Whose Heart You Will Break And Who Will Break Yours, According To Your ( Zodiac Sign ) !!!

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Whose Heart You Will Break And Who Will Break Yours, According To Your ( Zodiac Sign ) !!!




Getting your heart broken is an inevitable fact of life. We meet someone, fall head over heels only to find out that they just do not feel the same way. Then the tables turn and we start to see someone, but then for some reason, they start to lose their luster. They want to continue to pursue a relationship with us, but we just don’t feel the same way. Such is life, right?

Sometimes there are certain personality characteristics that we are looking for where the person we are dating just seems to be lacking. We get bored and we don’t want to hurt that person’s feelings so we just don’t know how to end it. For better or for worse, we break their heart. Then later, they break someone else’s heart.

There is not one human being that has not been on the giving or the receiving end of this deal. Each one of us has a zodiac sign with personality characteristics that attract or repel certain other signs. Some signs work for the short term and others are meant for the long term. Here, we examine what is going to work with the short-term.

Find out whose heart you will break and which sign will break yours, according to your sign.

24The Sunny Aries Will Steamroll The Dark Scorpio

Both the Aries man and the Scorpio woman are tenacious and love to go after what they want, except one is more discreet about it.

The Aries guy has no problem telling Miss Scorpio that he is pursuing her, and she loves it.

However, she is into the dark arts and her personal interests are something that he might find pretentious or too creepy for his taste. Either way, his passion will match hers both in and out of the bedroom. However, he will get sick of her wanting to always have a deep conversation when he just isn’t in the mood. Though he will sometimes find her fascinating, he just can’t meet her on that deeper level. He is an intelligent guy, but there are certain things he just doesn’t care to delve too deep into. He will call it quits when he realizes this.

23But Will Get Crushed By The Flighty Gemini

A Gemini girl is witty and playful so she has the ability to keep an Aries on his toes in a way that the Scorpio could not. A Gemini girl is always full of surprises and spontaneity and he will find that exhilarating. There will not be one moment that he doesn’t want her around and she might feel as if the Aries is tying her down a little too much. After all, she is a precarious little lady that likes to fly away wherever the wind takes her, so to speak. Though she will love his masculine prowess, she will not appreciate his need to lock her down. Geminis are social creatures so she will need the company of her male friends and that won’t sit well with him. Unless he matches her goofy antics, she will find someone else who will.

22The Taurus Will Get Sick Of The Talkative Libra

Both the Taurus and the Libra are ruled by Venus which is the planet of love, beauty, and harmony. However, each sign looks at these aspects in completely different ways. The Taurus guy will most likely get his fix with watching football and indulging in life’s simple pleasures.

In other words, he is a basic bro.

A Libra lady is a lover of arts and poetic interests so her taste in music and movies will be a bit more sophisticated than a Taurus. She will want him to get into the things that she is into and he just won’t be having it because he is stubborn. A Libra is a talkative sign so she will tell him personal stories that he might not want to know and she will try to get him to dish his past experiences. If this is too early on in the relationship, the Taurus just won’t be comfortable with this and write her off as crazy.

21But Will Get Their Heartbroken By Another Bull-Headed Taurus

A Taurus girl and a Taurus guy are a match made in domestic heaven. They will both take in each other’s physical comfort so that will mean a lot of cuddles and sweet over-the-top affection for one another. This type of couple are the ones who will have too much PDA that makes everyone else gag a little bit. However, the one thing that they will struggle to overcome is that they are both stubborn. Though the Libra was too pushy and chatty for the Taurus’s taste, at least they were more agreeable and willing to compromise. The two bulls together will have a hard time compromising when they disagree on something. This will lead to some nasty fights later down the road. This is one of those scenarios where you really have to think before getting involved with your own sign.

20The Gemini Will Get Bored With The Overly Serious Capricorn

A Capricorn guy is ambitious but he doesn’t really wear that part of himself on his sleeve. He tends to throw himself in his goals and is willing to put his social life on hold if he needs to. The Gemini girl, on the other hand, is always down for a good time and needs to be entertained.

Their attraction will be due to the fact that neither one is the type to be led by their emotions but rather with their mind.

However, a Gemini gal needs some stimulation and someone to challenge her. The Capricorn guy will challenge her intellectually but he will lack the constant reassurance that she needs socially from the people around her. He might get annoyed with her flighty ways and her inability to make a decision. She will get bored with his all too serious demeanor and might cheat on him.

19But Will Be Shattered By The Critical Virgo

Both of these signs are ruled by Mercury, which is not only the fastest moving planet but it is the planet of communication and coordination. Both the Gemini and the Virgo know how to connect the dots and put things together but their approaches are completely divergent. The Gemini likes to talk and tell people information that they feel that they should know. The Virgo will lead by example and show people how they should live their life. The Virgo will be charmed by the Gemini’s sense of humor and witty comments about anything in life. However, they will catch on when Gemini doesn’t always fulfill their promises. No matter who the guy or girl is in this situation, the Virgo will get sick of the Gemini after they realize that they are all talk and no follow through. The Gemini will resent the Virgo for being condescending in their nature.

18The Cancer Will Seriously Shade The Leo’s Sunshine

The Cancer guy is ruled by the Moon, which is dark, reflective and contemplative. He likes to take things and internalize them as he figures out what they are all about. The Leo lady is ruled by the Sun, which is expressive, bold and creative.

She likes to assert her energy and personality onto everyone around her, whether they like it or not.

This is something that he will be delighted by in the beginning finding it endearing. After the first, say 2-3 months though, he is going to find that annoying because that is just not the way he is wired. Her openness is going to be interpreted as obnoxious and her needing to be the constant center of attention is going to get on his nerves. This will be especially true once he gets into his little moods, then he will get super annoyed with her “look at me” act.

17But Will Be Struck By the Intense Scorpio Stinger

When a Cancer guy has a met the Scorpio girl, he will be turned on by her depth and mystique. She is not one of those “what you see is what you get” people and that will be up to him to figure out. They are both introverted and they are both water signs, so they will be able to read each other well. However, Cancer is a wholesome, boy-next-door type and that might bore the Scorpio girl. She is fascinated by people who have certain levels of complexities that she can’t quite put her finger on, and he is not one of them, unfortunately. Although on paper they are compatible, if he can’t keep her on her toes the way a fire sign does…she will seek the thrill elsewhere. He will be left disillusioned and that sting will stay with him for a long time, perhaps all of eternity.

16The Leo Will Use And Hurt The Libra

The sun-ruled Leo man sees the world as his playground. He is individualistic and does things for himself but he still thrives on the admiration of others at the same time. Though he is a lovable creature, he believes deep down that the world revolves around him and that people are there for his benefit. The Venus-ruled Libra woman goes out of her way to please others and make sure that those around her are happy.

She just wants a peaceful, harmonious environment, so she is willing to sacrifice things that she wants in order to make her Leo man happy.

Though she is generally easy-going, she still no pushover. When Leos see that someone wants to please them, they can have a tendency to push their limits to the point where they are just exploiting people for what they are worth. This can be punctuated by a romantic relationship. Since Libras want fairness, they are going to feel horrible once they realize what the Leo is doing.

15But Will Be Totally Dejected By The Regal Capricorn

Both Capricorns and Leos love the good life and will be that couple that you see stealing the spotlight at black tie affairs. The Capricorn lady is reserved but still has a strong personality that will rival the Leo man’s. She might not give him the compliments and the ego stroking that he was used to getting from the Libra, but she will make him feel powerful. Capricorns work hard for their prestige and reputations are important to them. A Leo man can’t help but respect that of the Capricorn since he too wants people to think highly of him. What he really needs to do in order to keep her around is keep his ego in check and not get too cocky. Once she picks up that he thinks he is better than he really is, she will be out the door so fast that his head will spin.

14The Virgo Will Tear Apart The Soft-Hearted Cancer

The Virgo man has a way of telling it like it is without being too bold about it. Though he looks reserved on the surface, he has no problem delving into people’s flaws and telling them about it without regard to their feelings.

The Cancer girl will love the fact that her Virgo man has that stability that she needs in her life but will resent his harsh criticism.

She is a sensitive creature at the end of the day and she will take his critical comments as insulting and might even cry when she has had enough. He will find this to be draining and he might resent her perceived emotional manipulation when she tells him how mean-spirited he really is. Though he will secretly love her need to nurture him, he will get sick of her after he has had enough of the guilt trips.

13But Will Be Put In Their Place By An Unyielding Aquarius

Unlike the Cancer woman, the Aquarian woman does not let people’s adversity get to her. She doesn’t take that much to heart because she is not ruled by her emotions, but rather with logic. A Virgo man is actually a feminine sign but he will try to overcompensate at times and act tougher than he really is. This whole act does not fool her and she will see his BS in an objective manner. The Aquarius will have no problem putting him in his place because she is just not afraid of opposition. In fact, she encourages it. Since she is a fixed sign, there will be certain opinions of hers where she cannot be convinced otherwise. Though this will drive the Virgo man crazy, he cannot help but respect her for it. After he has given her too much petty complaining, she will drop him like a hot potato.

12The Libra Will Break The Heart Of The Emotional Pisces

Since both the Libra and the Pisces are non-confrontational people who just like to have fun, there will be an immediate attraction. The Libra loves a good time without drama or conflict. The Pisces is the type that goes with the flow and will happily take the cardinal Libra’s lead.

They will both share many good times together but the problem will be when the Pisces has these needs that a Libra just can’t fulfill.

Though neither one of them will want to put up a fight, the Libra won’t be able to commit to what the Pisces will be expecting of them on a deeper level. Their sense of humor and charming ways will be entertaining, but personal fulfillment just won’t suffice. This applies to either party if they are a guy or a girl.

11But Will Meet Their Match With Another Manipulative Libra

Libras are typically attracted to other Libras because they are light-hearted creatures that just like to make each other laugh. They are not intense and all they want to do is have a good time. Now, whether or not that other Libra is actually good for that Libra is a completely different story. A Libra’s world is an idealized one full of beauty and romance where nothing can possibly go wrong…or can it? Since both Libras will be so non-confrontational in nature, they will dodge discussing any problems or issues that are bothering them in the relationship. This might lead to some passive-aggressive behavior and mind games that just won’t ever have an end to them. There is no saying which Libra will eventually throw the other Libra under the bus since it will be such a back-and-forth scenario.

10The Scorpio Will Suck The Life Out Of A Proud Leo

The Leo man will be smitten by the Scorpio’s passion that matches his. These are both signs that are loyal to those that they are really into. Though the Leo man will play the field when he isn’t sold on the girl he is dating, he will not want to do any of that when he meets the sultry Scorpio.

She will know how to push his primordial buttons and he will find himself wrapped around her finger.

Their physical chemistry will be off the charts and he will be proud to have her on his arm. However, a Leo man is full of pride and needs to be told what a great person he really is. The Scorpio woman is not the type to lay on the flattery too thick and only gives out compliments if she genuinely means them. This will hurt his feelings in the long run and she won’t understand why.

9But Will Be Disappointed By A Flakey Libra

On the surface, the Scorpio girl and the Libra guy seem like a likely match since they both have a sense of humor that is sly and under the radar. There will be many times where they find themselves on the couch laughing at each other’s witty banter. These two know how to entertain each other and there will be some good times ahead. However, those good times won’t last because these two have completely different expectations in relationships. A Scorpio girl will want monogamy and commitment right off the bat if she is feeling the chemistry with a guy she likes. A Libra guy won’t be comfortable with that expectation and will want to explore other options until he is convinced that she is “The One.” Though she will be patient at first, she will be disappointed when he ultimately chooses his social life over her.

8The Sagittarius Will Have The Exciting Gemini For One Sultry Minute

These two are a classic case of opposites attracting one another. These two signs are both social creatures and they get joy out of a conversation with different types of people. The way that they approach these matters is completely divergent, however. The Gemini man is usually the leader of his little communities and likes to socialize with individuals that he has more in common with. The Sagittarius lady also likes to have her clan, but she is more inclusive in the sense that she likes to explore different ideas and opinions.

A Gemini man can get offended by those who oppose his ideals and values.

This is because he likes to live in his own boundaries that he has drawn up by logic. These two get bored easily, but they can never get bored of each other. However, the Sagittarius girl will run away when she realizes that he just won’t accept her open-mindedness.

7But Will Be Left Disillusioned By The Dreamy Pisces

Both the Sagittarius and the Pisces are ruled by Jupiter, which is the planet of expansion and higher knowledge. The Sagittarius girl and the Pisces guy are both free spirits and will make for that perfect hippie couple. She is optimistic and will buy into his dreamy bedroom eyes and they way that he likes to dote on her. Though neither one of them will be pushing each other for commitment, the Sagittarius will eventually be left wondering where the eff this relationship is going. Though the Pisces is the type to go with the flow, her fiery disposition can sometimes overwhelm leading him to be indecisive about whether or not he wants to make the whole relationship official. After he gradually stops contacting her, she will hold on to some hope that their relationship will rekindle. However, it probably won’t.

6The Capricorn Will Ruthlessly Crush The Idealistic Aquarius

Both the Capricorn guy and the Aquarius girl are co-ruled by Saturn, which is the planet of karma, restriction and life’s tough lessons. Unlike Jupiter, Saturn says “hey, it’s time to slow down here and set up some boundaries” where Jupiter says “let’s do this as much as possible.” These two signs know how to handle life when it gets rough, which is why they are so attracted to one another. The Aquarius lady sees the world as it moves through its social progression and she loves to challenge social norms.

This is especially true when it come to what it means to be a woman.

A Capricorn man on the other hand, is a traditionalist and wants his women to be nurturing and feminine. The Aquarius is a feminist and this won’t sit too well with her. However, she is not going to want to let him go because she found a guy who is just as emotionally resilient as she is. He will eventually get sick of her contradictory ways and realize that their values just don’t align.

5But Will Be Left Heartbroken By An Embittered Cancer

The Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign and the Cancer is a cardinal water sign. Together, they will create a home together and make the perfect mom and dad. The Cancer minds the domestic space while the Capricorn goes out into the world and stakes him claim. This sounds like a match made in heaven, right? Well, not exactly. You have to remember that these two are opposites of each other, so this will be a big hit or miss. The Cancer just doesn’t understand why the Capricorn can’t be around when they want them to be around and why they are so goal-oriented. The Cancer will resent Capricorn’s inability to enjoy the moment and always thinking ahead in advance. This will frustrate the Cancer making them feel unloved. One day, the Capricorn will come home and realize that the Cancer has left them without warning.

4The Aquarius Will Completely Mislead The Ever Optimistic Sagittarius

The Aquarius girl will be swept off of her feet when she meets the fun-loving, dashing Sagittarius guy. He will take her around the world (or just paint the town) knowing all the cool hang out spots. He will also introduce her to some cool people that she will click with right off the bat.

Since Aquarius is a fixed air sign, she is going to expect loyalty right off the bat with the Sagittarius guy, which he might not be too comfortable with.

After all, he is a mutable fire sign and that means that he likes to fly by the seat of his pants and not commit to any plans even in the near future. Though she won’t need to make the relationship official too soon, she might resent his unwillingness to cooperate with her. She will mistake his enthusiasm for being in love when he might just not be that into her.

3But Will Be Led On By The Commanding Aries

The Aquarius dude is someone who is unpredictable and gets bored easily. What he needs is someone who can give him some excitement and keep him on her toes. Enter the Aries lady. She is someone who is bold and is not afraid to speak her mind, even when people tell her that it is not wise to do so. Neither one of these two signs is afraid of a little debate and conflict at times because they can both stand their own ground. An Aries girl is someone who likes to be in charge but still wants the guy to wear the pants in the relationship. The Aquarius man will give wind to her fire and keep the relationship unpredictable so that she will always want to figure out what he is going to do next. Sadly, she will get frustrated with his tweaky and eccentric ways and write him off as a weirdo, which he is. Except he is proud of it where she is embarrassed of it.

2The Pisces Will Swim Away From The Nit Picky Virgo

At first glance, these opposites will attract one another because they both have what the other one lacks. The Virgo girl is very aware of her own environment right down the most refined element and tiniest little detail. The Pisces guy is intuitive and feels the emotions of people around him and can read between the lines. She will be the practical one in the relationship guiding him through the daily routine type of stuff. He will be the one to tell her about what life has to offer outside of this physical world that we call life.

Since he doesn’t like to be confrontational, he will act passively when she starts to nag him.

Though this does annoy him, he still appreciates the advice given. However, if she does learn how to stop then he will start to distance himself to the point of no return. Like the slippery fish that he is, he will swim away and she will have no idea where he went.

1But Will But Will Get Depressed Over The Rejection Of A Jovial Leo

The Pisces lady is a dreamer and loves to fantasize about the world that she envisions for herself and humanity. The Leo man will be her ray of sunshine that will paint these beautiful pictures for her. She will eat up his sweet nothings like candy and he will take her on a journey to show her all the wonders of the world. He is a fire sign so that means that he is full of life, energy and abundance that she needs in her existence. She will follow him into all of his endeavors and love his taste in music, movies and anything artsy. They are both creative souls and love to indulge in each other’s company. This insatiable romance will only last if he doesn’t get bored and move onto another girl. A Pisces is emotional and insecure so he can’t really fathom those feelings and may get overwhelmed. She might be left jaded after he decides that the party is over .

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