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  • December 05, 2020

The Zodiac Signs Ranked From Least To Most Lazy



Are you the type of person that likes doing the minimum to get the job done? Or does everything need to be perfect before you declare something
If you’re the rst
type of person, that likes to “conserve their energy”, chances are that you’re likely what other people call ‘lazy.’ Each zodiac sign
is different; some work hard whereas others are totally lazy. Who is the laziest zodiac sign? Our zodiac sign ranking by laziness reveals all!
Listen, most people don’t like being called lazy and it’s understandable why. No one wants to do all the work in a relationship by themselves, so it can a big
turn off for a lot of people when it comes dating. Laziness also implies that you lack either the mental fortitude or the ambition to become the best version
of yourself. This all sounds pretty grave but you’re probably in greater company than you’d believe. Is laziness one of your zodiac sign’s weaknesses?
Which Zodiac Signs Are The Laziest?
While we all like to give off the impression that we’re continually hard-working people, each of us have our own shortcuts that make life easier. Unless you
literally give each aspect of your life 110% all the time, every day, you’re probably lazy to some degree. Luckily, you may have an excuse for your inertia –
your zodiac signs personality. Discover whether your laissez-faire attitude is linked to your sign as we rank all 12 zodiacs from the least lazy to the most!



Least lazy zodiac sign
1. Virgo
Virgos are one of the few people who you just could never call lazy, seriously that is at least. This is a zodiac that is never happy with things being okay or
even good, everything they do needs to be perfect. This detail-oriented sign leaves no stones unturned when they work or are asked to do something, they
are the direct opposite laziness.
Work Horses
2. Capricorn
Rivalling Virgo in terms of efciency
and work ethic, Capricorns are some of the least lazy people that you’ll ever meet. In fact, the most common criticism
this sign get is that they’re all work no play. This successful zodiac sign is too ambitious and driven to allow any sort of laziness into their lives.
Motivational By Nature
3. Aries
Aries don’t need a motivational talk to get them moving, if anything they are the motivational speakers. This sign is a bundle of energy that just acts
without allowing too much time for procrastination to sway their minds. This is a sign that wants to get to the top and actions speak louder than words!


4. Scorpio
While a Scorpio’s enthusiasm and energy often depends on what’s happening in their emotional life, they are normally highly motivated and determined
people who do well in everything they put their minds to. These are people who enjoy control and knowledge is power, so they never skim over the ner
details in life.
5. Gemini
Gemini is right on the precipice of laziness among the zodiacs. As the most curious and talkative zodiac sign, Geminis seek information from any and every
source and have too much dynamism to be your average couch potato. In a working context, however, this is a sign which can display laziness if they feel
their day-to-day routine containsno variation.
Team Workers
6. Libra
Right in the middle of the bunch, Libras will give their things their full effort for as long as they feel they have the energy. As people that fatigue easily, this
happens more often with this zodiac than any of the others. As a friendly and extroverted zodiac sign, they often show more effort in group activities, with
the presence of others giving them a second wind.
7. Cancer
Cancer is a tricky zodiac to rank on this list as you’re never sure whether it’s laziness or the fact that they work slow and steady. At work, they aren’t always
exactly the most productive people, as their efciency
coincides with their moods. In their free time, they can be prone to lazing about all day but home is
their safe space, so they can get the benet
of the doubt.
8. Pisces


rather than just being lazy.
9. Leo
Leo isn’t a sign that works towards leading an average life, they want to be the top dog and center of attention. Unfortunately, Leos tend to underestimate
the work of their peers and so take the foot off the pedal when they can. They attempt cover it up with their charm but their laziness/entitlement is clear to
Comfort Kings
10. Taurus
As an earth sign, there’s a denitely
a tenacious side to Taurus, albeit if it sometimes manifests itself as stubbornness. While this zodiac may be willing to
slog out a job for years on end, the bare minimum is the line they shot for. Comfort is a Taurus’ priority and not much can sway them from this state.
Distant and Aloof
11. Aquarius
While Aquarius is a highly curious and intelligent zodiac sign, they aren’t always prepared to do workor activities which they deem dull or mundane. Their
temperamental nature means that this can sometimes occur during tasks, especially if they feel that the work is underneath their capabilities. This comes
across as gloried
Laziest zodiac sign
12. Sagittarius
The main concern for any Sagittarius is feeling like they have control over their time and their freedom and consistent work slightly gets in the way of that.
It’s not even so much that they are lazy, but rather that they believe they lead a happier life on their own terms. While they may be active people, being
such an incredibly incredibly commitment-phobic zodiac sign means they can’t rank well on this list.

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