When You Expect Your Boyfriend To Say I Love You, According To Your Zodiac Sign

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When You Expect Your Boyfriend To Say I Love You, According To Your Zodiac Sign




Love might just be one word, but it definitely carries with a whole lot of history and baggage. When you’re in a new relationship (maybe even when you’re on the first date), you wonder when this great new guy is going to tell you those three little words. It’s pretty confusing that people even call them “three little words” because, as you and every other girl knows, they are pretty massive and pretty important. There is absolutely nothing like staring into someone’s eyes and hearing them tell you that they love you for the first time. It’s like fireworks go off in the sky and a million butterflies are in your entire body, not just in your chest, and you just can’t believe your good luck.

But when should someone say those three words? Your zodiac sign can tell you a lot about this. In fact, your zodiac sign can tell you exactly when you want your BF to say that he cares about you this much. Wondering where you stand and when your new guy should say these words to you? Look no further! Read on to find out when you expect your boyfriend to say “I love you”, according to your zodiac sign!

16Air Signs (Aquarius, Libra, Gemini): Free And Independant

The air signs all want to feel free and independent and Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini signs have that in common… but they are each different from each other. When it comes to these three zodiac signs, it seems safe to say that they would want to hear “I love you” from their boyfriends after they had been together for six months to one year.

The Aquarius doesn’t want to hear “I love you” for a while. They honestly couldn’t care less because they’re very bold, vibrant people who have other things on their mind and other goals that they want to crush. The Libra is okay hearing it after a few months because that would make sense and seem like a good amount of time to have dated someone. And the Gemini wants to hear it once crucial decisions about the future have been made.

15Aquarius: One Year

If you’re an Aquarius sign, that means that when you have a boyfriend, you expect him to say those three little words after a total of one year.

One year? Really? This might sound like a really long time to date someone before saying that you love them, but that’s perfect for the Aquarius. You’re not super comfortable with talking about your feelings… or hearing how someone else feels. That might sound super harsh, but it’s who you are, so you can’t really feel bad about it, can you? Everyone has to embrace their true nature and personality. It also takes you a while to really admit that you like someone and even want to be in a relationship with them. You’re cool with the whole “slow and steady wins the race thing” and that’s how you feel about matters of the heart.

14Libra: Three Months

Three months is a pretty legit, logical time for your boyfriend to say that he loves you, which is exactly why this would work for you. After all, if you don’t know how you feel about three months, some people would wonder why you’re even dating this person at all. It’s not so much time that you don’t feel like you can get out if need be, but it’s enough time to know if your feelings are real.

As a Libra sign, you’re a peacekeeper for sure. You don’t like fighting or any kind of conflict or tension whatsoever, and you wouldn’t want him to wait too long because then it might cause relationship issues, but you wouldn’t want him to say it too early, either. This would feel just right to you.

13Gemini: After You’ve Discussed The Future

Gemini signs are super big on the future. You don’t understand people who date casually or say that they’re just “having fun.” That just makes absolutely zero sense to you and it’s never something that you want to do.

Since you care so much about finding a partner who is the real deal and since the future is a massive deal, it’s crucial that you find someone who you can see yourself marrying and having kids with. You would never want your boyfriend to say that he loves you until you’ve had that conversation. Once you two have discussed that you have a real future together, you would want him to say that he loves you (so you can say it back and be all lovey-dovey and happy, of course).

12Fire Signs (Sagittarius, Leo, Aries): When The Time Is Right

When it comes to the fire signs, they would be cool with dating someone for one month and then hearing that this person loved them. While other signs would freak out at that and feel like it was way too soon, that’s not how the Sagittarius, Leo, or Aries signs would feel. They would totally feel the opposite way and would love hearing this.

While the Sagittarius isn’t big on serious relationships and doesn’t care if they hear those three little words, Leo and Aries signs are okay with something more official and committed. They would each be fine with hearing “I love you” after one month since they’re passionate, impatient signs who want things to happen right now. They just don’t see the point in waiting for anything.

11Sagittarius: Never

You love to travel and you love feeling free more than you want to be in love, so you would totally freak out if you were dating someone and they let the L-word slip.

You just don’t care about finding love, so in all honesty, if you found yourself in an actual relationship, you wouldn’t want the guy to tell you that he loves you. If he did, you would be pretty upset. Sure, your friends might not understand this because they would assume that you would be more annoyed if he never said how he felt about you. But you’re just not interested in being in a serious relationship. It’s more likely that you wouldn’t date someone for that long and would just keep things casual, and then the guy definitely wouldn’t say those three little words.

10Leo: A Few Weeks

Leos might not have the greatest reputation since you can be conceited and think really highly of yourself… but to you, those aren’t bad things at all. It’s not your fault that you love yourself and think that you’re amazing, right?!

Needless to say, you’re a very vibrant, bold partner to have. You’re often called cocky and overconfident, so you’re a lot as a girlfriend and it takes someone really special to handle you. You live life out loud, basically, and you do what you want. You would expect your boyfriend to tell you that he loves you after only a few weeks because you have really high self-esteem but also because you wouldn’t see the point in waiting. After all, you can find a lot of guys would be thrilled to date you, so you can always find someone else.

9Aries: After You’re Official

As an Aries sign, you’re not exactly the most patient person ever. You’re also prone to being in a bad mood sometimes. The boyfriends you’ve had have probably told you that… and, sure, you didn’t exactly adore hearing it, but it’s something that you have to accept.

When would you want your boyfriend to tell you that he loves you? It would be as soon as he says that he’s your boyfriend and you’ve had the talk and made things official. Yup, the awkward, dreaded talk that no one wants to have but is the most important talk that the two of you will ever have (okay, maybe not, but it’s still pretty key). If he doesn’t say it, you’re not going to be in the best mood and are going to find it hard to wait.

8Water Signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio): Very Sensitive And Emotional

If you’re a water sign, which would be Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio, you’re totally fine with hearing your boyfriend say that he loves you within the first few months of dating. This wouldn’t feel like rushing things at all.

You’re very sensitive and emotional, and while others might say that those are negative things and could be considered character flaws, that’s definitely not the approach that you take. You value your emotions and love that you’re this connected with this part of yourself. It would make sense to you if someone fell for you within a few months because you can definitely fall in love within that time frame. You’re not someone who is afraid of being in love, that’s for sure… and that’s probably a massive understatement.

7Pisces: Before You Get Intimate

Being a Pisces sign, you take relationships and love super seriously. Your friends and family might tell you that you’re too sensitive or that you care too much. To you, there’s no such thing as being too caring, and you would even take this as a compliment.

If someone tells you that they love you, you want them to really and truly mean it. You also wouldn’t be comfortable sleeping with someone before you know that there are emotions there and that they are real. You would expect your boyfriend to say that he loves you before you make the decision to sleep with him for the first time. The timeline for this varies, of course, but this is something that would be very important to you.

6Cancer: Two-Four Months

You’re a homebody who feels things strongly. You’re also a really loyal person, so loyalty is a quality that you value and that you look for when you’re starting a new relationship. You want someone to be loyal to you since that’s definitely how you’re going to treat them.

If you’re with someone, you want to know that you have a solid bond and that they feel the same way as you, and so you would be cool if you heard that your BF loved you within the two to four-month timeframe. It would be just enough time for you to figure out your own feelings and to know if this thing is for real. And you definitely want to be with someone where it feels super real.

5Scorpio: One Month

Scorpios are super passionate people and that’s absolutely you. When it comes to love, you’ll jump in, no problem. You can jump into something fast and furious and not even think twice or look back.

You would want to hear that your boyfriend loves you after a month because you don’t want to waste time. There’s also the fact that you can also be kind of possessive and clingy. It wouldn’t take you a super long time to fall for someone, so it’s totally logical that you really could fall in love after one month, and you would want your boyfriend to feel the same way and tell you. Hey, even if your friends say that you’re crazy, you wouldn’t care. You’re probably used to that, anyway.

4Earth Signs (Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus): When It’s Your Decision

If you’re an earth sign, that means that you’re a really logical, grounded kind of person (no pun intended but, hey, it totally works). You don’t rush to conclusions and like things to be well-thought out and planned.

When would you want your boyfriend to say that he loves you? The truth is that you would be okay if he said it to you first… or if you said it first. If he says it first, then you’re okay with him waiting six months. If you say it first, which you just might if you’re a Taurus, then you would say it whenever you feel comfortable. To you, it’s less important who says those words and more important that you guys say it at all. Which, honestly, is the way that it should be, right?

3Virgo: Six Months

Virgos are super logical, practical people. That might make you sound kind of dull, but you’re really not. Just because you love books and cleaning your apartment doesn’t make you boring at all. You’re also a really kind person, a good friend, an awesome listener, and really intelligent.

Since you’re so practical, you would want your boyfriend to tell you that he loved you after six months. Yup. Six months. It’s a super specific amount of time because that makes the most sense to you. You would consider that to be a respectable, logical amount of time. If he said that he loved you before that, you would wonder if he was telling the truth and if it was really possible to know that you felt that strongly about someone in only six months.

2Capricorn: Three To Six Months

If you’re a Capricorn, then you believe in tradition. Other people might not understand why you’re so traditional, but to you, it’s the only way to be, and that definitely extends to your relationships, too.

You would want your boyfriend to tell you that he loves you between three to six months of dating. That would feel just right to you since, traditionally, that time period is the so-called “honeymoon period” when you’re supposed to be totally into your partner. You would want to know how your boyfriend felt about you and you would want to make sure that you were both on the same page and looking for a future together. Otherwise, you wouldn’t want to waste your time since being in a serious relationship is important to you.

1Taurus: You Would Say It First

Have you ever heard that you’re stubborn before? If you’re a Taurus sign, then you probably want to scream whenever someone says this about you. It’s probably the thing that you hear about yourself the most… and, therefore, couldn’t be more annoying. But, hey, that’s just who you are.

Since your personality is stubborn as a bull, just like the animal that represents your zodiac sign, once you realize that you’re in love with someone, you’re going to tell him, and you definitely want to be the one who says it first. If he said it first, you wouldn’t say it back unless you absolutely feel it, so you want it to be your decision. That might not matter to someone else and yet it’s really important to you.







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