What Each ( Zodiac Sign ) Constantly Overthinks About !!!

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What Each ( Zodiac Sign ) Constantly Overthinks About !!!



Are you an overthinker? You might not think that you are, but chances are, there is at least one thing that can send you into a spiral of worries and thoughts. It’s okay. It totally happens to the best of us.

Even if you tell yourself that there’s absolutely nothing to freak out about, that’s easier said than done. Instead, you sit there and wonder “what if” and feel like the outcome of the situation is going to be pretty terrible. Of course, after everything is said and done, you always realize that you worried for nothing and that it worked out well. That’s just the way that it goes sometimes (okay, all of the time). Your mom has probably given you this advice, and you keep telling yourself that next time, you’ll stay calm. Then the next time rolls around and, well, it’s the same old story. If you’re wondering what subject or person drives you to overthink, it’s possible that it’s got something to do with your zodiac sign. Your sign can tell you a ton about what kind of person you are and this subject is also totally relevant. Yup, your sign can totally tell you what is always on your mind. Read on to find out what you overthink about based on your zodiac sign !

16Air Signs (Aquarius, Libra, Gemini): Why You Didn’t Get A Party Invite

Air signs are, basically, the social signs. They love a good party (or even a bad one… although, honestly, they might not even think that a party could be bad since they love being around other people so much).

If they’re going to overthink anything, it’s going to be why they didn’t get an invitation to a party or event. If this is you and you’re a Libra, Gemini, or Aquarius, then you absolutely hate being left out of a social event. You just don’t get why anyone would exclude you and you really wish that you could go and have a good time. You’ll wonder if you offended anyone or if they hate you and it just won’t sit well with you. Well, there are probably worse things to worry about, right?!

15Aquarius: Absolutely Everything

Aquarius signs tend to overthink because they have a very active inner world. If this is you, then that can definitely become a problem in your life.

Sure, you have some awesome qualities — you can be quiet or loud depending on the situation, you love to learn and find a lot of things interesting, and you’re a unique person. But because there are times when all you can do is sit alone and think about something that’s bothering you, you can overthink absolutely everything in your life. And that can make you even more upset, as you’ve probably realized. It’s not the most fun thing to do (or the most helpful or productive). You’re the kind of person who might have a bit of a reputation as a worrywart in your social circle and family.

14Libra: The Reason That You’re Feeling Sorry For Yourself

If you’re a Libra sign, then you’re also fairly sensitive, but in a different way. To you, nothing is more important than things being fair and balanced. You hate when things are unfair and care a lot about other people. You just want people to be happy and healthy and treated well.

You can also dwell on negative feelings and can sometimes feel sorry for yourself when there’s no reason to. When you’re feeling sorry for yourself, you’re going to keep thinking about that, and your mind will be filled with “poor me” thoughts. This is definitely the thing that you’ll overthink. This won’t really make you the most fun person to be around, so hopefully you don’t talk to other people when you’re feeling this way.

13Gemini: Why You’re Single Or How To Spend Your Alone Time

If you’re a Gemini, then you’re really not cool with being alone. It’s not that you’re not strong and independent. It’s just that you hate spending time alone and prefer being with other people.

If you’re single, then you’re definitely going to overthink why you don’t have a boyfriend. It won’t be something that you’ll be able to wrap your head around. No, it’s not because you’re conceited, but because you don’t think that you should be alone. If you’re in a relationship, then you’re going to overthink how you should spend your alone time (if your boyfriend is working late, away for the weekend, out with friends, etc). It’s not something that you feel comfortable with so that’s why you’ll spend more time worrying about it than other people would.

12Water Signs (Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer): Whether Someone Is Mad At You

Water signs are all emotional. If you’re a Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio, then you already know this about yourself, right? You’re the kind of girl who cries when everyone around you has a super straight face. And maybe you don’t exactly love that quality about yourself, but hey, everyone has their thing. And this just happens to be yours.

If you’re one of the water signs, then the thing that you overthink is whether someone is mad at you. This could be your best friend, your boyfriend, your mom, your coworker — literally anyone. Even if you had a deep talk with them and they swore that they forgave you for something or that there were no hard feelings, you would still go home and be totally convinced that they hated you. That’s just the way that you are.

11Scorpio: Your Jealousy Of Your Boyfriend’s Female Friends

Scorpios are jealous signs. No doubt about it. You might swear that you’re not jealous, not at all, but if your boyfriend has female friends, you’ll realize pretty quickly that you’re definitely the jealous type.

What can you say? You just don’t want him to hang out with other girls. Yes, even if it’s super obvious that he’s in love with you and committted to you and would never cheat on you. This is just the way that you are and you don’t think that you need to change. When you’re convinced that you need to be jealous, this is all that you’ll focus on, and you’ll absolutely overthink it. It won’t be an enjoyable experience for your boyfriend or for you, but again, this is your personality.

10Pisces: How You’re Feeling

Pisces signs are super sensitive and emotional. You might wonder why you seem to feel things so much more strongly than the people that you know, and honestly, it’s just the way that you are. Some people are more emotional than others and you definitely are.

If you’re a Pisces sign, then you tend to overthink how you’re feeling. If you’re mad at your boyfriend, if you’re confused about something that your best friend did, if you’re happy about your recent job promotion — you’re going to sit there and think about it (and think about it… and think about it). This is both a good and bad thing. It’s good because it forces you to get in touch with your emotions and figure them out so you can process them, but it’s bad when it upsets you even more.

9Cancer: If Someone Is Insulting You

Cancer signs are really sensitive. They care a lot about what other people think about them and want to be liked. Yeah, everyone wants that to some extent, but this is especially true for these zodiac signs.

Being a Cancer sign means dealing with how sensitive you are on a regular basis, and this means that when you think that someone might be insulting you or might not like you, that’s all that you’re going to think about. You’ll basically fixate on this until it’s the only thing on your mind. If you mention this to a friend or your mom, they’re probably going to tell you that you’re being nuts because everyone loves you. But even still, you’ll keep thinking and worrying about it.

8Earth Signs (Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus): The Last Time You Got Upset

Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are all earth signs. If you’re one of these, then congrats, because you have a lot of amazing things going for you. You’re loyal and you don’t get too emotional and you’re a great friend and partner and family member to have.

When it comes to overthinking, you can really go to town about the last time that you got upset. You tend to dwell on the moments when you felt bad about something or yourself, and it can be tough to move on. You really can’t just shake the negative emotions off like some people can. Whether this was an awkward conversation at a party or a bad date, you’ll go over and over the moment in your mind for a long time.

7Capricorn: Whether You Should Forgive Someone Or Not

Capricorn signs aren’t great at forgiving and forgetting. If this is your zodiac sign, then moving on is never easy for you.

You don’t really think that you should ever have to forgive someone. Basically, if someone wronged you or hurt you, then that’s all that you can think about. You’re going to stay angry at them no matter what. It doesn’t matter if they apologize and try to have a real, honest conversation with you about the situation. You’re still going to be annoyed and pissed off. This is not great because it’ll only make you feel worse. When you’re convinced that you don’t need to forgive someone, your friends and family will probably tell you to forgive that person already. And then you’ll wonder if you should and totally overthink it.

6Virgo: The Conversation That You Just Had

Virgo signs have so many good things going for themselves. They’re smart, logical, careful, and would never rush into anything without thinking first. If this is you, then you should be super proud of your personality because you’re definitely awesome.

The only problem with being a Virgo? You tend to overthink a lot of things, and that definitely includes the last conversation that you had. Because you can be on the shy side and can be a bit insecure and nervous, you might not always have the confidence to say what you really want to say to someone. And that means that after you go home after a social encounter, you might overthink the conversation and wonder if you should have said something else. It’s honestly going to haunt you and you’ll end up worrying way too much.

5Taurus: Your Opinions

Taurus signs are known for being stubborn, and everyone knows that’s not really the best quality out there. It’s not like you go on a first date and think, “I really hope that this guy is super stubborn. That sounds like a really great person to be with.”

Maybe you’re so stubborn that you don’t believe that you are and you really hate when people say that you are. That’s totally a thing (and it really annoys everyone around you). But the fact that you’re stubborn feeds into the topics that you overthink. Basically, when you have an opinion about something, you tend to think about it a lot. You think about it so much that you become convinced that your way is the only way.

4Fire Signs ( Leo, Aries, Sagittarius): The Fight You And Your BF Had

Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius all have one thing in common: they’re fire signs who are full of passion (hence the whole “fire” thing).

When you and your boyfriend have an argument, whether it’s a big one or something that really doesn’t matter at all, you’re going to overthink it. Even if he says that he’s over it and you should move on, you won’t be able to. Your mind will be filled with all the things that you each said and you’ll wonder if he’s really okay about everything or if he’s lying about that. It’ll be really hard for you to just forget and move on with your life. You live a passionate life and when you love someone, you really, really love them, and you care so much.

3Leo: Whether People Like You

Leo signs really need attention and they need to be liked. No, it’s not that they want to be liked. Most people would admit that they want to be liked. Leo signs really, really need to be liked, and they can’t stand it if that’s not happening.

If you’re a Leo sign, then you absolutely demand that everyone that you meet and come into contact with will adore you. If you’re convinced that someone hates you, from a friend of a friend to a co-worker to an ex-boyfriend, that’s it. That’s going to be all that you can think about and it’s really going to drive you crazy. You won’t be able to understand how someone couldn’t think that you’re the best person ever. Yeah, you definitely have pretty high self-esteem.

2Aries: The Little Things

Aries signs can be moody and can get upset very easily, so if this is your zodiac sign, then you usually overthink little things that don’t even matter.

You’ve probably been told by your parents your whole life that you worry for nothing. They’ve also probably told you not to sweat the small stuff and think about things that don’t matter. Sure, that’s awesome advice… but it’s not like you can take it. Nope. Instead, no problem is too small for you. You’ll worry and think and worry and think some more. You just have a pretty bad temper and find it hard to move on when you’re angry or hurt because of a situation or something that someone close to you did. You’re just not that great at forgiving.

1Sagittarius: Your Travel Plans

Being a Sagittarius means that you love to travel. And you live to travel. Both of those things are definitely true.

While some people love staying home most of the time and really like that, that’s just not what you’re into. You want to see amazing things and have unique experiences and are the furthest thing from a homebody that there is. When you’ve got travel on the brain (which is most of the time), you can’t stop thinking about your next trip and you’ll be in non-stop planning mode. You tend to overthink your travel plans because you just get so into it and so obsessed. It’s not great for other people when you’re like this because they’re going to get annoyed and wonder if you have any other conversation topics.

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