What Does The Spring Equinox Mean For Your Zodiac Sign? Here’s What To Expect As The Seasons Change

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What Does The Spring Equinox Mean For Your Zodiac Sign? Here’s What To Expect As The Seasons Change

We may have already spent a dreaded three and a half months in 2018, but if you count your years astrologically, the year is just getting started, fam! March 20 marks the Spring Equinox, and the date means Aries season is upon us (and I’m sure you rams out there are smiling in anticipation of the best birthday you could have) just as we’re starting to sniff a little more from those pollen allergies.


The question comes up now: what does the Spring Equinox mean for your zodiac sign? It’s the start of a new beginning, a new cycle, and/or a new set of challenges for you to take on. Tauruses, your psyche will be taking up room in the twelfth house of the subconscious as the season changes (and you gear up for your time to shine!), while Pisces will feel a little more materialistic as the sun swings into your second house of material possessions.

Your sign’s astrological house (your sign is ruled by a house numbered 1-12 and governs a different aspect of your life), element (each sign is fire, water, earth, or air), and temperamental quality (the choices are either cardinal, mutable, and fixed) will influence this, especially with all the springtime feels at play. Read on to find out how.


Happy birthday!You’ve been waiting all YEAR to feel on fire again, which makes literal sense because you’re the cardinal fire sign. The Sun, Mercury, and Venus will all be in your placements on March 20, meaning the whole world will feel alive with Aries’ proactive, hustling energy. You’re the ruler of the first house of self, and it’s back to your house’s natural alignments. Enjoy feeling like the world is going your way and accepting your fiery habits. Everything in your creativity and energy levels will feel heightened, if you let it.


You’re going to feel weird about now, and a heck of a lot antsier. That’s due to your intuition showing you the parts you usually want to keep hidden and not face, bull. Moving through the twelfth house of your subconscious is so hard, but always a necessary feat before you get to take a chill pill for your birthday presence in late April (which I bet you’re stubbornly seeking patience for right now). You’re experiencing a lot of doubt and musings on who you want to be, Taurus, because what does that even look like now? The subconscious is the last place you’ll want to grow, but hang in there. If you embrace this fiery time, even if it scorches you, by all means it’ll pass and you’ll get out in one (relatively unscathed) piece with a few self discoveries to boot. They’ll all make your season in late April/May even more rewarding.


Oh, Gemini. With your eleventh house lighting up at the start of spring, you’re on fire right now in the friends department. Just make sure you 100 percent validate who you want to be around before hanging with just anyoneYou’re also learning how to not just settle and drift around. It’s a bit of a hard lesson, but you won’t be hard-pressed for opportunities to learn it. Don’t be afraid to take an uncharacteristic stand and let people know you love them this month. They’re going to be craving your company way more!


Hang in there, Cancer. You’re moving in the tenth house of career right now, which is not always your natural forte. That is the ruler of your foil, Cappy, so you’re feeling a bit more insecure because you can’t use your natural warmth to weave your way out of any professional conflicts you sense. You may be wary about where you stand with so many of the people in your life because you see detachment everywhere, but in these moments remember your power. You were built to bring happiness to others, and embrace that even if you feel scared at any power struggles headed your way. You can get through them.


You’ll be productive AF right around Spring Equinox! You thrive when it gets warmer, always — and you’re in the ninth house of philosophy this month, Leo, so expect your philosophical musings to take a turn for the better. As a fellow fire sign, you’re going to love all the creative energy beginning to flow your way. Your negotiations, musings, and general emotional intelligence will get rewarded — but first, you must think about what you even want. And how pure the intent was. Then watch it come to you.


Virgo, you’re doing some deep soul searching as we shift into spring. Blame the eighth house that governs rebirth and reincarnation. There is a lot of activity happening there, and the new moon also enters your opposing sign, Pisces, on March 17, just three days earlier. Thus you may feel emotional and confused around Spring Equinox, but never fear. Your detail-oriented nature means you will quickly suss out what you can control, and try to let go of what you can’t until the game plan comes to you. Relaxation is your best bet right now. You’ll come out of this a lot stronger and smarter after.


You’re going to be thriving as we reach springas you’ll be seeing stuff happening in the seventh house of partnerships, which is your natural ruler. Not just the Sun, but also Mercury and Venus will all be in your love zone in that seventh house, so be prepared to feel quite smitten by someone this season. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

Your sign may oppose the fiery Aries with your calm Libra-ness, but it makes you the best kind of diplomat and balances things out in a tumultuous season. Everything you’re working for is coming full circle for you this Spring Equinox, so rejoice and enjoy the fruits of those labors. Whether it’s a new passion project, hobby or goal, whatever you start this month is blessed. So go for it.


Think about your health right now. You’re the type to get tangled in the dark spots that are more abstract, but you have to remember you’re also in a physical body, Scorp. The sixth house of health is going to be key for you this Spring Equinox. Do a lot of self-care and don’t resist the urge to just veg — whatever makes your body feel best. Digging into your subconscious so hard can throw anyone off kilter a lot of the time, and rejuvenation is so important, especially for you.


You’re currently in the fifth house of pleasure, so you’ll be learning a lot about that. Let yourself be discerning for what you do or don’t use to get joy. Obstacles will be showing up and helping you assess what you value, but you got this. Trust your instincts, and they will bring you, the mutable fire sign, the best possible outcomes. Mars will be in your second house of possessions, so watch your finances right now as well.


You don’t know what’s going on with your family, but you’re ready to face it for once as activity happens in your fourth house of home around the start of spring. You may have shied away slightly at things before, but every family is a little dark. You finally understand now that the subconscious matters, and your subconscious is okay with healing that in your own way. Crowd-sourcing suggestions.


You’re a ball of energy, eager to communicate ideas and insight right now. Your lack of patience is showing, but the good news is you’re the kind of soul who will learn their lesson fast and teach others it, too. Your third house of communication is lighting up right as we lean into spring, and you’re ready to talk smart with others. We do it so many times, but now we must be intentional. And Aquarius is leading the charge.


Ground yourself in the material world, Pisces. It’s not your season anymore, and you might be feeling the disconnect from a spiritual high. But don’t worry. Try leaning into your creature comforts, Pisces, and embody the spirit of the second house of material possessions the way its natural ruler, a Taurus would. You won’t regret it. The new moon in Pisces on March 17 is a chance for redemption and a chance to get answers that you need as well.

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