Even the strongest and healthiest relationship can’t avoid the occasional argument. In fact, a relationship without any disagreements at all probably isn’t that healthy, even if it seems like it is. As much as we wish it were different, long-lasting relationships take work, and when two humans come together (bringing two personalities and two perspectives), there’s just bound to be some head-clashing every now and then.

While bickering with your partner is no reason to call it quits in a relationship, it’s also true that not all arguments do the same amount of damage. Arguing with some partners helps to flatten out the creases in the relationship and let off built-up stress, but coming to blows with others means tantrums, grudges that last for weeks and weeks and venomous words exchanged (which can’t be taken back). It’s always helpful to know what you’re in for when you get close to someone, to prepare yourself in case disagreeing with them will be like signing up for World War Three.

The zodiac sign of a person might actually have a lot to do with how someone reacts when they’re challenged, what they do to express their anger, and how they act in an altercation in general. Read on to find out what feuds with your new beau will be like, based on his sign.

16Arguing With The Fire Signs Is Exhausting

There are a lot of benefits to dating a fire sign. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are fun and passionate. They will protect you in hard times, and their huge levels of ambition mean that they will go to the ends of the earth for you when you need it. They’re full of love and passion and will make you feel overwhelmed at times by how much they care about you.

But the downside to dating a fire sign? As good as it is when things are going well is how bad it is when you’re fighting. You can’t choose when passion and fire come, so if someone is passionate and fiery when it comes to love and play, they’re also going to be that way when they get angry. The fire signs have a tendency to get really angry really quickly and aren’t shy about expressing that anger either. Put simply, if a fire sign is mad at you, you’ll know about it.

The good thing about the fire signs is that their fights tend to pass pretty quickly because they like to live in the moment and don’t enjoy dwelling on things.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not exhausting to deal with someone who’s either screaming their head off at you, throwing challenging questions your way or getting so emotional that they can’t function properly.

15Aries: Be Prepared For Major Fireworks

When it comes to fireworks, Aries has it down to an art. In good times, this sign will certainly put on a big show for you—he’ll get you grand gifts, take you to exciting places and say truly beautiful things that make your heart melt. But when he’s angry with you, he’ll put on just as big a show.

We won’t sugar-coat it: Aries is one of the most confronting signs to fight with, especially if you’re more of a reserved or sensitive personality. He doesn’t try to be intimidating or scary, and later on, when he realizes how angry he got, he usually feels really bad. In the moment, though, he tends to lose himself in anger and just goes nuts.

This sign might slam doors to let off some steam, but he’s not into the passive-aggressive thing. Instead, he’ll want to talk to you face-to-face and tell you exactly how he feels and why he feels like that, and what has to happen to fix it. He might raise his voice, but most of the time, he’s not yelling at you, he’s just yelling near you. In other words, he’s just filled with so much anger that it’s pouring out of him, and isn’t necessarily aimed at you. Of course, a tendency for a hot temper isn’t an excuse for inappropriate behavior, and you are still the judge of when that line is crossed.

14Leo: Anything You Say Can And Will Bruise His Ego

Leo has a generous heart and can be filled with compassion, but he also has an ego that’s particularly prone to inflation. In other words, he can get a big head really easily, and though it doesn’t seem like it, all it takes for that ego to pop is the tiniest little prick. So when you’re fighting with Leo, he tends to take absolutely everything you say to heart, and a lot of the time, his feelings get very hurt, making him ropable.

You don’t typically think of Leo as a sensitive sign, but he is much more concerned with what other people think about him than he lets on.

So during the course of the argument, if you say things that make him feel bad about himself because you’re angry, he can get really offended and in turn, defensive.

The Lion doesn’t like it when he doesn’t impress people, even when they’ve annoyed him. So the best way to calm things down with this sign is to be as careful as you can with your words and try your best not to hurt his feelings, as that’s just going to slam his back up against the wall and make everything worse.

13Sagittarius: Don’t Be Surprised If He Walks Out (Before Coming Back)

Sagittarius is slightly less prone to temper tantrums than Aries and Leo, and he’s well-known to be less aggressive than them too. While Aries and Leo will stay there with you and argue until everything has been said (and in Leo’s case, until you admit you’re wrong), Sagittarius doesn’t have that much nerve, and doesn’t have that much patience. Actually, if Sagittarius feels angry enough, he might decide that he’s had enough of you, and just walk away.

Don’t forget that this sign values his freedom more than anything, and when times are tough, it brings him comfort to remember the fact that he is his own person and he can go wherever he wants to do whatever he wants. Simply walking out might be really frustrating if you want to talk it out, but it’s never a good idea to force this sign to stay somewhere he doesn’t want to. That’s the quickest way to get him to resent you.

The good thing about Sagittarius is once he’s gotten some space, sorted through his thoughts and stepped away from the anger, he’s usually ready to come back and have that much-needed conversation. But it usually doesn’t happen beforehand.

12The Earth Signs Can Push You Away When They’re Angry

While the fire signs like to stay and fight, the earth signs are usually much more inclined to walk away from you altogether. Though Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are very wise and ambitious, they don’t care much for conflict, and they don’t suffer fools lightly. In other words, even though these signs are patient with most things, they don’t have the patience or the mental energy to deal with someone who’s making them mad face-to-face.

In most cases, they prefer to move away from the situation.

They each act differently once they’ve removed themselves from your presence, but none of them are likely to come back to sort it out until they are ready. And sadly, this can take a long time. Unlike the fire signs, these signs don’t mind dwelling on the past and remember absolutely everything.

To sort out your differences with an earth sign, you might have to find a good way of communicating through text or on the phone, since they’re not likely to want to do it in person. You also have to have a lot of patience, because a lot of the time, they won’t want to sort it out at all. You’ll just have to wait for it to blow over.

11Taurus: There Will Be A Cold War, And A Long Grudge

If any sign knows how to hold a grudge, it’s Taurus. This sign is hard-headed at the best of times, so your chances of getting them to apologize first or forgive and forget are basically next to none. Even if they’re in the wrong, it can still be really hard to get them to admit it.

Taurus doesn’t like open conflict, so he’s not likely to want to talk things out with you. He doesn’t scream, slam doors or say things that he can’t take back. But what this sign has mastered is being passive-aggressive. When you tell him you want to discuss it, he’ll tell you there’s nothing to discuss, before narrowing his eyes at you, prancing out of the room and coldly closing the door behind him.

This sign is tricky because telling him you want to work it out doesn’t usually work, and waiting for it to blow over can take forever since he likes to hold a grudge. But there will come a time when he is truly over it and ready to move on; you just have to be patient. And while you’re going through the rough patch, there won’t be any yelling or anything else uncomfortable. Everything will seem normal, except he’ll act reserved where he used to be friendly.

10Virgo: When He Gets Angry, He Tends To Be Cold, Calculated, And Brutal

Virgo isn’t a fan of open conflict either, and he doesn’t lose his cool often, meaning he won’t yell at you or challenge you to tears. But unlike Taurus, this sign is too much of an over-thinker to allow things to totally blow over. He might not want to have it out with you in person, but with Virgo, you can usually expect a long, well-planned text message to let you know everything you’ve done wrong.

This sign is good at including absolutely everything that he wants to include, so you can be sure that nothing will be left out if you do get a text. He can turn cold when he’s mad and don’t be surprised if he says some things which are hard to take.

Remember that the voice in Virgo’s head that criticizes himself is harsh and brutal, so he forgets that other people can’t withstand that sort of criticism.

The good news is once Virgo has said what he needs to say to you, you will be able to respond and defend yourself or accept whatever blame you deserve. Then you can sort it out without the influence of any strong emotions once things have cooled down considerably.

9Capricorn: He Won’t Let On How Upset He Is

Being an earth sign, Capricorn isn’t likely to engage in a screaming match with you either. This sign happens to be even more reserved that Taurus and Virgo put together, and it’s possible that during a fight, he won’t be honest about how upset he’s really feeling. Like Taurus, he’ll insist that nothing is wrong, but he’ll actually go to an effort to make sure that you believe this. He’ll smile and ask you questions like normal, but you’ll still be able to tell that something is off.

Apologizing if you need to can help him to feel better, but he’ll still make it seem like he wasn’t angry and the apology wasn’t necessary. Or if he’s done something to upset you, it’s best to let him know in a very clear and straightforward way so you don’t overwhelm him with too many emotions. It’s possible that he’ll totally deny upsetting you and avoid the conversation, or he might take responsibility, say a swift sorry and then move on. Either way, Capricorn fights are rarely a huge song and dance.

If Capricorn is upset enough, he might close off and put a lot of distance between the two of you. It’s best not to try and force him to come closer to you again after this—let time heal those wounds.

8The Air Signs Just Want To Move On

Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, otherwise known as the air signs, don’t like wasting time fighting. Though these signs can get carried away with passion every now and then, most of the time they’ll be angry with themselves for picking a fight once they calm down. More than anything, these are fun-loving signs who just want to enjoy life and seriously don’t want all the drama.

Despite that, fights with the air signs do happen. But most of the time, they will want to move on as quickly as possible.

Typically friendly, these signs don’t like to be at odds with anybody, least of all their significant other, and don’t like to be weighed down by negative emotions.

How they plan on sorting out your differences and moving on will come down to each individual personality. Some signs will just want to have a concise conversation and get it out of the way, while others will want to distract themselves until they feel better, while some will be back to normal the second they hear an apology. The important thing to remember is not to purposely pick fights with these signs, because that’s something that they won’t put up with over a long period of time.

7Gemini: He’ll Want To Talk It Out And Move On

Gemini loves talking. When he’s angry, sad, happy, tired or excited, he still loves to chat away to anyone. So naturally, when he’s had a disagreement with his partner, he’ll want to talk it out. Not only will he want to get all his feelings off his chest, but he’ll also want to move on as soon as possible and leave all the negativity and drama behind.

Though you sometimes can’t help holding a grudge, this really doesn’t go down well with Gemini. This sign is more in love with life than any other sign, and though he’s passionate and curious, he still doesn’t like to waste time on drama. So if he’s apologized or accepted an apology and moved on, he’ll have a hard time understanding why you can’t do the same.

If you like to sort fights out quickly and get back to thriving in a relationship, Gemini is a good sign to fight with (if any signs are good to fight with!). But if you are a little more emotional and you have trouble letting go of your feelings, you might get in trouble with Gemini for not wanting to move on as quickly as he does.

6Libra: As Long As His Feelings Aren’t Too Hurt, He’ll Accept An Apology

Like Gemini, Libra most likely wants to move on from any disagreements as quickly as possible. Not only is he in love with life and living in the moment, but he’s also a fan of love, and functions at his best when his relationship is healthy. He really doesn’t like to spend a lot of time working on a broken relationship, or fighting when he could be enjoying the positive sides of love. When you apologize first, he’s likely to accept it immediately.

That said, this is also a proud sign, and he might not want to admit he’s wrong, even when he is.

Most of the time, Libra avoids all conflict and is very grounded and balanced when it comes to judging other people and evaluating who’s right and wrong in any given situation. He rarely gets personally involved, but he can’t avoid it forever, and when he doesn’t get into a personal conflict with his partner, he might have a hard time admitting that he’s wrong.

It’s not advisable to always take the blame in every situation in a relationship. But by always admitting it when you are wrong, and coming at Libra from an understanding place rather than a judgmental one, you may be able to ease him into apologizing.

5Aquarius: He’ll Shut You Out, Emotionally And Physically

Aquarius doesn’t do as well with dealing with other people as the other signs do, and is much more of an introvert than an extrovert. When things get tough with a partner, this sign may have a tendency to completely shut down and put a huge wall up between themselves and that person, which can be pretty scary if you’re on the outside of it.

You shouldn’t expect your partner to break up with you over one fight since fights happen in all relationships. Aquarius might not completely break up with you, but when he’s upset, he might ghost you until he’s over it. This could include not answering his phone or his texts, not going on social media (or briefly blocking you so you can’t see that he’s online), not wanting to see you and trying not to think about you.

This is just Aquarius dealing with his emotions, and letting the hurt feelings blow over. It can be confronting if you’re not used to it, which is why it’s important to accept that this sign loves their alone time, and they need it especially when they’re upset or angry. Trying to smother them when they want distance will not end well.

4The Water Signs Might Let Their Emotions Get The Better Of Them

When it comes to fighting, the water signs tend to act based on how they’re feeling rather than what logically makes sense, or what they feel is right. Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces can get carried away with emotions, and this is the most important thing to remember when you get into an argument with them.

Because they’re hugely sensitive, these signs might need some time to really understand what’s going on.

Something that doesn’t seem like a big deal to you might be a huge deal to them, and they might need to give it a lot of time before they see that what you said wasn’t actually that offensive, or you didn’t really do anything wrong. Their judgment is initially clouded by their emotions, so the best thing to do when tensions rise with them is to give them space to process what’s going on until the logic and common sense overrides all the feelings.

The water signs also hate fighting with their partners, and really struggle when they don’t have support from their loved ones like they’re used to having it. They’ll want to get through the fight as soon as possible, but that still might take a while.

3Cancer: It’s Going To Be An Emotional Ride

At the same time, Cancer is one of the sweetest signs and also one of the snappiest. This sign is prone to mood swings and whenever he’s upset, he can sink into a spiral of sad feelings that make everything seem so much worse than it is. If you’re going to fight with Cancer, know that he might yell out of anger one minute and then cry the next.

What you won’t get with Cancer is passive-aggression, or him pushing you away. Rather, he won’t be able to contain himself from trying to sort it out with you, but if he’s not in a good emotional state to do that, you might have to be the one to let him know that you want to wait a while for things to cool off before you try to sort it out.

Though Cancer can get really angry, it comes out because he feels like you’ve attacked him first, even if you haven’t. This isn’t a cruel sign who enjoys intimidating people, and he hates making others feel bad. For that reason, you can expect him to put a lot of effort into making it up to you after the fight.

2Scorpio: In The Heat Of The Moment, He Could Say Some Nasty Things He Doesn’t Mean

Scorpio is another sign who is prone to some strong emotions and is capable of getting really angry over something that doesn’t seem like a big deal to other people. The most important thing to remember about Scorpio is that he really doesn’t seem like a sensitive or vulnerable sign because he can come across as being quite aggressive, but he really is. So when he gets angry, it’s because his feelings are hurt.

It’s important to remember this because, in the heat of the moment, he’s capable of saying some pretty terrible things. Scorpio doesn’t really have a line that he won’t cross, and if he feels attacked enough, he has no problem hitting below the belt. Obviously, some things are totally inexcusable, so you have to be the judge of whether he’s crossed your line or not. But if he hasn’t, it can help to remember that he most likely doesn’t mean what he’s saying. He’s just upset.

Scorpio is a deep thinker, but he doesn’t necessarily plan what he says the way Virgo does.

He might eventually say what he’s really feeling, but he doesn’t have the patience to wait for the rage to pass before he opens his mouth.

1Pisces: You Might Have To Admit You’re Wrong, Even If You’re Not

Pisces doesn’t seem like he’d be too much hard work in a fight, because he’s usually such a gentle and understanding sign. But anyone who’s dated a Pisces long enough will tell you that although he’s tolerant and caring most of the time, his emotions can lead him to being quite snobbish and smug. What this means is that he’s not likely to admit any wrongdoing on his part, even if he is completely in the wrong.

If he knows that he should be saying sorry, he might say it in a way that lets him get out of accepting the blame. For example, he might say he’s sorry for how you feel or how you reacted, or even worse, he’s sorry for the way things turned out (as if he had nothing to do with them).

The good news is once he’s back to his usual kind self, he probably will accept responsibility for what he did in the past. You just have to bring it up at the right time. Asking him while he’s still angry or resentful won’t get you anywhere, but if you casually bring it up at a good time, he might admit that he’s sorry.