We Ranked The Least To Most Likely OCD Astro Signs (His & Hers)

January 12, 2019
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January 13, 2019
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We Ranked The Least To Most Likely OCD Astro Signs (His & Hers)




Everyone loves to talk about all the personality perks that come with each Astrological sign. We love how upbeat and energetic Aries tend to be. We appreciate Taurus’ stable nature and reliability. Sure, we prefer to focus on the positive side of things because it’s always better to celebrate the good traits in each of us. But everything in the universe has a balance, and that includes the Astro signs.

So, to keep everything in sync, we’ve decided to rank the most common OCD traits of the signs. Some signs can get easily irritated by little things like their SO leaving dirty clothes on the floor or not reaching their goals super fast. But for other signs, their secret obsessions can really take a toll, particularly when they try to hide them.

Each sign has its own level of OCD and not-so-secret obsessions, and we absolutely embrace it! After all, we’re only human. For some signs, obsessing over things they can’t control can have a way of messing with their energy, which can be disruptive to a healthy life. But for others, well, it’s not like the world is going to end if they don’t get their way. But fair warning — some signs actually prefer a partner that is able to handle their obsessions.

24-Pisces Women Can Get Hung Up On A Delusion And They May Turn Into A Jealous SO

Pisces women tend to let their minds wander and explore scenarios where their significant others are doing things behind their backs. They might even believe that the person they love has fallen for someone else and is about to trade them in for someone better.

This could lead them to behave in a controlling way as they can’t get a hold on their intense emotions.

Some Pisces are so afraid of being alone that they’ll try to hide what’s really bothering them instead of being upfront and asking their SOs if they’re actually “wandering off.” In most cases, their partners aren’t even doing anything wrong, but a Pisces’ imagination is so vivid, they can get caught up in their own fantasies.

23-Pisces Men Will Think, And Think, And Think… But They Rarely Obsess Over Anything But Themselves

A male Pisces is the complete opposite of his female counterpart. In this instance, the only thing he’s obsessed with is himself. But ironically, he can also be quite open-minded and he rarely judges. He also makes a great caretaker too. But he often sets so many expectations that he winds up failing miserably. When he does, he’ll occupy his mind with a bunch of irrelevant things to avoid dealing with how disappointed he feels. According to Guy Counseling, “A Pisces man gets very moody at times and is generally very prone to mood swings with or without any reason. He is very demanding, but at the same time very understanding.” So dating a Pisces guy might be challenging, but definitely worth it once trust has been established.

22-Aquarius Women Are Always Up For The Challenge, But If You Want To Stay By Her Side, You Better Be Prepared To Deal With Her Secret Obsessions

Aquarius women are very easy going. But they also tend to lack barriers. To put it mildly, they can be very blunt, so sensitive people might get their feelings hurt. But an Aquarius girl is also highly affectionate, which is why she’s so popular too. Her creativity and honesty make her the ideal person to hang out with.

But her secret obsession with being “honest at all costs” can work both ways.

In some cases, being blunt can make her a friend who is giving out great advice. In other situations, she can come off as insensitive and turn people against her. But as long as everyone follows her rules, she’ll remain easy-going and friendly.

21-The Very-Independent Aquarius Guys Turn Their Obsession Into A Lifestyle, And If You Plan On Tagging Along, You Better Be Ready

An Aquarius man is creative and independent, so don’t expect him to ever conform to other people’s needs or demands. In fact, as far as rules are concerned, the only ones that apply are the ones he sets out for himself. But despite this, he’s extremely loyal, especially to his loved ones. According to Exemplore, “They need a lot of freedom, as they bore easily. An Aquarius mind is a stubborn one, but since they enjoy freedom so much, they understand when other people want to do things their own way too.” And their biggest obsession comes with wanting to experience new things. Who could blame them! The world really is our oyster!

20-Sagittarius Women Are Wild And Intuitive, And They Hope For A Lucky Outcome Every Time… But They Also Tend To Obsess More Than They Want To

A Sagittarius woman is fearless and will take any risk head-on in order to achieve her dreams. As far as OCD is concerned, she doesn’t waste a lot of time obsessing about the little things. After all, life’s complicated but it’s definitely worth living and she’ll take it all, the good, the bad, and the in between. A Sagittarius girl tends to be philosophical at times, spontaneous and pretty optimistic about life in general. So, she won’t waste her time trying to control every aspect of it.

The only problem is, that she often thinks she’s right all the time, which can make her a bit reckless.

Her stubbornness and recklessness can sometimes clash with her social circle. And even though it does take her some time to come around, she’ll find a way to apologize and move on.

19-Sagittarius Men Need To Control Everything (And That Includes Your Own Decisions)

A Sagittarius man is a freaking world traveler. If he’s not globe-trotting, then he’s looking for an amazing new experience, which is why he’s so confident. But being so worldly does come with a few cons as they sometimes end up trying to control people, their thoughts, and their actions so that they’re in tune with his way of thinking. According to Tango, “They never want to hand over the reigns or control to anyone else and being obsessed with anything is handing over that control that they yearn for.” Sagittarius men can often become a handful, as it’s either their way or the highway.

18-Capricorn Women Can Be So Goal-Focused That They Can’t Focus On Anything Other Than That

There’s nothing wrong with being a total go-getter. A Capricorn woman should know since her strong work ethics often make her one heck of a leader. But that usually means that she has to plan everything in advance.

The thought of being spontaneous terrifies Capricorn women as they’re not fans of surprises, which explains why taking risks is off the menu — unless it’s a calculated risk.

These stoic workaholic women will often cancel on dates, family outings, or hanging out with friends if they’re really dedicated to a specific task. This may ultimately rub people the wrong way, but when they realize she’s a sweetheart at heart, they’ll quickly forgive her. After all, Capricorn women are super thoughtful and loving. Who wouldn’t want to be around that?

17-Capricorn Men Are The Most Stable Guys Out There… Until Something Doesn’t Go According To Their Super Structured Plans

A Capricorn man has a similar mindset as a Capricorn woman when it comes to setting goals. Their social life takes a dive because everyone thinks that they’ve been brushed off over some work project. But setting goals allows him to gain stability, which he needs in order to feel calm. He’s not a big fan of change either. According to Guy Counseling, “Capricorn men, in particular, are wrongly accused of being too conservative and too traditional. It’s simply not true. Instead, Capricorn prefers the familiar and is perfectly capable of stepping outside of its comfort zone – but only if it feels absolutely safe.” So if being with someone who’s 100% goal-oriented is on the top of your list, perhaps dating a Capricorn man is exactly what the doctor ordered.

16-Aries Girls Won’t Sleep At Night Unless Everything (And I Mean, Absolutely Everything!) Is Where It Should Be

Aries women are full of energy and they’re optimistic about anything that life throws at them, just so long as they’re the ones in charge. They’re very competitive, which can be a real plus.

But that drive to win can turn into a serious obsession that will not only affect her but everyone around her as well.

From their point of view, winning and making things right is everything. And their impulsive nature will lead them to try and show everyone else up. But when this compulsion is kept in check, it can help an Aries woman take risks without being afraid.

15-Aries Guys Can Be Intense Leaders But Beware: Their Control-Freak Alter Ego May Be Too Much To Handle… Unless You’re Patient Enough

Being in a relationship with an Aries man can feel like a rollercoaster ride. He’s extremely romantic and some may find this to be a little difficult to handle. As a matter of fact, love tends to trigger an Aries’ natural OCD, as they tend to get a tad controlling at times, particularly when they obsess over their love interest. But one thing he’ll never be is dishonest. It’s in his nature to be upfront about a situation, good or bad. Plus, they’re also in tune with their feelings. If he happens to suspect that his significant other isn’t being honest, he’ll be the first one to admit that he’s jealous and start the conversation going. That’s pretty mature, isn’t it?

14-Taurus Girls Can Be A Bit Territorial, And Even Though They’re Pretty Carefree, They Do Obsess Over Their Own Insecurities

To say that a Taurus woman is obsessive would be a lie. Her OCD stems more from her insecurities. She tends to want to start a family and settle down and if she feels that something’s getting in the way of that, she’ll do whatever it takes to remove the competition.

Her confidence tends to grow when she’s able to show off how successful she is to the world.

According to Horoscope 2019 Guru, a Taurus gal has “a fixation for stability and the sense of possession. And because of that, greed and exaggerated costiveness emerge.” So while showing off her financial status is important to her, she’s also super strong and capable of taking care of herself.

13-A Taurus Guy’s Obsessiveness May Be The Only Way He Knows How To Show His Emotions

A Taurus man is pretty down to Earth but he tends to lack the ability to control his stubbornness. This often turns into an obsession over finishing something like a goal. They tend to overthink arguments and they spend a lot of time thinking about someone. But it’s not something they’re capable of understanding or controlling. It’s just instinctive to them. And since they’re pretty confident men, they will go to great lengths to pursue whatever is triggering their obsessions in order to resolve it. If they set a goal, they’ll do anything in their power to get it done, which channels their obsessions in quite a constructive way.

12-Libra Women Are Known For Knowing How To Balance It All, But They Often Lose Their Footing When They’re Alone With Their Thoughts

A Libra woman is super easygoing. She’s very charming and the perfect hostess. If anyone tries to tease her, she’ll get them back with clever quips. But when she’s single, she’s on the prowl.

Her biggest OCD comes from searching for the one who will bring her everlasting happiness.

When she’s not obsessing over that, she’ll find herself fixated on an individual or specific group of people in order to understand them better. Once she gets bored she’ll simply move on. Until then, “Libra wants to know what makes people tick. This can lead Libra down a rabbit hole of online searches that can land them in some pretty dark places,” according to Bustle.

11-Libra Men May Be People-Pleasers, Sure, But They Can Hold A Grudge Like No Other

Libra men have a reputation for being womanizers and many of them are absolutely shameless about it. Their social skills and charms know no bound, which makes them total chick-magnets. Best of all, they can remain manly but sensitive even in the face of danger. But their cool and collected attitudes can give off the impression that they are cold as ice, which isn’t really the case. These confident guys tend to be a bit obsessive about keeping up appearances and will do their very best to show off their good side and act like everything’s going according to plan. And it’s this cool and collected demeanor that makes them really good at staying calm in difficult situations.

10-Scorpio Girls Have The Best Poker Faces In The Market, But Deep Inside, They’re Trying Hard To Control Their Real Emotions

Good luck trying to read a Scorpio woman. She knows how to keep a secret better than anyone, and she has the best poker face of all the Astro signs. This makes it difficult for people to gage how she feels about them. “Scorpios are known by their calm and cool behavior, and by their mysterious appearance,” according to Astrology Z. But the truth is that she’s suspicious of everyone.

However, her OCD tendencies tend to surface when she’s involved with someone.

That’s when she becomes a tad jealous and suspicious because she assumes that her significant other is being dishonest. But they can get put at ease quite fast if their S.O.’s are completely open and honest with them.

9-Scorpio Guys Are Smooth As Heck, But They Hide Their Intense Jealousy Really Well (Or At Least, They Try To!)

A Scorpio man can get insanely jealous just like a Scorpio woman, but he prefers to play it cool as if he isn’t. But to anyone who’s dating him, it’s pretty obvious that he’s not that comfortable with his jealous nature. His OCD comes from the way he loves someone with such intensity. He’ll go as far as being competitive in order to prove to his partner that he’ll always come out on top. But if he feels he has been betrayed, he will really let his significant other know it. A Scorpio man may be a lot of things, but he’s certainly not forgiving. And his bark will be just as powerful as his love.

8-Gemini Women Are Social Butterflies Who Are Obsessed With Saying “Yes” To Everything

They can make a friend as easily as 1, 2, 3. But that’s probably because Gemini women love to talk about everything and anything, and nothing is too TMI for them. They’ll talk everyone’s ears off, but their friends won’t mind. In fact, they’ll absolutely love them for it.

On the other hand, they’ll rub their inner circle the wrong way by constantly changing their minds.

It’s an exhausting trait but it’s very common in Gemini women. Their indecisiveness comes from the fact that they want to see and do just about everything at the same time, but since they can’t, they’ll struggle to figure out what to do first. They also tend to spin the truth in their favor, which isn’t a plus either. But people are still drawn to them as they’re always up for a new adventure!

7-Gemini Men Live In The Moment, But Their Minds Are Always Racing, Even If They Try To Hide It

A Gemini man yearns for spontaneity and new experiences, just as long as it doesn’t involve taking any serious risks. He’s totally untethered to a specific place or thought. In fact, if he stays in one place for too long, he goes insane. He’s always thinking about different ways that he can liven things up. This can become an obsession which prevents him from actually living his real life. If he’s in a relationship, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love his partner and doesn’t enjoy being with them. He just doesn’t want to feel like his life is absolutely planned. Routines are definitely scary for Gemini men!

6-Never Mess With Leo Girls: A Fiery, Possessive, And OCD Woman Is Inside Waiting To Come Out

A Leo woman is a leader, not a follower. She can be a bit self-centered at times, which is pretty common when you’re a natural-born leader. But that often translates into often forgetting that other people have needs too.

Despite being super loving and fiery, Leo girls tend to obsess about how certain things in their life affect them and only them. 

And while they might come off as cool and collected, they can get pretty controlling very quickly, especially if they’re in love. Leo girls are super territorial and they tend to keep everything they hold dear close to her heart. But they can just as easily be one of the most giving people ever.

5-Leo Guys Are Completely OCD About One Thing, And One Thing Only: Themselves

A Leo man can be a bit conceited at times. After all, he’s been the center of attention since he was born! He loves to challenge people, and win every time. But he doesn’t just become obsessed about proving to everyone that he’s right. He’s also pretty OCD about proving people that they’re wrong. According to Love to Know, a “Leo is driven to excel. He never accepts defeat and will continue fighting until he wins every challenge.” But while his competitive nature makes him quite a handful, he does have incredible qualities as well. If someone he cares about is in trouble, he’ll forget about himself and drop everything to help the person in need.

4-Cancer Girls Just Can’t Relax Until They Are Able To Get Their Point Across, No Matter What It Takes

Cancer women are governed by their emotions. They wear their hearts like a crown, so people can tell right away what mood they’re in. They’re very loving creatures too. But they’re also very protective, particularly about those in their circle.

Her blood will boil if she overhears someone talking smack about one of her loved ones.

And she’ll become obsessed with finding the right way to handle this situation. From her perspective, wronging someone she holds dear is just as bad as harming her. So, at some point, she’s going to give someone a piece of her mind, and until that happens, she won’t have a moment of peace.

3-Cancer Guys Are Fixated With Being Surrounded By Everything That Makes Them Feel Calm

A Cancer man’s OCD comes from his desire to have everything that keeps him calm within arm’s reach. It’s like having an emotional blanket because he feels like he’s in control of his life, even when he’s not. According to Your Tango, “As the crab of Astrology, Cancer, you are all about surrounding yourself with things that make you feel safe and happy (so you don’t turn crabby). You obsess about comfort most; the comfort of being surrounded by friends and family, as well as physical comfort.” But this can have a side effect if he goes back to his proverbial safety net every time life turns sour. Plus, friends and family move on with their lives and aren’t always available, which can definitely make a loving Cancer man feel a little left out, even if that isn’t the case.

2-Virgo Women Have Great Organizational Skills, But Their Perfectionist Traits Are Pretty Extreme

A Virgo woman might be down to Earth, cause her sign is Earthy, but she can quickly go a little nuts when it comes to controlling and organizing things. In fact, Virgo ladies are such control freaks that they have a checklist for just about everything.

But there’s a reason behind their OCD: they’re actually afraid of making a mistake, and they don’t like the idea of anyone judging them for it.

Of course, they’re also they’re own harshest critic. They aren’t just picky about the little things, like making the bed every morning. But they also nitpick themselves, which makes them worry about being perfect and polished, 24/7.

1-Virgo Men Are The Ultimate Multitaskers, But Their OCD Minds Will Toss Aside Anyone With The Slightest Flaw

A Virgo man loves to nitpick everything and everyone! He’s even obsessed about the things he accomplishes in life and his personal work. But he’s also extremely cautious when it comes to his love life. Being in control is a total obsession that is kind of comforting for him in a way. He won’t ask anyone for help either, even if he’s drowning in problems because showing weakness is not an option. But if he happens to find a lot of flaws in the person he’s dating, he will kick his significant other to the side and look for someone that actually matches his expectations. On the bright side, they’re total go-getters that eventually find a way to get their way, and succeed in life, which makes them total husband material!

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