What Our Greatest Relationship Weakness Is, According To Our Star Sign

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March 23, 2019
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What Our Greatest Relationship Weakness Is, According To Our Star Sign

Everyone has some negative aspects to themselves that they bring to relationships. It can’t be helped because we all have flaws and baggage, but it definitely helps to know what ours are so that we can be aware of them and deal with them in a way that doesn’t sabotage our relationships. For example, if we’re a Taurus sign, it’s good to know that we tend to hold back emotionally and can come across as huge commitment-phobes to our partners, even if we don’t mean to. In order to deal with this weakness, it’s important to work on not being afraid of wearing our hearts on our sleeves because it’s our passion that people love so much! When it comes to being Cancer, on the other hand, we have to admit we’re quite an emotional sign that overanalyzes everything to death. It therefore helps to maintain some perspective and try to bear in mind that thinking too much can suck the joy out of dating. It’s supposed to be fun, after all!

Here are our greatest weaknesses according to our astro sign when we start a new relationship, and how to overcome them.

24Aries: We Come Across Too StrongAs an Aries, we tend to wear our heart on our sleeve. This can be too much for people to deal with, especially if we’re declaring our undying love by the third date. The thing is, we don’t mean to come across as OTT.

As a Fire sign, we’re the epitome of passion and we know that anyone would be lucky enough to be with us — if they can look past our eagerness.

As My Domaine reports, Aries is an Alpha partner and passion is their trademark in all aspects of life.

23How To Deal: We Need To Pace Ourselves A Bit To Avoid Being Clingy

Even though there’s nothing wrong with being passionate, it’s never a bad idea to pace ourselves when it comes to relationships. Slowing down our excitement can have many benefits. For starters, it makes us take time to really get to know someone without jumping ahead. As Thought Co states,

“You might be head over heels with Aries, only to realize they are in love with the feeling of new love.”

Taking that time helps us figure out if we’re really in love or just in love with the idea of it. It also gives us a chance to make the most of the early phases of dating instead of rushing through relationship milestones.

22Taurus: We Hold Back Too Much

While Aries jumps into love, Taurus is on the other side of the spectrum. We like to take our time to get to know someone and we can be quite afraid of commitment.

That’s not to say dating us isn’t worthwhile — once we commit, our partners will have the most loyal person at their side, no matter what!

The thing to know about us is that we hate change, whether it’s something good or bad, so we need to ease into it and be sure that it’s right for us.

21How To Deal: Cultivate Self-Acceptance To Deal With Fear Of Rejection

While we’re quite resistant to change – Taurus is one of the most stubborn signs — we might also hesitate to commit in relationships because we’re scared of heartbreak and rejection. As pointed out by The Law Of Attraction, Taurus needs security and they’re always worried about what will come next in their lives. Imagine falling in love only to have your heart smashed? That’s a nightmare for Taurus. To overcome it, it’s a good idea to nurture self-love and self-acceptance, and realize that it’s better to take a chance instead of live with regret.

20Gemini: We Get Bored Easily

We feel restless at times and we can get bored really easily. That’s because we’re always excited about the various thoughts that are going through our heads, pulling us in different directions.

That said, we know what we want and we won’t settle for a less-than-perfect relationship.

As Love To Know reports, boredom is toxic to a dominant Gemini. So, people should realize that before they label us fickle! We just have too much energy to stay in one place if that place isn’t giving us the stimulation we need.

19How To Deal: Focus On Whether Or Not We Want To Be In The Relationship

One of the most important things a Gemini can do to deal with boredom is dig deeper into those feelings. Why are we feeling bored? Are we not challenged enough?

These feelings might be easily treated by trying new things and going on adventures with our partners.

However, it’s worth asking ourselves if it’s our partner who’s making us feel dissatisfied. If that’s the case, we need to think things through and ask ourselves if it’s worth staying in the relationship or not. Since we can be pretty indecisive, the quicker we make that decision, the better off we’ll be.

18Cancer: We Analyze Everything Too Much

When we start dating someone, we tend to study every single gesture, text message, and tone of voice for clues. It can be exhausting, especially if the person we’re dating and analyzing so much is giving us mixed messages. The thing is, we can’t help but be FBI agents in the game of love.

People need to earn our trust because we don’t give it out so easily.

We’re sensitive and sometimes can be insecure, Astrostyle reports, which is why we need a lot of reassurance and security.

17How To Deal: Change Thinking Habits

While choosing partners who are stable and consistent can help us feel more secure, it’s a good thing to learn to let go a bit and have fun. Relationships aren’t supposed to be so stressful all the time, after all!

We can learn to have fun by reminding ourselves that we should trust ourselves more than any partner we date.

We’ve got our own backs, and we’ll be fine no matter what happens. Keeping this is mind can go a long way to helping us enjoy the dating experience instead of turning it into torture.

16Leo: We Want To Be In The Spotlight

We’re the Lion, hear us roar… or watch us take a selfie. As people born under the charming and sociable sign of Leo, we love being in the spotlight. We want to be the center of attention and we love making others laugh. It gives us a nice ego boost! The problem is that this attention we crave can be problematic for our partners who might think we’re just keen on grabbing the spotlight the whole time. But we’re not. We’re actually keen on making our partners the center of attention too — we just don’t do it enough.

15How To Deal: Make Our Partners The Star Sometimes

Our confidence and charm can make us come across as arrogant at times, which can sabotage our relationships without us even realizing it. Yikes. That’s why it’s important to focus on being charming instead of super confident, and that means allowing our partners into the spotlight sometimes too. We can do this by praising them, showing them how much we love them, and making them feel special. It’s not asking for a lot for us to do this — we’re actually one of the most generous and loving signs.

14Virgo: We Can Be Too Cold

We’ve been called aloof and cold by people we used to date, and that’s pretty harsh. But we can’t deny that it’s true. The thing is, we don’t mean to be standoffish. We just come across in that way because we are ruled by logic. As Elite Daily reports,

“Virgos are definitely not cold, but rather, very calculated. Admittedly, they are hard to win over.”

We can seem crafty and have the tendency to be brutally honest with our partners. Only confident and self-assured partners need apply when dating us!

13How To Deal: Communicate With Our Partner About What We Feel

The sad thing is, we can put our partners off if they don’t understand what’s really going on with us. This is why it’s so important to be open about how we’re feeling and where we’re at. Hey, even the most confident partner needs a bit of reassurance when entering a relationship! Although it can be difficult to express our emotions and we prefer to keep them under wraps, it might help to realize that we’re brutally honest with our partners about other things, so being honest about our thoughts and feelings shouldn’t be such a difficult task. It’ll make our relationships so much more successful.

12Libra: We Let Our Partners Take The Lead

As a Libra, we’re charming and love interacting with others. But we have the tendency to come across as fickle. We also battle to make decisions, which is why it’s great if we go on a date with someone who can plan it down to the last detail for us, Zo. Thing reports.

The problem is that this can make us seem a little too easygoing.

Someone we date might end up feeling that we’re lazy or not really that interested in them, especially if we let them take the lead all the time.

11How To Deal: Be Open About What We Want

It’s important for us to take charge sometimes and be honest with our partners about what we want. This can make us feel so much more invested in the relationship, and it will show our partners that we’re taking it seriously. Because the thing is, Libra is known as one of the most committed signs, according to Relationship Rules, and we’re also romantic, supportive of our partners, and willing to go to great lengths to show how much we love them. So, really, there’s no reason for us to be misunderstood — unless we clam up about our needs!

10Scorpio: We Can Be Jealous

If you’re dating us, get ready for love and passion like you’ve never known before! As Scorpios, we’re really intense when it comes to our feelings, and once we give you our heart, you’ll have it completely. Unfortunately, this intensity can come with the pretty awful downside of making us super jealous. Scorpio is the green-eyed monster! When not dealt with, jealousy can alienate us from our partners, who might think we’re crazy instead of just crazy in love and romantic. Ouch!

9How To Deal: Look At Why We Feel Jealous

Jealousy not only hurts the relationship. It can also make us feel insecure and anxious. It’s not cool. That’s why it’s important for us to look deeper into ourselves and see why we’re feeling so jealous. Is it because our partners aren’t trustworthy? Or is it because we’re feeling insecure due to previous relationship baggage? As Scorpios, we tend to be quite sensitive, but we try to hide it, so now’s the time to sift through those feelings and get to the bottom of why we’re feeling jealous before it wrecks our self-esteem and relationship.

8Sagittarius: We Like Our Space A Little Too Much

Sagittarius is the Seeker. That means we’re curious, keen on adventure, and we want to have our space in which to explore the world. The problem is that this can come across as selfish to our partners, who might be surprised to learn that we’re jet-setting to an exotic location out of the blue and totally forgot to inform them of our plans. Ouch. The thing is, we just want to live life to the fullest, and sometimes that goal can cloud our thinking or make us appear to lack stability as a romantic partner.

7How To Deal: Be Open With Our Partner To Avoid Conflict

The best way to deal is not to snip our wings so that we become homebodies — that will just cause heartache for ourselves and our partners — but rather that we inform our partners about what we need. We sometimes come across as thoughtless, so it’s a good thing to include our partners in our plans as much as we can. Because, we’re actually not selfish. As Thought Catalog states, Sagittarius feeds off their partner’s ambition and wants to be included in their life. Sharing goals and dreams with our partner can be a great way to feel more like a team.

6Capricorn: We Can Be Self-Righteous

As the Goat, we’re stubborn and hardworking. We live according to the black-and-white rules in our head and they work for us because we know what we want. We don’t stray from the path of correct living.

But, the problem is that this kind of thinking can make us quite harsh with others who might be living somewhere in the grey instead.

To them, we might come across as self-righteous or know-it-alls, even though we really don’t mean to be. Well, not always. Most of the time we’re just trying to help them!

5How To Deal: Let Go Of The Need To Control

Okay, so confession time: We can be major control freaks. Again, it’s just based on our need to help others because we’re such caring and nurturing people.

The problem is that it’s not fun for our partners to feel that we’re trying to dominate them in the relationship.

Sigh. Stepping back a bit and letting things happen in a natural way, as well as letting our partners lead sometimes, is what’s required. We need to ask ourselves: Do we want to be right or do we want to be happy? Of course it’s the latter.

4Aquarius: We Seem Detached

Aquarius is a laugh-a-minute, charming, and fun sign. But what’s confusing about us is that sometimes we can come across as detached in romantic relationships. The reason for this, according to Hello Giggles, is that we live in our heads a lot.

We overthink things and this focus on our thoughts can pull us away from the life that’s happening outside of our heads, making us seem aloof to our partners.

Or, as the site adds, it can make us seem to have extremely high expectations. This causes our partners to feel the pressure of trying to live up to them.

3How To Deal: Avoid Toxic Behavior

Based on our overthinking and overanalyzing, we might resort to toxic behavior without even realizing its effects on our partners. For example, we might hide our feelings away and use sarcasm instead. Or, we might be stubborn and hold onto our views (the ones we’ve agonized over a hundred times) instead of being a bit more flexible. We must remember that compromise is essential in healthy relationships, and it shows our partner that we’re meeting them halfway instead of making them feel we’re shutting them out.

2Pisces: We’re Too Sensitive

Our partner makes a joke and we take it the wrong way. Our partner doesn’t listen to us talk about our bad day because they have to attend to their friend, and we sulk about it until they get home. Okay, so we can be a bit too sensitive at times, but that’s just because we care! Although we might seem emotionally high-maintenance in romantic relationships, we just want to feel that we can express exactly who we are and be loved for all of it. Is that really so unrealistic?

1How To Deal: Create Healthy Boundaries

While being loved for who we really are is something we deserve, we need some self-care to deal with our intense emotions. Basically, we’ve got to love ourselves! That means setting boundaries, such as having time to ourselves in which to sort through our feelings. By doing this, we can avoid being at the mercy of our various emotions. Without them clouding our thinking, we can also express to our partners what it is that we need from them in terms of support and care, so everyone’s happy.

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