We Found Out What Each ( Zodiac Sign’s ) Dream Parter Is Actually Like

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We Found Out What Each ( Zodiac Sign’s ) Dream Parter Is Actually Like





When you’re single, it’s easy to think about who you want your boyfriend to be. You probably have a very strict list of qualities and personality traits that you would love for him to have. After all, it’s not like you’ve met him yet, so you can dream as big and wild as you want. And you can have as many dealbreakers as you want as well. No, you don’t think that you’re too picky, no matter what your friends and family tell you. Is it so wrong to want to date the kind of guy that you deserve?!

Of course it’s not. And that’s why it’s perfectly acceptable to have a dream boyfriend in mind. You know, the guy who is finally going to be your one true love and your one and only and your soulmate (if you believe in that kind of stuff… which you most likely do because everyone wants to find real love). So how do you figure this out? You can definitely look to astrology. Your zodiac sign can tell you so much so why not look to it here? Read on to find out who your dream boyfriend is based on your zodiac sign! (And don’t worry if you’re still solo — he’s definitely right around the corner.)

16Water Signs (Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces): The Guy Wearing His Heart And Emotions On His Sleeve

Being a water sign means that you’re emotional and sensitive. It makes sense that you’re not really attracted to super macho, overconfident guys who think that they’re so much better and cooler than you are. No, thank you. You would never look at that kind of guy twice.

Instead, you dream of being with someone who is super honest about who he is and how he feels and what he thinks. You want to be with a guy who wears his heart and emotions on his sleeve. You want him to be so sensitive that he always tells you what he’s thinking and feeling, and you want to be able to have really great, open conversations all the time. You don’t want to date just anyone —  you want to date this type of guy.

15Scorpio: Super Serious About You

Scorpio signs don’t mess around when relationships are on the table. When you start dating someone, you don’t want it to be casual and fun. Well, okay, you want it to be fun, but you’re looking for a guy who will be your one true love. You’re not interested in anything else.

When you’re thinking about your dream boyfriend, you want him to be super serious about you. You want this to be the person who sits you down and says, “Okay, I know that I was meant to meet you and there’s no one else who I ever want to be and you’re the one for me and this is it.” You always want to know how he feels about you and the relationship in general, and you never want to have any doubts about his commitment to you.

14Cancer: A Caring, Chill Guy

Cancer signs are sensitive, like some of the others, and your sensitive nature definitely influences who you want to date. You wouldn’t want to be with a guy who laughed at your emotional state and claimed that you had nothing to be concerned or upset about. That’s just not something that you want to be a part of.

You can be insecure sometimes, and, yes, most people are insecure about something, but this will impact who you choose to be your boyfriend. You want someone who is a chill, caring guy (and you need to be with this kind of person as well). You would have a much easier time in the relationship since he would always be there for you and he also wouldn’t freak out if you were sad or angry about something going on in your life.

13Pisces: The Guy Who Loves His Mom

People warn you against dating a “mama’s boy” because that’s just not much fun. You don’t want to be with a guy who loves his mom more than you and who needs her input before he makes any decision at all.

At the same time, though, it’s not a bad idea to have a boyfriend who really enjoys spending time with his mom. If you’re a Pisces sign, a guy who loves his mom is actually the best kind of boyfriend for you. You want someone who is sensitive and caring and compassionate since you’re a very emotional person. It just so happens that the kind of guy who appreciates his mom and has a good relationship with her will be really good to you, too.

12Air Signs (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra): A Fun, Social Guy

Air signs are really social creatures and enjoy having a good time. You could never date a homebody or someone who was shy. It just wouldn’t work for you.

Your dream boyfriend is fun and social. He’s always up for a gathering with friends and never says no to a party or event invite. You want someone who is so social, he’s even a bit more social than you are, so he even has to convince you to get off the couch and go out sometimes. This guy is totally your ideal match and the kind of person that you’re looking for every time that you go on a first date. Nice and boring just aren’t things that you want in a partner, that’s for sure.

11Aquarius: The Guy Who Follows His Heart

Aquarius signs are super interesting. If this is you, then you basically have a few different personalities. You can be very thoughtful and intense, but you can also be a party girl.

It’s important to you to do what you want in life (and get what you want as well). You’re not quite as aggressive as a Leo sign or as moody as an Aries sign, but you can have those qualities from time to time. You want to date a guy who follows his heart and does what he wants and what he knows will make him happy. He would inspire you and motivate you to live your best life as well and you would be a great match for each other since you would inspire each other.

10Gemini: Mr. Sensitive

Geminis are really sensitive signs and you would never want to date a guy who wasn’t exactly as sensitive as you are. Sure, some people might believe that opposites attract, but that’s not really something that you think is true.

You don’t mind dating someone who is exactly like you. In fact, you would rather do that because then you wouldn’t be told that you need to stop being so sensitive every five minutes. Your sensitive nature has probably been a problem in your previous relationships, so when it comes to your dream boyfriend, you want to make sure that this is something that he would be okay with. And, of course, if he’s just as sensitive as you are, then he wouldn’t mind and he would understand you better than any of those other guys.

9Libra: The Equal Partner

If you’re a Libra sign, then it’s very important to you that things are always fair. You’re the kind of person who really does go around saying “It’s not fair” even if you know that makes you sound a bit immature. You can’t help it though. You really can’t stand the fact that sometimes good people have to suffer and that others get away with things that they shouldn’t.

When you’re thinking about your dream boyfriend, you definitely want someone who is going to be an equal partner. He’s never going to tell you to make dinner every night and clean the apartment and take out the garbage and do every single chore. He’ll be willing to split the work and effort and you’ll love it. When you’re with this guy, you’re never going to say that things aren’t fair.

8Fire Signs (Leo, Aries, Sagittarius): The Romantic

Fire signs, from Leo to Aries to Sagittarius, are all about the passion. If you’re one of these zodiac signs, you could never be accused of letting the passion fade in a relationship. That basically sounds like your worst nightmare and it’s never something that you would allow to happen.

Who’s your dream boyfriend? That would be a guy who is a total and complete romantic. He’s going to shower you with affection on a daily basis, tell you how he feels all the time, and plan really amazing date nights. You wouldn’t expect anything less from a boyfriend, so this is exactly what you want your love life to look like. This is totally the kind of BF that you’re searching for. If a guy hates romance, you won’t even want to look at him twice.

7Leo: The Career Man

Leo signs are super ambitious and definitely not shy and quiet. You’ve probably been told your entire life that you’re a great leader and that you’re, well, a bit much. Because, well, you are. You’ve got a massive personality and a lot of energy and you’re a lot to handle as a friend, coworker, family member, and, yes, girlfriend.

And that’s exactly why when it comes to your dream boyfriend, you really want to date the career man. You know the type. He’s obsessed with climbing the corporate ladder, making more connections, getting raises and promotions, and being as successful as possible. To you, nothing is hotter than a guy who works hard and cares about his job, so you’ll be really into him and won’t even care that he works late sometimes. You’re totally doing the same thing.

6Aries: The Bad Boy

Aries signs can be a bit much, just like Leo signs. You’re passionate and can also be pretty moody. That means that your dream boyfriend is totally a bad boy.

You have a lot of energy and aren’t one to sit around and wait for life to happen to you. You make things happen for yourself and if you like a guy, you’re going to ask him out. Why wouldn’t you?! Exactly. You definitely would. You would be attracted to someone who seemed mysterious and who had a whole inner world going on. You don’t want to date just anyone and if you’re going to give up your single status, it has to be for someone who you find completely fascinating. A bad boy would peak your interest for sure.

5Sagittarius: The Boy With Wanderlust

There’s nothing that a Sagittarius loves more than travel. When you’ve got a trip coming up, whether it’s a short weekend getaway or a longer, more exotic vacation, you’re totally smiling from ear to ear. Travel is where you thrive and it’s your favorite thing ever.

Since you don’t want to date someone who wants to sit at home all the time and hates leaving the apartment, let alone the city or country, you need to date someone who loves travel as much as you do. And that means that a boy with wanderlust is your dream match. You not only want a travel partner but you also want to make sure that when you’re hanging out with him, the two of you can talk about travel.

4Earth Signs (Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn): The Reliable Guy

Earth signs are loyal and generally nice, good people, so it makes sense that when you think about your dream boyfriend, you want someone who is totally reliable.

You don’t want to date a guy who cancels plans left and right and who embarrasses you in front of the people in your life. You might have had that kind of experience before and know how much it sucks, or maybe you never have since you would never stand for it. You just want to make sure that you’re proud of the person that you’re dating (which is a great goal so there’s nothing wrong with that). When a guy proves to you that he’s good and decent and worth being in a relationship with, you’ll never let him go.

3Virgo: A Genius

Virgo signs are known for being really, really smart. You’ve been told that you’re shy and that you can be quiet, and whether you’re quiet all the time or just in big groups, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. After all, not everyone needs to be loud all the time, right?!

If you’re a Virgo sign, then one thing is definitely true: when you dream about the kind of guy who you would love to call your boyfriend, he’s a genius. You would never date someone who isn’t on the same level as you intellectually. It’s important to you to be able to have real, interesting, intelligent conversations with the person who you’re going to date, and that’s even truer if you’re going to be in a serious, long-term relationship with them.

2Taurus: The Guy Who Knows Himself Super Well

Taurus signs are stubborn, so if this is your zodiac sign, you’re most likely more than familiar with that. Hey, you can’t stop yourself from being stubborn about absolutely everything in your life. This is just your personality and it’s pretty much set in stone. And, no, if someone tells you that you’re stubborn, it doesn’t exactly make you want to start being more agreeable and easier to get along with.

Your dream boyfriend is a super secure, confident guy who knows himself super well. You want to be with someone who is clear about his wants and needs and likes and dislikes. You would never be attracted to a nice enough guy who is very wishy-washy. You want someone who knows their own self and mind as well as you know your own.

1Capricorn: The Perfect Boyfriend

If you’re a Capricorn sign, then you’re looking for nothing less than perfection in a guy. Yup, your dream boyfriend is none other than the absolute perfect boyfriend.

What does this mean to you? It means that he follows the conventional, traditional idea of what a boyfriend is. He’ll do everything right, from asking you to be his girlfriend to getting you to meet his family and friends to say that you should move in together and get married. You love tradition and family and these things are both super important to you. You need them to be important to the guy that you’re dating as well. No, you don’t think that perfection is too much to ask for. To you, this guy totally exists and you’ll accept nothing less.

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