Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the pettiest of them all?

We all have our moments of pettiness, right? Sometimes, we just can’t help it! Maybe we behave in a petty way because we’ve been hurt, maybe we do it because it makes us feel better about ourselves, or maybe we’re just bored and doing the petty thing fills the time. Hey, no judgment

When it comes to our zodiac signs, we might be able to better determine who among us is more prone to pettiness than the rest. When it comes to relationships, being petty can take different forms, like totally removing our ex from our lives – both online and in person – whereas, for others, it can take the form of spreading rumors to make our ex hurt as badly as they hurt us. Pettiness can show itself in making fun of our ex’s new SO or in throwing shade at their relationship, it can express itself in temper tantrums and picking fights. Really, it just depends on how often you show it in a relationship – and how. Naturally, some signs of the zodiac are more predisposed to pettiness than others, but where do you fall on a scale of 1 to 10 when it comes to playing the petty card? The answer might surprise you!

16Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): Potential Pettiness

With their seemingly boundless energy and ability to acknowledge their emotional side, Fire signs have all the markers of being extremely petty, potentially more so than any other element in the zodiac. Surprisingly, though, that’s not actually the case!

While these signs can certainly be explosive, they tend to be more direct than pettiness might otherwise imply. These signs don’t need to manipulate other people to get their way or spread rumors to get revenge because they’ll say what they mean directly to their face! Additionally, Fire signs tend to be the leaders in most situations, and while pettiness might have worked for the Plastics in Mean Girls, Fire signs don’t operate that way. They certainly have the capacity and potential to be petty, which is what puts them near the top, but as a rule, they’re second best in the petty parade.

15ARIES: About To Explode

The aggression and passion that defines an Aries can be a really good thing. It causes them to be the leaders in most situations and take risks that usually pay off, whereas other zodiac signs prefer to play it safe. However, it’s the infamous temper of the Aries that gets them into trouble and contributes to their petty behavior, because this sign can be set off by things both large and small.

One of the defining characteristics of the Aries – competitiveness – combined with their temper is what really contributes to this sign’s pettiness. In an effort to get ahead, this sign isn’t afraid to play dirty, as long as they come out the winner. Their thirst for a competition can be fuelled by anything, and since this sign is always on the edge of exploding, we’ll give them a petty ranking of 6/10.

14LEO: Capacity To Be Ice Cold

Leo can be generous and loving, willing to give as good as they get. Sure, this sign likes to be the center of attention most of the time, but they enjoy sharing the love with those they’re close to. That being said, you do NOT want to get on the bad side of this sign, because they can give a cold shoulder like nobody else.

This Fire sign can become easily annoyed when things don’t go their way, and since they ask for quite a lot, that situation can arise fairly frequently. When they’re annoyed, this sign will give the silent treatment and totally freeze someone out. Rather than explode – which they occasionally do when they’re very upset – the Leo knows that revenge is a dish best served ice-cold. A withering stare, a backhanded comment – this sign knows how to bring the petty. 7/10

13SAGITTARIUS: Tick-Tock Temper

Sagittarius likes to go with the flow a lot of the time, and would rather do what they want than live by someone else’s rules. As an adult, this can translate into some childish behaviour, and really, what is pettiness by immaturity with a fancy name?

This sign isn’t so great with handling their emotions and can lash out. Plus, they have almost no filter, which means that they’ll blurt out whatever comes into their head without thinking twice about how rude or undiplomatic it is. In a breakup situation or a heated argument, a Sagittarius will go for the jugular, because they don’t think of the impact their words will have, later on, they just want to hurt the other person as much as they hurt. On a scale of 1 to 10 for pettiness, Sagittarius earns a solid 8.

12Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): Petty With A Purpose

Earth signs don’t do anything without having an end goal. They are pragmatic and practical, and revenge or anger for the sake of either seems pointless to these signs. Of all the elements, Earth signs are the most prone to critical and judgmental behavior, which can give them some petty attributes, but it’s not without a purpose.

For Earth signs, pettiness is just a side effect of their critical streak. They tend to hold themselves to such high standards that those who fail to reach such heights are deemed failures and flawed. Earth signs also have a pretty impressive memory, which means that they can whip out an old wound in an effort to gain the upper hand. For Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, pettiness only comes into play when it can prove useful.

11TAURUS: Holds Onto A Grudge

One of the biggest traits associated with a Taurus – and a trait that anyone born under this sign will attest to – is stubbornness. This sign just can’t let things go. Any old wound can be reopened, any fight can be rehashed because while a Taurus may forgive, they simply refuse to ever forget.

With that in mind, a Taurus isn’t petty necessarily, because they tend to be one of the more mature signs of the zodiac. They might be able to see that they’re heading into a petty territory and decide to stop themselves. When they don’t, though, they do it with a purpose. Holding onto grudges in order to use them as fodder in a fight later on or throw in the face of someone in the future is a choice for a Taurus, which makes their petty ranking a little lower than you might expect, at 6/10.

10VIRGO: Hyper-Critical

A Virgo tends to be a pretty level-headed sign of the zodiac, preferring to think with their head rather than their heart. However, they also tend to get caught up in their thoughts and dive head-first into anxiety, with their critical nature coming through to judge themselves and others. It’s this judgmental and critical behavior that fuels much of Virgo’s pettiness.

In a relationship that goes south, for example, a Virgo will beat herself up over it, dissecting what happened to determine her own shortcomings. Then, she’ll move onto you, categorizing everything wrong you did and saving it all up for ammunition, should she need it later. Outside of a relationship, a Virgo is simply hyper-critical, freely judging those because she can’t help it! When it comes to her petty ranking, she nabs a solid 7.5/10.

9CAPRICORN: Loves To Judge

At some point in their life, a Capricorn will hat everything at least once – it’s just a fact. This sign is known for being judgmental, and it’s because they hold themselves to such a high standard, so why shouldn’t everyone reach the top? Capricorn can’t be bothered with people or things that waste their time, and so their capacity for pettiness is pretty impressive.

Expecting everyone to be just like them means that Capricorn can dish it even if they can’t take it. They will freely judge anyone and everyone, even those closest to them – ESPECIALLY those closest to them. It’s just the way they work. Really, it’s a side effect of their impressive sense of ambition and determination, but it earns them a high petty score of 8.5/10.

8Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): Light On The Petty

As their element might suggest, Air signs are rarely the petty ones of the zodiac. Usually social, often preoccupied with fairness, and interested in anything and everything the world has to offer, Air signs understand that being petty would limit their ability to learn more about the world.

Since this sign thrives in social environments, pettiness would prove to be a hindrance to them, because who wants to hang out with that person? These signs tend to forgive easily unless they get really hurt, and even then, they’ll try to give the other person the benefit of the doubt. Simply put, Air signs don’t see the point in pettiness because it only serves to hurt one party and get the other no further than where they were. Of all the elements, the Air signs are the least petty around.

7GEMINI: No Petty Parties Here!

Gemini is one of the least petty signs out there because they’re just too lovable and curious to know everything to risk judging people! With an insatiable thirst for knowledge, Gemini wants to get to know anyone and everything, to collect their stories and learn all that they can. After all, you attract more flies with honey than with vinegar.

Naturally positive and chatty almost to a fault, Gemini doesn’t waste time or energy being petty. In fact, they hate to hurt another person’s feelings and will generally go out of their way to fix the situation rather than make it worse. It’s just not in their nature to be petty! As light as their Air sign designation would indicate, the petty level for Gemini is super low, at only 2/10.

6LIBRA: Fairness Before First Place

As the sign of the scales, to be petty would disrupt the balance of the harmony-inclined Libra. Rather than attempt to get ahead in a situation, Libra will choose fairness overcoming in first, which makes their petty ranking pretty low as a rule.

However, when it comes to romantic relationships, things get a little murky. Libra spends much of their time looking for “The One”, because they love to love, as they are ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Love. Because of that, when relationships take a turn for the worse, Libra can reveal their petty side, since they have been so hurt by someone they cared for so deeply. In the name of justice – and her own broken heart – Libra will pretend like her ex doesn’t exist, or that they meant nothing to her anyway. It’s a method of self-preservation, but it’s a little petty, so we’ll give Libra a 4/10.

5AQUARIUS: Always Right

Usually caught up in their head because they run from expressing themselves emotionally, Aquarius is a sign that loves debates. They enjoy fighting for what they believe in, but are also uncompromising, meaning that any argument with those born under this sign is bound to end in a stalemate, with both sides digging their heels in even deeper.

Since this sign tends to be quiet, you might not expect them to be petty, but all hell breaks loose when this sign believes themselves to be right – which is always. Their take-no-prisoners approach to arguments means they’re not above stooping to new lows to win a fight, and fighting dirty isn’t outside the realm of possibility. They keep their pettiness pretty well hidden, but it still earns them a 6/10 – the highest of the Air signs.

4Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): Deep Levels of Pettiness

The most introspective signs of the zodiac, those under the element of Water are prone to bouts of moodiness and melancholy, which means they have lots of time to brood over perceived wrongs done to them and think how best to get revenge or behave afterward.

The Water signs feel emotions very deeply, which means that they have deep levels of pettiness. While some can be associated with heartbreak, these signs are also naturally prone to suspicion, insecurity, and jealousy – all the right ingredients for a high degree of pettiness. In addition to their emotional intelligence, Water signs can also be big babies when it comes to getting their feelings hurt. Out of a misplaced sense of justice, these signs can take revenge or totally exclude someone from their lives, making them the pettiest subset of the zodiac.

3CANCER: Big Baby

Hugely moody and frequently insecure, the sensitive crab Cancer can be majorly petty, especially when they feel that they’ve been hurt (which is often). Cancer has some pretty strong ideals about what’s right and wrong, and when they feel that they’ve been wronged, you had better watch out!

Compared to some of the other signs, Cancer isn’t as petty as most, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have their moments. After a breakup, a Cancer will do whatever they can to scrub the memory of their ex in an effort to heal their broken heart. Burning any gifts, deleting them from social media, refusing to speak to them ever again – all classic Cancer behavior. It may seem like the immature thing to do, but this sign is just looking out for themselves, which gives them a 7/10 on the petty scale.

2SCORPIO: Hella Jealous

Trust and loyalty are two of the cornerstones of any relationship with a Scorpio, and to betray that is just asking for trouble. This sign is known for dealing with the darker side of things, which means pettiness is basically their MO. They’re also known for being extremely jealous, which means that they can fly into a rage if they think they’re being double-timed.

Master manipulators, Scorpio is hugely petty if they feel that they’ve been wronged. They won’t be petty just for thrills or power – this sign sees it as a form of avenging themselves. While they could just remove you from their life for doing them dirty, they might prefer to make you suffer as much as they did. Waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike, this Water sign is the winner of the petty contest, with an impressive 9/10!

1PISCES: Sensitive To A Fault

Compassionate and trusting to the point of naiveté, Pisces doesn’t have the capacity to be all that petty. Rather than turn their pain outward, this sensitive sign is more likely to blame themselves for whatever has gone wrong, beating themselves up for what usually isn’t their fault at all.

With that being said, Pisces can also use their protective shell to play the victim or be a martyr, which can be exhausting. They are always the one who has been wronged, they are always the one who’s been hurt or deceived, and that woe is me act is petty in and of itself. Making other people feel bad for a change is something a Pisces can do without realizing it, and that ignorance is partly why their petty ranking is lower than you might think, at 5/10.