We Ranked How Much Of A Real Man He Is, Based On His Zodiac Sign

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We Ranked How Much Of A Real Man He Is, Based On His Zodiac Sign

How do you define what a real man is? It’s a hot topic nowadays, but to define a ‘real’ man, you have to view him in a modern context. Is he capable of showing emotion, understanding emotion, and expressing emotion? If the answer is yes, consider him a real man. A man comfortable with crying in front of you is mature beyond his years.

Is he respectful? Does he view the world through a progressive lens? Is he open minded and faithful no matter what? If the answer is yes, there’s no doubt he’s a real man. Maturity greatly depends on the element ruling over his zodiac sign, and while you may believe you know which element creates more men than the others, be prepared to be surprised. Are Fire signs notoriously the least mature men, or are Air signs refusing the idea of what a modern man is? You might think you know who’s a boy and who’s a man, but the truth is, only the stars can determine both his maturity and potential. If you’re a real man, you must be capable of growing.

You may be stunned to discover who’s been masquerading all this time, so read ahead to learn how much of a real man he is based on his zodiac sign, ranked on a scale of 1-10.

16The Water Sign Wavers With The Tides

Water signs understand who they are; flowing, wavering, fluid, and above all… emotional. The realm of emotions is where water is most powerful, and it’s no surprise the Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces have the deepest emotional depths of the zodiac. While society preaches masculinity and emotion have nothing to do with each other, it is in fact, the opposite. To fit into a modern idea of what a ‘good man’ is, the capability to express emotions is key – it’s a sign of maturity. This gives the Water signs a boost to their rankings because no one is more proficient when it comes to emotions than they are. However, like each star sign, the flip side of this oceanic world the Water signs create is a broody, controlling, and self-indulgent personality diminishing their positive traits. How does each individual Water sign fare?

15A Scorpio Holds A Savagery In His Heart; He’s Capable Of Anything

His penchant for vindication and his inability to forgive knocks him a couple pegs off the rankings. Whether he’s a boy or a man depends on if his personality lingers more towards his obsessive, possessive behavior, or his loyal, supportive, and compassionate behavior. If you meet a Scorpio guilty of all the Scorpio stereotypes, he’s barely a man. If you find a Scorpio embracing his emotional heart and living life with his steamy passion, you’ll discover a Scorpio can be considered an 8/10 at his full potential. It’s rare to know a Scorpio capable of forgiveness, which is why he’ll almost never become a 10/10, but his unusual emotional depth and sensitivity allows him to soar above many of the other signs. He is one of the most intense men you’ll ever meet, and being in his life is often rewarding.

14Dreams Hinder A Pisces’ Potential

A deep devotion and emotional depth allow a Pisces man to rise in the ranks, however, his knack for infidelity and a wandering eye stops him in his tracks at 6/10. If you find a Pisces man without this fatal flaw, consider yourself extremely lucky. Being with a man this emotional is a rare experience, and it’s one every woman should treasure. He may struggle to put you first while he’s living out the fantasies he’s created in his head. Commitment can be a tender topic for this man, and it might send him running, revealing the inner immaturity that drops him in the ranks. However, dating a man like this is magical, as he typically offers a ton of respect for the woman he’s with. He’s above average, but you could probably do better.

13Lead The Way For A Cancer, And He’ll Be An Unwavering 7

Growing from a boy to a man is a struggle for a Cancer because the influence of his mother is forever affecting him. He’s been babied most of his life and has a tendency to play the victim. Initially, taking action is something he cannot comprehend. It goes without saying his ranking will be one of the worst of the zodiac while he’s like this, however, if he finds himself with a strong woman to show him how a true man behaves, he’ll rise to the task. He’ll treat you with respect, stay true to his word, and be selfless with whoever he values in his life. He’s also extremely emotional and unafraid to cry. Even when he has someone to show him right from wrong, his victim mentality often stops him from progressing past 7/10.

12An Air Sign Can Fool You With A Persona

Air signs waver like Water signs but in an entirely different way. They have less to do with emotion, and more to do with logic. However, the intellectuals cannot schmooze their way to manhood via brain power. They’re talented communicators, a lacking trait in many of the other signs. In order to fit into a modern definition of masculinity, the ability to communicate is a major factor. It shows both intelligence and maturity. However, they possess the ability to use their wit to create a mask for their downfalls, leading to the Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra sitting on the fence between a poor man and a good man; a true adult would never lie, but these signs struggle to learn that lesson. These men are capable of being both a summer breeze and howling gale, but one of them stands out from the rest.

11Predictably, A Gemini Is A Better Man Some Days Than Others

The side of this man who is articulate and clever is one of the greatest human beings you’ll ever meet. If this was the entirety of who a Gemini man was, he might rank a solid 10/10. However, anyone who’s met a Gemini knows their dual soul changes everything, and the unpredictable monster they can become shreds their potential in half. Unsurprisingly, a Gemini man is naturally a 5/10 when it comes to their manhood, with a wide scope depending on their mood. Their belief that emotions make you weak severely harms their ranking, and a childish idea about ‘toughness’ and ‘internalizing emotions’ belongs in the nineteenth century. It’s rare to meet a Gemini who’s reliable and dependable, however, it’s not impossible to find one. Expect him to be a 5/10 in general when you consider his maturity.

10A Poor Ranking Of 4/10 For A Libra Is Painfully True

His insecurity destroys his ranking, and he barely understands the definition of a modern-day man. A Libra male believes in the patriarchy and has a tendency to tell women how to think and what to wear. It’s inappropriate and comes from insecurity a Libra is typically born with. He’ll do anything to boost his ego, and yearns to portray a certain image of himself, no matter how far it is from the truth. This man (or boy) cares about appearances to the point he’ll choose to be with a woman he’s completely incompatible with, based entirely on her looks and status. It’s his utter lack of respect that annihilates a Libra’s ranking. However, he isn’t a 0/10 because of his intelligence and wit, and it’s rare he’ll ever be unfaithful. It’s uncommon he’ll waver from 4/10.

9An Aquarius Will Surprise You If You Let Him

Known for his inability to express emotions, it may come as a surprise to discover an Aquarius ranks 7/10. The most mature and modern of the Air signs, he’ll struggle to rise above a 7 because of his emotional immaturity, but he is a strong yet open-minded person with an unwavering sense of self — two major traits of a modern man. He is also one of the most trustworthy of the signs. Trust can be difficult to find in people nowadays, especially with all the ways infidelity can be committed. I don’t want to sugarcoat the Aquarius; he has a difficult personality and it can be challenging to be with him, but in the context of a modern man, he’ll offer respect and devotion paramount to many other men, even if he is still a bit of a boy.

8Fire Signs Understand Confidence Goes A Long Way

If your personality is combustible, there will be days when you act more like a boy than a man. It’s inevitable, but no one is perfect. However, despite natural flaws, the Fire signs wear the crown when it comes to manhood. Even if maturity hinders their masculinity, they typically have enough confidence to fake it till they make it. These men act larger than life because they know they can achieve anything, and true confidence is a major marker of manhood. However, could a penchant for infidelity harm the rankings of the Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius? Hell yes. While these men have the capability to easily soar about the rest, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should flock to Fire signs if you’re in search of a ‘real’ man. Their flaws are real, both minor and major.

7You Should Tape A Sign To An Aries Saying ‘TOO MUCH MAN’

Oh boy… he’s swoon-worthy. Too swoon-worthy. While he isn’t an emotional individual, he has an inner sensitivity with a deep understanding of his heart, offering a maturity many men will never reach. The Aries man is prone to chauvinism more than any other sign, and a penchant for showing off his superiority might make you yearn for modesty. It is imperative for his partner to stay independent, financially and socially, if a relationship with this man is to succeed. This is why he ranks 8/10 because he is emotionally mature, respectful, progressive, and independent. However, he cannot be a 10/10 with his braggadocios heart. He is a powerful individual that will often find himself in a leadership position for a reason.

6A Leo Is A King Who Earned His Title

Ability to express affection openly? Heck yes. Emotionally deep and intimate? Heck yes. A respectful and progressive individual? This is more than a man, he’s a king. The Leo ranks 9/10, the highest ranking of the zodiac… but he has the ability to fall from grace. Not every Leo you meet will be progressive and respectful, but they always have the potential to grow into themselves. It’s up to them. What chipped away at his perfect ranking is his pompous attitude that can border on chauvinistic. Fire signs struggle with modesty, and to be a man you must be humble. When you come across a Leo, you’ll be overwhelmed with a sense of modern masculinity and maturity without even knowing his sign. You just know a Leo when you see him: a real man. He goes beyond anything you could’ve expected.

5Fake It Till You Make It? It’s A Sagittarius’s MO

Just because he knows how to pretend to be a man, doesn’t mean he is one. His confidence allows him to get away with everything. He is a mutable sign and notoriously unreliable. While he might act like a conqueror and a modern man, he, in fact, ranks a mere 5/10. He is unusually low for a Fire sign, but he has the capacity to grow if he can find the path to maturity. Unfortunately, he’s one of the least stable signs of the zodiac. If eventually, he finds someone capable of grounding his feet, he’ll reveal a shocking level of commitment and offer unconditional love and respect towards any woman. Due to his tendency to fib and a whimsical heart that nearly never settles, he is a complicated man and a notorious boy. Are you the person who can help him grow up?

4An Earth Sign Needs Maturity Before He Can Have Masculinity

It may come as a surprise to discover the Earth signs struggle more than the other elements. With their feet firmly planted in the ground, you’d think maturity wouldn’t be a problem. With time, the Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo can grow into themselves and become the most mature, masculine men you know. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come naturally to them, which is why their rankings dwindle towards the bottom. Their sense of duty and responsibility is the perfect foundation to build from, but immaturity is sown deep into the soil, leading to behaviors that unknowingly define these men. A conservative nature and materialistic tendency might have fared better hundreds of years ago, but if they want to fit into the modern day definition of a ‘real’ man, the Earth signs need to mature.

3You Think A Taurus Is A Man Until He Ghosts You

Dude, why are you like this? He’ll offer you romantic memories you’ll forever cherish, but they’re marred by the fact he ghosted you the following day. What gives? You’d think the grounded, stable Earth signs would possess old soul maturity, but let’s be honest, how mature can a man really be? A Taurus is notoriously conservative and has old school expectations of women that are nearly disrespectful. Perhaps he ghosts women because he despises drama. Avoiding drama allows his ranking to climb as it shows a relative sense of maturity. His sense of duty is also unparalleled, raising his ranking to 4/10, but you might be uncomfortably surprised by how disappointing a Taurus can be. If he begins to understand being an emotional entity doesn’t diminish his masculinity, perhaps his ranking can rise. Until then, he’ll eventually ghost everyone.

2A Virgo Is The Earth Sign With The Most Potential

A Virgo is ruled by Mercury, leading to the whisper of a dual personality. A mutable Earth sign is a contradiction in itself, yet it’s one of the reasons a Virgo man has the most potential to shake his dismal ranking of 6/10 and climb to a worthy number. His insecurity is what makes it difficult to consider him a man, and he may act out to hide his bruised ego. He’s superficial when it comes to emotional intimacy, yet he displays an admirable devotion and respect to anyone he loves. Unfortunately, he is heavily dependent on traditional values, leading to a closed mind… unless someone is patient enough to take the time to sway him. The combination of deep insecurity and undying loyalty means there are many variations of the Virgo man, but in general, his manhood ranks 6/10.

1A Dismal 2/10 Ranking Might Only Stun The Emasculated Capricorn Himself

Oh, you poor Capricorn men. The poorest of men on the zodiac. A stranger to emotion, he’s known to retaliate against things he doesn’t understand. Open minded? Nope. He enjoys watching people fail, so he sets his expectations far too high. He is inflexible and stubborn and will be bullheaded if you don’t agree with his way of thinking. What does he have going for him, you’re wondering? How is he a 2/10, not a 0/10? When he tries, he’s gallant and tactful, and it’s possible to meet a Capricorn who is truly respectful if they were raised right. When he loves someone, he’d die for them. Unfortunately, he can be fickle in love, an unexpected trait for an Earth sign. Every man has room to grow and mature, but it’s a long road for a Capricorn.

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