The Zodiac Signs Who Are Most Likely To Have Self-Doubt (His & Hers)

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The Zodiac Signs Who Are Most Likely To Have Self-Doubt (His & Hers)

In a dream world, we would all snap our fingers and BAM! All our self-doubts would be vacuumed away by our personal fairy godmother. Unfortunately, real life tends to be more temperamental than that and you cannot always escape crushing self-doubt, especially when you are about to do something that would change your life forever, in a good way.

It’s a human thing none of us can escape. After all, how do you switch off the prehistoric reptilian part of your brain that is responsible for your flight, fight, or freeze response?

Nevertheless, when it comes to self-doubt, all of us don’t feel it the same way. Some brush it off without a second glance and then promptly go live their dreams, while others become paralyzed by its insidious whispers and believe every word of it!

So, if you have always wondered why you tend to doubt yourself all the time while your friends breeze through life super chill and confident, today’s the day you will finally learn the truth. It’s got everything to do with your zodiac sign! Okay…maybe not everything. But your zodiac sign is definitely a piece of the puzzle.

So, here are all the zodiac signs (his & hers) ranked in the order of the most likely to have self-doubt to the least.

24Cancer Man: Needs Constant Validation

Like the crab sigil of his zodiac sign, the Cancer man is good at putting up a brave, tough, and aloof front on the outside, just so he can protect his super soft underbelly. And boy, is it soft! Ruled by his changing moods (after all Cancer is ruled by the luminous Moon) and his deeply emotional nature, the male crab tends to doubt himself the most out of all the zodiac signs. After all, emotions are changeable and amorphous, and he often finds himself drowning in them…until a steady hand reaches in and draws him out of his pit of misery through soft, comforting words of encouragement.

Just watch out for those sharp pincers!

A crabby Cancer man might be dying to hear kind words of validation, but he would still pretend as if he wants you to leave him the hell alone!

23Cancer Woman: Takes Criticisms Personally

The Cancer woman’s self-doubting spree is as bad as her male counterpart’s. The only difference is, her emotions are more visible and her crabby snaps more painful when she feels she is being attacked (even if the conversation was not about her at all!).

The worst part is, no one can never really tell what will set her off because she may take constructive criticism well about the extra salt in her cooking one day, and then chew you out the next day just for telling her that her resume was missing a crucial detail. Add to that the guilt she feels later on about her outburst (which makes her worry herself sick that she has lost her friend forever) and you have the perfect recipe for a disaster!

22Virgo Man: Is Too Tough On Himself

They say those who criticize and find faults in others are often their own worst critics. And a Virgo man is a prime example of that.

After all, he is a perfectionist.

So when he turns those critical eyes on himself, he often finds himself inadequate and wanting.

From hating that tiny typo he forgot to edit out of his manifesto to getting irked by a missed-out wrinkle on his freshly-ironed shirt, the Virgo man can be too tough on himself sometimes! And the worst part is, no one can convince him to stop doubting himself over such inane things. After all, how can they when the perfectionist inside his mind is screaming at him for missing out something so inconsequential? Alas, he is his own worst enemy.

21Virgo Woman: Thinks She Is Not Good Enough

Give a Virgo woman the choice between a super-gorgeous pair of stilettos and a pair of plain but comfortable Mary Janes, and she would choose the latter. She is the quintessential queen of practicality and often thinks ten steps ahead just so she can finish her routine perfectly to the dot. Unfortunately, she is still a human and prone to human errors. So don’t be surprised if you find her moping or moaning about minutiae that would not bother the average person. Those are just outward manifestations of the crippling self-doubt she often feels inside.

When that happens, don’t be logical with her about the insanity of the situation. Just gently remind her that her daily quest to better herself and creep closer to her vision of perfection is a commendable trait that most people lack. She will perk up at that, pull on her sensible shoes, and commit to the day with passion once more!

20Libra Man: Too Afraid To Be Himself

If you think the Libra man is the most sorted and decisive person on this planet just because of his calm demeanor and ability to see all sides of a situation in an unbiased manner, you would be wrong. This ability is the main reason why he keeps vacillating from one side to the other, always diplomatic, and never able to really express what he feels about a situation. How can he when he is not sure if his assessment is correct? After all, he might learn something later and then realize he was wrong!

So to bypass this fear, the Libra man will not show his true self when he interacts with you.

Instead, he will hear out your story, make acceptable comments without taking any sides, and go off on his way.

19Libra Woman: Measures Her Worth Based On Her Looks

Libra is ruled by Venus, that’s why both men and women of this zodiac sign are born with exceptionally good features. Nevertheless, the Libra woman will always outshine her male counterpart when it comes to physical beauty, grace, and the wow factor. Unfortunately, her beauty can be a double-edged sword.

On one hand, it opens a lot of doors for her. But on the other, it puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on her to be perfect all the time. After all, how can someone so beautiful on the outside not be perfect on the inside as well?

So when she is confronted by her Libran inability to take a stand and make a decision, she often runs away from her self-doubts by focusing strongly on her appearance. It’s something she can always be sure of even when she is not sure of her own self!

18Gemini Man: Thinks Too Much!

This mercurial man gets quite a bad rep in society. The perpetual playboy, the con artist, and the smooth-talker are just some names people like to use to describe his suave communication skills.

But what you may not know is that while the Gemini man may look like a happy-go-lucky flower child on the outside, zipping from one excitement to the next, deep inside he is actually crippled by his overactive imaginative and endless mental chatter!

From worrying about what people really think of him to wondering if he could have said something more to get an instantaneous response (he is quite impatient, after all!), the Gemini man has the ability to think himself to death. Plus, he can see everyone’s perspective and so tends to agree with whoever he speaks to, which amplifies his self-doubts later when he fails to take a side.

17Gemini Woman: Is A Perpetual People-Pleaser

Like her male counterpart, the Gemini woman can also put herself in everyone’s shoes and see life from their perspective. Unfortunately, the world believes in taking sides, which lands her in a dilemma. After all, how can you take sides when you see that everyone is right in their own way?

So when word gets out that she has spoken to both sides of the table and agreed with them, people start treating her like a double-faced liar and distance themselves from her. This makes her doubt herself and her mental faculties even more (the latter is a point of pride for this mercurial woman) and increases her people-pleasing ways. After all, how will she learn to take a side if no one’s willing to share their knowledge with her?

16Pisces Man: Can’t Stand Up For Himself

The dreamy and imaginative Pisces man is a wonder to be around. In a world where men distance themselves from their emotions and feminine traits, this man stands out because he is not afraid to be vulnerable.

Unfortunately, this annoys the conservatives to no end and can draw a lot of bullies his way who try to force him to be a “real man”.

Since no one can escape the whispers of self-doubt for too long, when people try to condition the Pisces man to be something he is not, and then fail, he wonders if there’s something wrong with him, never really understanding that everyone is not made out of the same mold. All he needs right then to cut through his doubts is someone more firmly rooted in reality to come up to him and tell him he is alright just the way he is.

15Pisces Woman: Is Afraid Of Disappointing Anyone

Those born under the light of Pisces are perfectionists. Not the Virgoan brand of perfectionism, which is more rooted in reality and materialism, but the spiritual brand of perfectionism, which focuses on the soul and its ability to transcend human imperfections. That’s why the Pisces woman expects a lot out of herself.

She wants to be the perfect daughter, the perfect wife, the perfect lover, the perfect everything! So when she is confronted by her human imperfections, it sends her spiraling into self-doubt territory because she does not want to disappoint anyone, least of all the people close to her (although she doesn’t really discriminate with her affections).

When that happens, don’t use logic to comfort her. Instead, hug her gently and be the rock in her storm until she is grounded enough to understand that she is just a human with human imperfections, and that’s okay.

14Aquarius Man: Feels Like An Outcast

The Aquarius man is very different and unique. He is a visionary among his peers who understands how the world works and then uses his knowledge to introduce concepts and technologies that would propel the entire generation forward. Unfortunately, everyone does not see things as clearly as he does. Instead, most people like holding onto the old because they like being comfortable and don’t want to grow.

This makes the Aquarius man feel like an outcast, especially during his formative years when he cannot defend his ideas with proof (since it doesn’t exist yet!).

And this makes him doubt himself intensely until the day his idea becomes a reality and the world realizes they had a genius hiding in their midst.

13Aquarius Woman: Afraid Of Being Vulnerable

The Aquarius woman is as unique and different as her male counterpart, but this black sheep is not as visibly rebellious as the Aquarius man. Nevertheless, she is a self-reliant Aquarius and prefers her own company over that of people who fail to understand her quantum-leap ideas.

The Aquarius woman also tends to overthink and doubt herself inside her mind a lot. And this self-doubting spree is taken to the next level when she falls in love because experience has taught her that vulnerability often calls out the bullies from the woodwork.

If she chose well, her self-doubts subside once she realizes she has found a kindred soul. But if she did not, her stresses tend to increase as her partner tries to “shape her up proper”. The latter does not go on for too long since the Aquarius woman does not like to doubt herself.

12Scorpio Man: Too Possessive And Jealous

Scorpio is the most-powerful zodiac sign. And the Scorpio man is an epitome of that. He can walk into any room and cause the conversation to pause as people take in his darkly magnetic presence. He lives and breathes power. But all this comes crashing down when he falls in love and his beautiful partner is complemented by other men.

That’s because the Scorpio man is very territorial.

And once he has claimed his partner (oh yes, he has marked her), he does not want any other man anywhere in her vicinity. It’s because the presence of rivals always make doubts creep into his head about his relationship. Does she love me truly or is she faking it? And he cannot bear to think that he is not good enough for his woman.

11Scorpio Woman: Is A Control Freak

The territorial urge and desire for power runs deep in all Scorpios. And the Scorpio woman is not an exception to this. She too can walk into a room and make people pause, especially men. And she doesn’t have to be breathtakingly beautiful to manage this (most Scorpios are not). She does it with her dark vitality and her piercing gaze that seems to look right at your soul.

But this darkly magnetic woman hides a secret behind those piercing eyes. She is a control freak who lives for power and often manipulates people into doing exactly as she pleases. It’s because deep inside she feels every emotion with maximum intensity, and that leaves her feeling vulnerable, which then drives her to control people just so she can feel powerful again.

10Leo Man: Needs Constant Attention

Like the lion in the jungle, the Leo man is a king in his circle. He is proud, charismatic, generous, and a die-hard romantic. He just loves it when the spotlight is on him, even if he is an introvert! But the best part is his kind and open heart.

He is very child-like in that respect (although not as childish as Aries).

Unfortunately, there is a dark side to having a child-like heart. It’s the Leo man’s constant need for attention. He craves it like a child craves their favorite treat. And when he does not get it (because the world truly does not revolve around any particular person), he starts doubting himself and wondering if people don’t like him anymore.

Thankfully, these cloudy thoughts are short-lived and the Leo man forgets about this dark spells as soon as his loved ones (or colleagues) turn the spotlight back on him!

9Leo Woman: Lives For Drama

The lion might be the king of the jungle, but it’s the lioness who hunts down prey to keep the pride’s stomachs full. The Leo woman is exactly like that: proud, generous, and fiercely protective of her loved ones. And just like her male counterpart, she too craves the spotlight like a Broadway star craves applause.

So when she does not receive the attention she thinks she deserves, she throws tantrums and stirs up drama. This can range from catty comments to tempestuous displays of emotion, but it will never be passive aggressive since the Leo woman believes in speaking her mind.

Don’t let this put you off by it, though. The Leo woman is good-humored and gives her loved ones as much attention as she asks of them.

8Taurus Man: Ties His Identity To His Net Worth

The Taurus man is a pretty chilled-out dude. He likes to surround himself with luxurious things and loves to nest down in comfort. Plus, his business acumen is so sharp that, regardless of his station in life, he soon turns things around and makes himself a boatload of money!

Unfortunately, this constant focus on the materialistic side of life conditions the Taurus man to attach his self-worth to his net worth, which stresses him out to no end whenever the stock market fluctuates or troubling times take a toll on his bank balance.

When that happens, don’t tell him he has enough to tide him through the tough times. He will look at you like you are nuts, and then get back to crunching numbers in his handy calculator. Instead, comfort him by saying that his resilience will help him earn what he has lost and more in time.

7Taurus Woman: Clings Too Much

The Taurus woman likes comfort, beauty, and money just as much as her male counterpart. The only difference is, she nurtures people better. She is the quintessential Earth mother: warm, generous, down-to-earth, and caring.

Unfortunately, she often gets too deeply attached to her loved ones, forgetting her own identity and needs. So when they pull back a little (since we all need space to contemplate and grow), she panics and clings harder.

When that happens, don’t snap at her. Instead, buy her a spa weekend or something equally luxurious and subtly get her to pamper herself. Because once the Taurus woman directs her mothering energy on herself, she is able to kick out her self-doubts and become whole again. After all, the giver needs to recharge and receive from time-to-time too!

6Capricorn Man: Tries Too Hard To Be Right All The Time

The Capricorn man is not comfortable with emotions. He finds them messy, time-consuming, and inefficient. So he stashes them away and focuses on his work and life. The hard work gives him purpose and keeps unnecessary self-doubts away.

You only get to see the cracks in his facade when he makes a strategic mistake or is wrong about something. It’s because facts and statistics are the Capricorn man’s way to keep self-doubts at bay.

After all, how can you doubt your work when you know that statistically, you have an 80% chance of success?

When that happens, the Capricorn man grumbles about inefficiency and then promptly gets back to work. So if you thought setbacks are going to get this old goat to abandon a project, you would be wrong. What did you think he was, an air sign?

5Capricorn Woman: Can’t Take Down Her Walls

Like her male counterpart, the Capricorn woman is uber-practical, down-to-earth, and unemotional. After all, you can’t scale the ladder of success if you let your emotions and self-doubts get in the way! But all of that changes when she falls in love.

The Capricorn woman is still a woman, at the end of the day. So there’s a good chance that she was not conditioned to hide her emotions or suppress them like most men are trained to do since childhood, even though she naturally doesn’t like messy emotional displays so much. So when she falls in love, cracks start to appear in her carefully-arranged demeanor.

On one hand she would love to know that she is safe with her partner even when her walls are down, but on the other hand, she fears the emotions and self-doubts she has dammed away behind her stoic wall. It’s a big conundrum!

4Sagittarius Man: Hates It When He Is Wrong!

The Sagittarius man can be an annoying know-it-all, but that’s because he really does know quite a lot! It’s a gift of his expansive curiosity and thirst for knowledge from every walk of life and every corner of the Universe. So when he finds himself, surprisingly, in the company of people who know more than him (not because he sought them out), he often tends to stiff up and pretend he knows more than he does.

After all, most of the time, people around him have no clue about anything!

Thankfully, the Sagittarius man is smart. And so he figures out pretty fast that his reaction is very illogical. After all, no one knows everything! Thereafter, all his doubts vanish away and he becomes open to learning more.

3Sagittarius Woman: Is Afraid Of Losing Her Freedom

The Sagittarius woman is a chilled-out lady. She likes exploring the world, learning new things, and not taking life too seriously. That’s the reason why she is perfectly comfortable being alone and also comfortable (and social) in the company of people, especially strangers. That’s why this lady is quite immune to self-doubt. Not that it doesn’t affect her. She is just good at brushing it off whenever they do come up.

She only faces a serious crisis when she falls in love. It’s because she is so spontaneous that she often drops everything to go be with her lover, which makes her doubt her ability to be independent after a while. But she shouldn’t worry. She will never lose her independent spirit. She just needs to give herself time to adjust to wanting to be with someone all the time!

2Aries Man: Leaps Before He Looks

The Aries man is a warrior through and through. Fearless, bold, and ever-ready to fight are some words that come to the mind when you watch him going about his life.

Because however old he might be, those born under the light of Aries never really grow up.

And that’s a good thing! How many kids have you met who said they can’t be an astronaut because their parents are poor and they are too dumb? Not a single one.

While this natural-born leader (or fighter, depending upon how long he has been alive) does not feel self-doubt too often, it can stump him sometimes after he has impulsively committed something that turned out to be foolish in hindsight. But he brushes it off quite fast. After all, he’s a child at heart, and children don’t stop playing just because they fell down once. They just get smarter.

1Aries Woman: Too Moody To Self-Doubt?

The Aries woman is a force of nature to be reckoned with. She is fierce, competitive, loves to win, and is super passionate. The only difference is, she is a woman and so afflicted by mood swings. It’s a hormone thing! But her moodiness is not like the rain-all-over-my-parade moodiness of the super emotional Cancer, or the hyperirritability of the Virgo, or even the cold disdain of the Aquarius. She is a fire babe, after all, so her moods fluctuate between a firestorm and a gentle campfire, none of which is compatible with self-doubt. And how can it be? The Aries woman is a warrior, after all. And warriors either have fun or take you down flat! There is no in-between.

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