When Is Most And Least Perfect Time To Get Married, According To Your Zodiac Sign (His And Hers)

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When Is Most And Least Perfect Time To Get Married, According To Your Zodiac Sign (His And Hers)

Getting married is such a huge decision, but what girl doesn’t spend her whole life dreaming about what her wedding day will be like? Let’s face it, even though we all know that rushing into a marriage is a bad idea, it’s so tempting to think that the next guy we meet is the guy that we’ll marry. And believe it or not, guys go through the same thing! Sometimes, even guys will let themselves get carried away in a relationship, thinking that it must finally be time to settle down and get married, even if they’re not totally sure.

But here’s the thing—some people will get married at a young age and be quite happy with that, while others would be better off waiting until their mid-thirties or even their forties! Hey, some people out there don’t even get married until they’re past 50—and in a world where half of all marriages end in divorce, that’s actually a smart move. Waiting is really the best option for some people.

How will you know when it’s the right time to get married? Whether you’re a guy or girl, we have some advice for you, based on your zodiac sign.

24Aries Girls: Your Early Thirties Are The Perfect Time

Aries girls, you definitely should not settle down too young. You have a very adventurous spirit, and truthfully, you just do not want to be tied down. Basically, this means that you do not want to be stuck in a relationship, unless it makes you super, super happy. However, it takes a LOT to keep you happy in a relationship! You don’t like to admit it, but you’re definitely a bit high maintenance. So, when is the best time for you to get married? Aries, you should not even be thinking about marriage in your twenties. You will need to wait until your early thirties, so don’t get impatient! You will only end up rushing into a relationship that you’re not really ready for, and you will regret it.

23Aries Guys: Wait Until Your Forties

So, what about Aries guys? Should they also wait until their early thirties to get married? Well, not quite. Actually, Aries guys, while it may be disappointing to hear this, you better listen up: you should really wait until your forties to get married. Yup, your forties. You heard us right! Why is that? Why do you need to wait for so much longer than some of the other signs before you can truly settle down and be happy? Well, just like Aries girls, you are very spontaneous and adventurous. And when you’re young, you really hate the idea of settling down with one woman. So don’t get married young just because people are pressuring you to do so. It’s not the right path for you.

22Taurus Girls: You Can Get Married At Any Age

Can Taurus girls really settle down and make it work at any age? Yup! This might sound surprising, and honestly, it does not really apply to any other sign. Why can Taurus girls do this? It’s because they know themselves SO well. They are very mindful and in touch with themselves in a way that other signs are not. They also become more mature at a younger age compared to other signs. Therefore, Taurus girls often figure out exactly what they do and do not want out of a relationship while they’re young. However, because they know EXACTLY what they need in a marriage, they may end up waiting until they’re older. One quick warning, Taurus girls: just don’t get married right out of high school. You may think you’re ready, but it may not be the case!

21Taurus Guys: You Should Settle Down After College

Let’s face it, Taurus guys—you hate the typical dating scene. You can’t stand random party hook ups because they do not feel meaningful at all. You don’t really feel like doing the “dinner and a movie” thing over and over again with different girls, all for the sake of getting out there and being social to fit in. Nope, you would really rather just find one woman and stick with her for life. Well, good news, lots of women out there are looking for the same thing. While you’re in college, work on meeting girls that you could see yourself really sticking with for life. If you can’t see her being your wife, don’t date her! If you want to avoid the usual dating scene, find someone special and marry young—don’t wait until your thirties.

20Gemini Girls: You’ll Finally Be Ready In Your Late Thirties

Gemini girls, you better not marry too young, because you will almost definitely be making a mistake! See, you need to spend your youth playing the field. You are constantly wondering what else—and who else—is out there, so you feel a deep, insatiable need to explore, travel, try new things, and meet new people. That doesn’t mesh too well with getting married. But Gemini, here’s the great thing—you know yourself pretty well, and you know that rushing into a marriage at a young age just because all of your friends are settling down is the wrong move for you. You don’t give in to peer pressure easily, because you’re so comfortable with just doing your own thing, so chances are, you will wait until you’re truly ready.

19Gemini Guys: Marrying Young Is Not In The Cards

Gemini guys and Gemini girls actually have very similar attitudes towards dating, so it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that we don’t think either of them should get married young! Gemini guys often spend their entire twenties just playing the field. Here’s the problem—they’re so charming that many women will WANT to marry them! Now, don’t get too flattered, Gemini guys—you’re not ready to marry any of those women. Nope, not even close. You need to use your twenties and sometimes your thirties to get all of that restless energy out of your system. The worst thing a Gemini guy can do is settle down with the first interested woman he meets in his twenties. He should definitely wait until his late thirties or early forties to get married.

18Cancer Girls: Get Married In Your Twenties

Cancer girls, you’re not big on the current millennial dating scene. When you imagine your perfect life, you think of yourself finding one person at a young age and staying with them for the rest of your life. You really don’t see the appeal of online dating or apps like Tinder. In fact, the thought of using one makes you feel very anxious! Therefore, it’s best for you to seek out a man that you might want to marry at a younger age. Cancer, you might even be the girl who marries your high school sweetheart! It can seem like a one in a million chance, but it could absolutely happen to you. Finding love at a young age is really the best move for any Cancer girl.

17Cancer Guys: Don’t Wait Too Long To Tie The Knot

So, Cancer guys, should you follow in the footsteps of Cancer women and try to marry young? Sort of. You’re a little more open to the modern dating scene than they are, so playing the field for a bit while you’re young doesn’t really bother you. You thrive in that scene in a way that Cancer women don’t—maybe it’s because Cancer women are sometimes too nice for their own good! But we would advise you to still settle down relatively young. If you wait too long, you may end up feeling a bit jaded and lonely—you’ll begin to wonder why it hasn’t worked out for you yet. Therefore, make your moves now while you’re young, and you’ll be amazed at the woman that you meet!

16Leo Girls: Wait Until You Have Your Career Figured Out

Okay, while we may not have a specific age down for Leo girls, we can definitely tell you that if a Leo girl isn’t confident in her career path, it’s too early for her to get married. Why is that? Well, Leo girls care a lot about their careers, so they really want to feel like that area of their life is headed in a good direction before they commit to anything else big. Let’s say that a Leo girl moves to a new city to be with a guy, and then gets a job offer in another city a couple months later for her absolute dream job. If you’re going to choose your career over a guy when push comes to shove, get your career figured out first, THEN find a man!

15Leo Guys: Your Mid-Twenties Are The Sweet Spot

Leo guys, you tend to be a little overconfident in college when you begin dating. You think you can just impress any girl who walks by, but unfortunately, that’s not the case! Your confidence will get knocked down a couple times, no doubt about it, but you will eventually manage to brush yourself off and get back on your feet. Here’s why your mid-twenties are actually the best time for you to get married: you’ve finally got a couple years of life experience under your belt, and you know how the world works (or, at least, you’re starting to figure it out). Your expectations are more realistic, and all kinds of great thing will be happening for you career-wise. So if there’s a woman in your life that you love, make your move then!

14Virgo Girls: You’ll Walk Down The Aisle In Your Thirties

Virgo girls don’t want to do anything if it’s not practical. Running away to elope at the age of eighteen? Nope, you’ll never catch a Virgo girl doing that—not a chance! Getting married to a guy you just met at a random Vegas wedding? Sure, it would make for a great story for her Sagittarius friend, but a Virgo girl wouldn’t even dream of it. Now, how about meeting a guy in her twenties, getting engaged after a couple years, getting married in her thirties, and building a life together? Yup, that’s how Virgo women do it. They like to stick to tradition rather than rocking the boat, so they will probably follow most of society’s “rules” when it comes to marriage, and they’re okay with that!

13Virgo Guys: You’ll Put A Ring On Her Finger In Your Twenties

Virgo guys typically feel like they are ready for marriage a little earlier than Virgo women do. Why is this? Well, Virgo girls do like to take a little more time to “find themselves,” so to speak. They also don’t want to feel like they are depending on a guy for financial help, so they wait until their careers are a little more settled to get married. But Virgo guys like the idea of being a provider. They also want to get settled down rather early in their lives, so they would rather get married in their twenties than thirties. Virgo men are very smart when it comes to marriage—they are unlikely to rush into a marriage too early or wait too long and let a good woman pass them by.

12Libra Girls: Don’t Make A Mistake In Your Early Twenties

Look, Libra girls, we know how tempting it is for you to get married in your early twenties. You want the ring, the wedding dress, the gorgeous ceremony with your family and friends all around…you have a Pinterest wedding board. You just know that you would make the most beautiful bride. You deserve to get married young, right? You don’t want to spend all of your twenties just looking for the right guy. You want to figure things out NOW. Getting married young sounds so glamorous right? Well, bad news—it’s not for you! You are likely to rush into a marriage with a guy in your early twenties just because you think it will impress other people, but wait until your thirties—you’ll be happy you did!

11Libra Guys: Your Thirties Are The Prime Time

Libra guys, you might face a similar temptation to Libra women. You might want to get married young because you’ve found a beautiful girl who looks so nice on your arm, but don’t make the mistake of staying with the wrong woman for the wrong reasons! Trust us, give it a decade and you will come to regret it When it comes to your twenties, wait out marriage. Don’t let yourself get too wrapped up in anyone. Your thirties will be your prime time to get married. By this point in your life, you will have a much better idea of what you really want. If you get married in your twenties, you will not really understand who you’re looking for, so you might marry the wrong woman.

10Scorpio Girls: Don’t Worry, You Won’t Be A Cat Lady…

…But you should definitely wait until your forties to get married. Honestly, some Scorpio women may find themselves waiting until their fifties! Yup, it’s possible to go into your first marriage at the age of fifty or even older and be totally happy. And this is actually the right path for many Scorpio women, even though it may seem a bit unconventional. But the truth is that you NEED those early decades of your life to yourself because you have to learn how to manage your emotions properly. If you get married in your twenties, we can almost guarantee that your marriage will be full of constant misery and conflict. And does anyone really want that for their life? Of course not! Do yourself a favor and wait.

9Scorpio Guys: You’ll Find The Right Woman In Your Forties

Just like Scorpio women, Scorpio men will have to wait a bit longer than the other signs if they want to really have a happy marriage. However, they may not have to hold out for quite as long as Scorpio women. Scorpio women do tend to be more emotional than Scorpio men, even though both do let their feelings run the show—this is because women are allowed to be more emotional in our society without facing negative repercussions. Men have it a little tougher in this area! But Scorpio men should definitely wait until their forties to get married. This is the best time for them to tie the knot because they will have a better grasp on their emotions and general conflict resolution.

8Sagittarius Girls: Get The Travel Bug Out Of Your System First

Sagittarius girls have a lot of love to give, but they never seem to stay in one place long enough to stick with one guy! Nope, these girls are always on the move. We would advise against Sagittarius girls getting married young—they are definitely not the type to stick with a high school sweetheart, so don’t even consider that possibility! But the best time for a Sagittarius girl to get married isn’t really a set decade in her life—it’s just whenever she gets that pesky travel bug out of her system! Unless, of course, she is lucky enough to find a guy who wants to travel the world with her. In that ideal scenario, getting hitched early on might not actually be such a bad idea.

7Sagittarius Guys: You Might Find The Right Girl In College

It might come as a surprise to see that we’re not totally opposed to the idea of a Sagittarius guy getting married at a young age. But it all really depends on how he spends his college years. If he happens to meet a girl who shares many of his passions, he may actually be persuaded to settle down in his early twenties. This is actually the best case scenario for a Sagittarius guy. Because if he waits for too long to get married, he may find himself feeling very rootless. But if he meets the right woman, she will have a way of keeping him grounded in the midst of all of the other chaos in his life, and that is a lifesaver for a Sagittarius man.

6Capricorn Girls: You Might Prefer To Stay Single

We don’t mean this as an insult, and besides, it won’t surprise any Capricorn girl reading to hear this! Because most Capricorn women know that they may not get married—and trust us, it’s not for lack of options. Even though Capricorn women do spend a lot of time in the office, they do manage to meet a lot of guys in their fields who are impressed by their skills and accomplishments. So if they wanted to settle down and get married, they totally could—but they realize that it could get in the way of their other goals. Many Capricorn women do get into long-term relationships, but they never officially get married because they don’t see the point of a wedding or similar traditions around romance.

5Capricorn Guys: Watch Out For Gold Diggers In Your Twenties

Capricorn guys will generally have no trouble finding dates. And while many of them do have charming personalities, this is not really why women flock to them! Nope, it’s because Capricorn guys take their careers very seriously, and some women are looking for a man who will give them a free ride. Yup, these women are after Capricorn guys for their money! When Capricorn men are in their twenties, many other people in their fields won’t be as far as ahead in their careers as they are, so women will find this very attractive. Guys, wait it out until your thirties when the playing field is more even so you can find out who really cares! It will be worth the wait, and you won’t waste your time with a gold digger.

4Aquarius Girls: Go For The Right Guy In Your Twenties

Aquarius girls already know who they are and what they want. While other signs may need their twenties to “find themselves,” Aquarius girls have always understood themselves on a deeper level. They don’t need that extra time to run around on their own. While these girls are perfectly comfortable being single, they also do love being in relationships. They are very adaptable people. Therefore, Aquarius girls, if you’re in your twenties and you think that you’ve found “the one,” well, we have some good news for you—you’re probably right! You know yourself well enough to know the type of guy that you want to be with it, so if it feels right, you don’t have to let anything hold you back—just go for it!

3Aquarius Guys: You’ll Find Love In Your Late Twenties

Aquarius women often get married a little younger than Aquarius men. Why is that? Well, Aquarius men actually do need a little more time to figure themselves out. They often get caught up in trying to impress people in their early twenties, so they don’t always meet the women who would really be best for them. They date people to show off to others instead of doing it for true love, and it always comes back to bite them in the end. Therefore, it is best for Aquarius guys to wait until their late twenties to get married. That way, they have a deeper understanding of everything they really want out of life and in their marriage. They will have time to grow before settling down.

2Pisces Girls: Don’t Get Caught Up In A Teenage Fairytale

It’s so easy for a Pisces girl to meet her high school sweetheart and assume that he’s The One, no doubt about it, no questions asked. Pisces women have a tendency to get swept up into some crazy fairytale romances, and they have a tough time taking off the rose colored glasses after it all comes crashing down. Therefore, it’s difficult for them to get over their high school boyfriends. Pisces girl, we’re telling you right now, do not make the massive mistake of marrying your high school sweetheart or the first guy in college who asks you out. It may seem like you’re setting yourself up for the perfect future, but you need to wait until your mid-twenties at least to find out who is really right for you.

1Pisces Guys: Settle Down After The Big 3-0

Pisces guys can run into some of the same issues that Pisces women do when dating. For example, they can easily end up thinking that their high school sweetheart is The One, and they may close themselves off from meeting anyone else. This is a bad idea because it limits them from meeting the right woman—and it may not be the one that they’re with! Honestly, chances are, it’s not. Pisces men should definitely wait until after they turn thirty to get married. This seems to be the magic age for them. The rose-colored glasses come off when it comes to romance, and they are finally able to make real decisions about who they want to be with instead of getting lost in fantasy.

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