What You’re Like When Talking To Your Crush For The First Time, According To Your ( Zodiac Signs ) !!!

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What You’re Like When Talking To Your Crush For The First Time, According To Your ( Zodiac Signs ) !!!

When you meet someone new and you’re just figuring out that you like them, it can be a really exciting time for you. However, the hardest thing for most people who want to make a good impression on the person they like is making the first contact. That’s for a few good reasons: talking to your crush for the first time is honestly one of the most nerve-wracking things you’ll do in any relationship. That first impression can mean a lot to some people and not mean very much to others, but that first conversation with your crush is something you can only do once. That’s why it’s important to understand how you’re most likely to handle that conversation.

We tend to be a little too overcritical of ourselves when we’re in a situation that can go awkwardly, so we tend to feel like we’re going to bomb any conversation with our crushes for no reason. That honestly couldn’t be further from the truth. Some of us tend to be more charismatic, yes, but if you’re someone who isn’t really an extrovert or you’re a little more awkward, you can still totally make someone fall in love with you at first glance as well. It all depends on how confident you are in yourself and how willing you are to take a risk. With that, here’s how you handle your first time talking to your crush according to your zodiac sign. Make sure to also check out your moon sign for how you handle things below the surface!

15Cardinal (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn): Overtly Nervous, But Still Sweet

Cardinal signs are the ones who are most likely to go out of their way to open a conversation with someone they like, but that doesn’t mean that these signs are all that smooth about it. In reality, Cardinal signs are some of the most overtly awkward when they’re around someone they like. If you’re a Cardinal sign, you probably struggle a little bit talking to someone you like because you just can’t seem to shake your nerves. Luckily for you, that nervousness is honestly just another layer of cuteness to the person you’re talking to, so try not to worry about coming on too strong. If they like you, they’re going to have to get used to your strong personality anyway.

14Aries: Trips Over Words And Their Own Feet Yet Still Manages To Look Adorable

If you’re an Aries, falling for someone is easy, but what isn’t easy is making that first contact. You’re a person who never wants to look like they’re not in control of a situation and you hate feeling uncertain, which makes for some awkwardness when both of those feelings combine. Fortunately for you, your nervousness actually kind of works for you in this situation because you’re such a confident person. The object of your affections can’t help but like the fact that this person that seems so put-together is getting all flustered over them. Once you realize that, you start to loosen up and gain some of your confidence back, allowing yourself to become more proactive about talking to them now that you aren’t tripping over your words with them anymore.

13Cancer: Constantly Blushing, Nervous Smiles, And Lots Of Compliments

If you’re a Cancer with a crush, chances are when you realize you’re into them, you kind of feel a little incomplete. That sounds insanely melodramatic, but I can tell you that the Cancers I know who’ve had crushes immediately want to spend all their time with them and make them happy. This is because a Cancer’s natural gravitation in a relationship is towards commitment: they know “the one” is out there and they’re going to find them. You’re the type to talk to your crush and totally let them know how you feel with your body language, only by accident. You’re all blushes and compliments and it’s not hard for them to figure out what’s going on. Just make sure to guard your heart and not fall too fast: not everyone we fall for deserves us.

12Libra: A Smooth Talker, Makes Their Crush Feel Comfortable All The Time

When you’re dealing with a crush, Libra, your head is just way up in the clouds. You’re probably the type to stage the first interaction you have with your crush in your head over and over again so you don’t come off as awkward or nervous. Unlike how it is with some other signs that cope this way, this actually works for you. The first time you talk to your crush, you’re a major smooth talker, to the point that the person you like might be the one chasing you instead of you taking all of the initiatives. This is because you’re a person who tends to tread lightly in new situations and you’ve essentially practiced everything you wanted to say to make sure that first conversation goes in your favor. Just make sure you’re not being too scripted or else you’ll come off like you’re going by a script and that’ll feel less genuine.

11Capricorn: Relaxed On The Outside, Overthinking On The Inside

If you’re a Capricorn, chances are you hate bothering with relationships, to begin with. It’s just too much trouble and you frankly have much more important things to be thinking about than how to make a good first impression on a crush. However, life doesn’t really work that way and it’s not like you don’t find love the fastest when you’re not looking for it, so when you realize you have a crush, it hits you like a ton of bricks. Unfortunately for you, you’re a person who dislikes crushes so you might take some time wondering what these weird feelings are for this person to begin with. Is it a crush or do you just hate them and your brain is crossing the signals? You’re the queen of overthinking in this respect, although you still come off put together. Learn to let go a bit and you might find that you make a real connection with your crush.

10Fixed (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius): Constantly Putting On Airs

Fixed signs maintain energy, so it stands to reason that when a Fixed sign is talking to someone they like for the first time, they want to maintain the status quo. While Cardinal signs are basically trying to look like the people that they want to be and shaking off the nerves and Mutable signs are trying to look like more exaggerated versions of what they already are, Fixed signs are trying to come off as aloof regardless of how they actually are. They want to seem like they really don’t care how everything is going to go down, even though they probably really do. If you’re a Fixed sign, chances are you’re all about playing hard to get and trying to look like you care less than the other person does. You might need to stop worrying about that and just be yourself!

9Taurus: Tries To Show Off And Make Them Laugh, Still Manages To Look Good

If you’re a Taurus, you’re a person who falls for people quicker than most, but you’re also not a person who’s going to go out of their way to let their emotions control. You’re too much of an Earth sign for all that, to be honest: flightiness is simply not for you. Instead, you’re going to go out of your way to appear strong for the person you like, so you’re the type to show off and make people around you laugh and get their attention that way. While you might come off as a little immature if you do that to the wrong person, the right person for you will see this as your way of impressing them and even if they don’t understand it, they appreciate the gesture. Just don’t let yourself get carried away with showing off and you’ll be golden going forward.

8Leo: Always Looks In Control And Unbothered, Maintains A Positive Energy

As a Leo, when you have a crush, you’re beyond happy. Finally, you’ve met someone who you have deemed to your standards and can stop entertaining the people who are crushing on you but aren’t really anything to write home about to you. You’re the type to let a few friends know how you feel about that person quickly enough so they can help you make a good first impression on your crush. Thankfully, thanks to your big personality and social skills, chances are your reputation will precede you with your crush and you really won’t have a lot to worry about in that respect. You’re going to be in control of the situation and unbothered on the surface, but even deep down you’ll be positive about it. Either they like you or they don’t, it isn’t the end of the world either way.

7Scorpio: Shy And Aloof At First, But Then Opens Up A Lot, Interested In Everything Their Crush Has To Say

As a Scorpio, crushes are just another secret you get to keep to add to your mysteriousness, so you actually welcome crushes to a certain extent. That being said, your preoccupation with seeming mysterious can really work against you in a group setting. This is why when you’re in a group with your crush, you come off really aloof, even uncaring. This is also why your real first impression on your crush is in a setting where the two of you are alone because that’s where you really sparkle. You might come off dark and mysterious, but that’s just a facade for your charisma, so you’re more than capable of charming just about anyone. Just make sure that your crush is okay with the cloak and dagger routine at first because it can be really disconcerting for some people to feel like they’re dealing with a person who’s really two different people.

6Aquarius: Gets Really Nerdy, Comically Unsubtle

I’m an Aquarius myself, so I can tell you with some certainty that among all the signs, this is among the most socially awkward. If you’re an Aquarius, chances are you’re a person who tries to be calm, cool and collected about talking to your crush for the first time. Unfortunately, that social awkwardness tends to make it so what we think are subtle hints at our crush are actually hints getting dropped like pianos on your crush’s head. However, this is honestly just part of the Aquarian charm. Full disclosure: I’m an Aquarius dating an Aquarius and the first time we met, we both thought we were being super subtle about it, only for our friends to tell us that no, it was super obvious. It ended up totally working out, though, so don’t worry if your hints can be seen by the Hubble telescope.

5Mutable (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces): Becomes An Exaggerated Version Of Themselves

Mutable signs aren’t like their Cardinal or Fixed counterparts. Cardinal signs are all about trying to look less nervous and just getting through the interaction ahead, while Fixed signs tend to try and put on airs like they don’t care. Mutable signs are a lot more likely to straight up be themselves, but not just themselves, but a more extreme version of themselves. If you’re a Mutable sign, chances are you’ve made peace with the bigger points of your personality and if you like someone, you need them to be okay with you. You’re not really a person who likes or enjoys being an onion for the other person to peel: what they see should be what they get. If the person you like likes your overblown personality traits, then they’re worth pursuing, but if they don’t, at least you know and you didn’t waste your time.

4Gemini: Uses Words To Get Their Attention, Creates Tons Of Inside Jokes With Them

If you’re a Gemini, you basically go through life relying on nothing but your sparkling wit and vast vocabulary. You’re the type to get really overwhelmed and anxious when you have a crush because you’re so afraid of saying something wrong and ruining it. That’s why you might come off as a little shallow at first: you tend to keep your first impressions on the surface level rather than going deeper like you prefer to do because you’d rather play it safe until the person you like gets to know you a little better. However, once you get past this initial insecurity, that’s when your real first time talking to your crush happens. That first (well, second) time you talk to your crush, they’ll be blown away by your intelligence and even if things don’t progress further, they’ll want to be around you more.

3Virgo: Does Their Best To Look Perfect, A Little Hard On Themselves, Is Better At Flirting Than They Think

When you, Virgo, first realize you’ve got a crush on someone, you’re going to be totally preoccupied with this person. On top of that, you’re going to be a person who totally denies having a crush on them and none of your friends will believe you. Normally you’re a pretty unflappable person, but nothing will get you out of sorts like a crush you weren’t expecting. You’re really hard on yourself so you’re the type to put yourself down when you have a crush and wonder just what they’d ever see in you. This influences your behavior around your crush for the first time, so you might either totally shut down or show off, and either reaction can go badly. The only thing these two reactions will have in common is that you will look perfect while doing them. Take a moment to breathe and realize your intelligence and personality make you far better at flirting than you think.

2Sagittarius: Always Laughing And Joking, Stays Casual About Things, Gets Philosophical

A Sagittarius without at least one crush is a one-in-a-million, and chances are you’ve caught that person on an off day. That means that you, Sagittarius, tend to live life with at least one crush at a time, so you’re pretty used to this. It’s just in your nature to be interested in people and wants to get to know them and crushes are easy to cultivate under those circumstances. You’re very quick with funny stories and anything that puts you in a position to be front and center with your crush. This could mean that you’re always cracking jokes or that you’re getting super philosophical and deep. That being said, you’re not a person who puts a lot of stock in your crushes unless that person really shows themselves as something special for you to invest your time and energy in. You’re pretty casual about dating, so it’s hard for a crush to really let you down.

1Pisces: Seems Super Confused, But Before You Know It, You’re Dating Them

Pisceans don’t take crushes lightly, so if you’re a Pisces, chances are when you realize you like someone, you become truly infatuated with them. Everything you find out about them is a new layer of the inion for you to peel and a new answer that just yields more questions that you want nothing more than to spend all your time answering. It’s honestly really sweet. You’re also a romantic who’s very good at sweeping people off their feet. You come off really dreamy and emotional, so your crush might think that you might be a little over your head when it comes to relationships. That’s why it’ll totally surprise them when within a short span of time, they’re dating you and they’re in love and they have no idea how they got there. It’s just the Pisces charm: your romanticism and idealism make it so people can’t help but fall for you .

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