What His Fatal Flaw Is In A Relationship According To His Astro Sign.

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What His Fatal Flaw Is In A Relationship According To His Astro Sign.




Everyone’s got a flaw (or two) when it comes to dating, but fatal flaws are on another level. These can sometimes be toxic things that cause the demise of the relationship, such as if someone’s harshly critical or has severe trust issues that prevent them from committing to their partner. Although you might think the new guy you’re dating doesn’t have a fatal flaw because he seems pretty perfect, check out his sign to find out what his flaw might be.

For example, if he’s born under the sign of Aries, he has the tendency to act without thinking. While this can be good sometimes, like when he’s spontaneous about going on exciting and romantic dates, it could also result in him blurting out during a heated argument that he thinks you should break up, without thinking of the consequences – or how it upsets you. On the other hand, the Cancer boyfriend will want security all the time, to the point where he can become emotionally needy. Yikes!

Here are two of the most likely fatal flaws of each sign. After all, it helps to know what you’re likely to experience once the honeymoon phase of your relationship is over, right?

24-Aries: He Acts Without Thinking

The Aries guy sometimes acts without thinking. He’s got a lively, energetic personality that can sometimes make him blurt things out that he hasn’t really thought through (awkward!) or it can cause him to make a huge life decision that he later regrets. Dating him is clearly a wild ride that can have some exciting, but also some uncomfortable, twists and turns. Make sure to fasten your seatbelt ’cause you never know what might happen! If you’re into predictable and stable people, maybe the Aries guy is too much for you.

23-Aries: He Might Have A Temper

As reported by Astrology, the Aries man can have a temper that flares up when you don’t expect it. But, the good news is he doesn’t tend to stay angry for long. If you’re dating an Aries guy, you should know that you’ll probably be dating a highly passionate guy. The problem? This passion can easily become a temper when the Aries guy is not feeling so great. Although he might try, he can’t always help being so impulsive with his emotions, but he might not realize just how hurtful his behavior can be. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t forgive and forget easily, then an Aries match is probably going to be volatile.

22-Taurus: He’s Stubborn

Yes, he can be really understanding and patient, but there’s a dark side to the Taurus guy. He doesn’t always manage to see things from your point of view. He sticks to his guns and digs his heels into the ground. Good luck getting him to change his mind or understand where you’re coming from. As reported by Taurus Man Secrets, his greatest strength is being able to stick things through with a sense of purpose. The problem is, his stubbornness can really cause an obstacle when you’re more flexible than he is.

21-Taurus: He’s A Creature Of Habit

Another fatal flaw of the Bull is that the Taurus guy is a creature of habit. This characteristic is linked to how he doesn’t really open his mind to new ideas sometimes. He can seem quite rigid, not just when it comes to ideas and opinions, though, but also concerning his routine. In fact, change can make the Taurus man feel anxious. His routine works for him, though, so he doesn’t see a need to do things differently. See how the problems can arise? Remind him that change really can be as good as a holiday.

20-Gemini: He’s Easily Bored

If you’re dating a Gemini, be warned, this guy gets bored with relationships really quickly. Gemini is a fun-loving guy who’s always the life of the party. People are drawn to his wonderful personality and how he always makes things exciting. This is great, but there’s a catch. In relationships, this need for adventure can become a deal-breaker. As Bustle reports, people born under the sign of Gemini desire relationships with people who are creative and fun, but also stable. This isn’t easy to find, and when Gemini doesn’t find it, they’re likely to move on and fast.

19-Gemini: He Might Be A Flirt

Another fatal flaw to watch out for when dating a Gemini man is his flirting tendencies. He loves being charming to others. That’s not to say he’s going to throw on his irresistible charm so that he can find someone else to be with, but it can become a problem for you. You don’t want to have to deal with those feelings of jealousy that come up when your Gemini man is flirting with other women! It’s inappropriate. What’s worse, Gemini isn’t jealous by nature, so he’s likely not to understand why you’re getting upset.

18-Cancer: He’s Needy

The great thing about a Cancer boyfriend is that he is in tune with his emotions. He isn’t afraid to go deep with his feelings. He’s extremely sensitive to his partner’s emotions and wants to connect with her on a deep level. Swoon! The downside? While he’s there to fulfill your needs, he’s also going to be emotionally needy. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, unless he becomes controlling and moody. The Cancer guy also battles to forgive and forget, so if he feels wronged by you, he’ll stick to his guns.

17-Cancer: Can Be Overprotective

Another problem that arises from dating a Cancer is that his neediness can make him quite overprotective. Sure, it’s great when he treats you like you’re made of gold, and his nurturing quality is one of the things you probably love most about him. However, it’s not so great if it starts to feel like he’s being possessive. Why is he like this? The website i.TheHoroscope.co provides clarity: “[The Cancer guy] takes love to a whole new level, and if he thinks he can’t trust you, he’ll become very jealous and possessive. It will start with him making comments about your outfits and questioning your every action.”

16-Leo: He Might Be Arrogant

Ruled by the sun, he loves being the center of attention. That’s what makes him such a great person. He’s confident, determined, and a great natural leader, as reported by Astrograph. However, on the flip side, Leo can become quite arrogant, especially since he might be used to always getting his way and being in the spotlight. He’s also a proud person with the tendency to have a big ego, which is sure to cause some problems along the way for the person he dates.

15-Leo: He Might Lack Sensitivity

The Leo guy sometimes lacks sensitivity for other people’s feelings. This is because he wants to rush in and help them, which isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, the Leo guy can be a very warm soul indeed. The problem is that not everyone wants help and can see his attempts as bossiness or a complete lack of compassion! It’s easy for his intention to become a little unpleasant. As reported by Women.com, it helps for Leo to take a step back and be aware of when his level-headed help is actually needed.

14-Virgo: He Could Be Critical

If you’ve ever met a Virgo, you’ll know that people born under this sign are perfectionists! As a boyfriend, the Virgo guy can be immensely critical. He’ll be like his own worst enemy, criticizing himself, and then also criticizing others. He wants everything to be perfect, but he doesn’t realize how harsh it can be to go around expecting everyone and everything to be 100 percent according to his ideas. The last thing you want is to feel like you’re always being analyzed and criticized by your own partner!

13-Virgo: He’s Highly Sensitive

Interestingly, while the Virgo guy can be highly critical, he’s just as sensitive. It sounds crazy, but it makes sense. Sometimes the people who are the hardest on themselves and others are actually the most worried of making mistakes. Virgo might not seem to be super sensitive because he keeps his feelings on lockdown until he cracks and can’t keep them in anymore, as reported by Elite Daily. Let your Virgo man know that he can talk to you so that he doesn’t have to explode out of the blue.

12-Libra: He Can Lose Himself To Love

The Libra guy is someone who absolutely loves being in love. Libra is ruled by Venus and he’s a charming guy who’s also a helpless romantic, as Keenreports. In fact, he loves being in relationships so much that he can end up completely losing himself to them. As Bustle reports, Libra tends to say yes when he means no. This only ends up hurting himself and misleading his partner. He might even lose his identity to the point where his partner feels like he’s not the same person anymore, wich can be really toxic. Better to speak up and say what’s on your mind, Libra!

11-Libra: He Avoids Conflict

Libras hate conflict in relationships. That is a good thing – it means he’s not the type to create drama – but it can also be unhealthy. Since he’ll do anything to avoid conflict, this means that issues in the relationship get swept under the rug instead of dealt with. Over time, this can lead to resentment and dissatisfaction. Research has found that arguments can be good for relationships. As Greater Good Magazine reports, arguing in a healthy way can allow people to work together as a team. The best way to argue is to express feelings in a measured way and include the expression of both negative and positive feelings during an argument. This keeps the love alive.

10-Scorpio: He Might Not Be Very Flexible

There are many things you love about your Scorpio, such as that he’s loyal, solid, determined, and yet also fun to be around. But he can also seem really rigid in the way he thinks and behaves. As Paired Life reports, Scorpio is like a frozen river that’s calm and rigid on the surface, but with loads of emotions running beneath it that no one gets to see. His unyielding quality shows up when he’s got strong opinions. He can be quite stubborn, which makes him horrible to argue with.

9-Scorpio: He’s Mysterious

Speaking of his many emotions that he tries to hide, there’s no doubt that Scorpio is one of the most mysterious of the signs. You might really battle to get him to open up about his feelings and thoughts, which can be frustrating when you’re in a relationship with him. You want to be there to support him and know him on a deeper level, but it takes him a long time to open up and let you in. He’s such a deep person that it’ll probably take you forever to really know him, but that’s part of the fun (if you can deal with the frustration).

8-Sagittarius: He’ll Need His Space

If your Sagittarius partner tells you that he loves you but he needs space, it can feel like a blow. What does that exactly mean? Does he want to break up? No, it just means that he’s really independent and craves time to himself, even when he’s paired up. This is healthy in a relationship, but Sagittarius makes it a little more complicated because he takes it to another level. He gets restless and needs to get away and do fun things, because if he doesn’t get that space he needs, he’ll end up feeling claustrophobic, which makes him moody.

7-Sagittarius: He Might Be Unpredictable

Once you’ve realized you need to give your Sag man space when he needs it, you should also understand that he’s probably going to give you confusing signals every now and then. In fact, Sagittarius is one of the signs that’s most likely to give you mixed messages. As reported by Your Tango, Sagittarius loves his freedom and sometimes, a little too much for his own good. You might receive a message from him out of the blue telling you that he’ll be traveling for an unspecified time but he’ll see you whenever he gets back.

6-Capricorn: He’s A People Pleaser

If you’re currently dating a Capricorn, you’ll know that he can be one of the most giving, nurturing people you’ll ever meet, and he’s a great listener to boot! These qualities make him an amazing boyfriend. But sometimes too much of a good thing can become negative. For example, the Capricorn is such a giving person that he can end up being a people pleaser. That’s not good for him and his health. Hey, he also needs to be nurtured sometimes, after all. If he’s always giving and not taking, it can create a toxic relationship.

5-Capricorn: He Might Be Too Controlling

While he’s always there to put a smile on your face and help you out with a lift to work when your car’s broken, some Capricorn men have the tendency to be controlling. In extreme cases, he might use his romantic behavior to manipulate you into liking him. But generally and more likely, the Capricorn’s tendency to control others is because he’s quite frankly a control freak. He might help you out with things because he wants things done in his way, for example. As reported by the Independent, “Capricorns do love to get their way and are experts at finding the chinks in people’s armor.” So, not only will he help you solve a problem but he’ll point out how you were approaching it all wrong.

4-Aquarius: He Can Be Emotionally Detached

Although Aquarius can be a fun, charming, and sociable person, there’s a lot more going on underneath his smile than he’ll let on. He’s always got lots on his mind, which can sometimes make him appear emotionally distant. Aquarius is notorious for being emotionally detached, as Elite Daily points out. If you’ve just started dating an Aquarius guy, you might worry that this emotional detachment means that he’s not into you, but that’s not necessarily true. When an Aquarius loves, he loves hard. But it takes him some time to open up and share his inner world with whoever he’s dating.

3-Aquarius: He Could Be Moody

Another flaw you should know about Aquarius is that he can become moody when you don’t agree with him or tell him that you think his latest goal to sail around the world is not practical. In such cases, even though he always seems happy-go-lucky and up for a good time, Aquarius will be hurt. As Thought Catalog reports, Aquarius don’t allow others to tell them how to behave, and they won’t be bogged down by jobs or anything that tries to tie them down. They want to be free to dream and live life in their way, no matter how impractical or “crazy” it might seem.

2-Pisces: He Can Hold Grudges

While Pisces is a dreamer with lots of emotions he loves to express, this comes with a dark side, the Pisces boyfriend can hold grudges like you’ve never seen anyone do before! Once you understand what he’s about, it makes sense. See, Pisces is very emotional and feels everything that happens, even the trivial things that most people wouldn’t even think about. As for holding grudges, Thought Catalog puts it best: “They are fast to forgive but even faster to remember past events and throw it in your face during an argument or [when] justifying a scenario.”

1-Pisces: He Can Be Lazy

Since Pisces can be quite intense, it’s no wonder that they have their days when they’re totally lazy. Don’t expect him to reply to your texts when he checks out of the world for a while. If this happens when you’re in the early stages of dating, chances are you’ll be quick to label him flaky, but as pointed out by Thought Catalog, Pisces doesn’t mean to be like this. It’s just that when his energy levels plummet he’s not going to stick to plans. Give him some time to recharge his batteries.

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