We Ranked The Astro Signs From Most To Least Romantic (& What To Expect)

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January 9, 2019
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January 9, 2019
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We Ranked The Astro Signs From Most To Least Romantic (& What To Expect)



Do you love kisses in the rain or nding
bouquets of roses on your doorstep? Or, are you ne
without having grand romantic gestures in your
relationship? Romance can show you if the person you’re with really values you and sees relationship potential with you. However, sometimes it’s not a
good measure of one’s true feelings. Some people just don’t behave in a romantic way, even when they’re really interested in someone. That said, it helps to
know what you can expect from someone based on their astro sign when it comes to romance.
If you’re dating a Taurus guy, for instance, you can expect to be wined and dined. On the other hand, an Aquarius mate might make you feel less romanced
but more valued for your mental connection. See, the Aquarius guy tends to value friendships more than romance, as this is a tting
foundation for a
stronger love. You might not feel showered in acts of affection, but if he’s dating you, he denitely
sees a future with you.
Here are the 12 astro signs, ranked from most to least romantic, and what you can expect when dating them.


24-Most Romantic: Pisces
A Pisces guy is regarded as the most romantic on the astrology wheel, so if you’re looking to star in your own romcom, you’ve hit the jackpot. Compatible
Astrology explains that Pisces is the most emotional of the signs, while being sensitive and intuitive. That combination makes them a great partner.
They also want romantic love because they’re searching for their soulmate.
So, when they lavish you with displays of affection, it’s because they see you as someone they can build a future with. Pisces is in it for the long haul!
23-What To Expect: Being Treated Like A Queen
If you date Pisces, you’ll be showered with so much love and affection that you’ll feel like a goddess! The romance can be all-consuming,
as Astrostylestates, adding, that “glamorous Pisces rules the imagination, and [has] a way of making everything feel tinged with magic and fantasy.” So, you
can expect lots of romantic dates that seem straight out of a fairytale. Although Pisces sometimes gets a bad rap for being ckle,
once they get into a
committed relationship, they’re all about the romance and passion. Get ready to be swept off your feet.
22-Searching For A Great Love: Scorpio
The bold and passionate Scorpio guy doesn’t just want an ordinary love. He wants a grand love that makes him weak in the knees and makes his heart
When he nds
his perfect partner, he’ll be so enamored, he’ll make her swoon. As reported by Numerology Sign, he’s not afraid to chase you if he
likes you. He’ll nd
creative ways to ask you out, he’ll romance you with irts,
and he’ll take you on an adventure you’ll never forget. It’s a wild ride being
with the intense Scorpio.
21-What To Expect: 100 Percent Passion And Commitment
Although you might not always get the Scorpio man to show you that he loves you – he’s a secret romantic who saves those displays for when you’re alone
together rather than in public — you can be sure that once he commits to you, you’ll have him for life.
He’ll want to share his life, hobbies, dreams, and future with you, which is sure to make you feel happy and secure in the relationship.



So, although he’s quite mysterious and secretive at times, it’s no secret that once he’s chosen you, he’s going to be completely loyal.
20-Loses Themselves To Love: Libra
Guys born under the sign of Libra are prone to giving lots of their love to their partners. They enjoy making their loved ones feel special. However, there’s a
cautionary note. They can give so much of themselves that they end up losing themselves to the relationship. Yikes!
The reason why this is especially troubling for the Libra guy is because he’s all about striking the right balance in life.
Without it, the relationship can create problems for him, so it’s really important to make sure the Libra in your life maintains his identity. It might help to
slow down your dating pace.
19-What To Expect: Harmony Leads To Romance
The Libra boyfriend will shower you with attention and make you feel special, but he’ll also try to make sure that the relationship is balanced nicely with his
life because harmony is so important to him. As reported by Love To Know, people born under this sign aren’t just searching for someone to spend time
with, but they’re looking for someone with whom they can create balance. This balance can take the form of the Libra guy trying to balance themselves
with a partner who complements them, the site explains. Great news: Once that balance is achieved, the bliss of romance can take the stage!
18-Loves Being In A Relationship: Taurus
When it comes to romance and love, the Taurus man might roll his eyes at the ideas, but actually he’s very keen to be in a loving relationship. As pointed out
by Love To Know, the Taurus man is always willing to go the extra mile to treat his partner well. This can make you feel like a million bucks.
It also helps that he’s into old-fashioned courting such as giving you your favorite owers,
dancing, and having walks in the park.
Bliss! “He likes a show of feelings,” the site goes on to add, so those romantic gestures are not just about him charming you. He really means them as a show
of his love!
17-What To Expect: Being Wined And Dined!
People born under the sign of Taurus are the most passionate about food when compared to other astro signs. Although that might sound like the Taurus
guy in your life will want to get closer to his lasagna instead of you, that’s not true. He’ll actually show how much he loves you through food! The Taurus guy


16-He’ll Write You Letters: Cancer
If you miss the days of receiving handwritten love letters, then dating a Cancer guy is the best move for your dating future. Since men born under this star
sign are traditional, sensitive, and sentimental, they’ll be romantic towards you with creative actions, such as writing you beautiful letters that you’ll be
able to treasure forever. Best of all, you can bet that they’ve shed a tear or two when writing them, which means so much because who doesn’t want such a
romantic soul at their side?
15-What To Expect: Cancer Wants To Share His Life With You
While he’ll make you feel amazing by writing you letters and expressing his feelings which brings you closer, the Cancer boyfriend will go much deeper if he
chooses to romance you: he’ll make sure you know that he wants you to share in his life and that you’re a team. So, he’ll surprise you by giving you a key to
his apartment as a Christmas gift, or he’ll empty out a cupboard so that you can move your belongings into his home.
It’s clear that he’s focused on the future of your relationship.
His romantic gestures are therefore tied to commitment.
14-Does Grand Romantic Gestures: Gemini
Intense and dynamic, the Gemini man will romance you in a way that you’ll never forget. You can expect him to be charming and generous, and he wants to
have fun in his relationship. He’s bold and will go the extra mile to do things that make you feel special. So, don’t be surprised when he buys your favorite
perfume or cooks your favorite dessert. However, while it’s easy to think that he’s doing this to impress you, it’s worth bearing in mind that he’s doing what
he normally does, according to Cafe Astrology. Being spontaneous and romantic is part of his DNA.
13-What To Expect: He’ll Organize A Romantic Balloon Ride On Your Birthday
When your Gemini boyfriend says he’s taking you out for your birthday, you might expect something like a romantic dinner or tickets to your favorite play.
But think bigger! Flamboyant and unpredictable, the Gemini man surprises you in a more dramatic way. He’ll take you on an adventure, such as a hot air
balloon ride or a hike up a mountain atop which is a delicious feast for you both to enjoy. However, there’s a downside.
You might have to look a bit deeper into his grand romantic gestures to make sure the Gemini in your life is really committed.
As reported by Horoscope, “While the Twins love the idea of love, they’re also passionate about their own independence.” Tread with caution!
12-Never Gives Up On The Idea Of Love: Aries
Aries is the chivalrous sign. As reported by Numerology Sign, the Aries man loves taking the initiative in relationships and love. He’ll make you feel special
and cared for on date night. He’s the guy who’ll be very romantic, from bringing you owers
on the date to opening doors for you and pulling your chair out
at dinner. It’s refreshing to nd
a chivalrous man, no? Aries has denitely
not given up on the idea of a beautiful love based on respect and affection.
11-What To Expect: He’ll Take You On A Romantic Adventure
The Aries guy isn’t just going to romance you by taking you out for romantic dinners and being affectionate, though. His romantic strategy has been known
to be pretty direct and honest. He wears his heart on his sleeve, which might seem charming (but can be annoying to some people who might think he


10-Loves Being Romanced: Leo
The Leo guy is the king of romance – not just when it comes to romancing his partner, but also when receiving romance. Since he loves attention, he craves
being on the receiving end of affection. He’s like a cat who wants to be touched and caressed, and surprised with meaningful gifts. As reported by The
Circle, the Leo man adores you and will remind you all the time that he loves you. He expects the same in return. Although he loves being in love, rest
assured he only gets into a loving, committed relationship when there’s long-term potential.
9-What To Expect: You’ll Be Pampered
When romancing you, the Leo boyfriend will surprise you with meaningful gifts on a regular basis. You can expect to receive your favorite owers,
a homecooked
meal, and lots of other romantic gestures that make you feel pampered. He’s extremely generous and will spoil you to within an inch of your life.
Another way in which he likes to romance you is with fun activities. He loves being the life of the party and having a good time, and he’ll choose activities
you also enjoy so that you can grow closer and more connected.
8-Committed, But Not Too Romantic: Capricorn
Capricorn is the stable, logical sign. By dating a Capricorn guy, you can expect commitment and loyalty, which will make you feel special. No mixed
messages from him, that’s for sure. He knows what he wants and doesn’t have a problem committing.
However, if you’re looking for romance, you might be disappointed because Capricorn doesn’t indulge in it much, even if he really likes you.
He might see spending money on a romantic vacation or dinner a waste because he’s so practical.
7-What To Expect: Capricorn Is Romantic By Being Protective Of Their Partner
One of the ways in which your Capricorn boyfriend will “romance” you is by being very protective. He might think it’s romantic when he gives you his jacket
because it’s cold outside or he reminds you to pack a lunch for work so you don’t get hungry. While this might annoy instead of romance you, the thing to
know about Capricorn is that he’s protective and nurturing — sometimes a little too much for his own good, but he means well. It’s his way of showing love.
6-He Denes
Romance Differently: Virgo
If you’re quite traditional when it comes to romance, you might nd
dating the Virgo man quite difcult.
He doesn’t see romance as something that has to
be inspired by the usual cliches. He’s not going to ll
your apartment with bouquets of roses or take you on a hot air balloon ride during which he’ll ask to
date you exclusively.
You have to take a closer look into his behavior to nd
the romance. When you do, you’ll see that although Virgo isn’t romantic in the usual way, he can be
romantic in his own creative way.
You just have to be patient and see the unique way in which he shows you he cares.
5-He’ll Show Up For You
What makes Virgo romantic is that if he really likes you, he’ll show up and be with you. While he won’t take you to a romantic dinner (he sees acts of
romance like that pretty frivolous), he will call when he says he will and make you feel loved because he’s so consistent and reliable when you date him, as
explained on Cafe Astrology.
In a world of ghosting and other awful dating trends, you must admit it’s quite refreshing to meet a guy like the Virgo man who makes you feel loved and
special instead of giving you mixed messages.
That might not be traditional romance, but it sure is love!
4-Friendship Means More Than Romance: Aquarius
It might frustrate you when your Aquarius crush asks you out and then you later discover it’s to a soccer match with all his friends instead of the romantic
walk around the city you were hoping for.
But here’s the thing, the Aquarius guy can come across as not being romantic because he values friendship much more than relationships.


3-What To Expect: Friendship First, Love Later
Sneakily, the Aquarius guy will start out as friends so he can take his time to gure
out if you’re a good match for him. This is clever because it means you
can both relax and have fun, which is what the sociable Aquarius loves to do anyway. If he nds
that you’re a great match, then he’ll charm you — and when
he does he’ll knock you off your feet! He’s intelligent, unconventional, and innovative, so you can be sure he’ll nd
interesting ways to show you love. But,
your mental connection and friendship with him will be what stands the test of time.
2-Least Romantic: Sagittarius
If you’re keen on dating a Sagittarius guy, you might be sad to discover that he isn’t very romantic. You might mistakenly think he is because he has such an
appetite for life and can be really charming when he wants to ask you out. But romance? Nope. Don’t expect heartfelt romantic letters (unless he’s the
Before you reckon that’s a bummer, it’s important to note that the Sagittarius man has many other qualities that are worth having in a partner, such as his
generous heart and optimism.
So, you might not get the grand romantic gestures, but you’ll get someone who wants to make you happy.
1-What To Expect: It Takes A Long Time For The Sagittarius To Find Love
If you’re keen on the Sagittarius guy you’re dating to commit to you and show you he loves you, you might be waiting quite a while. He’s not going to
serenade you or make big plans unless he’s been dating you for a long time. In fact, don’t be surprised if he bypasses anything romantic in favor of
friendship. He’s much more likely to nd
in friendships rather than romantic love, so he’s similar to Aquarius in that way. It’s also worth bearing
in mind that the Sagittarius man loves being chased by women, as Exemplorepoints out, so you might have to take the lead on this one.

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