We Ranked The Zodiac Signs Who Are The Most Fun To Those Who Are Boring (His And Hers)

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We Ranked The Zodiac Signs Who Are The Most Fun To Those Who Are Boring (His And Hers)

Some people are so much to be around—they always have ideas for exciting things to do, and their positive energy just fills the whole room! Other people are more laid back and reserved. Their idea of a fun Friday night might just involve hanging out at their house with some popcorn and Netflix rather than heading out to some crazy party. The world needs both types of people. If everyone was spontaneous and wild, nothing would ever get done! But if everyone was quiet and introverted, life would end up being fairly boring overall. Our society needs balance for everyone to get along.

So, why are some people so extroverted, while other people are less active and more relaxed? Well, the time of the year that you were born has a big influence on your personality—this is where your zodiac sign comes in. Some signs are naturally very expressive and social—they always want to be at the center of the excitement! Other signs are more content with a slow-paced life and a small circle of friends. So, which category do you fall into? We ranked the zodiac signs from the most fun to the most boring, the results just may shock you.

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24Most Fun: Sagittarius Girls

Sagittarius girls are the ones you really want to be friends with. Do these girls ever slow down for a second to breath? Nope, not a chance. Sagittarius girls are so highly aware of the fact that we only get one life to live, one chance on this big planet, so they want to spend it doing things they enjoy. They don’t allow themselves to get bored. Sagittarius girls often believe that people only feel bored when they allow themselves to! They keep their lives exciting and interesting by traveling whenever they have the money, spending lots of quality time with their close friends and family members, and dedicating themselves to activities and hobbies that they truly enjoy. For them, the world is just one big playground.

23Most Fun: Aquarius Girls

Aquarius girls are basically idea machines. Just like Sagittarius girls, they will not allow their lives to slide into boredom. Nope, they put in a ton of effort to keep things interesting. You would never catch an Aquarius girl just laying on her couch, scrolling through her phone, letting a reality TV show play in the background while she zones out. Nope! If she has a spare moment of downtime, you might find her reading a great book and taking notes in the margins, writing a poem, playing an instrument and singing along, or doing some active yoga to stay fit. She has the mindset that we need to spend each day like it’s our last, so she feels her days with activities that make her truly happy.

22Most Fun: Aries Guys

Out of all the signs in the zodiac, Aries guys are some of the most adventurous people that you will ever meet! Aries guys are the ones with big ideas and goals so massive that they freak out other people. These guys simply do not hold back! What’s more, they also encourage their friends to go after what makes them truly happy. That’s what makes them so great to hang out with. You feel like their positive mindset and exciting lifestyle just rubs off on you, and before you know it, your life feels a little more interesting just because you’re spending time with them. Aries guys are always making crazy plans, like traveling around the world or taking a road trip across the country.

21Most Fun: Gemini Girls

Gemini girls are the life of the party! No matter where you go, when you see a girl who livens up the room just by walking through the door, she is most likely a Gemini. These girls have an infectious energy that rubs off on everyone around them. If you become friends with a Gemini girl, she will have you planning adventures with her left and right! But there is another side to Gemini girls too—their intellectual side. These girls are so interesting because they are constantly making an effort to learn about the world around them. They love reading good books, watching weird documentaries, taking classes on unfamiliar topics, and visiting new cities. If you want to spice up your life, become friends with a Gemini girl.

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20Most Fun: Pisces Girls

Pisces girls may seem quiet on the surface, but once you get to know them, these girls are actually a riot. You just have to take the time to get past their reserved exterior—they won’t open up to just anyone! But if a Pisces girl trusts you, you will see how incredible her life is. They are very spiritual people, and they stay very active. Although their personalities are very different from Gemini girls, they have a similar thirst for knowledge. Pisces girls will never run out of things to say if you can get them talking! And on top of it all, Pisces girls love to travel and explore new places. They also enjoy getting out in nature by going to the beach or going hiking.

19Most Fun: Aquarius Guys

Aquarius guys love to do their own thing, and since they’re actually used to spending time on their own, they simply never get bored. From a young age, they realized that they were different from other children, therefore, they had to learn how to have fun on their own and entertain themselves. They are always on the go, and their schedules are always packed. They refuse to work at a job they hate, so they probably have a very interesting career that they could talk about for hours. You can just see the passion in their eyes when they open up and talk about their hobbies. There is never a moment of downtime for an Aquarius guy, and that’s just the way they like to live!

18Most Fun: Sagittarius Guys

Since Sagittarius girls kicked off our list of the most fun signs in the zodiac, you probably expected that Sagittarius guys would get their own entry on this list! And you were right—Sagittarius guys are a ton of fun to be around. They are very similar to Aries men in many ways. First of all, they absolutely love to travel. They are also extremely healthy and active, and they love to play sports that get them outside. A Sagittarius guy would be the first to plan a surf trip to Peru or a snowboarding trip to Colorado! They are always on the move, and they wouldn’t have it any other way. Honestly, if you’re friends with a Sagittarius guy, you already know that it can be tough to keep up with them!

17Most Fun: Gemini Guys

Gemini guys and Gemini girls have such similar personalities that you know it was only a matter of time before the guys got their spot on our “most fun” list! With all Geminis, the influence of their element, air, is very obvious. The element air represents freedom, movement, and positivity. Gemini guys embrace their freedom in every way possible. They do not tie themselves down (and yes, this means that dating them will drive you crazy), and they simply live to have fun. They don’t see the point of living a life that doesn’t bring them happiness every day. They want to wake up each morning feel excited for the day ahead, and they always look forward to whatever good things the future might hold for them.

16Most Fun: Leo Girls

Leo girls can be wild and hard to handle—but most importantly, they are never boring. What makes Leo girls so exciting to be around? Well, let’s just begin with their high levels of confidence. They will never back down from a challenge. If you want to go zip lining, skydiving, or anything else extreme, your Leo friend is the one you want by your side—there’s no doubt about it! The other thing that makes Leo women so much fun to be around is their positive outlook on life. They don’t dwell on negative things that happen to them. Instead, they try to look at obstacles as a chance to do better and prove their worth. They will be the first to cheer you up with good advice when something gets you down!

15Most Fun: Aries Girls

Hanging out with an Aries girl will naturally make your life more exciting. She will brighten up your day and make you see that most of your worries are pointless. Yes, Aries girls are stubborn, and sometimes they can go into “we’re doing this my way, or we’re not doing it at all” mode, but aside from that, they are a ton of fun to be around. Everyone needs an Aries girl in their life. What makes Aries girls so much fun? They don’t get bogged down by all the things that everyone else worries about. They are not constantly stressed over school, money, or relationships. They simply do what makes them happiest and leave the rest behind—they don’t let their fears turn into anxiety, they face their fears instead.

14Most Fun: Pisces Guys

Now, it may seem surprising to see that Pisces guys have earned themselves a place on our “most fun” list, but we swear, it’s for a good reason. Pisces guys are more sensitive than other guys, and because of that, they have a lot of emotional depth, and they make great friends. They are very interested in their artistic pursuits and creative mediums. There is no one better to go see a concert or a play with, or to go see some weird foreign film with. They will listen to you talk about any obscure topic for hours, and they would always be happy to check out a new museum, try out a restaurant with unfamiliar cuisine, or do something outdoorsy like go camping for a weekend.

13Most Fun: Leo Guys

Leo guys can be a lot to handle (just like Leo girls—funny how that works out!), but trust us, hanging out with them will guarantee that you have a good time. What makes hanging out with a Leo guy so exciting? These guys will literally strike up a conversation with anyone. They are super social, and they never get shy. How do they do it? We’ll never understand, but it’s almost like a superpower. When a Leo guy starts talking to you, you’ll probably end up spending hours chatting away, and then you’ll look around and wonder where the time went! If you become good friends with a Leo guy, you will always end up meeting a ton of interesting people through him. It’s a wild ride!

12Most Boring: Taurus Girls

Sorry, Taurus girls—please don’t be insulted to find your sign on this list! Let’s just clarify one thing right away—just because a sign is more boring on the outside than others, doesn’t mean that there is nothing interesting about them! That’s not true at all! It just means they are not as outgoing and exciting on the surface compared to the other signs. Now, let’s get back to talking about you, Taurus. You are definitely much more reserved than many of the other signs, and you are not very social. In fact, you are one of the most introverted signs in the zodiac. You really prefer to spend time alone or with the close company of one or two friends than in large groups of people, and you can’t stand parties or crowds of any kind.

11Most Boring: Scorpio Guys

Some people might not have expected that Scorpio guys would be on our “most boring” list, so let’s explain why. Basically, some signs don’t get along well with Scorpio men because they spend too much time wallowing in negative emotions. Do you remember back in the early 2000s when groups of teenage guys got into the idea of being “emo”? You know, skinny jeans, eyeliner, punk music, and pretending to be angsty and deep all of the time? Well, the majority of those guys were probably Scorpios. Scorpio guys are prone to bouts of sadness, and some people find this frustrating because it can drag them down into pits of negative emotions, too. Scorpio guys have a lot of work to do when it comes to managing their emotional state.

10Most Boring: Cancer Guys

Cancer guys are so laid back that they can slip right into regular old “boring” territory! Now, we don’t mean this as a nasty insult towards Cancer guys. We all know that they’re some of the nicest guys in the whole zodiac. They’re just not the most exciting to be around, and that’s okay, because honestly, the world needs all kinds of people. A Cancer guy’s favorite activity probably involves staying home with a book, watching his favorite movie, or even just going for a walk by himself. They are very content to simply spend time alone, and they don’t like to be too busy. They like having hours of “me time” every single day to recharge and do whatever they please without having to entertain anyone else.

9Most Boring: Virgo Girls

Virgo girls are always hyper-focused on their goals and not much else! They end up with a very interesting list of accomplishments on their resumes, but their day-to-day lives are not always so exciting. However, this is how they feel happiest, and shouldn’t we all try to live in a way that makes us feel happiest? Of course we should! Virgo girls are always hard at work. Virgo girls know that other people may find their lives boring, but frankly, they don’t care too much. They don’t judge anyone else for how they live, because they are too busy minding their own business and working on their own projects. So, they go on with their lives and do their own thing, whether anyone else finds it exciting or not.

8Most Boring: Capricorn Girls

If you think Virgo girls are hard workers, you should seriously meet a Capricorn girl. They put everyone else’s work ethic to shame. This is one of the defining traits of their sign, and they have always struggled with maintaining a healthy work/life balance. In fact, this issue usually begins when they get their first jobs as teenagers. Therefore, Capricorn girls are often seen as very boring compared to other signs, even if they do have interesting careers. No one finds the idea of being stuck behind a desk all day very exciting—except for Capricorn girls (and Capricorn guys, but trust us, we’ll get to them later). However, if that’s how they want to spend their lives, why not, as long as it makes them feel fulfilled.

7Most Boring: Libra Girls

Libra girls, don’t be offended when you read this! Let’s just get right into it. Libra, we know that you care a lot about what other people think. And honestly, you can’t really help it—it’s just in the nature of your sign, and every sign has issues that they will always struggle with. This just happens to be yours. But it’s a catch-22: the more people see you stressing over what others think, the more their opinion of you will decline. People often want to be around those who clearly DON’T care what others think of them. Plus, your idea of a happy life involves a strict balance between work and play, which means if someone wants to go to a party on a Wednesday night, you’re the wrong girl to call.

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6Most Boring: Libra Guys

Naturally, Libra guys are following up the Libra girls on this list! Libra guys tend to schedule their lives down to the last minute. They are always very focused on their jobs—not to the extent of a Capricorn, but you get the idea—and they also care more about their physical appearance than most guys. This means that they will often end up spending a lot of time at the gym and carefully planning all of their meals. Your Libra guy friend probably has a giant tub of protein powder and lots of supplements in his kitchen. Honestly, they’re pretty normal guys overall, but they’re not super exciting to be around. Sometimes, they wish that they were more spontaneous, but they care too much about sticking to their schedules.

5Most Boring: Taurus Guys

Taurus guys are so chill and laid back that it can seem like they live in their own little world with no interest in society. And in many cases, this description is correct. Taurus guys often don’t care about being a part of the social scene or having a ton of friends. And they figured out a young age that popularity would never really matter to them. They have their own priorities, and they simply stick to that and let the rest of the world pass by. Taurus guys basically live by the mantra of “Mind your own business.” They don’t get involved in drama, they don’t gossip about other people, they just do what they please. Yes, they can be boring, but they do make for reliable friends!

4Most Boring: Cancer Girls

Don’t even bother inviting a Cancer girl to a wild party—she is definitely going to say no! In fact, Cancer girls tend to be overwhelmed by crowds, and they need lots of time to themselves. They always have close groups of friends, and they absolutely love making their friends happy, but in all honesty, many of their hobbies are things that be enjoyed solo. Like most people born under one of the water signs, Cancer girls are more introverted than extroverted, and while they can be very friendly, they also need to recharge by spending time alone at home. They aren’t huge fans of traveling or visiting new places because it can take them far out of their comfort zones, and that’s a lot to handle for a Cancer girl.

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3Most Boring: Virgo Guys

Virgo guys live their lives very similarly to Virgo girls. They have their own passions, and they often have a single-minded focus on one goal or dream that they feel the need to achieve. They often are content with only two or three close friends and don’t feel the need to befriend any more people. They aren’t big fans of going to crazy parties, concerts, or festivals of any kind. A quiet weekend inside just resting and relaxing honestly sounds like a dream come true to them. They consider Netflix to be a good friend. In fact, you could probably find them binge-watching their favorite series while taking a break from working right now. They don’t really care about appearing spontaneous or exciting to anyone else.

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2Most Boring: Scorpio Girls

Scorpio girls have a tendency to get way too caught up in their own drama (and everyone else’s, even people they barely know). And when they’re young, people will often find this exciting—they always have all the gossip, they always know who said what and who likes who. But as Scorpio girls get older, and the people around them grow up and begin to realize what really matters in life, their friends no longer feel entertained by all of that drama. In fact, people often begin to find it rather boring and childish. Scorpio girls may think that being at the center of the drama is super exciting, but honestly, most of the people around them think it’s tiring, repetitive, and immature. It doesn’t add anything positive to anyone’s life.

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1Most Boring: Capricorn Guys

Capricorn guys are the biggest workaholics in the entire zodiac. Yes, they even surpass Capricorn girls most of the time. Capricorn guys often find their work very engrossing and exciting, but everyone around them tends to find it super boring. And they can’t understand why Capricorn guys would rather be at the office all day than go out and do something exciting! But Capricorn guys feel satisfied when they spend their days and nights devoted to their work. Most of us can’t fully understand that mindset, but this is genuinely what makes them happiest. Yes, to the rest of us it looks like they’re married to their laptops, but hey, whatever floats your boat, right? For Capricorn guys, that means hustling 24/7 and always staying on their grind.

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