlike other signs, who feel that way about different activities, you feel that way about people. You have to really like the person you’re dealing with in order to associate with them, making you one of the most genuine women of the whole zodiac.

That being said, while you operate on a level of intensity that others might find just a bit much, you’re also a really chill person. You’re way more laid back than you even give yourself credit for.

Sure, sometimes people want to pick fights and cause drama, but you don’t see the point of adding to that drama if you can just go about your own business instead.

For you, there are way more important things than getting caught up in your feelings and the feelings of others. You’re a person who is both extremely intense and just not very intense at all, making you quite the contradiction.

Sagittarius Man: Unconventional, But Traditional

As a Sagittarius man, you’re the type of person who goes out of their way to be really unconventional. People around you see you as weird, and honestly, you kind of love that. You like being the guy others come to when they want to really be themselves without judgment because you’re a really tolerant person. You go with the flow in any situation, making you a person other people love socializing with because you’re always down to do something new. Nothing is really out of your comfort zone, so every new thing you do is just another opportunity to let your freak flag fly.

That being said, while you are deeply unconventional, you’re also deeply traditional. There are parts of you that are almost adorably old-fashioned. You might be a person willing to try anything in a new relationship, but you’re also a person who won’t even attempt a new relationship unless you’ve made the decision to settle down. You can be quite the casual dater, but if you’re going to commit to someone, you’re going to take it really seriously. You’re willing to go with the flow with a lot of things, but you’re also the type of person who tends to grapple with what it means to be a man.

Sagittarius Woman: Flighty, But Unwavering

You, Sagittarius woman, are a person who is often seen as a little flighty, even unreliable. You don’t mean to be, and you’re certainly not an unreliable person or anything. However, what you actually are is an adventurer. Everything you do is to seek some higher meaning, some order to the universe. You’re an unwavering seeker of truth and generally, you’re a person who’s willing to talk about and do anything in the hopes that you’ll find that higher meaning somewhere. Taboos aren’t just a thing you don’t have, they don’t really make sense to you, either. After all, taboos just keep your mind closed to opportunities to learn.

That being said, while you are an unwavering person when it comes to what you set out to do, you can be a little flighty when it comes to other things.

You’re not really a person who does well with a lot of restrictions and you hate being scheduled to do things all the time because it’s just too limiting for you.

Just because you’re unwavering in your ideals doesn’t mean you’re unwavering in your commitments, and sometimes you forget that. Both parts of yourself contradict each other, but it’s up to you to allow yourself to be both of those traits at once.

Capricorn Man: Reserved, But Eccentric

You, Capricorn man, are not a man to be underestimated. You’re the kind of guy who looks really content and laid-back on the outside, but underneath the surface, you’re constantly planning your next move and trying to better yourself. You’re incredibly ambitious, but you’re also a little shy so you tend to be a bit reserved. This isn’t because you don’t like being social or anything, it’s because you’d just rather keep your plans a bit closer to your chest. You’re also a bit of a workaholic, but you also understand that most people don’t really want to hear all about work all the time so most of the time, you simply elect to stay quiet and listen to others rather than talk their ears off.

That being said, while you’re a really reserved kind of guy, you’re also the type of person who can be really weird when they want to be. You don’t show it often because you don’t really like taking risks, but when people get to know you, they see the side of you that’s prone to thinking weird thoughts and being into weirder things. You tend to cover that side of yourself up, though, preferring to look like someone who takes life really seriously. You tend to bury your more eccentric side, which can be a real shame because you’re low-key one of the funniest guys in the zodiac.

Capricorn Woman: Ambitious, But Laid Back

As a Capricorn woman, you’re the type of girl who’s constantly striving for greatness. You don’t need to be the queen of the world or anything, but for you, every day needs to be you moving forward with your goals at least a little bit. Without that, things just feel like a waste of time to you. You’re stubborn about this as a way of life, which can be great because others are often inspired by your work ethic as well. They look to you not because they see someone looking for admiration, but because you genuinely don’t really care about that. You’re a natural leader precisely because you don’t care about any of that.

That being said, you’re also a person who knows when to cut loose and relax. You’re way more laid back than others give you credit for. The thing is that you don’t really relax in the same way that other people do.

Instead of kicking back and putting the things you’re working on away, the way you relax is by picking up a project that’s fun for you.

You basically relax by throwing yourself into more work, which is why other people, especially other women, tend to see you as a wet blanket. In reality, though, you’re always taking time to hone your skills and burnout doesn’t really happen to you the way it happens to others.

Aquarius Man: Detached, But Social

Aquarius man, you’re the kind of guy who tends to be a little stuck in his own head. This doesn’t mean that you’re crippled with anxieties or anything, although to be fair this is often what that means if you’re a man who hasn’t really made peace with who you are. What it actually means is that you’d rather be alone with your thoughts than be around other people. You like people, but they’re not really as important to you as thinking up your next big idea. Being a bit more detached from others actually gives you the opportunity to know yourself better than most, at least from your own perspective.

That being said, while you can be detached from others and that’s a big part of what we talk about when it comes to the Aquarius man’s personality, you’re also a real social guy. After all, all of your great ideas don’t really mean anything if you can’t share them with others. However, your detached nature often comes into conflict with your desire to connect with others. The most well-adjusted Aquariuan man is able to do both primarily because they use their detached nature to better connect with other people, even strangers. It’s weird and contradictory, but you make it work.

Aquarius Woman: Weird, But Secretly Normal

As an Aquarius woman myself, I can tell you right now that we’re some of the weirdest people you’ll ever meet. You, Aquarius woman, are impossible to pin down. You’re smart and independent and you don’t just have a vision for your own life, you have a vision for the world. You’re more than a little eccentric, often identifiable by your stranger quirks and your penchant for saying whatever you want. You’re quirky and unpredictable and others either love or hate you for it. Even the way you express your loyalty is different from everyone else.

You don’t just keep promises to your relationships and people in your life, you stay loyal to literally everything you like, from an old T-shirt you refuse to throw away to a brand of cereal to a genre of music.

That being said, you’re also a person who’s secretly really traditional, even normal. You kind of hate that about yourself: you like being the weirdest one in the room and the most liberal and forward thinking. However, deep down in your core, there’s a part of you that wants the traditional life and wants to settle down. You just want to settle down without really giving up any of the freewheeling parts of your life you’re used to. As you grow and mature, you end up realizing that yes, you really can have it all.

Pisces Man: Melancholy, But Optimistic

Pisces man, as the last man of the zodiac, you’re a person who’s really hard to pin down into certain zodiac stereotypes. You’re kind of the culmination of the eleven signs that came before you, so you’re pretty contradictory on your own without really meaning to. However, we’re just going to focus on the contradictions in your general mood. You’re the kind of guy who’s often really melancholy about certain things. You tend to show yourself as someone kind and sweet, but with a cynical side. You want to be a person who does good things for others, but you understand the world and the people in it well enough to know that your kindness won’t always be returned. You still give that kindness out to people, anyway, though.

It’s that very trait of yours that shows how optimistic you are about humanity as a whole. You tend to hold yourself up to certain standards on how to behave and not expect others to behave that way themselves, but you’re also a regular witness to people rising above your expectations and proving themselves to be better than anyone could have ever expected. For you, that’s a beautiful thing. You’re a cynical guy for a cynical world. but you hold out hope that you don’t have to be.

Pisces Woman: Sweet, But Savage

Like your male counterpart, Pisces woman, you’re also a culmination of the eleven zodiac signs that came before you. You make it a point to be a kind, generous person to the good people around you. You’re romantic and idealistic and believe a lot in the power of things you can’t always see. You seek deeper meaning in life, but you don’t make it a point to come out and find it, trusting in the universe to bring that meaning to you. You’re an artist at heart: even if you’re not necessarily talented in the arts, you still love to do it. You’re a great example of a person who knows what it means to take joy from life.

That being said, while you can be very sweet, you’re also a total savage, maybe even one of the most dangerous women in the zodiac. You show people what they want to see, sometimes without meaning to.

While you make it a point to be tactful, all bets are off when you’re backed into a corner.

If someone is doing the most, you will tell them about themselves and you won’t care if you hurt them because that hurt is just going to be the catalyst for all involved to better themselves. You’re the embodiment of the saying “do no harm, but don’t take any abuse.”

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