The Type Of Student Each Zodiac Sign Will Most Likely Be In College (His & Hers)

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March 29, 2019
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The Type Of Student Each Zodiac Sign Will Most Likely Be In College (His & Hers)

College is a really exciting time. During those four years, you learn so much about yourself and, of course, the topics that you’re studying. You live on your own for the first time, whether in a dorm or in an apartment, and you eat bad dining hall food or try your hand at cooking (which may or may not go super well). During college, it might seem like this time will last forever, but once you’re out in the real world, you realize that things change very quickly. But you still look back on your college experience fondly and know that this was a really special time. There is no other place where you can learn so much and have free time to read for hours and hours.

How you act in college has a lot to do with your personality, and when you’re talking about personality, you’re talking about your zodiac sign since it tells you what qualities you have. There are so many different types of college students, and it’s cool to look at your zodiac sign and who you were back then.

Read on to find out what kind of college student each zodiac sign is, both men and women. Which one were you?

24The Quiet Student: Taurus Male

In general, Taurus signs are said to be stubborn, which is something that people are always saying about this zodiac sign. Taurus men, on top of that, are careful people.

The Taurus man would be the kind of college student who is quiet but he’s always observing things.

People don’t really know him very well and might wonder what his personality is like and who he is, but he might not even think that people are thinking that about him because he keeps to himself. He is okay with being quiet and he still enjoys his time at college. It’s just his personality.

23The Good Student: Taurus Female

The Taurus girl is going to be a really good student in college. Since Taurus signs are stubborn, it seems like they do what they put their mind to and finish tasks.

She’s someone that teachers know will always hand in her work and meet deadlines and do what she’s asked. She’s basically an example for other students and they might not love that since, of course, you want the teacher to think that you’re just as great and smart as everyone else. But she’s not throwing her good student qualities in everyone’s face. She’s content to work hard and study and enjoy her college experience, especially when it comes to academics.

22The Overachiever: Capricorn Male

The Capricorn male has many good personality traits: he loves hard work and has lots of goals and dreams.

For those reasons, when he’s a college student, he’s an overachiever.

You know that student in every class who raises their hand to answer every question, seems to know the answer to anything and everything, and always goes above and beyond to succeed? Maybe they volunteer to help the teacher or do extra-credit work. This is normal for them and this is what they want to be doing at all times. This is definitely in the Capricorn man’s nature and it’s what he wants to do to succeed.

21The Competitive Student: Capricorn Female

Female Capricorns are ambitious. When a college student fits that personality description, they’re usually pretty competitive, whether with themselves or with other students. It’s really important to them that they do the best that they can and rise to the top of the class.

Female Capricorns are going to be competitive college students. Others might find this too much and might think that they should slow down and take care of themselves more, but that’s not really something that occurs to this type of student. They honestly want to work as hard as possible and be the best, and they will be.

20The One Choosing Studying Over Parties: Virgo Male

The Virgo male is said to be careful about starting a new relationship so it would make sense that he would be careful about his schoolwork and would make sure that he was always in control.

He would choose to study over a party any day or night.

If you dated a guy like this back during your school days, you might have been a bit frustrated sometimes because, sure, you got that working hard is important, but you also wanted to have fun.

At the same time, you were motivated and inspired by his work ethic and you respected that this is the way that he approached his studies.

19The Perfectionist (With Her Notes And Everything): Virgo Female

Virgo signs are organized, perfectionists, shy, and quiet. When a Virgo is in school, they’re the kind of student who stops at nothing to get the best grades and do the best job.

A college student who is a Virgo female would be a perfectionist. She would always take careful notes in class (and maybe even write those notes all over again later on to add things and make sure that they really were perfect). Everything she does is top-notch and she’s one of the smartest people in every classroom that she’s in. She inspires others to work just as hard and take school seriously.

18The Student Who Tutors And Helps Others: Pisces Male

Since Pisces are on the sensitive side, they’re very sweet and friendly people. They are also known for being emotional.

Pisces men, in particular, like to be helpful to other people, and that’s why when he’s in college, he’s the kind of student who is a tutor.

You might have come across this type of person when you were in college. He’s always willing to work with someone else to get their grades higher and it’s something that he would enjoy doing. While others might think that tutoring sounds like a drag and they would rather do anything else, it’s a good time for the Pisces male.Featured Today

17The Girl Who Cries Over Bad Grades & Takes Everything Very Seriously: Pisces Female

Some zodiac signs are more sensitive than others. They’re very emotional and don’t mind sharing those feelings and, well, feeling them. They know that this is the way that they are.

Pisces females are like this. When a Pisces female goes to college, she’s the kind of girl who cries over bad grades. She really has a hard time with that and people might think that she takes things way too seriously. To her, everything is a big deal, from a low grade on an essay or test or even just a quiz. She feels emotions stronger than other signs might.

16The Guy Who Takes A While To Get To Know Everyone: Cancer Male

Sometimes it can take a few months or even a year of seeing the same person around campus and then, all of a sudden, you two are the best of friends. This could happen if you’re at the same college as a guy who is a Cancer sign.

It’s not that he’s unfriendly, he’s just someone who takes a while to get to know everyone. He’s on the quiet side.

He’s more comfortable once he gets to know people because this is the kind of friend and boyfriend that people want to have.

He’s very loyal, which is a quality that we all look for in someone that we’re spending time with.

15The Nervous And Anxious Student: Cancer Female

Did you have a friend in college who always tried really hard and studied more hours than other people but was still nervous about getting good grades? She was always anxious before any test or exam or before she handed in any assignment.

This describes a woman who is a Cancer sign. She has been described as someone who takes relationships slowly and feels a lot of feelings, and it seems like she would apply those same qualities to her schoolwork. She is nervous in general and just wants to make sure that she does a good job. If this is you, then you can relate, and if not, then you at least know one person like this.

14The Student Who Is Hard On Himself: Scorpio Male

Scorpio men can be all about competition. Since Scorpio signs are said to be a little moody, this seems like the kind of college student that he would be: the student who is always so hard on himself.

When you encounter a guy like this, you might want to reach out and give him a hug and tell him that everything is going to be okay.

It’s hard to watch someone worry so much and work so hard.

You know that he’s smart and that he’s capable and that he’s going to succeed, but he can’t help but compete with himself. He wants the best and since he has that kind of attitude, he’ll definitely get there (but with a lot of worrying first).

13The Girl Everyone Has A Crush On: Scorpio Female

Female Scorpios are very mysterious. They are also nice people and seem peaceful. For those reasons, when this woman is a college student, she’s the girl that everyone has a crush on.

Were you that girl back in your college years? You might have been surprised whenever someone told you that so-and-so wanted to ask you out or that people would talk to you when you were eating breakfast or lunch in the dining hall. You’re just that interesting and full of mystery. People are drawn to you and that has most likely always been the case. You’re not trying to be mysterious, of course. It’s just how you are.

12The Student Who Is Super Easy To Cooperate With: Libra Male

Libra signs like to be peaceful. They’re not ones to start fights just for the fun of it.

While some people like a good friendly debate, Libras are more likely to want people to just get along.

Male college students who are Libra signs are definitely easy to cooperate with. They’re the ones who agree to things easily when they’re working with other students, whether in a classroom situation like a group project or in a club. They don’t make things difficult or dramatic or complicated, and people really enjoy working with them and talking to them. Not everyone is like this, so it’s really nice.

11The One Who Keeps The Peace In Group Projects: Libra Female

Libras are peacekeepers in general, and the Libra woman is friendly, good with people, and can figure things out easily.

She would be a college student who keeps the peace every time that she’s working on a group project. We can all agree that group projects can be stressful situations, right? Sometimes, you have a classmate who is very loud and confident and they want things to be done their way, or they tell everyone what they’re going to do and it doesn’t even feel like a group discussion at all. That’s not the way that the Libra girl will act. She’ll make sure that everyone is heard and everyone is doing what they want to be doing, and as a result, everything will work out.

10The Hard-Working, Big Thinker: Aquarius Male

Aquarius signs are often described as people who are very thoughtful and spend a lot of time alone with their thoughts.

What would an Aquarius male be like as a college student? It’s safe to say that he would be a big thinker who works really hard. He doesn’t want to just get his work done super quickly and move on so he can have fun.

For him, the work is what counts, and he’s okay with spending a lot of time on it.

He’s basically a dream student and anyone who is around him would be inspired to work just as hard and do just as well.

9The Student Who Studies Hard One Week, Is Over It The Next: Aquarius Female

Aquarius signs are said to act differently depending on the day: sometimes they’re quiet and other times, they’re really social. When the Aquarius female is a college student, she would think differently about her schoolwork depending on the day or what else was going on in her life.

If this is you, then sometimes you study really hard and are really careful about being organized. You want to get good grades and do a good job. Other times, you’re totally over it. You want to have fun and be social and experience the other things that college has to offer.

8The Popular Guy: Gemini Male

Geminis are popular and friendly. Sometimes, they can be really social.

Gemini men, in particular, are social and they like to be funny and be the center of attention.

Based on this, if a Gemini male is a college student, he’s going to be the popular guy. We all know this type: we want to date him, the other guys want to be good friends with him, and everyone looks up to him. He stands out in any crowd and in any classroom. He could get good grades and participate in lots of class discussions, or he could just talk a lot to people during class and make everyone laugh.

7The Girl No One Can Figure Out: Gemini Female

Some days, the Gemini woman is on the quiet side. She’s a mystery to her fellow college students. Other days, she’s much more confident, bold, and talkative, and people might think that she seems like a totally different person.

When the Gemini female is a college student, she’s definitely not someone that people can figure out easily. If this describes you, then you might love that people think that you’re mysterious, or maybe that doesn’t even occur to you. All you know is that you go by how you feel and some days you’re bolder than other days. You can’t help it and you can’t act any other way.

6The One Who Always Participates In Class Discussions: Sagittarius Male

The Sagittarius man is said to love speaking his mind and being bold and honest.

When you encounter this kind of guy in college, whether in the dining hall, your dorm, or a class, you know that he’s always up for a good discussion.

He’s the person who is always answering the teacher’s questions and he might even talk too much.

He just loves to have conversations. You will definitely notice him and you will enjoy hearing his perspective on whatever you’re learning that day in class. And when you encounter him in a non-academic situation, you’ll still think that he’s really smart.

5The Trip Organizer: Sagittarius Female

Sagittarius signs love to travel. It’s something that seems to just be part of their being and their soul.

Sagittarius women are said to love being outside and being free. If you’re a Sagittarius woman and you’re a college student right now, then you’re the trip organizer of your friend group (or you were if it’s been a few years since those school days). You love nothing more than getting everyone out of the college environment and to a nearby town or city, or even an international trip if it’s spring break or summer vacation. This is music to your ears and the best thing ever.

4The Extra-Curricular Lover: Aries Male

Aries men like to have a lot of things going on and they never want something to be easy, so having a packed schedule with their studies and extracurriculars would work for them.

The Aries man is absolutely a fan of extra-curriculars when he’s a college student. He never met a group or cause that he didn’t like.

He’s always down to meet new people, talk about things, and be really busy.

If you meet someone like this, you might wonder how he finds the time and fits everything into his schedule. It might seem like too much for you, depending on your own zodiac sign and personality. But for him, it’s exactly what he wants to be doing.

3The Enthusiastic Public Speaker: Aries Female

Aries women tend to have leadership qualities. It only seems logical that when an Aries girl goes to college, she’s an enthusiastic public speaker.

Does this describe you? If so, then you were totally the college student who took every opportunity that you could get to speak your mind. You were the head of groups and signed up for the debate team so you were able to get that public speaking in. You talked in every class discussion that you could. You even befriended new people in the dining hall and around campus because you just loved talking so much. People were in awe of your amazing public speaking skills.

2The Jock: Leo Male

Leos are very confident zodiac signs and no one would ever say that they hate being the center of attention because it’s for sure the opposite. It only seems logical that the Leo man would be a jock during his college years.

After all, jocks are confident, popular, friendly, and often in the spotlight.

They like being around other people and they love getting a chance to get sporty. The Leo guy, in particular, likes to hear that he’s doing a good job, and that’s absolutely going to happen if he becomes an athlete in college. He’ll always hear some really good things about himself and his athletic abilities.

1The Cheerleader: Leo Female

Both Leo men and women are very confident and have a lot of energy so these roles seem like they would fit them perfectly.

When you’re a Leo female and you’re in college, you’re definitely the type who would become a cheerleader. While others would be too shy to be a cheerleader and have all eyes on them, that’s exactly what you want. You want a lot of attention so this would be a perfect activity for you. And, hey, you should definitely do what makes you happy and what helps you find your true self. That’s what the college experience is all about.

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