Will She Elope Or Have A Big Wedding (According To Her Astro Sign)

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Will She Elope Or Have A Big Wedding (According To Her Astro Sign)




When it comes to weddings, one woman’s dream day is another’s total nightmare. While we might care deeply about the food and the flowers and what our bridesmaids are going to wear, our best friend might be way more chill about her own nuptials and would rather tie the knot in a field without much planning or preparation at all.

Even though there is so much advice out there about weddings, our big day is a really personal thing, so it can be tough to get advice.

There is one question on our minds when we’re planning our wedding: will it be big or small? There are many things that might influence our final decision, from family pressure to what our fiance wants. If we want a small wedding, we might also be thinking of eloping, which is definitely a great way to keep things from getting too stressful and out of control.

Again, weddings are so subjective, so we might think that sounds wonderful and everyone else that we know thinks it’s a truly bad idea. But astrology can point us in the right direction. To find out whether you would elope or want a big wedding, let’s look at your astro sign.

20-Sagittarius Wants Destination Nupitals With Everyone They Know (Or Who Can Afford To Come)

Sagittarius signs love to travel, so for them, they’re all about a destination wedding. They would want a fairly big one since it would feel like a fun party that they never wanted to end. They would invite everyone that they wanted to come, and for these social signs, that would be a pretty long list.

Of course, destination weddings can be expensive so the guest list would end up being people who could afford to come. This isn’t a sign that would want to get married in the place where they live. They take any chance to travel, and this would be the opportunity of a lifetime.

19-Leos Wouldn’t Say No To A 200-Guest Wedding

It’s interesting to imagine planning a big wedding. It proves what kind of person each astro sign is for sure.

When Leos imagine planning a big wedding (say, 200 people), they get super giddy and excited.

They can’t think of anything that they would love more. For the Leo girl, she’s all about a massive wedding and it’s the only way that she would like to tie the knot.

She would be personally offended if someone told her that she should elope or cut the guest list in half. As if, is what she would be thinking (especially if she’s a fan of Clueless).

18-Aries Would Dream Of A Romantic Bash With Lots Of Friends Present

By definition, a wedding should be romantic, but we all know that they can feel anything but. Sometimes each family will totally take over and make all of the decisions and the couple who is about to get married doesn’t even feel like it’s their big day anymore. Sometimes ceremonies can be stale and stuffy and receptions can serve the same old chicken and salad bar menus and it just doesn’t feel very special.

Aries women would totally change that when planning their wedding. This is an astro sign who wants a huge wedding that is romantic and that includes all of their friends. They want it to be a true celebration of their love story.

17-Sagittarius Might Elope If They Could Still Travel

Sagittarius signs would also be cool with eloping, but only if they could travel somewhere fairly far away. Eloping in the next town ever wouldn’t cut it. This would have to include a plane (or two… or three).

Since Sagittarius people take any opportunity that they can to go somewhere they haven’t traveled to before, that’s how these signs would approach a wedding, too.

Other people might say that it’s better to get married at home and then travel since there’s such a thing called a honeymoon, but Sagittarius women would want the whole thing to be a travel opportunity. It sounds like the best idea ever to them.

16-The Fire Signs Want A Big Wedding For Sure

It makes sense that the fire signs (Sagittarius, Leos, and Aries) would want a big wedding. They’re all passionate signs who have tons of confidence and live their lives in a very bold manner.

A big wedding definitely demands a lot of the couple who is pledging their love for one another, but if one is a fire sign, that makes things easier.

There are so many things to look into, from picking a venue to hiring a photographer and florist to wondering if you should get it catered or find a venue that has a restaurant (or actually is a restaurant, which could make things simpler). The fire signs are totally up for the challenge, though.

15-Taurus Signs Would Stubbornly Say No To Planning A Large Wedding

If our astro sign is Taurus, we might feel like we’re constantly being told that we’re stubborn, but it’s definitely our clearest personality trait.

We wouldn’t want to plan a big wedding thanks to our stubborn nature.

It would feel like we were being pressured into it, if not by family and friends then by society as a whole. We would want to plan the wedding that we truly want, so that could mean eloping. We would like that it would mean rebelling a bit against the traditional kind of wedding that most people have, and it would feel like an original thing to do.

14-Capricorns Are All About Tradition So Would Invite Their Nearest And Dearest To The Elopement

If Capricorns don’t get pressured by their family to have a big wedding, they might find elopement a very attractive possibility.

But they love their family so much that they couldn’t not have them be a part of the big, special day. Therefore, they would include them by inviting their closest relatives to the elopement.

Other friends and family might not love getting left out of the big day but the Capricorn woman would just have to explain it to them before or afterward. Hopefully, they would understand because your big day should be exactly how you want it to be, guests’ wishes aside.

13-Virgo Signs Think Eloping Sounds Small, Quiet, Calm, And Perfect

Virgo signs are quiet and shy so eloping wouldn’t feel like the worst idea. In fact, it could sound really good, especially if wedding plans aren’t going super well and are starting to get them down.

Virgo women might not think about eloping as soon as they get engaged, but it could become a very attractive possibility after a little while.

It would be small, quiet, calm, and absolutely perfect. They could invite each set of parents as witnesses and that would be that. Sure, their friends and other relatives would be sad to miss the big day, but Virgos would feel very calm about the whole thing.

12-Some Capricorns Might Be Pressured Into A Big Wedding By Family So Would Go That Route

Capricorns are signs who care a lot about family, so it only seems logical that their family might pressure them into planning a big wedding.

It might not be exactly what they picture but, unfortunately, sometimes wedding plans kind of go off the rails and become much bigger than everyone originally anticipated.

The funny thing is that by the time that the Capricorn woman’s big day has come and gone, she might be wishing that she had eloped because of all of the stress that she and her fiance had been feeling. And people might make that joke to her during the wedding planning process as well.

11-The Earth Signs Would Love To Elope

Earth signs (Taurus, Capricorns, and Virgos) would love to elope. While some Capricorns might plan a big wedding, others would say yes to an exciting and romantic elopement.

It’s fascinating when we think about what kinds of weddings people want and what means the most to them. When we think about it, getting married means celebrating your love and committing to someone, and yet it has become such a big thing with so much planning and so much money being spent. Eloping is absolutely simpler and more cost-effective, but many people don’t want to miss having a more traditional big wedding. The Earth signs, on the other hand, wouldn’t really care about that.

10-Cancers Are Homebodies Who Love The Idea Of Getting Married Privately

A homebody would definitely think that eloping is the best idea ever, and that’s exactly what a woman who is a Cancer sign thinks. A big wedding wouldn’t suit who she is because it would mean too many people staring at her and too many plans to make and details to care about.

For her, the more private and personal, the better, and that applies to everything in life, but especially something as important and huge as getting married. She would love getting married to her one and only without having too many people looking on. She would be totally cool with eloping in a nearby town or city.

9-Scorpios Want A Massive, Passionate, Romantic Wedding

If any astro sign wants a big, passionate and romantic wedding, it’s a sign who is passionate and romantic, so that’s definitely Scorpio. She would think that someone was joking if they suggested that she elope. It wouldn’t even occur to her because she would assume that would take all of the fun out of a wedding.

The Scorpio woman wants nothing more than to experience a wedding day full of romance.

For her, that could mean picking out the perfect flowers and designing a ceremony with personal vows, and having an outdoor reception under the stars with beautiful decorations. She’ll have lots of fun planning and living it.

8-Pisces Don’t Care What Kind Of Wedding They Have

A Pisces girl honestly doesn’t care what type of wedding she has. She could elope, she could have a big wedding, or something else, and it would be just fine with her.

She likes to live a peaceful life and will do everything that she can to stop herself from stressing out. We could all be more like that for sure, so if we know this kind of girl, we’re probably pretty envious of her. She might go along with the kind of wedding that her family wants and that her fiance is comfortable with because she wouldn’t want to cause any strife or stress.

7-Cancer Signs Could Also Have A Large, Traditional, Beautiful Big Day

On the other hand, a woman who is a Cancer sign could have a huge, traditional wedding.

Even though big crowds and a big event like a wedding might make her nervous, the idea of going along with wedding traditions that couples have followed since forever would be attractive to her.

It could definitely cancel out the crowd aspect of this type of wedding. If her friends and family told her that it was really important to them to have a big wedding, that would help her go along with it. She’s compassionate toward the people in her life so that would totally convince her.

6-The Water Signs Wouldn’t Mind Eloping (For The Most Part)

In general, the Water signs (Cancers, Scorpio, and Pisces) wouldn’t say no to eloping. They’re earthy (no pun intended) signs who are calm and think that loyalty is an important quality to have.

For them, eloping would be cool since it would be a simple way to tie the knot.

They wouldn’t have to worry about what their families wanted or who was paying for what or who to invite. Earth signs would think that getting to marry the love of their lives without worrying about a stressful large wedding was almost too good to be true. It would be really appealing to them… except for Scorpios, who want nothing more than a huge wedding because they’re so passionate.

5-Libra Think Eloping Sounds Lovely And Peaceful

Libra signs are big fans of peace. They never met a group of people that they didn’t love and immediately want to be friends with. They don’t want to start fights, ever, and they would loathe being caught in the middle of any arguments. They’re people that everyone enjoys being with.

Because Libras love peace so much, Libra women would think that eloping sounds simply lovely.

To the Libra woman, even thinking about eloping would bring a sense of calm over her entire body, and she would realize that was definitely what she wanted. See you later, wedding stress, you’re not welcome here.

4-Aquarius Could Go Either Way

When it comes to whether the Aquarius girl would rather elope or have a big wedding, she could honestly go either way.

That’s because the Aquarius girl has two sides to her personality. She’s social and enjoys going to parties and events and hanging out with others, but at the same time, she’s got a lot on her mind at all times and seems like more of an introvert.

She might change her mind but will eventually settle on the kind of wedding that feels right for her. Eloping would suit her thoughtful nature but a big wedding would work for her social life.

3-Geminis Want A Big Wedding, No Question About It

Geminis don’t like to be on their own and they’re happy to pay attention to others and learn about the world.

The Gemini woman would be happy to have a big wedding because she would find the planning aspect of it really engaging.

Chances are, when she gets engaged, she becomes interested in all things weddings and wants to find out everything that she possibly can about what goes into the big day. She wouldn’t want to elope because then she would feel like she missed out on a learning opportunity, and that’s just not something that she would enjoy at all.

2-Libra Might Plan A Big Wedding If Their Family Didn’t Stress Them Out

Libra women might also be interested in having a big wedding, but on one condition: if their relatives didn’t drive them crazy during the process.

We all know that weddings and families can mean a lot of negative feelings and fights and awkward moments, and it’s not the most pleasant situation around. It should be a happy time but it doesn’t always feel that way. Since Libra women want things to be peaceful all of the time, they really want their family to play nice during the wedding planning process. If all goes well, they wouldn’t mind a big wedding at all.

1-Air Signs Can’t Agree On The Best Way To Tie The Knot

Air signs are really interesting: Libras are chill people who don’t cause any strife or problems when around others, Aquarius is thoughtful but social, and Geminis are social creatures who are very interested in learning.

Because the Air signs are both social and often in their own heads, they can’t agree on the best way to tie the knot. Some of them (like Libra) would elope and others (like Geminis) wouldn’t even dream about that. To each their own, right? We can definitely agree with that when we think about how each astro sign plans her wedding and what kind they think would be the best option.

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