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  • November 26, 2020

This Is What Makes Her Powerful, Based On Her Sign



There are a lot of character traits that make a person powerful. People can master all kinds of behaviors that make them more likely to succeed in life and
to inuence
others. But we also have natural abilities that can’t be taught, which contribute to how powerful we are. And it’s these special abilities that
have to do with the astrological signs we are born under.
When it comes to being powerful, every sign has one trait that gives them an extra edge that will help them to thrive in life. The re
signs have huge
amounts of condence
that help them to believe in themselves and chase their life goals, while also taking necessary risks and standing up for themselves
in the face of confrontation. The air signs have more dedication and ambition than the other signs, making them disciplined, committed to bettering
themselves, and focused on achieving results. The air signs aren’t bound by the chains of insecurity, which allows them to socialize with people from all
walks of life and live without worrying about what others think of them. There are the water signs, whose intuition helps them to care for those they love,
and choose the right moment to make their move. And lastly, there are the earth signs, the most grounded and goal-oriented. Earth signs have a unique
focus that allows them to concentrate on their goals without getting side-tracked by life’s little bumps in the road.


20-The Fire Signs Are Full Of Condence
The re
signs give the other signs a run for their money as far as condence
is concerned. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius suffer from insecurity just like
everyone else, but they are still blessed with the most condence.
They believe in themselves and aren’t afraid to put themselves out there and make
things happen. Leo is the proudest of the re
signs, which is no surprise since she’s a Lion. Aries is condent
enough to have confrontations with other
people and get them to see her point of view in the midst of tension, and Sagittarius is condent
enough to take daring risks.
19-Aries: She Knows How To Handle Confrontation
Being able to handle conict
and confrontation is a blessing since not everyone can. Aries doesn’t like to argue or ght
with people, but when she needs to,
she’s not afraid of it. While at times this can get her into trouble, she usually ends up being respected by those around her because she’s not afraid to stand
up for herself. She gets places by ghting
for what she wants and only accepting what’s up to her standards, rather than being a pushover.Though at times
she can get angry, she mostly knows how to argue and discuss in a way that resolves the issue.
18-Leo: She Believes In Herself
The ability to believe in oneself is a trait that millions of people wish they had, and Leo is lucky enough to be a natural at it. She is full of self-condence
trusts that she has it inside her to make her dreams come true. She does deal with insecurities, just like all humans do, but for the most part, she accepts
herself the way she is and has faith in her own abilities. This is powerful because it means she never sells herself short and never accepts less than she
deserves. Plus, she’s less likely to give up on her dreams.
17-Sagittarius: She’s Not Afraid To Take Risks
Sagittarius has all the courage and guts you would expect of a re
sign. She doesn’t look before she leaps and is never afraid to take risks. Sometimes, this
means that she loses out and suffers. But a lot of the time, she gains a lot because she was willing to take such a gamble in the rst
place. By always taking
risks, she leaves her comfort zone and gets to know herself more, and what she can and can’t handle. She also gets rewards that others don’t, because she’s
not afraid to put herself out there, like other may be.
16-The Fire Signs Feel Powerless When Others Play Dirty
Though the re
signs can be outgoing and blunt, they usually have strong morals and a lot of integrity. So it really gets under their skin when they associate
with people who don’t share the same morals or decency. When people play dirty, it catches them off guard, because they’re not the type of person to do


15-The Earth Signs Are Focused And Motivated
The earth signs—Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn—are the most focused of the signs. These ladies plan out goals and they stick to them. They follow through
with their promises and they don’t give up, even when life gets hard. Taurus in particular is exceptionally disciplined and never budges from the routine she
planned for herself. Virgo is focused particularly on improving herself and always being better than she was yesterday, which makes her pretty tough for
others to compete with. And Capricorn is the most ambitious and driven of them all, never losing sight of her goals.
14-Taurus: She Stays Dedicated To Discipline
If there’s one word to describe Taurus, it would be discipline. This sign is a master at following through with her commitments and sticking to a routine,
even when she doesn’t feel like it. She is extremely motivated to keep up everything she started, and to avoid being a quitter. This enables her to succeed at
more things than others because she sticks it out and never gives up, even when she feels like it. Her discipline means that she usually starts earlier and
leaves later than others and better prepares herself for challenges so she can be the one to win.
13-Virgo: She Focuses On Self-Improvement
Virgo is all about the self-improvement. This sign has high standards that she sets for herself, and she’s never really happy with where she’s at. She always
wants to be getting better and better. While this attitude can make life stressful for her, it also stops her from ever slipping at anything. Whether the focus
is on her body, her career, her love life, her spirituality, her attitude or her lifestyle, she’s always up for a total makeover. These little improvements help her
to thrive and succeed in life and because of them, Virgo never sinks into mediocrity.
12-Capricorn: She’ll Stop At Nothing To Get What She Wants
Out of the twelve signs, Capricorn is probably the most driven and ambitious. That is quite a statement because there certainly are other driven signs, but
Capricorn takes the cake. This sign will stop at absolutely nothing to get what she wants, and she never forgets about what she wants either. She will work
harder and smarter than everybody else, stay for longer, and go to a lot of extra effort just to make sure she’s the one who comes out on top.Because of
that dedication, she usually is the one to come out on top.
11-The Earth Signs Feel Powerless When They Don’t Meet Their Goals
There’s one situation that always causes the earth signs to come undone, and that’s when they fail to meet the goals they set out to. Even though they’re
super dedicated and ambitious, they don’t always achieve the outcome they intended (they normally do, but not always). When this happens, they’re hard
on themselves and feel like total failures. Working hard and still not making it makes these ladies feel completely useless as if they don’t have any power or
potential. Luckily, they are usually able to pick themselves up afterward and try again until they get it right.
10-The Air Signs Are Free From Insecurity
We all suffer from insecurities from time to time. Even the air signs aren’t totally free, but they are basically free compared to other signs. Gemini, Libra,
and Aquarius are far less prone to insecurities than the other signs, which helps them to prosper. When it comes to Gemini, she keeps a positive attitude
and open mind for all things, including her own doubts about herself. Libra might feel insecure about things, but she doesn’t let them hold her back as she
gets out there and makes new contacts. And Aquarius is the queen of living a condent
and happy life by ignoring what others think of her.
9-Gemini: She Can Open Her Mind To Just About Anything


doesn’t like, but the important thing is she will dive into anything just to experience it one time. This gives her an advantage over closed-minded people
because she takes every opportunity by the horns and never lets personal reservations get in the way of what her heart tells her to do.

8-Libra: She’ll Talk To Absolutely Anyone
Social Libra is a people-person. She was blessed with all the social skills that you need to succeed, including being a good listener and a good
talker. Because of her ability to hold a conversation about pretty much anything, Libra is happy to talk with anyone. Obviously, this opens her up to many
more opportunities than others with fewer social skills, who don’t know how to leave an impression. Libra comes across as a friendly and charismatic
person to most people that she meets, and that personal connection usually means that she is favored for various things later on.
7-Aquarius: She Doesn’t Care What People Think Of Her
Aquarius just might have the most coveted gift of all, and that’s not caring what people think of her. Perhaps she cares to a tiny extent, but she doesn’t let
the opinions of others bother her, which is a huge advantage. When we care too much what other people think, we try to cater to them and lose ourselves
along the way. Worse, we can fall apart at every disapproving comment that comes our way. But none of that is a problem for Aquarius. This sign couldn’t
care less what people have to say about her, so she’s free to live her life her way.
6-The Air Signs Feel Powerless When They’re Required To Be Patient
Some signs have patience in abundance, but the air signs do not t
into that category. These signs prefer life to move at a fast pace and believe that time
spent reecting
or planning is wasted. They’re passionate about living and experiencing new things, so when they have to wait for anything, it frustrates
them. These signs can sometimes rush through things because they would rather keep the ow
of life going than slow it down, but that usually has terrible
results. They have the potential to be okay with waiting, but they just have to practice.
5-The Water Signs Use Their Intuition To Make A Difference
Intuition is a gift given to all the water signs. Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces just have a sense for the way things are, even if they don’t have any solid proof.
They tend to get strong gut feelings about people and situations, which can be good or bad. When they don’t follow their instincts, they end up feeling like
they’ve betrayed themselves. Cancer uses her intuition mainly to protect those she loves because she’s a natural carer. Scorpio uses it to get a sense of
timing, while Pisces relies on her intuition all the time, to navigate her way through life.
4-Cancer: She’s A Natural Protector
If there’s one thing that Cancer was put on this earth to do, it’s caring for others. She is a natural carer, protector, and nurturer, and she is happiest when
given the chance to do this. Where her loved ones are concerned, she’s an extremely powerful force. She doesn’t let anybody hurt anybody that she loves,
and is a huge source of comfort for the people around her in hard times. Cancer is also a great judge of character, thanks to her natural intuition, and is
great at guarding her loved ones against people with bad intentions.


3-Scorpio: Patience Is Her Virtue
Though Scorpio is known as being quite a erce
sign, she’s actually exceptionally patient. She can seem demanding with some things, but her rst
instinct is
to wait for things to fall into place around her rather than forcing them before they’re totally ready. This is a skill that will come in handy for her in many
areas of her life, including at work and in love. She has a natural sense for when things are ready and when they’re not, and she doesn’t make the mistake of
pushing them too soon.
2-Pisces: She Has A Sense Of What’s Going To Happen Before It Does
All the water signs are intuitive, but Pisces is the most blessed as far as intuition is concerned. This sign is almost psychic in that she can just feel what other
people are thinking and feeling. She’s also the most likely out of the signs to have clairvoyant tendencies because she usually has a feeling of what’s going
to happen before it does. Her gut instincts are super strong, and as long as she follows them, she usually keeps out of harm’s way. This makes her powerful
because things rarely surprise her, and she is always prepared for the seemingly unexpected.
1-The Water Signs Feel Powerless When Their Feelings Are Hurt
Though water signs are powerful in many ways, they also have their moments when they feel completely powerless again, and that tends to happen when
people say and do things to hurt their feelings. Seriously, hurt the feelings of a water sign and the gloves are off. These signs are particularly sensitive to
hurt feelings because they’re the most fragile of the astro signs. When people say insensitive things to them or do things to upset them, it can leave them
feeling powerless. This kind of thing reminds them that they don’t have control over everybody, and exposes them to a lot of pain.

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