Have you ever been in a situation where you felt like you had a real connection with a guy—you know, something that could go beyond friendship—only to find out that he does not think of you the same way? Well, truthfully, most of us have been in this position before, and trust us, we know that it’s no fun at all! It can leave you feeling super confused and heartbroken. You guys got along so well, you never ran out of things to talk about, and you always had SO much fun hanging out together—so why didn’t he want to take things to the next level and ask you to be his girlfriend? Why wouldn’t he agree to go on even one date, just to test the waters?

Well, sometimes, you can truly care about someone, to the point where you are willing to do almost anything for them, but you just can’t see yourself in a relationship with that person. It’s a sticky situation for sure, but we will all experience this type of heartbreak at some point in our lives. Here’s why he cares for you, but can’t love you, based on his zodiac sign.

16Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): Can Sometimes Be Too Picky

Fire signs guys can be exceptionally charming. In fact, let’s be honest—they have the looks and the personality to match, and it can feel like they are simply impossible to resist. This is why so many women end up in the fire sign friend zone—they get taken in by the initial attraction, and they just can’t shake that electric feeling. But the truth is that these guys are picky, and that’s why they often end up being close friends with girls who they do truly care about, but simply could never fall in love with. They just can’t help that they are so charismatic—it’s simply in their nature.

Yes, it’s easy to assume that a fire sign guy doesn’t truly care about you when he turns you down, but the truth is that he probably feels quite bad about the fact that you two don’t feel the same way. Some people may view these guys as arrogant, and at times, they can be (but so can everyone else). But they do genuinely care about making their friends happy, and they don’t want to break your heart. Sometimes, two people just aren’t a good fit, and that’s just life.

15Aries: He Doesn’t Think You’re “The One”

If you’ve ever had a crush on an Aries guy, you know how tough it can be to navigate romantic relationships with this sign. Why? Well, they don’t really like the idea of settling down. In fact, some Aries guys will not settle down at all until they feel like they’ve found the woman that they’re going to marry—and yes, sometimes they are wrong, but some Aries guys genuinely do get into only one serious relationship. It’s like they have a sixth sense for which relationships will and won’t work out. It’s pretty crazy, honestly.

So if you’ve got some serious feelings for an Aries guy in your life, but he is clearly not reciprocating, it’s probably because deep down, he just knows it won’t work out. Trust us, if he rejects you, it’s a blessing in disguise. If he thought that the relationship had a good shot at turning into something real, he would ask you out in a heartbeat! And if he doesn’t do that, it means his heart isn’t it—which means that the relationship would not be worth your time in the first place. You’re better off just staying friends if that is the case.

14Leo: Sometimes He Just Enjoys Being Single

Look, Leo guys are known for being independent. And honestly, that’s a good thing—it may seem frustrating when he tells you that he doesn’t want to date you, but independent guys are way better than dependent guys. Why? Because guys who always need a woman to depend on don’t like to do anything for themselves. That’s the kind of guy who will always be expecting you to cook, clean, and do everything around the house if you ever move in together—and he won’t lift a finger!

Leo guys are used to providing for themselves and doing almost everything for themselves. They especially love the true freedom that comes along with being single. They are very similar to Aries guys in this way—they are not willing to give that up unless they think you might be wife material. And if he does not feel that way about you? Well, some other guy will! It doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care deeply about you—he just doesn’t see you as “the one,” and the sooner that he tells you this, the better. That way, you can move on and find the guy who will be “the one” for you.

13Sagittarius: He’s Not Ready To Settle Down

Just like Leo and Aries guys, Sagittarius guys are fiercely independent. In fact, they may value their independence even more than the other fire sign guys! Now, here’s the problem—this is one of the qualities that makes them so attractive compared to so many other signs. A guy who loves to travel, who stays active, who always has exciting stories to tell and is always up for adventure? How many girls do you know who would sign up to date that type of guy in a heartbeat? We bet that you could name plenty—and you would probably be one of those girls!

But a guy like that doesn’t always want a girlfriend. In fact, he rarely wants a girlfriend. What a tragedy, right? Yes, we all wish that more Sagittarius guys would be open to serious relationships, but you can’t force them to change—it’s just in their nature to be this way. Oh, well—that’s life!

So, if you’ve fallen for one of these guys, and you know that he doesn’t want to date you, rest assured that it’s not because you’re doing anything wrong. He probably doesn’t want to date anyone else, either, so you’re not alone!

12Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): It’s Not Me, It’s You

If you know anything about astrology, you know that guys born under earth signs are not always super open about their emotions. Hey, we’re not talking about water signs here—don’t worry, we’ll get to that later! Most of the time, when an earth sign guy feels like you’re not quite girlfriend material, that’s not the real reason. It’s because he isn’t truly ready for a relationship yet, and deep down, he knows that—but he doesn’t quite want to admit it.

You know how most guys will use the phrase, “It’s not you, it’s me?” when they want to be nice? Oddly enough, earth sign guys are kind of the opposite. They’ll tell you that they’re just not into you, and that’s why you can’t be together—but really, they’re struggling with something in their lives, and they don’t have the time or energy to be in a healthy relationship. However, since these guys are total perfectionists, they don’t always like to admit their flaws! Therefore, they might push a little bit of the blame off on you while explaining why they don’t want to be in a relationship. Don’t take it too personally—you’re probably doing just fine.

11Taurus: He Feels Like A Relationship Would Be Too Distracting

Taurus guys always have major goals. They are similar to Capricorn guys in this way, and if you have some Taurus guy friends in your life, you know exactly what we’re talking about! When a Taurus guy doesn’t want to be in a relationship with a girl who he actually does care about, it’s usually because he feels like it would distract him from something else important going on in his life. Maybe he is starting a new job, or maybe he is taking on some new freelance projects outside of work. Maybe he is planning on moving soon and doesn’t know if he could ever handle the pressures of a long distance relationship. Or, maybe there are some family troubles going on behind the scenes, and that’s where he needs to focus his full attention for now.

Whatever it is, he may not open up to you about it—Taurus guys are typically pretty private, so figuring out what’s really going on might take a little guesswork. But just know that if you guys were already friends, he still does care about—he probably just has a lot on his plate and knows that he can’t be a good boyfriend right now.

10Virgo: He’s Not The Romantic Type

So, why doesn’t that Virgo guy you’ve been crushing on feel the same way about you? That afternoon at the coffee shop together felt like a cute first date! And he always texts you to see how you’re doing, he listens to you when you’re upset, it seems like he wants to get to know you on a deeper level…but when you tell him how you feel, he’s suddenly not interested. The connection is there, but the romance isn’t. Why not? What’s the deal? Why doesn’t he seem to feel the same way? You’re practically staying up all night dreaming about this guy—why doesn’t he want to give it a try?

The truth is that Virgo guys are simply not the romantic type. It sounds a little weird, but most of them are not interested in dating at all until they get older—we’re talking mid-twenties here. They’re often too focused on studying, landing their first jobs, saving money, and getting themselves solidly established in life before they start thinking about dating. They sometimes feel like outcasts because of this, but by the time they do start dating seriously, they are usually quite successful, which makes them appealing to women.

9Capricorn: He’s In Workaholic Mode

You probably already know that Capricorns—particularly Capricorn guys—are the biggest workaholics in the entire zodiac. There is just no denying that. The stereotype is 100% true without a doubt. And as you can probably already guess, this absolutely ties into the reason that they might turn down a girl that they do actually care about. Sometimes, these guys are basically married to their jobs. They may have some close female friends, but they just know that they do not have the time or energy to devote to a relationship. Honestly, it’s rare that they do. The women they end up marrying has to catch them at just the right time! Otherwise, no girl stands a chance with these guys.

Capricorn guys can put their heads down at their desks and just work, work, work from morning until night. Many people do not understand this drive or level of passion, and even if he really cares about you, he will not be willing to date you if you don’t feel the same way about your own career. He needs someone who truly “gets” him—someone who knows why he is the way he is and understands that feeling on a personal level.

8Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): They’ll Make You Feel Special…But Won’t Take The Extra Step

If you’ve ever fallen for an air sign, we truly cannot blame you—these guys can have you head over heels after the first time you meet! It’s hard to resist their charm. They have it down to a science—Gemini guys can flirt like no other, Libra guys are some of the most handsome around, and Aquarius guys are the ones who will remember every little detail about you without fail. Long story short, these guys are basically experts at making girls feel super special in a way that no other signs can. Basically, they’re on another level—no wonder they never have a problem getting dates! When they want to, that is. But what about those times when you think you have a shot, and they turn you down? What’s going on then?

Well, the truth is that each air sign is very different. But don’t worry, that’s why we’ll be breaking down the details on each of these signs for you! We won’t leave you in the dark—they might not be open books when it comes to their emotions, but we’ll certainly teach you how to read them so that you’re not heartbroken over a guy who wasn’t right.

7Gemini: He Doesn’t Feel Like He Can Commit To One Girl

You already know that Gemini guys are huge flirts! After all, we did just mention it, and you’ve probably heard it elsewhere, too. Hey, sometimes those zodiac stereotypes turn out to be true, and if you know any Gemini guys, you know that this one is a fact. There’s just no escaping it—Gemini guys definitely have trouble committing to one girl. Now, why is this super irritating? Since Gemini guys are super social and friendly, they often end up with a ton of female friends—and naturally, some of those girls will end up wanting to date them.

But the truth is that there is really nothing you can do to change these guys—some of them honestly want to stay bachelors for life! That’s just the way this sign is, and they have no interest in doing anything differently. Trust us, trying to force them into a relationship is just a recipe for disaster—you do not want to be involved in that mess. If a Gemini guy wants to be your friend and nothing more, it’s best to just accept things as they are and not try to push for more. You will only end up disappointed.

6Libra: You’re Not His “Type”

Now, this may be tragic news for those of you who have fallen for a Libra guy, but chances are, you’re probably not his “type”—and trust us, Libra guys can get very particular when it comes to their type. They often have a certain kind of girl that they really want to be with, and they’re very picky about it. So if you don’t happen to fall into this narrow category, don’t waste one second feeling bad about yourself. These guys tend to turn down a lot of amazing potential girlfriends just because they don’t check all the boxes! And that’s why many of them end up in relationships that sound great on paper, but really aren’t so great in real life. They have a lot to offer, but they often end up offering it to the wrong person.

Why do Libra guys act this way? Well, one reason is the fact that they tend to be very image-conscious. Therefore, they often get hung up on little details that don’t actually matter while ignoring the big picture. If a Libra guy turns you down because of this, don’t even sweat it—you will definitely find someone who appreciates you.

5Aquarius: He Just Wants To Be Friends

Aquarius guys can be similar to Libra guys in some ways—when it comes to relationships, they are known to be quite picky! They just know themselves very well, and they can tell right away if a relationship is going to work out or not. They don’t want to waste your time if they don’t think that being together is right, so they won’t lead you on. Instead, they will just be honest with you and tell you how they really feel. It’s natural to feel disappointed when something like this occurs.

However, Aquarius guys don’t put too much stock in relationships anyway. They would never date someone just to date them. If their heart is not 100% in it, they would rather just remain friends. And if that’s the worst case scenario, it’s really not so bad, because even if an Aquarius guy doesn’t want to be your boyfriend, you can always trust him to be a good friend. Seriously, they’re some of the best guys to hang out with, because they’ll be down for any random activity that you could think of. If it doesn’t work out romantically, at least you’ll always have a friend by your side.

4Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): They Know What They Want

When it comes to relationships, water signs can get super emotional—but you don’t need us to tell you that, you probably already knew! Anyway, so now that that’s established, let’s talk about what happens when you want to be more than friends, but he’s just not that into you. There are several reasons why this could happen, and it all depends on whether he’s a Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces. We’ll look at all of them individually in a minute, but for now, we’ll just talk about water signs in general, and why that water sign guy you’re in love with might just want to be your friend.

Basically, these guys are very in touch with their own emotions, in a way that most men just aren’t. When they want to be with a girl, they just know it right away—they don’t even need time to think about. But if they’ve already hung out with you a few times, and those feelings just haven’t stirred up, then it’s probably just not going to happen. That may not be what you want to hear, but it’s the truth—water sign guys are easy to figure out, and that’s a good thing.

3Cancer: He Isn’t Ready For A Relationship

So, we’ve already mentioned that water sign guys are super emotional, but trust us when we say that Cancer guys are probably the most sensitive of them all! There is just no denying that. So, they might honestly have some feelings for you, but they just know that they are not ready for a relationship. And that’s what keeps them from just allowing themselves to fall in love with you. It’s easy to think that love is automatic, and that falling in love is something that you cannot control. But honestly, that is not entirely true. In order to fall in love and truly open up your heart to someone else, you have to be willing to let your guard down.

And if a Cancer guy isn’t ready to do that? Well, there’s just no chance for a relationship to blossom. Most Cancer guys end up giving too much effort to a girl who ends up burning them at a young age because they’re so compassionate, and that’s why many of them end up putting up some walls later in life. If you’ve fallen for a Cancer guy, this can be a tough reality to accept, but it happens very often.

2Scorpio: He Needs To Sort Out His Own Emotions

Sometimes, a Scorpio guy will have a girl in his life who he truly cares about, more than she will ever know…but he also knows that he just can’t be with her. Why? Well, Scorpio guys know that their emotions can really get the best of them, and sometimes, they know that it is simply best not to be in a relationship at the time. Hey, even if this can be disappointing news, at least they know themselves, right? So, if a Scorpio guy turns you down, he IS one of those guys who will use the “It’s not you, it’s me” line, and he’ll actually mean it.

Scorpio guys often take a while to “grow up,” so to speak, but they know this about themselves. They just don’t want to rush into a relationship if they’re not ready. They would much rather simply wait until the time is right than move too quickly and potentially ruin a good thing. So if you do think that the two of you stand a real chance…well, it doesn’t hurt to stick around, stay friends, and see what could happen in the future. You never know, something good could happen between the two of you!

1Pisces: You Don’t Share The Same Goals For The Future

Pisces guys are dreamers—it’s part of what makes them so charming. They are super creative and artistic, and they are always thinking about where their talents could take them someday. And on top of that, they are willing to work for it! But everyone knows that “making it” in a creative profession requires a lot of support. Therefore, they want to be with someone who understands where they’re coming from. If you have different career goals, they may still want to be friends, but they probably won’t want to date you.

Being a Pisces guy is honestly not easy—they don’t always have an easy time relating to other guys, and sometimes, they end up feeling like an outcast. That’s why they really need to be with a girl who knows that feeling and has lived it herself. Honestly, this is why Pisces guys and girls seem to end up together so often! They just happen to understand each other in a way that no other sign could. So if you’re not also a Pisces, don’t be surprised is that Pisces guy you’ve been hanging out with just wants to be friends instead of taking things a step further.