What a gift to give to a Capricorn

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March 29, 2019
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What a gift to give to a Capricorn

If you have to give a gift to a Capricorn friend or parent but you do not really know what to offer, in this article we give you some tips that could delight them. That being the case, remember that the characteristics of the sign Capricorn also influence for many in the kind of gifts. The Capricorns are very disciplined and love lead. They are practical and do not like to waste their money; but they like gifts that take on value over time.

What a gift to offer to a Capricorn man

  • For a Capricorn frame: any kind of accessories that he can wear at the office. A leather briefcase or a fountain pen bearing his initials. If he goes in costume at work, he will love the silk tie or cufflinks.
  • If he likes wine, you can offer him a box of red wine. A gift to start in the most special evenings. He will also like the course of wine tasting or sparkling wine.
  • As a couple, a weekend in Venice … The most romantic gift to surprise the Capricorn man.
  • The painting of a beginner painter, a promise by the experts. A gift that he will love every time and that will appreciate.

What a gift for a Capricorn woman

  • If he will like the weekend in Venice, she will love it! A romantic trip with a reservation in a very romantic restaurant will make the Capricorn woman totally crazy for her boyfriend.
  • For him wine, for the woman Capricorn you can offer him a bottle of champagne to drink between you.
  • If she already practices it, offer her new rackets to play the padle. If she has never played, give her a class. It will be a lot funnier if you keep him company, whether you are his man or a friend.
  • A very exclusive personal care cream will delight her although she would never buy it for her.

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