What Type Of Mom Each Zodiac Sign Will Most Likely Be

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April 2, 2019
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April 2, 2019
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What Type Of Mom Each Zodiac Sign Will Most Likely Be

From the moment we see that positive plus sign on the innocent little plastic stick, our whole lives dramatically change focus and we seemingly cease to be ourselves and take on a new powerful (and often very under-appreciated) persona of Mother. It takes the dads a little while longer to catch up; their instincts really kick in after the baby’s birth so that gives us a nine months’ head-start. As we move from heaving our guts out every day to feeling better and starting to look a little rounder and softer, we begin the extensive research that usually consumes the majority of our first pregnancies. One of the things we wonder at some point is what kind of mom we’ll be and if we’ll be a good mom. Sure, everyone’s different and all, but still; will we be a good mom?

Enter the Zodiac calendar. By looking up our signs and knowing our own personalities, we are better able to gauge whether or not we’ll make a good mom, a great mom or a so-so mom. And we can easily pinpoint our areas of weakness which will show up as we’re raising our polar opposites or exact twins. Always a fun thought that Mini Me will really be exactly like us. To make things easier, here is a nice simple list of what type of mom we’ll so grab some ice cream and dig in!

16Enthusiastically Energetic—Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

The fire signs of the Zodiac calendar burn the brightest and hottest, often consuming everyone in their tracks with their high energy levels which seem inexhaustible until one of them collapses from exhaustion and ends up in the hospital. As moms, they get stuff done while making the rest of us look tired and lazy. It’s not their fault; they just have boundless supplies of energy and enthusiasm to draw upon. Meanwhile, the rest of us must steal some of their energy or drink lots of coffee to keep up while relying on our other strengths.

The fire signs are Aries (who is cardinal and associated with the energetic burst of strength and energy that we are most familiar with at the start of each season like spring after the harshness of winter), Leo (who is fixed and powerful but calm after all of Aries’ fiery brightness), and Sagittarius (who is mutable and has a finishing energy, wrapping things up and transitioning over to a new season). According to Astrology Zodiac Signs, “They often have to be trained for compassion and a deeper understanding of other people, and have basic problems in relationships triggered by their need to give more than they should to those who didn’t ask for anything.”

15Life As A Competitive Sport—Aries

Aries rules with a fiery fist from March 21st to April 19th, and they fill up their calendars and their lives with lots of activities, social engagements and just about anything else that they can fit onto the planner page. This habit flows right into their children’s lives with lots of sports, music and other activities, even if the kids are homeschooled. Aries moms are always on the go, chugging coffee and screaming from the bleachers to cheer their little soccer star on or enthusiastically participating in parent activities at school or just shopping for new shoes with high energy levels.

They make other moms exhausted just thinking about the amount of rushing around they do. They have trouble with competitiveness, asking for help and anger issues which can leave their kids walking on eggshells (even if the anger is directed at someone else).

According to The Bump, “Aries women also tend to be bold and progressive and are known for tough love. They’re the least domestic of all the signs and not the most patient, so when necessary, remind yourself to count to 10.” Your kids are guaranteed an enthusiastic supporter in everything they decide to do if you’re an Aries mom.

14Enthusiastic Encouraging And Loves To Bring The Drama (In A Good Way) —Leo

Leo reigns from July 23rd to August 22nd and is often described as a childlike person themselves. They are enthusiastic, encouraging and very dramatic. They’ll host fancy parties to show off their house and children to all their mom friends, play intense games with their children and fiercely defend their little ones in a manner much like their representative of the lion. They have boundless waves of energy which they pour into their children and every corner of their lives. But they also tend to be a bit narcissistic and can look on their children as extensions of themselves or little people to play with more than actual independent children. Leo will either compete with their own children or turn into a fellow playmate and let all the grownup duties like discipline, dishes, and bills slide as playtime never ends.

According to Your Tango, “Leo mom is the most childlike of the moms. She enjoys playing with her kids and giving them generous gifts. She can, however, be self-absorbed and may put her own needs before her children’s.” If you’re a Leo mom, you are the most fun of the moms out there and have the energy to keep up with the endless games your children will demand, requesting you as a frequent playmate.

13Time For An Adventure—Sagittarius

The Sagittarius mom rules from November 22nd to December 21st and is always on the go looking for adventure and new things to learn, explore and discover. In that sense, they can strongly relate to their young children’s enthusiastic exploration of the house as soon as they can crawl. Those early nonverbal days will be particularly trying for the Sagittarius mom, however, as she’ll want to engage with her child and show them the world as soon as possible. Sitting still to stack blocks and read the same book 40 times in a row doesn’t sound like fun to her.

According to Momstrology, “In the Short Attention Span Theater, you’re a contender for the Tony award. Motherhood can be especially challenging for your restless sign, since it requires consistency, structure and often, sitting still. As a spontaneous Sag, you’re used to following your instincts and whims, and going with the flow. That doesn’t quite mesh with kids’ need for regular meals, bedtimes, school and homework schedules.” If you’re a Sagittarius mommy, you’ll bring your kids to the actual pyramids rather than simply Google them and you’ll shake up their daily routines with some fun spontaneous decisions like ice cream for dinner or a beach day instead of that boring biology class.

12Consistently Down To Earth—Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

Earth signs are grounded, stable, reliable and oh so stubborn. They are the base of all the signs, rooted in reality and anchoring the airy air signs, the fiery fire signs and the swirling water signs. As parents, their sense of groundedness and reliably makes them excellent for handling all the mundane routines of early childhood while giving their children a safe environment to count on and thrive in as they push the boundaries and explore like all children are prone to do. The earth signs consist of Capricorn who is cardinal and responsible, Taurus who is fixed and unmovable, and Virgo who is mutable and as flexible as an earth sign will ever be.

According to Astrology Zodiac Signs, “Earth represents matter itself, our physical body, and with it our finances, the food we eat, and our daily routine. Strongly set in their ways, individuals with this element accented have a tendency to give in to an unchangeable routine for years, sometimes too scared to get out of it. In a challenging mode, they will stick to habits that don’t make them happy just because they are convinced they have to or stay at a job because of financial security, while completely neglecting their intelligence and creativity.”

11Strict With Strong Morals—Capricorn

Capricorn reigns with an iron fist from December 22nd to January 19th and is the rule maker and follower of the signs. Set at the beginning of winter and the beginning of the earth signs, Capricorn has the drive and energy to start tasks, projects and events then follow through and drive them into the ground before checking them off the list as a completed item. Then it’s onto the next mountain to conquer.

Capricorn mothers are the strict ones we always hear about but they raise their children with sound morals, excellent manners and a sense of right from wrong. They’ll always root for their children but they’ll also make them retake that test or change their clothes before going out if they feel the child can do better.

According to Buzzfeed, “Momstrology says that Capricorn moms are the rock of the family. They hold everything together and work hard to provide for their kids. They have a strong sense of duty and will set proper boundaries for their kids. However, they can worry a lot and take things a bit too seriously.” If you’re a Capricorn mom, you’ll have the routines down perfect and can trust your children out of sight.

10Steady And Reliable—Taurus

Taurus rules from April 20th to May 20th and is the stubborn, reliable and most grounded of the signs. The Taurus mom will always have ample food, shelter, clothing and material possessions to comfort and entertain her kids, to the point where decluttering will be a recurring item on her to-do list and she’ll wonder where all the extra teenage boys who raid her fridge come from. Taurus likes schedules and routines, making them perfect for the small kids and their need for consistency, but they still need to be shaken out of their routine periodically to keep them sane.

According to Your Tango, “Taurus moms are incredibly patient — so much so that they sometimes come off as saintly. But make no mistake, Taurus moms are very real and down to earth. Taurus moms can be stubborn which can lead to issues when her kids get to the teenage year. If you’ve ever witnessed a stand-off between a Taurus mom and her teen, you know it’s not pretty.” If you’re a Taurus mom, you will be envied by other moms for how well-fed your kids are and how smoothly run your house always looks, and your kids will always know they can rely on you.

9Organized And Controlled—Virgo

Virgo rules from August 23rd to September 22nd and is often described as the control freak and hyper-organized sign of the Zodiac calendar. Virgo is the final earth sign as well as the ending sign for summer, greeting autumn with a faint wave before vanishing till next year. Virgo moms are steady, reliable, hyper-organized (like color-coded calendar organized) and have leanings toward germaphobia and harsh criticisms of anything or anyone that isn’t up to their standards. The early days of childhood will be trying as the children roam from room to room exploring and leaving a mess of things behind them instead of neatly putting everything away where they found it.

According to Buzzfeed, “Virgo moms provide organization and structure for their kids which makes them feel safe and confident. Virgos also take the health and nutrition of their family seriously. They are intelligent and stay current on all the latest information on how to be the best mom possible.” If you’re a Virgo mother, you’ll always know exactly where your kids’ (and husband’s) stuff is when they “misplace” it, you’ll have a nice neat schedule for everyone and everything, and there will always be nutritional yummy food on the table even if your picky eaters decide not to taste it.

8Highly Emotional—Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Water signs are the life-bringers (along with air). We can’t live without water and we use water every day. Water also is the balance for fire and nurtures earth better than anything else. The water signs consist of Cancer who is cardinal and known for intense mood swings, Scorpio who is fixed and ready for a change of scenery, and Pisces who is fixed and calm. These signs as parents will always be able to connect with their children’s emotions and roll with the various last minute changes that come with parenthood and raising small temperamental offspring who can’t quite article what exactly it is that they want and need.

According to Astrology Zodiac Signs, “In the element of Water, we literally deal with matters of life and death, of our genetic inheritance and all of our ancestors. Strangely, this is also the element of emotions. We all have to understand that our emotions have already been lived through by someone in our family tree, and they are passed on from generation to generation, mostly through the role of the mother.” Water signs are ever-changing and can be relied on to change and flow with the new direction life has taken.

7The Mom Of Moms—Cancer

Cancer rules from June 20th to July 22nd, and is known for being nurturing, home-based and having intense mood swings. Cancer begins summer and the water signs with a burst of enthusiasm and energy, though we might not notice this in the Cancers we know since they’re all likely to be introverts and shy till they’re safe in their home environment.

Tradition and family are priorities with Cancer who will plan fun family-focused activities like picnics, barbecues, vacations and field trips to do with their kids. They’re often called the mom of their social group because they nurture everyone around them. It’s in their nature to feel empathy and mother, everyone, they meet.

According to Thought Catalog, “The most caring and intuitive mother on the spectrum – the type of mom that will cry with her children when they’re upset. A mother that is extremely family-oriented, one that organizes barbeques and family outings, and slips loving notes into her children’s packed lunches.” If you’re a Cancer mom, your kids will always feel safe, secure and loved by you and can always rely on you to have their backs and favorite snacks on hand whenever needed.

6Intensely Focused—Scorpio

Scorpio reigns serenely from October 23rd to November 21st and is dependable, reliable and intense. As a parent whatever parenting style Scorpio decides on will be the standard regardless of changing fads and their kids will always know that mom loves them, even on her bad days. Scorpio moms see everything and are so intuitive that they can figure out what’s wrong with their child often before the kid even knows something is up to themselves. This gives them something of a superpower perspective but can also make mom edgy and overly protective of her precious little chicks.

Home is Scorpio’s sanctuary and they will keep it neat, tidy and safe. They are intensely loyal once they’ve decided to trust someone. According to Buzzfeed, “Scorpio moms possess power and inner strength. Their standards are high and they expect a lot from their kids. They mean what they say and they put family first over everything else. Their toughness and resilience set a great example for their kids. Scorpios, however, can be control freaks and a little intense.” If you’re a Scorpio mom, you’ll be in control and know what’s best for your kids but you’ll also know when to relax with a glass of wine.

5Intensely Creative—Pisces

Pisces passively reigns from February 19th to March 20th and is the least practical of all the signs but also the most creative and artistically minded. Pisces moms are enthusiastic artists, ranging from writers to musicians to painters and sculptors. They long to escape reality so the very real duties of parenthood can leave them a bit bewildered as they come back down to earth to figure out what their small wing mate needs. Mommy brain is very real and goes triple for Pisces who already have trouble remembering important things like dates, appointments, and measurements. A balancing parental element is definitely a good idea here.

According to Momstrology, “The Pisces mama has a heart of gold, and you’re the ultimate empath. You naturally gravitate to children and you shower your kids with the unconditional love they crave. In your eyes, they can do no wrong, and you’re there to soothe them, spoil them and cheer on their every accomplishment. Some Pisces mothers elevate their kids onto quite a pedestal, and you cherish every moment that you spend with them.” If you’re a Pisces mom, you’ll love having children of every age and will savor every moment with them.

4Balancing And Blending—Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

Air signs are the balancing element that connects all the other signs together and smooths out their faults and flaws. Light, airy and often described as not being in touch with reality, Air is above and around us, dragging us to consider other worlds and dimensions lurking at our fingertips or the corners of our eyes. The air signs are Libra who is cardinal and serene, Aquarius who is fixed and immovable, and Gemini who is mutable and underestimated. The air signs as parents will always be up for adventure or cuddles, enthusiastic about their children and fiercely protective of them in every way.

According to Astrology Zodiac Signs, “This is the element that connects all other elements, even though it might seem less relevant, invisible as it is. The distance from the nature of Earth lifts us up high, in impractical and mental planes that don’t satisfy our physical needs. Still, this is the element that can be found in all others, keeps the fire going just like the Sun burns hydrogen. We may say that the beginning of life wouldn’t be possible without Fire, but there would be no Fire on our planet without Air.”

3A Balancing Act—Libra

Libra is the ruling queen from September 23rd to October 22nd and is a mix of passion, indecisiveness, enthusiasm, and inconsistency. When our kids are fighting, we can see their individual perspectives and calmly assist them to find the common ground needed to make peace and go about the rest of their day happily. At least, till the next fight. Libras are born communicators with a laid-back personality that lets their children know they can come to them for anything.

While decision making and consistency will be a Libra mom’s biggest challenges, we’ll provide a safe loving environment where our kids can literally be themselves and pursue their unique interests comfortably.

According to The Bump, “Libras are perhaps the most selfless sign, which is an important quality for mothers. They’re also gracious and grateful, so they’ll raise their children to have good manners and to be thoughtful and considerate of others. Libras are famous for their indecisiveness—they think about every single aspect of the equation and want the best for their kids.” If you’re a Libra mom, you’ve got this thing down and can rest assured that you’re doing your best for your kids, agonizing decisions and all.

2The Friendly Rebel—Aquarius

Aquarius rules from January 20th to February 18th and is known for being friendly, wildly enthusiastic and uncompromising. As a parent, the biggest struggle this sign will have will be with their tendency to view their children more as friends than children and small people in need of boundaries and reassurances of love and affection.

Aquarius can change on a dime which can make setting a home routine a tad tricky and they often misplace their things to the amusement (and annoyance) of their loving family members. They’re enthusiastic learners and want to explore the intellectual world as soon as possible—often with the result of introducing their children to content and ideas way before their age would allow it.

According to Your Tango, “The Aquarian mom will be sure to encourage imagination and experimentation in her kids. However, she will have very little patience for meltdowns and any of kind of emotional display. She may need to be reminded that she can’t assume her kids know that she loves them and that she needs to reassure them.” If you’re an Aquarius mom, you’re gonna love your kids and take them to libraries, museums, zoos, parks and everywhere else to nurture their intelligence.

1Comfortable Communicator—Gemini

Gemini rules from May 21st to June 20th, and is an excellent communicator, encouraging in the explorations of childhood and a blast to be around. They throw the better parties and enliven any party they’re invited to simply by showing. They tend to struggle with consistency and setting clear boundaries which can confuse their children.

Waiting for the kids to learn to talk can be rough but easily passed and encouraged with a surplus of books read out loud to the little learners every day. Gemini will have a hoard of books on hand for every age and will always seek out more information to learn and share with their circle of mom friends.

According to Momstrology, “Gemini rules early childhood, so “why?” is your sign’s favorite question. As a result, you honor your children’s desire to learn, especially through play and discovery. Their education will be of prime importance to you. By the time they’re born, you’ll have researched all the different methodologies, from Rudolph Steiner to Montessori, and the best educational toys for healthy socialization.” If you’re a Gemini mom, you’ve researched everything enthusiastically to the point where other moms come to you for the current up-to-date information and to learn your parenting methods.

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