The (unspeakable) truth about the astrological signs!

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March 29, 2019
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March 29, 2019
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The (unspeakable) truth about the astrological signs!


If you cross the road of a Aries, depart quickly! In the car, he thinks he’s allowed! He blows up the radars, takes his turns to the rope, respects no safe distance. In life, it’s the same! He goes forward and runs head down. He drives the closed doors. The proper thing about Aries is to act before thinking . Result: it is the sign that has the most accidents and the most scars of the zodiac! On the other hand, he never complains and will always tell you that everything is fine! Ideal for those who like broken mouths and thrills!


With a bull , do not be in a hurry … Especially at the table! His goal: to live to eat! Especially do not be exasperated and tell him he spends his time to eat. He badly digests reproaches and then ruminates for hours. Do not change his habits either … He needs stability otherwise he sees red ! And do not ask him for money. This is the most stingy sign. In contrast, in bed, men and women ensure a max! The ideal sign for those who like to live in bed!


What’s great about Gemini is that you feel like you’re around a lot of people at once. Completely perched, with a bipolar tendency, he never has the same personality. Great in communication and politics, he surfs the polls and smokes everyone. Executable in private life, except when he is seducing, he thinks only of his apple and speaks only of him . On the other hand, he has a lot of imagination and humor. The ideal sign for movie lovers! He does it all day!


On a full moon day, it’s best to avoid Cancer. It’s like with big tides, the show can be grandiose, but you have to stay the course if you’re in the same boat as this unpredictable and whimsical sign . Hypersensitive to all that surrounds it, Cancer hurts for others, so bad that it becomes a little painful. He curls up under his shell, calling his mother. Or he takes refuge in sleep. You can calm her anxieties by offering her candies. The ideal sign for those who love to nurse because cancer is a big baby that will never grow!


You must not have pride to love a lion, because it will make you at one time or another understand that you are worth nothing next to him! Certainly, he is handsome, intelligent and has mouth. He roars better than the others and knows how to expose in the light his best profile, but he gets a little fart! He wants us to admire him and he makes tons of them to be above the common people . By dint of will and ambition, it often happens to be a royal place. He spends without counting. The ideal sign for those who have the soul of courtiers and who appreciate luxury … at any price!


With the virgins, it’s as if you were shooting face-to-face. Pile: the wise Virgin. Face: mad Madonna! The wise Virgin is mortally boring. She is hardworking but apart from work and household chores (the wise virgin loves to polish, she is a maniac of the order) she does not have much to say. The ideal sign for those who do not like being shaded because the wise Virgin does not shine! The mad Madonna has a grain! She speaks constantly and is really tiring . She is eccentric and excels in bad taste but unlike her wise sister, she stands out. Some even say she has genius. The ideal sign for those who have missed their vocation of shrink!


No need to get upset with a Libra by asking her to swing what she has on your heart! She will not do it … Libra does not know what she wants ! She wants to please everyone, not to offend anyone. She seeks balance in the midst of imbalances, harmony in ugliness. In this world of bullies, Libra has trouble finding its place.
She lies to herself … And to others too! Libra is unfaithful but it’s not her fault. She does not know how to say no! The ideal sign for those who want to always be right! Libra will not contradict them.


This is the most deadly sign of the zodiac! If the devil had a look, it would be Scorpio’s. A look that hypnotizes and makes others at his mercy. Scorpio is to flee if one wants soft and calm relations. With him, we can only experience thrills. The smell of sulfur, power, passion characterizes the beast! Intuitive and violent, he can not bear the lie or the lukewarm feelings. His admirers say he’s spicy. The statisticians that Scorpions have the largest number of serial killers. The ideal sign for those who want to try out Sado-Maso relations. 


At first glance, Sagittarius has a human side. Cool, quiet, comforting! The guy or the nice girl! But getting closer, we realize that his horse shoe can send a blow that will be remembered for a long time! And if he draws an arrow, we have not finished knowing his pain! In short, it is better to keep your distance from Sagittarius, if you want to muzzle it, or simply try to have the last word with him! It’s an indomitable, difficult to tame. An infidel too, always ready to gallop where the grass is greener! The ideal sign for those who love westerns.


The Capricorn is frustrated. Normal, he spends his time working! He does not allow himself pleasure once the job is over … Which means not often! Result: it does not burst a lot and wants others . Capricorn is a little ant Jean de la Fontaine who takes his foot refusing to help the cicada! It is not Capricorn who would go, famine to his neighbor. It saves and asks nothing to anyone! After all, work is health and Capricorn usually lives old. The ideal sign for those who want to lead a tidy life and not miss anything!


The Aquarius is an alien! He does not resemble anyone and confuses the spirits of those who approach him. Just his sign is disconcerting! Etymologically, one might think that it is a sign of water. Well no ! It’s a sign of air! With the Aquarius, we lose the ball! He enjoys doing anything and is completely disconnected. Most Aquarians are the “shame” of their family. The unworthy old ladies are numerous to be born of this sign. Artists too … Especially the misunderstood! But Aquarius laughs at the judgment of others and is independent. The ideal sign for those who are tired of their monotonous life.


To be born fish and to live on earth is a paradox! This is the reason why fish
do not have their feet on the ground and are still swimming against the tide. As the air is not their element, they catch all the viruses that hang around! Statistically, we find the greatest number of asthmatics in fish. Between coughing fits, they play the little mermaids and dream of the Prince Charming or the Princess of their life . But they only attract in their nets toads that … remain toads and often have heartaches. Fortunately, they are not afraid to jump into the water to return to fishing! Love is their survival bubble! The ideal sign for romantics!

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