What Spring 2018 Has In Store For Each Zodiac Sign’s Love Life, Single Or Hitched

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What Spring 2018 Has In Store For Each Zodiac Sign’s Love Life, Single Or Hitched

Have you found love this Spring? If you’re like me and have had better luck catching allergies than catching the love bug, don’t worry; there’s still time. Spring break may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still get out there and have some fun! After all, it’s April showers bring May flowers, not April is all fun, but May is none.

Whether you are single or hitched, the time to get out there and try new things is now. There’s no point in waiting for the summer to hit the beach when the weather is already warm.

Why continue putting off big life decisions when the stars could already be aligning in your favor. Don’t risk missing out on some really awesome opportunities because you think it’s too late.

From Aries to Aquarius, Capricorn to Cancer, each zodiac sign has something uniquely special still coming this Spring. Can the curious Gemini make that deeper connection they’ve been searching for? Will the ever-careful Virgo finally let loose? And what about the Leos; will they be able to stay level-headed with all the coming attention?

Are you hitched, meaning married, engaged or in a serious relationship? Or are you a singleton, which includes those casual daters and people completely unattached. We’ve got both groups covered! Find out what is coming for each zodiac sign this Spring. Be prepared, though, because lots of exciting and potentially worrisome changes are fast approaching as the weather continues to heat up and school is coming to an end.

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24Aries Single: Patience Is A Virtue

Things might not be working out as fast as you would like them to, dear Aries. But that is absolutely okay. Take this time to breathe! We know you have a habit of doubting yourself way too much, so let’s just focus on loving yourself during Spring. Stop thinking about all the things you haven’t done and remember everything you have accomplished.

Maybe you’re still waiting to find that special person to sweep you off your feet, but that’s fine because you have yourself to lean on right now.

While you’re patiently waiting for something exciting to happen, you will definitely start to see some amazing things happening within yourself. You will soon start developing new skills and this will help you attract romantic partners in the Summer. It’s no secret that you love giving your all in everything you do but try not to overdo it or start showing off because you could make people jealous. Stay grounded and you will find yourself irresistible. Use the Spring to stay balanced and rejuvenate – take a special trip with your family or closest friends and remind them that no matter how busy you get, they will always be important to you.

23Aries Hitched: Don’t Rock The Boat

Nothing too wild should come up this Spring. That might sound boring but use this precious time to rest. There is probably so much you wish you could do right now with your significant other, but don’t stress over making anything outrageous happen right now. If you do, it might not turn out how you wished. Spend time with your loved one reminiscing about all the things you’ve done together so far. Your professional responsibilities might put an added pressure on your relationship right now, but it’s important to find the right balance between the two relationships.

When you finally find the free time to do something relaxing with your significant other, you should go out and connect with the world around you. Enjoy all the beautiful gifts the Earth has to offer during Spring. You could find that by taking a well-deserved break you will start to improve yourself on the inside. Any new-found talents will help you create many wonderful and deeper connections with those most important to you. Don’t get too far off track, though, since your work life is especially vital. Remember to stay grounded and focus on self-improvement while things are spicing up at work.

22Taurus Single: Open Your Heart For New Opportunities

Changes are fast approaching for you Taurus. By opening your heart to new ideas, you could find a special love. This Spring is perfect to take on a new adventure and push yourself to evolve and reach new limits. You will start to learn from your past and find out exactly who you want to be. With all the new changes, you’ll want to jump into important conversations with your friends and family. You know now what needs to be done to please certain people in your life, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should do so at this time. Uncertainty and tensions could grow amongst your inner circle and you could find yourself dedicating a lot of your time to ease hurting relationships.

If you are actively looking for the right partner, now is the time to open both your eyes and your heart.

The planets are aligned to really amplify your magnetism and you won’t have any trouble connecting with someone on a deeper level. It’s up to you to overcome the things of your past that have prevented you from finding new adventures and focusing in on your own needs and desires. Only then will you be able to engage in the important opportunities.

21Taurus Hitched: Find More Stability

Stability and security in your current relationship is just around the corner. You are usually very practical and well-grounded when it comes to relationships, but during Spring you will be able to genuinely address your romantic relationships in a whole new emotional way. You should use this as an opportunity to define your priorities, as you’ll want to have your head on straight when potential changes start happening.

Go out and explore new things with your partner; you will see that you have what it takes to amaze them completely and you have the power to rekindle the flame. A trip to the beach, a walk through the neighborhood, or just anything relaxing that you two can do together will likely strengthen your relationship. This is important because you will want them by your side if things start to get overwhelming. Your emotions could start to get out of hand this season but talking it out with your partner will be a great deal of help. Your partner is a key player in your current evolution. Don’t let the opinion of people outside of your relationship drag you down. Forget any haters, and remember that your dreams are important, too.

20Gemini Single: Get Ready For Surprises

Don’t let yourself get tied down from the mundane and repetitive tasks of everyday life. Your job might be very important right now, and that’s okay; just remember that you are more than work. You have more to offer the world than pushing paper all day. Things could start to get tough for you, but you will be able to navigate your way through it – even without the romantic partner you’ve been desiring. Keep your head up if things start to go down the wrong path, and just focus hard on getting through this busy period.

You’ll find some inner shine from all your hard work and wonderful professional accomplishments and you might even start attracting some potential love interests.

Keep that reigned in though because you want to dazzle someone, not scare them away with all your inner awesome. You might be feeling less than enthused with all the professional importance going on in your life this season, but don’t forget great things always tend to happen when you least expect it. Just when you think this Spring hasn’t offered you anything in the romantic department, you could find yourself in the midst of some surprising turn of events.

19Gemini Hitched: New Sparks On The Horizon

With business at the forefront of this season, it’s vital you offer your romantic partner some encouragement. Let them know that while you are busy, you appreciate everything they do for your relationship. Don’t let them feel like you are losing interest, let your partner in on your secret professional life. Voicing your areas of concern with them can help them feel important. It’s basically a win, win. You get to vent and your significant other gets to feel good about being involved. Your partner will feel a great sense of pride at seeing you succeed and reach your goals.

With things so busy, finding time to devote to your partner will be difficult. But you’ll see they will not complain, but rather wait patiently for the moment you can spend time with them. By the end of the season, your relationship could see some new sparks igniting. You will have connected on a deeper level and create together a strong support system. Your new sense of self will help you continue to charm your partner and together, you will be able to get that adventure kicked off very soon. Don’t let stress bog you down, remember you are more than your job’s tasks.

18Cancer Single: Break Bad Habits

It’s time to do some Spring cleaning in your personal life. Take out the trash and stop falling into old patterns. It’s now important to let go of old, toxic habits. Take a new path and try new things. You may have been in a rut but letting go will not only open you up to new things, it will put you in a better mood, too. By mixing things up from the same old way, you will find yourself embarking on new adventures and making new connections. You are a very loyal person, Cancer, but sometimes you need to let go of things that are bad for your life and growth. By letting go of negative things, you are opening yourself up to new opportunities. You can do whatever you want now.

By doing away with the bad, you are allowing great enthusiasm to enter your life.

You could meet some new people this Spring, and these newcomers could hold a great importance in your days to come. Be careful not to become overzealous in these new relationships, though, because we don’t want to scare people away. It’s up to you to find that balance and to give your best to make things happen.

17Cancer Hitched: Spice It Up

Put some spice into your growing relationship. You love consistency and thrive off of empathizing with others and being loyal but put some effort into other departments of your relationship. Take on new adventures and have fun. Join some interesting groups that you would both enjoy or take a stab at a couple of exciting group dates this Spring. By allowing yourself to pull away from your ordinary, you are making room for new starts.

Give your relationship a chance to be reborn. Don’t let your own negative thoughts affect who and what you love. Take advantage of the beautiful Spring weather and get away from all the noise and focus on your loved one. This will help strengthen what you already have while allowing you to take a breather from all of life’s stresses. It’s up to you to put the romance back in your relationship right now and to make your dreams come true. The changes you make within yourself could have an exceptional effect on your current relationship. Even if you’re feeling the negativity slipping back into your mind, just remember that with each new season, exciting things could be coming. Don’t give up on yourself or your relationship.

16Leo Single: Look Good, Feel Good

Look out world, Leos are looking good this Spring. This can be quite dangerous since Leos already love being in the spotlight. You are strong, and you often use your abilities to get things done. This season you will be extra powerful and attract all sorts of potential romantic interests. Try not to get out of hand, though. While this can be super exciting, we don’t want to take advantage of anyone or break hearts just for fun. Try to only make plans that are meaningful to you. To help bring you back down to earth, take this time to be super thankful for everything life has brought you this far. Let people know how important they are to you, and you’ll be graced with a sense of calming.

You can use your increased attention for good use in addition to your romantic personal goals.

You may find now that you can get lots of people on your side and you can use this to achieve big goals. It’s time to improve your living conditions and your social standing. All the while, don’t get too impatient or greedy with this ability. Something you’ve been wishing to do for a while now could be set into motion this season.

15Leo Hitched: Keep Your Head Held High

The spotlight is on you this season! Don’t let it go to your head, though, you should still pay attention to your partner. It could be difficult since everyone seems to be paying attention to you, but you can find your balance by listing out everything you have to be grateful for. This season will be very important for you while you try to reach some major life goals. Think big but listen to those around you. They hold a lot of important information. Don’t jump to conclusions, but rather, remain patient; good things are around the corner. You will be rewarded for your consistent efforts to improve life for yourself and your partner.

Hold your loved one close and confide in them, because they want to support you as you embark down exciting new paths. You can make the changes happen if you are careful about who you are affecting along the way. The responsibilities of your everyday life could start to tear you down because fun isn’t exactly at the forefront this Spring. While you might have to stay in when everyone else is running down to the beach, don’t let it get to you. Your workload could be positively influenced toward the end of Spring.

14Virgo Single: Let Loose

Typically, you thrive on being so careful and exact about everything you do, that’s usually what gets Virgos through the day. However, this Spring, it’s important to put yourself out there. Pack your bags and get away. It doesn’t really matter where you go, just so long as it is an adventure. Who knows, you might find someone special while you’re putting yourself out there! Don’t worry if all sorts of worries begin to plague your mind.

You might be wondering where you’re going in life or why you are who you are. No one can answer these for you; only you have the answers. But by dedicating time to loving yourself and evaluating your life from a different perspective, the answers could come.

You have spent much of this year not having very much fun. You could be looking at Spring with a sad mentality, and you are probably a little frustrated with life. That’s why it’s important now more than ever to just escape from it all. When you start to relax, you’ll find more people are willing to truly listen to you and your opinions on serious topics. You will see others are willing to follow you.

13Virgo Hitched: Take An Adventure

It’s no secret to your partner that you are the more methodical and careful one in the relationship. Try something new during Spring and show your partner that you don’t have to always be the serious one. Go out and find some fun together. Take an adventure and connect on a different level. Things might appear to be extra heavy right now, as you continuously question your life’s purpose. The answers are right inside you. You’re putting a lot of unnecessary pressure on yourself and could start affecting your relationship, whether you want it to or not.

You might have some really cool ideas or projects in mind but have recently lacked the motivation to get things started. You will feel a new sense of inspiration to start your endeavors now, and your partner is always willing to help. It’s important to take the time to listen to their thoughts and not shoot down their input. You want your partner to completely trust you in these times, and it’s important that you make the effort to gain their trust. With an open, constructive and passionate dialogue between you and your partner, exciting changes will come, instead of the same old hurtful quarrels.

12Libra Single: Get Ready For New Fun

You are peaceful and fair; you are known for seeing things through rose-colored glasses. You may have noticed in recent weeks, things weren’t always so clear, and you may have started to feel pretty cynical. It’s time to get rid of that negative mindset! Get out there and become active in the community. Get your group of friends together and do things to help the less fortunate. When you start to see the good in people again, your entire life will go back to its cheerful self.

You have a lot of great ideas for activities this Spring and you can do them all, but you’ll need to focus on not going overboard.

Some of your friends or family might not see things your way, but don’t lose sight of what you want. Calmly discuss your points with them, but don’t let go of what you want. You may feel like shaking things up, but it is best to avoid making unnecessary trouble around your personal relationships. There doesn’t appear to be much coming in your love life, as it’s best to just focus on restoring your self-worth and improving your living conditions right now. There is plenty of work to do.

11Libra Hitched: Don’t Hold Back

Your romantic relationship is so important to you, and this Spring is time to really spice things up. Don’t hold back from disturbing the peace. Your partner will welcome the new adventures. Lately, your relationship has been held back with the constant, never-ending discussions that only exhaust you. Things might not start going your way just yet, so take into consideration that you should listen to your partner’s thoughts right now and stay flexible. Once you do this, you could find you have the ability to improve your financial matters and change your scenery. It won’t be too difficult to convince the important people in your life to see things your way.

However, if you do find yourself hitting some snags along the way, don’t push them. It’s best to avoid any disputes with your family and to just count on your own potential to get things done. Focus in on how to approach the situation in a more strategic way, rather than being aggressive. You don’t want to have to fight for what you want. You will come across great opportunities to express yourself and act in the way you want others to see you.

10Scorpio Single: New Potential Romances On The Way

Open yourself up to new opportunities and wonderful things will come your way. Invest yourself in a new routine; mix things up a little and you might be surprised. Instead of rushing in the mornings, take some time for yourself and relax. Who knows what could come from some little changes. It is very true that you are a super hardworking person, and that is about to benefit you in big ways. You’re starting to shine on top of the totem pole and this will help you catch the eye of some potential romantic interests.

You’ll find you are able to communicate with others in a whole new way.

Previously, you may have had some difficulty getting your point across, but that’s no longer the case. Strong emotions will be paired with your ability to communicate, so make sure you’re still finding a protective balance. You’ll be able to express yourself way better than before, but before you do so, it’s best to know what you want to convey most in conversations. Prioritize your goals, because you don’t want to waste any amazing opportunities this Spring. When you start opening up to people around you, it could be fun to do so under the stars with the moon as your spotlight.

9Scorpio Hitched: Listen To Your Gut

You’ve been working so hard for so long, Scorpio. It’s time to reward yourself and your partner. You could find that some recent success in your personal life will transfer over to your romantic relationship. Some new excitement could be brewing in your relationship. A little bit of change can go a long way right now. Your recent discussions may have just been going around and around in a circle, but this season will allow the real problems in the relationship to come forward. This could help you and your partner connect in a way you haven’t before.

Once things start to improve, you’ll be inspired to add an extra something special to the relationship. Go for it! It’s always a good idea to get past the same over-done routine that people easily fall into. Try to keep it realistic, though. It’s fun to fantasize, but your partner might not see things the same way as you if they’re over-the-top. Focus in on initiating a positive and accepting dialogue to take care of any conflicting opinions in your relationship. The thing at the top of your to-do list is to progress your relationship in the right way.

8Sagittarius Single: Become A Magnet For Love

The planets are realigning themselves and those who are Sagittarius are going to see some wonderful changes. It’s about time, right? You will finally see things going right for you as you put that spring back into your step. In turn, you are going to start to feel more attractive and could possibly attract some cute new friends. It’s also important to focus on yourself this Spring. Yes, things are going well again, but remember to live your life for you and not just to please other people.

This is your time to shine.

A sense of frustration could enter your mind as things aren’t always going to go exactly how you want them to. You’re seriously questioning what it is going to take to make you truly happy. This Spring, you could find the answers you have been longing for. Once things start to open up for you, that special person you’ve been looking for could enter the picture. You’ll find you want to end the season on a new path toward expansion in your personal life, whether that be a new living situation, a new romantic partner or some other big move you could decide to make right now.

7Sagittarius Hitched: Let The Passion Flow

Things are going great right now because you are finally feeling comfortable in your own skin. You’re learning that your partner is super dependable and that’s just the kind of person you need in your life right now. There are a lot of positive changes coming in your direction and you’ll need your partner there to help you navigate through the twists and turns. It’s not possible to be perfect all the time, so just focus on being you. That’s good enough.

When speaking to your partner, some unwanted tension could arise, but don’t focus so much on its negative impact on the relationship. These quarrels are important in helping you make the moves you are wishing to make this season. You will be able to enter more fantasy into your life. You might feel some reluctance to try new things from either your inner self or your partner, but you will find a way to help get things going in the right direction. You will be able to unite over a group project that has the great possibility of helping you lay down the foundation for your love. Your creative ideas could definitely score some major points with your partner.

6Capricorn Single: Embrace Your Sassy Side

Open yourself up to new possibilities and stop hiding from your true potential. You can’t keep waiting for things to happen for you, because the time is now. Nothing should be holding you back anymore. If something is preventing you from entering the spotlight, it’s probably just yourself stopping you. You may have been feeling lonely for a while, but these feelings should be changing very soon.

As you learn to fall into your new energies, a potential love connection will come forward.

You’re currently longing to feel the ocean breeze on your face or to set forth on some other great adventure. Hold off until the time is right, and the people joining you are the right kind of people for your current energy. Once you find the right equation for your journey, you will be able to do anything you want and connect with anyone you want. It’s up to you, though, to not get out of hand and to keep your head on straight. Your impatience could get the best of you this Spring. People close to you could be voicing concerns over your recent life choices; listen to them for now, because we don’t want to stir unnecessary negativity.

5Capricorn Hitched: Treat Your Loved Ones

Exciting things are around the corner! You’ve been stuck in a bit of a rut for quite some time, but it’s time to get back on your feet. Those negative feelings are leaving the building and some good luck is fast approaching. With all this good luck, you’ll be able to seriously heat up your love life. Take your partner out this Spring and show them how much you appreciate them. You’ve gotten into the habit of holding in feelings that could help excel your relationship, so let them out this Spring.

You are going to be able to put things in motion to find a place for your relationship outside of the dull routine of life. However, certain heavy discussions could leave you feeling down for part of this season. You much rather work on smoothing things over than fighting over them, so you’ll be graced with some strong emotions that will work together with your motivation to push yourself to a new part of life. A more honest approach to conversations with your partner works best. You are exceptionally enthusiastic and determined this season and this will help you greatly during your current and future obstacles.

4Aquarius Single: Big Decisions To Make

Something new is coming your way – whether it’s a new place to live or a few new cuties are potentially entering your life this season. You’ll also have to decide what some disconnect in your personal life should mean for you with respect to the changes you’re experiencing. Don’t shy away from who you truly are, because Aquarius you are wonderful and have the power to influence others. When you are being yourself, others are inspired to be like you.

When you start opening up in your personal life, you should try embracing your aggressive side because it could surprise you in helping you get where you want to be.

Take this as an opportunity to fly and reach your goals. You could be shocked to see how much people want to listen to you. It’s your endearing kindness and willingness to cooperate with others that are appreciated and will be greatly rewarded. Happy events are on the way; you could find yourself facing a new promotion or even a new job. You can use these things as a way to show those closest to you that your dreams are approachable, and you aren’t all talk. Don’t force anything, though, wait it out and make the right decisions for yourself.

3Aquarius Hitched: Open Up

Things might be not where you want them to be, but you are going to get there soon enough. Things are changing on the home front, so make sure to open up to your partner about what is going on inside. There are decisions to be made, and your partner needs to be a part of these choices. However, at the same time don’t let them put you in a place where you can’t be yourself. You are typically independent and eccentric; people are often in awe of how free-spirited you are. Sometimes it can be intimidating, but often it’s inspiring.

When you are considering all the different aspects of your life and seriously considering what to keep and what to trash, don’t leave your partner out to dry. If something seems stuck in the relationship, change it. This season is bringing a lot of changes and you can use that to your advantage now more than ever. It’s important to take into account how your partner feels about these things happening and to do everything you can not to push them into anything they’re not quite ready for. You won’t have much time to be bored this Spring, because there seems to be lots to consider.

2Pisces Single: Launch New Projects

You spend so much of your time helping others out in the selfless way you do things. It’s a wonderful time for you, Pisces, because you are going to find some much-deserved relief from life’s stresses. You’re stronger than you think, and really you are capable of anything you set your mind to. Unexpected connections are coming to surprise you with happiness and perhaps even a new love connection could enter your life.

Since you are finding a period of calm this season, the best thing you can do is get involved in some great projects around your community.

You desire to open new pathways that can reward your life greatly, and you could find yourself being approached by multiple opportunities to activate this right now. You are connected to the right people right now and love could be coming. You’re preparing yourself for entering a beautiful and accomplished Summer. You are ready to accomplish feats that before seemed rather impossible. You are extremely confident right now, so be careful not to offend those around you with your new sense of self-worth. If you want your wishes to come true right now, take into consideration who is around you.

1Pisces Hitched: Connect In A New Way

This Spring you will be developing a healthier and deeper relationship with your partner, and that’s exciting since you’ve been put through quite a few hard lessons lately. Times are changing, and you’ll be granted some sweet relief, so take advantage of this moment. Your deepest hopes and dreams could be affected by this new period of positive energy. You’ve proven how strong you are. It is time you start seeing it for yourself, Pisces. Don’t back down from any challenges involving your personal relationships, embrace the obstacles. Use the moments to help motivate you further into the place you are meant to be; you’ll get there soon enough.

If there are any ill feelings putting a stress on your relationship, you will find you are more than willing to work to smooth things over and give your everything to make your dreams come true. Together, you and your partner will meet new people who will prove useful in embarking down your new paths. You and your partner will really start to enjoy the rewards of your newfound charm. Use your new abilities to talk things over in an inspiring way to win over the newcomers.

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