Why men retire: 12 reasons why he distances himself and what you can do

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March 11, 2019
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March 11, 2019
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Why men retire: 12 reasons why he distances himself and what you can do

Had I ever received a euro when a woman asked me why men retire, then I would be very rich. In the following text I want to answer you to this question.

I was always told to write about what I know. I could write a trilogy on this topic, but it’s best if I keep it short and sweet. Why men retire is a good question. Why do they do that?

I have ever experienced that I was left behind at airports and the men literally ran away from me. I was violated by a man after traveling around the world just to see him.

So, my dear, you’re asking a woman who asked that question more often than she was on a date with a man.

After much research, I found out why men retire. And I can tell you right from the beginning that they are weaklings .

I’m sorry if you’re a guy and you happen to be reading this, but that’s the truth. Maybe I should not look at all men the same, because some of them have different reasons why they are withdrawing, but that’s the only description that makes sense to me. Either that or I’m crazy. And I’m telling you, I’m fine, oh yes, I’m even feeling very well.

Okay, okay, I know that you’re sitting on your couch now, nodding your head, but that’s not the complete answer to your question. Because you need something deeper and concrete.

Here are 12 reasons that will show you why the men are retreating:

1. You are a risk

For your partner, you pose a great risk. If he decides to be with you, who knows what will happen. I’m sure that not much will happen, but for the men it’s a big deal. Maybe he sees how amazing you are and so he knows if he decides for you that you are a woman for life.

Although we women can handle it, men can not. They are afraid to miss something, which means they do not choose the woman who is perfect for them.

2. He feels pressured

Men are known to be unable to handle pressure. It may be that she does not agree with me, but if you just put a little pressure on her, she’ll go crazy. Therefore, if you press him to make an application or meet your parents, do not do that. That will only knock him away from you.

What you have to do is to express your wish once and then not to mention it. Because men need more time to think about certain things. So stop putting him under pressure and let him make a decision alone.

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3. He is stressed

Men are very easily put under pressure from work or personal life. I know that women are much easier to deal with problems. Because if a man disturbs something, then he can not think clearly. So if you think you could be the problem, pull back a little and do not put pressure on him. In this way, he will be able to solve his problems.

4. There is no persecution

Men love to be hunted and hunt women. For them, the whole thing is just a big game. When you are both together, the hunt is over and he has won. But he feels bored very quickly. He also knows that you will always be there when he needs you. That’s why he retreats to report back to you when he needs you. So you have to make sure he does not grab you.

5. He is not sure if you are the right one

Why are men retreating? Well, there’s another crazy reason. He is not sure. He likes you, he thinks you’re incredible, but he’s just not sure if you’re the right person for him. I know, that’s silly.

We have all been in such a situation before and most of us do not understand why someone would burden another person with it. But it happens. I once confessed my love to a man and he told me that he was not 100% sure what he should think about it.

He pulls back because he thinks he is not the right man for you and is not sure if he will have a happy life with you.

6. You are not a priority for him

You are not a woman with whom he can imagine his future. Sure, he likes to hang out with you and have sex with you, but in his opinion, nothing serious should develop between you. If he has never treated you as a priority or now only sees you as an option, then you must leave him as soon as possible.

7. He wants to break up with you

I myself was in such a situation once before. I moved in with my friend and after two weeks he stopped kissing me. He stopped kissing me for a good night. All these little things started to pile up on top of each other.

Then, two weeks later, he told me he wanted to break up with me. He obviously withdrew and my first thought was that the reason was another girl and that turned out to be the end of it.

8. He meets another girl

This is usually the obvious reason why your partner is withdrawing. I am sure that you will notice other signs as well. For example, he will become mysterious, will stop touching you and having sex with you. Well, if he distances himself from you in addition to all these signs, then the probability is very high that you are not the only woman in his life. But before he fools you, ask him if that’s true.

9. He does not feel wanted but needed

Men want to feel coveted and wanted, right? But we women want that too. The moment a partner stops feeling coveted and feels needed, it changes the whole situation.

The feeling of being needed brings responsibility into a relationship for which he may not be ready. This feeling also means bonding to your partner and this fact can scare some men. He feels under pressure and thinks he can not get out of this situation anymore.

10. You both have different opinions

Maybe he does not see you as someone with whom he can imagine a serious relationship. Meanwhile, you’re getting ready to introduce him to your family. Can you understand what I mean? The two of you are not imagining the relationship right away, and knowing it in advance may be the reason why he’s retreating. He may not be ready to tie himself. If so, he will slowly start to move away from you.

11. He does not feel attracted to you anymore

If he distances himself from you, no longer sleeps with you or shows you affection, it could be that he is no longer attracted to you. No, that does not mean that you’re ugly, just that he does not like you anymore.

There are so many women who think that means they are not attractive, but they are wrong. This just means that he no longer has strong feelings for you and no longer sees you as a partner.

12. Something bothers him

The fact that something bothers him does not necessarily have anything to do with you. Maybe he just had a harmless quarrel with his mother. But I have to tell you right away that men are bad at communication. That’s why his behavior probably has nothing to do with you.

However, once he is busy with something else, he can hardly show you his feelings. Still, you think he is not in love with you. That’s why you have to talk to him.

Now that you know why men retire, it’s time for you to sit down and talk to each other about everything. You have to do this for yourself. Because why should you be in a relationship that does not give you what you need and deserve?

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