What Milestone Moment Will Be Your Turning Point In Life, Based On Your ( Zodiac Sign ) !!!

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March 2, 2019
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March 2, 2019
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What Milestone Moment Will Be Your Turning Point In Life, Based On Your ( Zodiac Sign ) !!!




As you move forward through your life, you will come to look back on certain important moments as major milestones. Some events will end up being turning points for the way you live your life—you will feel like there is a distinct “before” and “after” a certain event takes place. For some people, they might get this feeling when they meet the love of their life, when they go away to their dream school, or when they break up with someone who wasn’t worthy of them. Moments like these—and many others—can show us a new path in life and encourage us to change for the better.

Why do some people cherish certain milestones? It all has to do with your personality and what you want out of life. Someone who has always dreamed of becoming a mom and places family over a career would probably see her wedding day as a bigger deal than her first day at a new job, but someone who wants a thriving professional life might feel differently. As usual, the stars have a little something to say about it. Read on to find out which major moment will be your turning point, based on astrology.

16Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius):

Fire signs all tend to experience major turning points in their twenties. This is a decade of change for many people, but fire signs especially will look back on their twenties and marvel at how they turned things around during those years. During your twenties, you’re still figuring everything out. You’re learning how to go after your major goals in life, trying to become financially stable, and you may even be thinking about settling down, getting married, and having children. During this stage in their lives, fire signs will be thinking about gaining more independence, seeing more of the world and enjoying the additional freedom that comes with adulthood, and meeting people who help them move closer to where they want to be in life.

15Aries: When You Move Out Of Your Parent’s House

Aries, you are an extremely independent sign. You don’t like the idea of living under anyone’s thumb or playing by anyone else’s rules. When you start making moves to finally get out from under your parent’s roof, you will experience a major turning point in life. Becoming self-sufficient is very important to you, and as long as you are living on someone else’s dime, you will not feel as though you are truly living by your values. Plus, moving out and being on your own is a sign that you are becoming more mature. You definitely don’t like to feel like you’re behind in life, and the last thing you want is for all your peers to look at you as though you’re a late bloomer.

14Leo: When You Graduate From College

Leo, your future career goals are super important to you. You’re not quite the workaholic that Capricorn is, but you definitely have many professional achievements in your future. The day that you graduate from college—preferably with a job lined up!—will be a big milestone for you. This is the day when you can finally put all of your hard work and effort over the last four years into action. You can take all of the skills that you learned through your classes and internships and show the world what you’re really made of. You simply can’t wait to strut across the stage at graduation with that hard-earned diploma, celebrate with your closest friends and family, and then get out there into the real world!

13Sagittarius: When You Take Your First Big Trip

Sagittarius isn’t the most ambitious sign, but they do have one goal that they’re super serious about—traveling the world. Sagittarius, you feel this crazy drive to check all seven continents off your bucket list, and you’re not going to let anyone stop you. The day that you take your first international trip will mark a turning point in your life. You’ve had the burning desire to explore the world since you were a young kid, but when you finally step off that long red-eye flight, you will understand that you were meant to spend your life wandering, not chained to one place. You will feel your values shift in that moment, and you will never be able to resign yourself to the idea of a “normal” life again.

12Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn):

Like fire signs, most earth signs will experience some major life-changing moments in their twenties, while others will hit them in their teens, and some have to wait until their thirties to see these big milestones. But earth signs are in no rush to check off all of these milestones. After all, these signs are quite patient, and they understand that good things come to those who wait! Earth signs will see big changes in their lives when they advance in their careers. They are very grounded signs, and they prioritize working hard over many other aspects of life. When they see that they are making strides in their fields and earning more and more respect with each passing year, they could experience some important turning points that will give them a new perspective on life.

11Taurus: When You Graduate High School

Okay, so Taurus will actually experience one of their biggest milestones before they hit their twenties. Now, we’re not saying that Taurus is going to peak in high school—actually, we’re saying the exact opposite. Basically, Taurus, when you graduate high school, you will finally see that many of the things that used to bog you down while in school—caring about what other people think, trying to seem cool, dressing a certain way—do not actually matter. Now, you can finally get down to business and start focusing on the things that you really want to pursue. You will no longer feel distracted by negative thoughts about how others might judge you, and you will find that you suddenly have the courage to be your true self.

10Virgo: When You Get Your First Summer Job

Virgo, when you head off to work for the first time to earn your own money, you will feel a whole new sense of pride for your practical attitude, solid work ethic, and rational nature. While other teenagers might feel overwhelmed by their bosses demands, you will handle it all in stride, and while some of your coworkers might spend their paychecks as soon as they get the money, you will have the foresight to start saving. This experience will make you realize that while these traits may make you seem “uncool” as a teenager, you’re actually way ahead of your peers in many respects. Suddenly, you won’t find yourself worrying about your place in the high school social order—you’ll just be proud of yourself for your accomplishments.

9Capricorn: When You Win An Award In Your Field

Capricorn, there is basically nothing that you care about more than your job. You will work harder than anyone else in the office, and you will begin earning promotions and moving up the ranks at a young age. However, you probably will not enjoy the type of recognition that you want until you have been working for about a decade, because you have some serious sky high goals, and you won’t be satisfied until you reach them! The day that you win some sort of award for your work in your given field will be a huge turning point for you. You will be able to look back on everything you’ve accomplished with pride, and you will see that all of your sacrifices over the years were worth it.

8Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius):

Air signs often experience milestones related to relationships and personal development. This is not always the case, but it’s a rule that often holds true. This is because air signs don’t put too much stock in moments that society often holds as milestones, like starting a new job, getting married, or having a kid. Air signs put a lot of emphasis on personal growth instead, and this is not something that outsiders can always tell is occurring. To someone else, it may seem like an air sign hasn’t changed at all from day to day, but the air sign can feel like a totally different person on the inside. You may not think that your air sign friends have gone through any serious changes in life, but you could be wrong!

7Gemini: When You Got Your First Boyfriend

Okay, this one may sound a little strange because we all know that Geminis don’t always like to settle down! But that’s why it’s actually a major turning point for Gemini. We’re not talking about the first casual fling—we’re talking about the first real relationship. When a Gemini finally tells someone, “Yes, I want to do this—for real, for the long haul,” it’s a huge deal. If you’re a Gemini, you know that this is a big sign that you are growing up. It’s a big shift in the typical Gemini mindset. It means that you are finally ready to commit to someone instead of bouncing from guy to guy all the time. You have to prove to yourself that you are capable of being loyal to one person.

6Libra: Your Fairytale Wedding Day

Libra, your wedding is a huge deal for you! Unlike the other two air signs, you are a little more traditional, so for you, this big day is a major turning point in your life. While Gemini and Aquarius don’t put as much emphasis on weddings, Libras definitely do! Just admit that you actually have several Pinterest wedding boards—one for dresses, one for décor, one for food, and one for sappy love quotes, of course. How else could you plan the perfect wedding? Your wedding will be such a big deal for you because you view it as the moment that your life finally falls into place—you get to plan the whole day, you’re with the man that you love, and your family and friends are all around you.

5Aquarius: When You Move Away From Your Hometown

Just like Aries, Aquarians really value their independence. Aquarius, you need to feel like you can take care of yourself. Plus, you’re a very unique individual, so you don’t want to feel trapped in a small town. You’ve always had the desire to move away from your hometown and put down roots somewhere else. The day that you move away from your hometown and get your own apartment in a cool new city will mark a major change in your life. Trust us, once you get out, you won’t look back to your hometown again—except to see your family, of course! Nope, you will want to embrace everything that your new city has to offer and just throw yourself into your brand new life there.

4Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces):

Water signs often have a similar outlook to air signs. Unlike fire signs or earth signs, they don’t always view traditional milestones as their major turning points. Some do, but some don’t—with these signs, there is a ton of variety! When it comes to water signs, most of them will also view their milestones in regards to their personal relationships and self-growth. These signs are very imaginative and have rich inner lives, so they do not always subscribe to societal norms—in fact, it’s rare that they do. It may not always be obvious that they’ve even changed—sometimes, only they know the difference. Let’s take a look at what water signs view as their biggest milestones. Some of the answers will seem obvious, but some just might surprise you.

3Cancer: When You Have Your First Child

Cancer is the most loving and family-oriented sign in the zodiac. Now, having your first child would obviously be a major life change for anyone, but for Cancer, it feels like you’re fulfilling your life’s biggest purpose! No one gets more joy out of parenting than Cancer moms (okay, maybe Cancer dads)—yup, even the times when they have to wake up a million times at night to check on the baby. The work never ends, but for Cancer, it’s the best kind of work in the world. For this sign, bringing a child into this world simply feels like the purest expression of the love that this universe has to offer. Cancers feel that there is no other experience that could ever truly compare.

2Scorpio: After You Survive Your First Break Up

Alright, this might seem like a strange milestone—on the surface, it does not seem like a positive thing. In fact, most of us know that this is a very negative experience, but we all have to go through it at some point. But for Scorpio, the idea of going through a break up is terrifying because they are aware of how their emotions will completely tank. To Scorpio, it truly feels like they will never make it through that darkness. So when they do come out the other side feeling better than before and realizing that their negative emotions don’t have to rule them, it can be truly life-changing. They will feel happier than ever before, and they will see how strong they really are.

1Pisces: When You Find Your Creative Passion

Most people born under the sign of Pisces actually experience this milestone at a very young age—in fact, for many Pisceans, this moment could occur as early as kindergarten or preschool. They might express an interest in music, painting, writing, or acting, and if the adults around them see their true potential, they could end up chasing this passion for life and even turning it into a career someday. The day that a Pisces child discovers where their creative talents lie is always a huge milestone. This is one of the most creative signs in the zodiac, and unlocking that creative potential at an early age can change the life of a Pisces child. It’s very important for them to explore their creativity starting as early as preschool.

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