Why she does not think you love her …

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March 11, 2019
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Why she does not think you love her …

She does not believe that you love her because she has been repeatedly broken in the past …

No matter how hard she tries or how good she is to someone, she just does not believe that she is worthy of love. Because they have left too many men so far and she does not want you to go too ..

In fact, there are a million reasons why she is currently unable to believe you love her. And it may be that there will be more in the future.

Because she went through so much in her life. She had moments when she did not even know how to continue her life. Moments in which she thought she could not get up out of bed, or moments when she got up in the morning and felt like an empty shell as she walked through the house. On some days she was so lost and hurt that she was not even sure if the pain was real.

Because she just can not believe you love her.  But sometimes she does not want that, because that would be too good and good is not what she is used to. She does not want to love you to lose you then. She’s scared because it’s far worse to have someone and then lose him than to be alone …

Actually, she is extremely secure in herself, but sometimes she thinks she is useless.

Regardless, she can not believe that she will ever again find love with a person like you because she has never experienced such a love. Although she has experienced a beautiful love, it is difficult for her to remember this kind of love because she has only experienced and seen sad stories ever since. She saw her friends hurt and how her friends hurt other people.

She knows that breaking a stranger’s heart does not always mean being an idiot or a heartless monster.

She knows that good people hurt other good people. Sometimes a person just does not love their partner in the same way. Sometimes this person falls in love with him and some time later she does not love him anymore. However, people must be honest with themselves and respect their partners. Ultimately, someone is always hurt.

Maybe she is afraid to love you because she has already broken someone’s heart.

Being hurt does not always mean feeling the pain. You can hurt yourself by hurting someone else. Because of this, you can not even breathe and hate waking up in the morning because you know what pain you have inflicted on someone.

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Maybe she loved someone, but knew he was not the right person for her, so she had to leave him.

And now she is afraid that you will do the same to her. That although you love them, you are kindhearted and have the purest intentions, you will go away anyway.

She knows that there are so many reasons why your relationship could not work, so she focuses on those reasons, rather than on those that make her work. This is called self-protection, and that’s all she can.

She hears love songs that have a great influence on her and wants to lead a life as described in these songs. But this is not possible…

She wants to be so incredibly happy. She wants to fall so in love with someone that she can laugh about things that are not funny and she has the desire to be able to ignore rude people in stressful situations. But she does not want to indulge in the fantasy of leaning her head against the train window and hearing this love song while she thinks of you …

She prefers to stay on the safe side, but in this case things are not so exciting.

She has no butterflies in her stomach or the desire to go outside and run to get rid of the boundless energy she only gets from thinking of another person. Such a life is not exciting. But it is safe and she is stuck with both legs in life. She does not feel weak or unstable. She is in control.

Maybe she really believes that you love her. Somewhere, behind all her defense mechanisms, she may be emotional and think that you have something for her. But that’s also the part of her that is the most vulnerable. She knows that if she allows herself to believe what you say to her, and if she senses that you love her, she has to show her vulnerable side.

She wants to trust you. She wants to believe that you are different than other men. She wants to give you a chance to split her into a million pieces. But you have to meet her halfway. You have to show her that you too are afraid. You have to remind them that you are taking such a risk as well, because it can break you down into a million pieces.

If she can not believe you love her, tell her anyway. Repeat that every day. Show her. Let them understand that you will not go anywhere. Because in the end, you too want her to look out of the train window and think only of you …

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