We Ranked The Zodiac Signs And Their Likelihood Of Experiencing Self-Love Issues, ( His & Hers )

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We Ranked The Zodiac Signs And Their Likelihood Of Experiencing Self-Love Issues, ( His & Hers )




Self-love is an uphill battle for some of us. It seems like, no matter how hard we hike up the mountain of self-love, the universe keeps rolling boulders down the trail and knocking us back down to base camp. Okay, maybe the mountain metaphor is a bit of a stretch. And trust us, you don’t need to do any hiking to love yourself. In fact, you might be happier strolling through a flower garden. When you get right down to it that’s all that self-love is; you supporting your needs and respecting what your body and mind give you. Loving yourself can come in the form of fancy selfies, running an extra mile, or just congratulating yourself for putting away that laundry basket full of clothes. Whatever makes you feel good about YOU! Like all matters dealing with the self, though, some people are better than others. Why does your best friend love herself more than you feel you ever could, huh? The answer might be more cosmic than you think. The zodiac signs have a lot to do with why we feel self-love or not. It comes more naturally to some than to others. And that depends on the way your stars align!

Here are the signs ranked from least to most likely to experience self-love issues:

24-Pisces Women: Self-Love Isn’t Hard When All You Have Is Love

Pisces is often said to be the most romantic sign of the zodiac, but that’s not exactly true. While you do appreciate the intimate partnership of a good cuddle session, Pisces women are all about love in general. Romance aside, a Pisces woman loves things incredibly easily. This is due to your intuitive nature and how in touch you are with your feelings. Love is accessible to you. You approach the world with a gentle touch and a smile. The same is said when approaching yourself. If you screw something up you aren’t one to worry yourself sick about it! While you’ll feel sad and remorseful, you forgive yourself and hop right back on that self-love train. After all, it’s not hard to love yourself when love is all you stand for.

23-Pisces Men: Compassion Extends To Yourself As Well As Others

In the same way that the Pisces woman is made of love, you’re made of compassion. You feel so deeply everything around you. You’re in tune with the nature of the world, listening quietly as the day tells you what it’s going to feel like. This compassion isn’t only an outward skill, though. Inward compassion and compassion for yourself is also a thing and a thing that you have in buckets. You love yourself even if you see flaws in yourself. You forgive yourself for not being perfect and move on with your life. Self-love doesn’t have to look like worshipping yourself. It can look like you, Pisces Man, listening to what your body and mind need and allowing yourself the space for forgiveness.

22-Leo Women: Self-Centeredness Can Sometimes Overshadow The Self-Love

There’s no one out there quite like you, which is a sentiment the Leo woman takes to heart. You know that you’re unique and you wear that badge proudly. Shame isn’t an emotion a Leo feels. You don’t usually second guess yourself or regret your choices as you’re so convinced that you’re right before making the choice. This kind of confidence can only come from a place of loving yourself. You’re secure in who you are, even if you’re usually wanting people to affirm you. Unfortunately, there can be too much of a good thing. Your confidence can turn sour, changing your self-love to self-centeredness. Don’t let yourself get trapped by that! Keep yourself humble and know that self-centredness only serves you. You’re better off sticking with the self-love, which will keep people magnetically attached to you.

21-Leo Men: Loving Yourself Is All In A Day’s Work

Are you an actor? A political science major? How about someone who works in sales or retail? If you said yes or once-upon-a-time to any of those, then you’re the type of Leo man who has made loving himself into his day job. You know that you’re better off doing something you love for a career than something you hate. And the thing you love the most? You. While you appreciate adventure, conversation, and all those other decidedly Leo things, you are the thread that binds all your loves together. You know that it might be better to focus on the world around you a little more, but it’s so hard when you’re dead set on maintaining your king-of-the-jungle attitude. This self-love is what will propel you forward in life, so keep hold of it.

20-Aries Women: Confidence Is Key In Your Personality

This might be the first time Aries has topped a list for anything other than “the most stubborn signs”. Yes, Aries, you might be seen as a stubborn hot head, but trust us. You have far more value than that. The tough exterior you put out might be a touch off-putting to some, but most of us recognize your big heart underneath. You’re only stubborn because you’re loyal, and that trait extends all the way into your inner life as well. You’re loyal to who you are, which breeds a type of confidence and self-love that is undeniably strong. Unlike Leo’s confidence, yours seldom turns into self-centeredness. Your self-love is radiant, permanent, and pure, which puts you at the top of the ranking.

19-Aries Men: You’re Too Stubborn To Let Judgements Affect You, So Self-Love Is No Problem

Loyalty or stubbornness… It’s all the same when you get right down to it. While some people think sticking to your own ideas is a sign of stubbornness, you know that it’s just an extension of that Aries loyalty. Aries are super loyal creatures, which means you don’t back down from your beliefs. It also means that you’re too stubborn to let other people’s judgments affect you. If someone says you’re too loud, too bold, too you… It doesn’t matter. You know what’s right in your heart, and you don’t waste any time on those folks who think less of you. This is just another type of self-love when you look a little closer. People who are easily swayed by others could learn a thing or two from you!

18-Sagittarius Women: Your Sense Of Humor Means You’re Able To Embrace Your Flaws

Sagittarius folks are well known for having good senses of humor. Your easy going attitude means you don’t wait for the fun to come to you… You go and search out the fun. Your adventurous spirit is just another way of saying that you appreciate your freedom. You like being able to go off and do whatever you’d like whenever you like, without worrying about how it impacts others. Sometimes this is seen as a flaw. No doubt people have told you to get your head out of the clouds and focus on what’s in front of you. This could end in hurt feelings if you were anyone else, but luckily your sense of humor keeps you afloat. You’re easily able to face your flaws with good humor and a good nature. That’s definitely a good way to love yourself!

17-Sagittarius Men: Insecurity Is Impossible When You’re So At Ease With Yourself

Part of having an easy going attitude, as all Sagittarians do, is the fact that you’re so at ease with who you are as a person. You’re relaxed in all situations and never really stress about whether or not you’re dressed appropriately, if you’re talking too loud, or if people are staring at you. This is a rare quality that not many people have. Luckily for you, this relaxed attitude is a great example of self-love. It’s not that you don’t care; definitely the opposite. You love who you are, and you love the fact that you don’t have any of those stress-related health problems. Insecurity isn’t an issue, which will take you far in life. By feeling secure in yourself you’re more willing to take on things as they come.

16-Taurus Women: You’ve Got Self-Love In The Form Of Knowing What You Need

Taurus is an Earth sign, which means you’re well-versed in what it means to be grounded. You’re not one for frivolity, and would much rather hang out supporting in the background than being front and center. This isn’t a bad thing! Just because you’re not as outgoing as a Leo doesn’t mean you’re any better or worse. You, in fact, have the rare gift of practical self-love. While other signs love themselves in standard ways, you’re unique in the way that you appreciate your insides. You know exactly what you need and how to get it. While you tend to get stuck on little flaws you see in yourself, you’re not going to stop respecting yourself because of them. Practical self-love is great, but don’t forget to take some cute selfies every now and then… Your ego will thank you.

15-Taurus Men: Your Practical Side Means You Don’t Neglect Yourself

While we wouldn’t say that the Taurus man is head over heels in love with himself, he definitely recognizes the fact that he has to take care of himself. Practicality is a strength of Tauruses, along with efficiency and directness. You don’t sugar coat anything, including yourself. This means that you’re not exactly to everyone’s taste. Some people like those that are sweeter rather than all natural. Even you! You sometimes want to be someone who’s sweet rather than blunt and strong-willed. You can’t help but crave attention sometimes when you’re a person who’s in the background a lot, and being sweet is definitely a way to get there. Trust us: you’re perfect just the way you are. Fulfill some more of that emotional self-love (rather than just the practical) and you might start to see it!

14-Gemini Women: You’re A Big Self-Love Activist, But Don’t Always Take Your Own Advice

The Gemini is a sign that flip flops back and forth between different ideas and beliefs. Your sign’s planet is ruled by Mercury, which represents change, communication, and movement. This means that your thoughts are often going a mile a minute, and your ideas and feelings get all jumbled up when you’re upset. It’s not the worst thing in the world. You know in your heart what’s right… Your brain just convinces you otherwise sometimes. This tug of war between your heart and your mind results in some messy situations, mostly regarding your self-love. You might preach about self-love and self-care, but it can be hard to take your own advice. Don’t listen to that messy mind telling you you’re not good enough; you know in your heart you are.

13-Gemini Men: You Get Caught Up In The Minor Details… But That Doesn’t Mean You Don’t Love Yourself

Being a Gemini man can be difficult. While everyone is expecting you to be grounded and strong, you’re flitting around chasing whims and dreams. You might be an artist or even a philosophy student. Maybe you’re working in a job you don’t even care about and are daydreaming about something better. Either way, you’re also playing tug of war between your heart and your mind, just like the Gemini woman. What you want doesn’t always line up with what you need, and it takes a lot of bravery to love yourself sometimes. By focusing on details you’re better able to ignore the deeper issues. Loving your skin or your hair might work on a surface level, but you need to dig deeper and love ALL of you. You know it’s right, in your heart. You just need to convince your brain!

12-Aquarius Women: Your Eccentricity Means You’ve Got A Love/Hate Relationship With Yourself

There’s something so incredibly beautiful about someone who perpetually lives in their own world. Geniuses inspire us because they have their own process and their own worldview that no one can take away. Are you a genius? Maybe. Some people might call you more of an eccentric. But that’s okay! You know deep down inside who you are, so it doesn’t bother you… At least, it doesn’t often bother you. Well, okay, sometimes it bothers you. Does that thought process seem familiar? We wouldn’t be surprised if it was. Your eccentricity is beautifully you, but it’s also isolating sometimes. This makes you have a love/hate relationship with yourself, rather than pure self-love. Our advice? Block out the haters and love who you are.

11-Aquarius Men: You Get Stuck Thinking About “What If” (But Not Because Of Negativity)

Being a dreamer, as most Aquarians are, means that you have big ideas but not a whole lot of action. While there’s no denying that Aquarius people can achieve great things, it usually takes a little bit of a push to get them started. There’s a disconnect between the dreams and the reality, which is why your self-love is totally fine… Until you look in the mirror. Who you think you are doesn’t always line up with what you actually look like, which can be disappointing. This is especially damaging if you get caught up in the “What if” game; “what if I had blonde hair”, “what if I was 6 inches taller”. Honestly? Love the skin you’re in. You love your personality, so extend that self-love to the external you as well. You’re brilliant, even if you daydream a lot.

10-Libra Women: Your Middle-Of-The-Road Sensibility Extends To How You Feel About Yourself

Libras are fair and just. That’s just a fact. You, as a Libra, are usually a fan of facts, since that’s what you tend to base your opinions on. Your personal preference is usually overshadowed by your desire to be objective since objectivity is one of the best ways to come to a fair decision. While this means you’re usually fairly gentle when you make a decision about how you feel, it doesn’t always extend to yourself. You can’t help but look at yourself objectively. This usually comes through comparing yourself to others (which we all know is a dangerous thing). Comparison is the thief of joy and doesn’t always lead to fair and just results. Try looking at your inner qualities, and start by loving those.

9-Libra Men: You’re Gentle With Yourself, But Suffer From A Lack Of Confidence

A theme that we’ve seen in some of the signs that have more self-love than you is confidence. The most confident signs usually don’t have any self-love problems, even if they do have a tendency to get a little self-centered. You, as a Libra, aren’t necessarily mean towards yourself, but you’re not exactly screaming your positives from the rooftop. As a sign that’s all about balance, you struck a good middle ground between recognizing your accomplishments and pushing yourself further. The Libra man is unique, as he’s constantly trying to fight against societal expectations of “manliness” in order to be himself. This fight has taught you how to appreciate who you really are, even if you haven’t quite got the self-love thing down yet.

8-Cancer Women: You’re Too Critical Of Yourself, But Forgive Others Easily

Is it a surprise that the big-hearted Cancer woman falls so far down on this list? We were definitely shocked when our research showed us that you might have some self-love issues. It’s odd because Cancer women are practically made to love. Cancers are more likely to have that maternal instinct, as so much of the Cancer’s world takes place in the home. This doesn’t mean that you love yourself, though. Cancers have very high standards, making it difficult for things (and people) to ever reach those standards. While your big heart means it’s easy for you to forgive the people that disappoint you, it’s much harder when you’re dealing with yourself. Don’t forget to offer yourself the same compassion you offer others. After all, what’s the difference between you and your best friend? Nothing. You both deserve your love.

7-Cancer Men: Your Heightened Emotions Makes It Harder To Love Yourself

In the same way that the Cancer women have difficulty loving themselves, so do the Cancer men. You care deeply about those around you, but you would never let anyone see into your vulnerable heart. This is the curse of the Cancer man. You’re so emotionally volatile, but you lock it away so it doesn’t hurt you or anyone around you. Unfortunately, this self-imposed distance is making it harder for you to achieve self-love. By putting a wall around your heart you might think you’re protecting it, but you’re actually just making it inaccessible to everyone. At least, deep down inside. On the outside, you easily smile and laugh, and prove that you’re devoted to your friends and care about your partners. It’s not false… It’s just not truly opening your heart to others.

6-Capricorn Women: You’re Too Strict With Yourself

Discipline is the name of your game. While that word might inspire images of high school teachers and personal trainers, it’s not all bad. You need discipline to improve yourself, as you’re well aware. When you’ve combined that trait with someone who’s constantly looking forward to achieving their goals, like you are, you end up with a person who finds it difficult to be satisfied with what they see. Whether that’s in their grades, their food, their work, or themselves doesn’t matter. Discipline is a great quality to have, but don’t go too overboard with it. If you’re satisfied with dissatisfaction, don’t let us stop you! Just know that you’re more amazing than you think you are. And you definitely shouldn’t worry about achieving ridiculous goals for yourself.

5-Capricorn Men: When You Feel You Screwed Up, You Don’t Let It Go… And It’s Not Healthy!

Capricorns like to ruminate. You think yourself in circles, and don’t always have the capacity to pull yourself out of that hole. This is especially true when you’re trying to deal with mistakes you might have made. We’re not perfect creatures. Humans are beautifully flawed. Even though you’ve got great self-control and a wonderful level of devotion to the things you believe in, it’s not enough for you to look past your regrets. This makes it incredibly hard to love yourself, as you’re such a naturally responsible creature. We wish there was a way for you to devote yourself to you; or at least, a way for you to see that you don’t automatically lose your good human status just because of a few mistakes. We know it’s hard, but trust us… You’re awesome.

4-Virgo Women: That Anxiety Isn’t Doing You Any Favors

Ever wonder why a woman as smart as you has so much difficulty really, truly loving herself? We definitely did. We looked and looked, and discovered that Virgos are notorious thinkers. You think about everything, from how much milk to put in your coffee to that argument you had with your mom three months ago. It’s astonishing. Your intelligence is definitely one of your strengths, along with your practicality and your analytical nature. With so many skills, how could you not love yourself? It’s probably because worrying is another one of your traits. With so much negative energy clouding your life it’s hard to latch onto positive energy. Just remember to breathe, and you’ll find your rational brain taking over your worry brain easily. Then you’ll be able to really focus on loving yourself.

3-Virgo Men: Stress Is Your Biggest Weakness

In the same way that Virgo women find worry is their biggest issue, Virgo men get stuck in the stress cycle. You’re hardworking, and you’re smart. Any intelligent person knows that the way to get ahead is to keep working at what you’re good at. Eventually, you’ll get so undeniably good that things will become easier… Right? Not always. Sometimes you get trapped in what we call the “stress cycle”, where a Virgo continuously adds more and more work on to their to-do list. This stress can rattle this Earth sign, who would rather burn themselves out than ask for help. When you’re so caught up in working, you don’t reserve any time or energy for you. This can damage your self-love and ultimately add more worry to your life. Nobody wants that!

2-Scorpio Women: You’re Too Caught Up In Improvine

Scorpio, you’re ranked as the top of the list in terms of the likelihood of experiencing self-love issues. While it might not seem like you have any reasons to have self-love issues, there are a few things going on in your zodiac sign that makes for the perfect storm. You’re a stubbornly loyal friend, and very brave. This means you’ve always got a growing circle of friends surrounding you. However, by expending too much energy hanging out with people you lose time for yourself. You need your downtime, and sometimes relationships can get to be too much. You always feel like you need to create a connection with anyone and everyone. Let your relationships come as they want to come, and work on your self-love. Refocusing onto yourself will have a great outcome for your relationships later on.

1-Scorpio Men: You See The Weaknesses In Every Situation

Finally, the end of our list: the Scorpio man. You have a penchant for pessimism and rely solely on yourself. You’re not afraid to work hard, even if it means that you run yourself into the ground. You’d rather get something done right than to just get it done. That’s inspiring to many of us. One of the skills that come with hard work is the ability to see what aspects of your work needs improvement. This is also known as seeing where your weaknesses lie in order to improve them. While this is great in a work situation, it’s not great when staring at yourself in the mirror… Which all Scorpio men know. It hard for a Scorpio, who’s a detail-oriented sign, to look past faults to see the brilliant human beneath. But trust us: he’s there. Don’t let any perceived weaknesses fool you!

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