What ( Zodiac Signs ) Has In Store For Your Love <3 Life in ( 2019 )

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What ( Zodiac Signs ) Has In Store For Your Love <3 Life in ( 2019 )



Rejoice, the stars have spoken! As 2018 – arguably the worst year -comes to a close, we can only pray that 2019 will be better. Fortunately, the universe has had only positive things to say when it comes to the love category! Whether it is telling you to take the year off for yourself, or this is the year you may find the love of your life, you can’t argue with your destiny. I promise it is all part of the plan, so just go with it girl!

Life is too short to fight what is really meant to be… trust the process. Sometimes things are just out of our control and we have to roll with the punches. Our zodiacs are always a reliable source to tell us what to do and what there is in store. And for all of you non-believers, I will convert you eventually. Here are your love predictions for 2019:

15-Aries: Sacrificing Certain Things Is Your Best Bet

Love was very important to you in 2018 and most likely a lot of you have found a significant other. You are probably already coupled up for New Years’ Eve and you two are taking things to the next level in your relationship – it is only up from here! If you two have already made pretty big leaps of faith – I.e. moving in together, or getting married – then congratulations! However, it doesn’t come without a price. Stubborn Aries, it is time for you to learn the word “compromise.” Forever stuck in your ways, this trait of yours can become pretty problematic when it comes to your relationships and your love life. Love is about sacrifice so make sure that you are doing right by your significant other. No time to be selfish when you are in love, darling! Enjoy your new-found love and live in the moment. And if you are not in a relationship, 2019 will be a year for you to explore those Aries traits and reevaluate them.

14-Taurus: Be Ready To Be Called Bae!

This is the moment you have been waiting for, Taurus. Not many signs crave a loving, committed relationship like you do. Your grounded nature would prefer nothing but. You are not so good at being single, you thrive best with a significant other. Deep down you would rather be cuddled up with someone who you love as opposed to mingling at a bar, and that’s okay! The universe has finally heard you out and 2019 is your year to find that special person. Exciting! Make sure you are ready for it when it comes and be open to all possibilities, you never know who this is going to be! If you are already in a relationship, you will feel love and bonded to your S/O in ways you never have before – but it requires you to open up and be willing to receive those feelings, so ensure that you are.

13-Taurus, Here’s where to find love:

Taurus is there anything you love more than cuddling up at night and reading a great book? It only follows naturally that you will find your love at Barns and Noble, duh! Go and check out some of the new best-sellers and I can guarantee you that you will find a cutie in there doing the same thing! Let’s be honest: you’re low key a little nerdy anyway and you love a guy who can hold an intellectual conversation about the world instead of being out partying. That is like, your dream. That and a candlelit dinner at home with just the two of you. And since the stars are all aligned for you to find a stable relationship, get out there and find your book worm! And queen/king impatient, this won’t happen overnight so just go with the flow and know that this year is your year of a long-lasting relationship.

12-Gemini: Love Yourself This Year

2019 is going to be a pivotal moment for you, Gemini. This is the year all about self-love and reflection. This is the year of personal growth and potential for when the right one comes along. I have to say I am a Gemini and I am already beginning to flow with this vibe, and it feels amazing! While this may not be the most romantic year of your life, it is a vital one in order for you to be the best person you can be. This kind of energy that you will be putting out into the world will attract all kinds of people and they will be chasing after you but that will so not be your focus. For the first time, you are all about you. Be wary of an ex possibly popping back into your life in the fall and remember that they are an EX for a reason.

11-Cancer: Flirt Away!

Single? It is a perfect time for you to find love in the beginning of 2019. Your flirting skills will be on point and even if it doesn’t pay off right away, you will be more stoked than ever at the end of the year. So, if you are heading into the new year single, don’t fret. There is a great and intimate connection coming your way. And that is exactly what you are seeking in life. You make a great partner and you love nothing more than doing things for other people. If you are tied down, however, the middle of the year things may get shaky for the two of you when you try to shake things up. Just be conscious of this bump in the road and work through it together – it’s do or die! As a Cancer, it takes a lot for you to walk away from relationships because once you become intimate and close to someone you won’t want to let that go, it takes a lot for you to open up. So, if your partner is willing to put in the same effort, you two will be just fine.

10-Leo: Change Is Your Middle Name

Lots of new and exciting things coming your way Leo, in all aspects in your life. Fiery and passionate, warm and loving, you have it all Leo however this dynamic personality of yours is going to go through some changes this year. You may be saying goodbye to certain habits, while some of you are welcome new relationships in your life – however you will not necessarily open them with open arms since you have been burned in the past by exes, but try to be more accepting of what is coming your way and you won’t be disappointed! This year will be more exciting for you than ever before – but with that excitement, as usual, comes conflict. You are never really without that since you have a flare for the dramatics. Good thing that you are used to it and I would go as far as to say that you enjoy it. There is nothing you despise more than a boring mundane life.

9-Leo, here’s where to find love: On The Dance Floor

Out and about, of course? There is no place a Leo would rather be than out and about on a Friday night, you are a total social butterfly. Get yourself dolled up and hit the town with your besties. People naturally gravitate towards your confidence and your beauty so you are (as always) bound to be presented with tons of options. It is very rare that a Leo is unattractive or shy, you love the finer things and life and being the center of attention. What kind of royal lioness queen would you be if you didn’t behave in this manner? Go slay the dance floor with drink in hand and you might just find your Prince charming jamming right along beside you. And a guy who can dance? Major brownie points. Or you may meet him at the gym. A Leo takes great pride in her appearance and they are bound to spend a lot of time working out. The world is your oyster!

8-Virgo: Stop Judging and You Shall Find

You are a bit of a complicated creature, Virgo. Although you crave stable relationships like many other earth signs, you take a very long time to decide if a person is right for you or not. In 2019, August and October are filled with love, but that’s not to say that the other months will be bad! You will just do what you do best and that is attending to your own schedule. And although that is your thing, you should definitely make love a priority as well. Your finances and overall quality of life is good this year and it makes for a perfect time to form a new relationship. Realize that no one is perfect and you are not always going to get your way – stop being so hypercritical of everyone else. After all, there is no better feeling than being in love, so allow it to come in your life!

7-Libra: Appreciate Love

Ah, the scales. This year you should make time to balance your social life and your busy schedule because that is what you do best – balancing! No one is better at that than you, Libra. In 2019, you will discover a new-found appreciation for love. No doubt that you are a social butterfly and you have a ton of friends but your life love has been different as of late, you have sort of put it on the back burner. If you are already in a relationship, you will find a new-found love and appreciation for your significant other. Only but positive things when it comes to your social and love life this year! It is all about happiness and gratitude for the things that matter, Libra. It doesn’t mean that you should completely put your career goals to the side, either. You can do it all, I have faith.

6-Scorpio: Relax And Enjoy What Is About To Come

A lot of inner peace coming your way this year. All of your hard work in terms of your career will pay off and this will be the time for you to relax. And in addition to that, it is quite the lively year for you for love- you may even fall in love twice, lucky you! Not that that is highly suprising at all, who is more passionate than you? You love love! In addition to this, you have the ability to turn your emotional well-being around so take that opportunity! Make sure that the relationships you decide to get involved with are actually worth your time. When you fall, you fall hard and you would do anything for the person that you are in love with and you deserve that in return! Hold your own, be brutally honest. It is crucial in order for these relationships to thrive.

5-Sagittarius: Love Is On The Horizon, If You Let It

Sagittarius is there ever a dull moment in your life? The ultimate world traveler and adventure seeker, everyone is jealous of your lifestyle. You are always taking the best Instagram pictures somewhere in the middle of Thailand or Europe and you always have some eye candy on your arm. But let’s slow down this year a bit, eh? You are always going 100 mph and you really need to stop and think about what is really important in your life- this year is the time to do it and that includes in your love life as well. Your constant crave for new adventures does not always make you the best partner at times and you have to think about that if you want a serious relationship. No more horsing around here! And no more indecisiveness, because we all know how indecisive you can really be. Use your charm and your wit to find your person, this is the year to do it!

4-Sagittarius, Here’s where to find love: On one of your spontaneous adventures, duh.

You would rather go to the dentist than date someone boring or a couch potato, so where better to meet someone than doing something similar to what you enjoy? Whether that be hiking or kayaking, or skiing, you are bound to find a partner in crime while you are exploring the world and if you do, it’s very special because it is hard to keep up with you and all of your endeavors. Hold onto them tight! So, chat it up with the cute guy that is studying abroad in Europe or the one who owns a bike shop near your favorite hiking trail – that could be your soulmate. And remember, take it seriously my flakey Sag! Take it seriously and take it slow, you just love to make last minute hasty decisions and that includes in your love life. Slow and steady wins the race, just ask the tortoise.

3-Capricorn: Honesty Is The Best Policy For Your Love Life This Year

You will be happier this year than you have in a long time, Capricorn. You don’t do any ordinary courtship, you ensure that it is the real deal because there is nothing you hate more than dishonesty. You take your time with trusting someone and rightfully so. Not everyone is worthy of your greatness! You have the world to give and you bring a lot to the table. You are intelligent, funny, charming and very career oriented. Anyone would be lucky to have you. Make sure you are candid with people you are dating, there is nothing more important than to build a relationship on trust and honesty. You will do some digging as to what love actually means to you and then you will go out and get it by the end of the year because what can’t you accomplish? I’ll tell you – nothing. You are a force to be reckoned with and this will always attract people to you.

2-Aquarius: Be Selfless To Let Love In

Sorry to break it to you, Aquarius, but you tend to be a little on the selfish side. You do things when you want them where you want them. You have never really been one to care what others think and while this is a mostly positive trait – it can spell disaster in your love life. This year predicts a lot of lessons needing to be learned on your end about compromise and understanding of others, it’s not always about you as much as you wish it were! And if you can’t find it, you probably will not be in a relationship this year (if that is what you are seeking.) you tend to be a little emotionally closed off and cold which doesn’t exactly help your situation either so also keep that in mind. This also translates if you are in a relationship already. Compassion and kindness please!

1-Pisces: Keep Building Your Self-Esteem This Year

Always emotional highs and lows with you Pisces and it’s hard for anyone to keep up – including yourself! It seems to be a roller coaster that you have quite a hard time getting off of. And you are self-aware of this which is a phenomenal thing! You have a keen sense of tapping into your emotions like no other sign can. Your compassion for others always works out in your favor. You want to see the best in everyone including the person you are with. But I am a very honest person and I am here to tell you – 2019 is not your year for love. It is complicated for you, as always. You haven’t seemed to quite learn the difference between being kind and getting taken advantage of. If you are in a relationship, you may discover that the two of you are not exactly seeing eye to eye on some things.

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