What Being Married To Him Will Look Like, Based On His Zodiac Sign

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What Being Married To Him Will Look Like, Based On His Zodiac Sign

Most girls dream about their wedding day from a young age, but do they think about the kind of man that they want to marry? Or about what they want their marriage to actually look like?

A wedding is cool and all and involves a lot of fun things (wearing a beautiful gown, ordering a gorgeous cake, having your friends and family all in the same room, having pretty flowers, dancing and partying for hours). It’s just one day, though, and a marriage is a lifetime of ups and downs and happiness and sadness and just about anything that you can think of. When you think about your future husband, whether you’re single or in a relationship or newly engaged, you might not think about his zodiac sign. You might be more focused on the wedding day (which is totally fun, of course). But his zodiac sign has a lot to do with the kind of husband that he’s going to be since, of course, it involves his personality traits, both the good and the bad. And these will say everything about what married life is going to look like.

Read on to find out what being married to him will look like, based on his zodiac sign!

16Earth Signs (Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn): Happy And Drama-Free

Earth signs make really good husbands and the kind of husband that you think of when you picture a happy marriage. Whether you’re married to a Virgo, Taurus, or Capricorn, your marriage is going to be happy and drama-free.

Your friends and family might even think that your marriage is kind of boring because no one really wants to hear that you’re so in love and things are good and you have no complaints.

When you go out for dinner or drinks or brunch with other women who are married or in long-term, serious, committed relationships, they like to complain about the guys that they’re with. They want to say that their husband or boyfriend won’t empty the dishwasher and he leaves clothes on the floor and he won’t stop putting toothpaste all over the bathroom or whatever their complaints are. You won’t have anything to complain about because your marriage will be really good. It might confuse them, but hey, you won’t mind. They’ll be secretly jealous of you, anyway, and wonder what your secret is. It just might be that you’re married to a guy who is an Earth sign and so he knows how to treat you and how to make the marriage work.

15Virgo: He’ll Be A Practical Husband Who Makes Future Plans

Virgo guys make amazing husbands. Virgo signs are pretty good in general — they’re smart, logical, intelligent, hard workers, and they might be quiet but thrive in smaller social situations or with just one other person. If you’re married to a Virgo, he’ll be a practical husband who will make future plans for the two of you.

This is the kind of guy who will always explain what he’s feeling and thinking. Before you two make a major decision, he’ll come to you and want to discuss absolutely everything about the choice, big and small. He might even make a pro or con list, which can definitely be helpful. This isn’t a guy who is afraid of the future. He’s so organized and logical that it seems like he would want to plan for your shared future and always talk things through.

Sure, he might not be the most charming or confident guy, since this zodiac sign can be shy and quiet, but that’s most likely what made him so attractive in your eyes in the first place. If you want to be with a super sweet guy who cares about you and is logical and practical, this is the husband for you.

14Taurus: He Might Be Stubborn But Your Marriage Will Be Stable And Loyal

Every zodiac sign seems to be known for one thing or a major personality trait that is super obvious. Taurus signs are known for being stubborn. It’s pretty much their most famous trait and the thing that people talk about. It makes sense that marrying a guy who is a Taurus sign would mean marrying a guy who is stubborn… but it honestly doesn’t have to be a bad thing. While stubbornness is an annoying thing to deal with, you most likely wouldn’t mind having a Taurus for a husband because he has other good qualities.

Although your husband will be stubborn, you’ll have a loyal guy who is always by your side and ready to help you out with whatever is going on in your life. Your marriage will be stable and loyal and you’ll never have to worry about whether he loves you or has eyes for anyone else. This is the kind of guy that you have always wanted to be with and you’d be super lucky to be married to him.

Loyalty is definitely an amazing quality for anyone to have, and that goes for friends and family along with, of course, the person that you marry. If you’re not with a loyal person, you really don’t have anything.

13Capricorn: He’ll Be Traditional And Family-Focused

Capricorn signs absolutely love tradition and family. They are totally all about these two things. So it makes sense that if your husband is this zodiac sign, you’ll have a pretty good time.

Your husband will be traditional so he’ll do all the things that husbands are supposed to do. He’ll fix things, mow the lawn if you guys have one, barbeque or grill, and always be there for you. He’ll want to be a team and do things together and spend time with you, and things will be really good. He’ll want to celebrate every major holiday in the home that you two have created together, and everything will be loving and caring and amazing.

He’ll also be family-focused so not only will be super excited and happy about the idea of starting a family with you but he’ll want to have your families over all the time. He’ll always be making plans for all of you to hang out, and you’ll have no doubt in your mind that he’s going to make an amazing father once the time is right for the two of you to make that happen. If you’re into tradition and family, then this is your dream husband and exactly the type of guy that you can see yourself with.

12Fire Signs (Leo, Sagittarius, Aries): One-Sided And Tricky

Being married to a guy who is a Fire sign means that your husband will be a Leo, Sagittarius, or Aries. None of these husbands are going to be super easy to deal with. Fire signs aren’t really happy go lucky, go with the flow types of people. They’re basically the opposite of that. They are passionate and, well, fiery, and while that can be attractive and is probably why you would start dating these types of guys since they can be charming, they might not always be marriage material.

If you can handle being in a tricky, difficult marriage that feels very complicated at times, then sure, this might not be a problem for you. But you probably want your marriage to feel as easy as possible and won’t love that your husband has so many aspects of his personality that are negative and hard to deal with.

Your marriage should be a place where you’re totally comfortable and free to be yourself, and your husband is there for you no matter what. You’re a team and you do things together and feel like you have an extension of yourself. Otherwise, what’s the point of even walking down the aisle and exchanging vows?

11Leo: He May Have A Tendency To Make Things All About Him

Leo signs are not easy-going at all, and if you’re married to a guy who is a Leo sign, he’ll totally make things all about him. He’ll come home from a long day at work and brag about all of the amazing things that he did that day, or on the flip side, he’ll complain for hours about an annoying coworker or something that someone said that really rubbed him the long way.

It’s very possible that your marriage will be one-sided… but to be totally honest, you will have known that about him already. When you’re just dating him and starting to get serious, he’ll definitely act conceited and full of himself because that’s the way that this zodiac sign tends to act. It’s not like there are going to be any massive surprises once you tie the knot.

That being said, being married does feel a bit different from just being in a relationship, so it might take you until after the wedding vows and the wedding day is long gone to realize that, oops, this isn’t exactly the kind of person that you want to be with. And this definitely isn’t the type of marriage that you want.

10Sagittarius: He’ll Be Out Of Town A Lot Of The Time

If there’s one thing that is going to be absolutely true if you marry a man who is a Sagittarius sign, it’s that he loves adventure and travel. Sagittarius signs are pretty nuts about travel. It’s their thing. And he’ll probably be out of town a lot of the time, which means that you wouldn’t see him all that often. It’s totally possible that your husband will be out of town and away either for business or pleasure more than he is home.

If you can deal with that and love having some free time and independence, then sure, this might work out just fine. Maybe you want this kind of marriage because you don’t like when couples spend all their time together and you don’t think that works for you. Maybe you think that being together 24/7 is too “clingy” and just a bad idea.

Or maybe you can’t handle this at all and it’s a big surprise when your husband would rather travel than spend time with you. That’s totally your right, of course, since most people don’t exchange marriage vows thinking that they’re barely going to see the other person. That’s just not a thing that usually happens.Featured Today

9Aries: He Could Be In A Bad Mood For Days And Be Quick To Argue

Aries signs are a bit tricky because they are fairly moody. When you think of someone who is often in a bad mood, a teenager might come to mind since that’s such a classic thing. You might not think of a husband as being moody because that’s kind of an immature image… but Aries signs can be moody.

So it makes sense that if you marry a man who is an Aries sign, he might not always be the easiest person to deal with. If he gets into a bad mood or something happens to him, he could be in a bad mood for a few days. That’s not great for you. Imagine dealing with someone like that — it sounds terrible.

He also might be quick to argue, which also sounds pretty bad. No one gets married because they want to fight with their partner all the time. No matter how much you love this guy, you might realize pretty early on in your marriage that this wasn’t what you signed up. It’s not totally impossible to fix because maybe you can talk to him and he’ll work on these things, but that won’t be easy, either, and you’ll definitely be upset about the way that things are.

8Water Signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio): Emotionally Vulnerable And Healthy (For The Most Part)

People always say that it’s not simple to be in a serious, committed relationship and that each person needs to put in work and effort. That’s absolutely true. Without both partners realizing that the relationship is going to suffer and each person will wonder if the other one even loves or cares about them. That’s not a fun situation to be in.

Part of the hard work and effort is being emotionally vulnerable. If you want your relationship to work out, you have to be willing to get deep and talk about your feelings, even if it’s weird and difficult and uncomfortable. This is even truer if you get married since that’s the deepest, most loving commitment that you make. A healthy marriage is all about sharing everything, from feelings to thoughts to your life.

If you’re married to a guy who is a water sign and is a Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio sign, your marriage will be healthy and emotionally vulnerable… for the most part. The only tricky thing is if your husband is a Scorpio and that might present a few problems (more on that soon). But that just depends on how things are going and whether he has any reason to wonder about you.

7Pisces: He’ll Be Sweet And Sensitive To Your Every Need, Thought, And Feeling

Being married to a man who is a Pisces will be pretty awesome. You most likely had at least one boyfriend, maybe in high school or college or just after, who you liked but wondered why he was so emotionally distant. You thought that everything would be so much better if he would just open up and talk to you about things, but it just wasn’t happening. This guy will be the total and complete opposite of that. He’ll be sweet and sensitive to your every need, thought, and feeling.

This is the kind of husband that dreams are made of. Since Pisces signs are so emotional and sensitive, he’ll be super attentive when you’re going through something tough or when you’re celebrating a big and exciting life event. This is the type of husband who will throw you a party when you get a promotion or your dream job and who will bring you ice cream and watch a girly movie with you when you’re having a tough week.

Basically, when you’re picturing what marriage will be like, this is probably the scene that you think about, and so it’s pretty cool that being married to a Pisces would give you that experience.

6Cancer: You’ll Be Married To A Homebody And It’ll Always Be Loving And Cozy

Cancer signs are total homebodies who want nothing more than to kick back and relax in their own space. They’re not party animals and it’s rare that they want to get super social.

When you’re married to a guy who is a Cancer sign, you’re married to a homebody, and it’ll always be loving and cozy. He’s the kind of husband who will make amazing, comfort food dinners like chili or roast chicken and mashed potatoes. You guys will create a loving home that your friends and family are always more than happy to spend time at. This is the marriage that a lot of people want and dream of since it’s all about making your home full of love and comfort, and your husband will be the person that you turn to no matter what is going on in your life. You’ll know that he’ll always be there for you and ready to hand you a glass of wine and binge-watch something fun and entertaining.

Since you might be more social than him, a good compromise is to host dinners or parties at your home and that way he can indulge in his homebody ways and you can still get social and spend time with the people that you love (besides him, of course).

5Scorpio: He’ll Be Passionate About You (As Long As You Don’t Give Him A Reason To Be Jealous)

When you’re married to a guy who is a Scorpio sign, that’s when your marriage might have some ups and downs. The problem is this zodiac sign can be very jealous and have trouble trusting people, especially if they give them a reason not to trust them.

Your husband will be passionate about you… as long as you don’t give him a reason to be jealous of you or not trust you. If he knows that you love him and only him and would never, ever cheat on him, then your marriage will be happy and loving. But if he has any reason not to trust you and worry about things, all bets are off and he’s going to be a difficult person to be with.

This won’t be super fair since it’s totally possible that this will all be in his head and you won’t be unfaithful or disloyal at all, but that’s the way that things go sometimes. And if that is the case, then, unfortunately, this marriage wasn’t meant to be and you’re just not well-suited to each other. Sometimes that stuff only becomes clear if you and your partner have been together for a long time.

4Air Signs (Aquarius, Libra, Gemini): A Sometimes Good, Sometimes Tough Marriage

Air signs are a bit trickier to date and, later on, marry. While sometimes, being married to a man who is an Air sign (an Aquarius, Libra, or Gemini) will be absolutely amazing, other times it will be pretty difficult.

Aquarius and Gemini signs are the worst husbands of the bunch here. They have some negative qualities that aren’t so great and that will make you wonder why you thought that it was a good idea to get married in the first place (even though, of course, you didn’t know that things would get so tough, and you had high hopes that you would be in love forever). The Libra man is going to be a much better husband than the other two zodiac signs… but only up until a point, as it really depends on his mood.

No relationship is perfect and no person is perfect, and it can be hard to know how you’re each going to grow and change. You might assume that nothing would ever change your relationship and that getting married will only make things better and stronger, but there’s no way of knowing for sure. It just might not work out as well as you had hoped.

3Aquarius: He May Have Trouble Opening Up

Being married to a man who is an Aquarius might not be the greatest thing ever. In fact, it might be super frustrating because of one of his major personality traits: the fact that he has trouble opening up.

For the most part, this zodiac sign doesn’t like to talk about their emotions, and since that’s a pretty big thing in any relationship, including a marriage, that’s not the best news. When you want to know what your partner is thinking and feeling at all times and he doesn’t want to talk to you about that stuff, it’s hard to imagine that things would work out.

Sure, you can tell yourself that this is no big deal and that nothing is perfect and everyone would like to change one aspect of their relationship but is that really true? Shouldn’t your husband be able to open up to you about anything and everything, whether he’s sharing stories from his childhood or past and sharing dreams for the future? That seems like a much better husband to have… and it doesn’t seem like it’s sustainable to be with someone who doesn’t want to tell you everything that he’s feeling. This might be fine in the beginning, but being married to a guy like this will definitely get old.

2Libra: He’ll Be A Great Partner (Unless He’s Mad Or Frustrated)

Having a husband who is a Libra sign will be pretty cool. Libras are awesome because they have so many positive personality traits, including the fact that they’re friendly and social and they really care about other people. Libras really want things to be fair and are totally heartbroken if someone good has to suffer or goes through something that doesn’t make sense. Being with a guy who is so caring and compassionate sounds like the dream.

The only problem with being married to a Libra guy? When he gets mad or frustrated, he’s super tough to deal with. And since marriage means being with each other through good times and bad, that means having to come to terms with the negative aspects of your partner’s personality.

He’s not going to be happy and in a good mood 24/7, just like you won’t be, but you might not love how mad and frustrated he gets. If he thinks that something is unfair, he won’t be able to rest until he feels that things are fair once again, and that won’t be that fun for you to deal with. This is just the reality of your marriage if you’re married to a guy who is a Libra sign.

1Gemini: He May Get Bored Very Fast

There are some people who really thrive on routines and are all about doing the same things day in, day out. They know what they like to do in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings, and while their schedule might change depending on whether it’s a weekday or weekend, they’re generally the same. Then there are people who thrive on change and adventure and never, ever want to follow a routine.

Gemini signs aren’t big fans of routine, mostly because they get bored really fast. That’s bad news if you’re married to a guy who is a Gemini sign. As you can probably tell, marriage is, well, not always fun and games or super exciting. You’re living with someone full-time and sharing your lives and that’s a beautiful, special thing, but you still have chores to do and groceries to buy and you both have busy schedules and jobs and all that jazz. You can’t just have fun all the time.

Your Gemini husband will most likely get bored really fast, and he might say that he’s bored with the marriage or even you, and that’s definitely not what you signed up for. Unfortunately, not every marriage lasts, and sometimes these things just happen.

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