This Is How He’ll Say “I Love You” Without Speaking (Based On His Zodiac Sign)

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This Is How He’ll Say “I Love You” Without Speaking (Based On His Zodiac Sign)




For many people, the declaration of love is the most important part of a relationship. This takes the relationship from fling territory to having the potential to last and switches things from fun to serious. It can be a scary time too since the heart truly opens when love strikes, but either way, it’s a big deal for most people in relationships.

We’ve all been told that actions speak louder than words, and when it comes to saying “I love you”, that might be especially true. After all, anybody can utter three measly words without meaning them, but it takes much more effort and authenticity to actually show that you love someone through your actions and behavior. So even if the words have not been said yet, there is still a chance that your partner is feeling the sparks of love rather than lust. A good way to tell is from the things he does around you.

The twelve signs of the zodiac each have their own way of showing their partners that they’ve caught the love bug. Of course, some signs are so open that they’ll have no problem telling you that they love you to your face, but just in case you’re with a Capricorn or an Aquarius, it’s still nice to be able to tell what behavior reflects those feelings. Read on to find out what he’ll start doing when he’s fallen in love with you.

16Fire Signs: Clearly Showing You How Important You Are

In all honesty, the fire signs have the type of personality that will just tell you when they’ve fallen in love with you. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius don’t like to hold things back, and even when they want to keep something to themselves, they have a hard time doing it. There’s a good chance that the fire sign in the relationship will always be the first one to come out with those three magic words.

But before they realize that they’ve fallen in love with you, they can still adopt some behavior that lets you know what’s going on in their hearts. When a fire sign loves you, you become his whole world. You’ll be more important to him than anything else, and he’ll let you know about it.

He’ll make sacrifices for you and compromise the things he wants to make you happy. If you need to be picked up from work, he’ll find a way to be there. If you’re starring in a community theatre production and nobody can find the time to come and see you, he’ll be in the front row. He’ll buy things for you, shower you with affection and it will be very clear that he thinks about you most of (if not all) the time.

15Aries: Protecting You When He Thinks You Need Help

Aries is a natural protector. As the leader of the zodiac, he has a natural urge and ability to look out for other people, and that is especially true when he falls in love with someone. People who like a man to be strong and reliable would do well with Aries—this sign can be like a noble knight who will look out for you when you need it.

In all areas of his life, Aries will want to help others and be strong for them. This applies to friends, co-workers, family members and anyone that he comes across. He’s even the type to want to help strangers off the street. But when he falls in love, that all turns up a notch. Aries will want to protect you, even when you don’t need it. Your wellbeing will become the most important thing to him, and he won’t think twice about putting himself out for your benefit.

Sometimes, it can be a little overwhelming when an Aries tries over and over again to protect you from things you don’t need protecting from. But the good news is that this is usually a sign he’s in love with you, and he’s just acting in your best interest.

14Leo: Sharing His Life With You Without Being Asked

There are a few qualities that can help you to spot a Leo man from a mile away. This sign is proud and confident, and even when he’s not feeling that way inside, he portrays himself to others that way. He’s usually a party animal and a people-person and is so charismatic that other people want to get to know him. Leo is usually surrounded by a crowd of people, no matter where he is. But one of the lesser known Leo qualities is that he’s extremely generous. Even when he doesn’t love someone, he feels an urge to give to them.

But when he does love someone, he wants to do more than share the small things with you. A Leo in love will be more than happy to share his whole life with you. He’ll be okay with you staying at his place, eating his food, and mingling with his friends. Leo is also the type to demand that he be the one to pay when you eat out, so good luck trying to split the bill or pay yourself if you go out with him.

You won’t have to ask a Leo man to be generous with you either. His first instinct will be to share everything he has.

13Sagittarius: Letting You Into His Personal Space

Sagittarius is a little different to the other fire signs in that he’s less intense when it comes to relationships. He’s happy to give you your space, and he requires his. This is a sign who loves to spend time alone bettering himself and working on his own personal development, and he enjoys his own company, even when he has great people to spend time with too. Sagittarius loves to be free, and while he can be passionate in a relationship, he doesn’t usually like to give up that freedom.

That said, things tend to change when Sagittarius falls in love for real. His old habits can transform and his priorities can change, and part of that is the way he feels about personal space. In most cases, this sign likes to keep his lovers at a distance so he still feels like he’s got some of the freedom of a single person. But when he’s in love, that goes out the window. Though he still craves freedom, he craves the person he loves more. If a Sagittarius man is really in love with you, you might find that he’s okay with you taking up his personal space and time.

12Earth Signs: Slowly Making Room For You In His Future

The earth signs are much subtler than the fire signs when it comes to just about everything, and love is no exception. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn aren’t as impulsive or passionate as the fire signs, and they tend to see love in more of a practical way. Where a fire sign might be overwhelmed with emotions and urges when they think of their loved one, an earth sign is more likely to start thinking about what being in love means: that their life is going to change.

The earth signs are always prepared for everything and like to be ready well in advance. So from the second they realize that they’re in love with you, they’ll start making plans, even if they don’t open up about them for another year or so. These signs have an amazing ability to look ahead to the future and evaluate what they need to do now to make way for the things they want, which obviously includes their true love.

The changes he makes will depend on his overall personality, but he’ll start to do things (very slowly and very subtly) that make it clear he wants you in his future. It might be things like looking for a house or apartment on your side of town rather than his or turning down jobs where he’ll have to travel or relocate.

11Taurus: Clinging Onto You And Missing You When You’re Gone

Taurus prepares to make room for the person he loves in his future in subtle ways, and that affects his decision-making when it comes to things like buying a house or accepting a job offer. But in the present, he can also become much clingier than he normally is, and this is a sign that he’s fallen in love with you.

In many ways, Taurus is easy-going and relaxed. He’s not usually the obsessive type and is fairly independent. While other signs can grow to rely on the people in their lives, Taurus is not normally one of them. But things are a little different when he’s in love. That chilled personality starts to disappear, and his bull side starts to come out. This side can be stubborn and possessive, and it makes him want to be around you all the time.

When the bull side of Taurus does start to come out, there’s a good chance that he’s in love. He feels like he wants you more than anything else, and he soothes that urge by being around you as much as he can. You might not be able to tell, but this sign will also miss you a lot when you’re not there.

10Virgo: Accepting Your Flaws And Helping You To Better Yourself

The one thing to understand about Virgo is that he’s a perfectionist. This sign is highly critical and demands results from himself and the people around him. He can also be a bit of a stress-ball or a worry-wart and tends to panic when the standard he sets is not met. Where relationships are concerned, he’s probably the pickiest person in the zodiac. He doesn’t really do the casual fling thing and instead waits for that one person to come along who actually meets his standards and makes him happy.

But the truth is, nobody is perfect, and if Virgo truly had to wait for a perfect person to come along, he’d be single forever. To start dating Virgo you generally have to tick a lot of his boxes, and not be totally open about all your flaws and baggage, or you’ll scare him away before things begin. However, once he’s fallen in love with you, those flaws that will eventually be brought to the light won’t matter to him.

It’s a very big deal when a Virgo is okay with flaws, or even qualities that he doesn’t have on his list. He only gets like this when he’s truly in love. And when in love, a Virgo might still point things out to his partner, but it will always be to help them improve and never to hurt their feelings.

9Capricorn: Making Sacrifices In His Own Life For You

Capricorn is all too familiar with making compromises and sacrifices. This sign is dedicated and ambitious, particularly when it comes to his career, and he’ll literally do anything it takes to make it in that area. When he sees something he wants, he generally doesn’t stop until he has it, and sometimes, that requires a lot of sacrifices. But while this sign is used to giving things up for the sake of his job, he doesn’t normally act the same way in relationships. His love life doesn’t tend to be as high up on his list as other goals, so he usually saves the sacrifices for something more important.

That is until he actually falls in love. Capricorn is a practical and reserved sign, and not one to be smitten with every person who shows interest in him or whom he dates. But when he actually finds that person who makes his heart melt, he will make sacrifices. If the love is really strong, he might even make compromises when it comes to his job.

It’s obviously not necessary that he gives up his whole life to prove his love, but you’ll notice him trading away the little things to make you happy or be there for you.

8Air Signs: Acting Out Of Character Because He’s Not Used To Love

When an air sign falls in love, it’s a huge deal. Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius aren’t typically overly emotional or cheesy, and they love to keep their options open. Part of being an air sign means blowing with the wind rather than being chained to one place, so the commitment aspect of a real relationship can really scare them. Of course, that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible for an air sign to actually fall in love. And luckily for those they fall in love with, it’s easy to tell.

Since an air sign isn’t typically used to being in love, he tends to act in ways that are very out of character for him. If he typically loves his alone time, you might find that he starts to love being around you more and more, and doesn’t need as much of that time to himself. Or if he’s the kind of guy who likes to avoid conflict and confrontation, he might suddenly start backing you up and challenging anyone who challenges you.

These kinds of bold moves tend to show that he’s in love with you, even if he doesn’t know it yet. Love is just about the only thing strong enough to get someone to change the way they usually go about life, and that’s exactly what happens when an air sign gets bit by the love bug.

7Gemini: Including You When He Doesn’t Have To

If you’ve ever dated a Gemini guy, you’ll know that this sign has a lot going on in his life. He likes to keep busy and active all the time, and he gets bored if he’s not constantly stimulated. When you’re with a Gemini, you normally have to be okay with him keeping up all his own hobbies and interests, and taking time to be away from you. This is an air sign, don’t forget, so he has to be free to a certain extent in case he gets an urge to follow a path that calls to him.

One of the main differences between a Gemini man and a Gemini man in love is that the former will want to keep up all the activities he had in his life before he met you, and the latter will want to do the same but include you in them. If he took a class, he’ll invite you to that class. If he went out club hopping, he’ll want you to come with him. You can’t stop a Gemini from living the life he wants to live and having new experiences since these things keep him happy and sane, but a Gemini in love has less of a need for distance.

6Libra: Backing You Up When You’re Wrong

Generally speaking, a Libra man does not enjoy conflict. Though he is a fantastic debater, he doesn’t like arguments that aren’t friendly or productive, and really hates awkward situations. This man likes to be on good terms with everyone, mostly because he’s such a sociable sign. It’s also rare that a Libra has a real problem with someone because he can usually understand others better than most people can. Even when people hurt him or do wrong by him, he can empathize with them enough to understand why they did it. Libra is also naturally forgiving and patient, so holding grudges is not one of his favorite things to do.

In any old relationship, a Libra is likely to avoid conflict as much as he can. Even if his partner has a disagreement with someone, he doesn’t like to show open support because that would be showing open opposition to the other side. But when a Libra does fall in love, things are a little different. Though he still isn’t a huge fan of conflict or arguments, he’s willing to go there if it means standing up for the person that he loves. Because of this, it’s pretty easy to tell when a Libra has fallen for you.

5Aquarius: Never Getting Sick Of You, No Matter How Much He Sees You

Out of the air signs, Aquarius values his alone time the most. Though all the signs like to blow with the wind, Aquarius is the one sign that needs this freedom in his life. He is also the most likely to get overwhelmed by a relationship in the zodiac and likes to keep his distance. If he sees too much of his partner, he can feel like he’s suffocating. That being said, an Aquarius man is a lot less likely to feel overwhelmed in a relationship and shut his partner out when he’s genuinely in love.

Love is one of the strongest (if not the strongest) feelings in the world, and has the ability to make us brave enough to face the things that scare us and tolerate the things that we would never have tolerated before. An Aquarius’s need for freedom doesn’t suddenly go away when he falls in love, but it becomes less important to him than the person he’s fallen for. So if an Aquarius man has fallen for you, he’ll want to see you all the time, no matter how much he’s already seen you. And this is a major difference from the way an Aquarius who’s not really in love behaves.

4Water Signs: Doing Anything To Keep You In His Life

For the water signs—Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces—love is usually much more intense. It isn’t something that makes sense to them and that they can analyze or something that gets them to change their behavior or even something that they just appreciate. Instead, it’s something that they get hooked to, that they need. Once a water sign falls in love with you, he will do absolutely anything he can to keep you in his life.

While the other signs might cut their losses if it’s not going to work out with someone they’ve fallen in love with, a water sign won’t accept that. They are filled with urges to be surrounded by the person they love, and can almost become obsessed with them.

You’ll know that a water sign has fallen for you if it’s obvious that he needs to have you in his life. It has to go beyond just wanting you. He’ll create a safe and secure environment by supporting you, and that will help you feel comfortable around him and want to stay. He’ll listen to what you have to say, and form an intimate connection with you by introducing you to the people in his life.

3Cancer: Being A Supportive Shoulder You Can Lean On

There are several things to know about a Cancer man before dating him. This sign loves to be in love and is very emotional, so when he gets into a relationship, it’s never with a light heart. He’s never the type to just look for fun, even if that’s what he tells himself. He always wants it to work out, and he always wants it to mean something. Though Cancer is nurturing and caring, his sensitivity makes him prone to mood swings, and these can make the relationship unstable and feel like it’s not secure. But when a Cancer falls in love for real, those mood swings become a lot less turbulent, and instead, he becomes the type of person his partner can always lean on.

A Cancer who isn’t really in love is honest and genuine, but he’s not always predictable and therefore, he’s not always reliable. Though he wants to be, he can’t always find the strength to be that supportive partner. But when he loves you, he finds the strength to be that person for you, and always provide a shoulder that you can lean on when times get hard. He’ll probably tell you he loves you, though, so you won’t have to even look out for this behavior!

2Scorpio: Introducing You To His Family

A Scorpio man is another sign who is always looking for love, even if he doesn’t admit it. This sign is less nurturing than Cancer and usually more interested in the physical side to a relationship, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want real love. He can come across in an aggressive way and has a bit of prickly reputation among the zodiac, but make no mistake—this sign wants to be in love.

When he finally falls in love, he’s interested in forming a deep connection with his partner. He wants to include that person in his life as much as he can, and one way to do this is to introduce that person to his family and friends. In many cases, meeting the family is a way to show someone that you want them to stick around in your life for the long run (otherwise you’ll have to have an awkward discussion with your family sooner or later).

So if a Scorpio guy lets you into his life to the point where he wants you to meet his family and his friends, it’s like his way of telling you that he wants you to stick around. And that’s his way of saying that he loves you. Having said that, a Scorpio guy isn’t scared of saying anything and is brutally honest, so he’s another one who will probably just tell you.

1Pisces: Caring About Your Opinion

The thing to know about Pisces is that he’s very wise and intuitive. Though he is hugely sensitive and emotional and loves to build connections with other people, he doesn’t usually rely on them for anything. In other words, he’s more than capable of taking care of himself without any help from anybody else. Because of this, he tends to hold his own opinion in a higher regard than the opinions of others and often acts without asking for advice or guidance.

When a Pisces man is in love with you, he will genuinely value your opinion. Wisdom is something that this sign cares about, so his trusting what you have to say is like his way of telling you that he knows you’re wise and wants to benefit from your judgment. This sign acts a little differently when he’s in a fight with his loved one, and usually has a hard time admitting he’s wrong or taking on board their words. But that should pass pretty quickly. Most of the time, when he’s in love, he’ll be more than happy to hear what his partner has to say. Not only will he listen when you speak, but he’ll actively ask for your opinion and advice.

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