The Type Of Relationship We Thrive In Based On Our Zodiac Sign (His & Hers)

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February 28, 2019
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The Type Of Relationship We Thrive In Based On Our Zodiac Sign (His & Hers)



Sometimes, it can be hard to figure out what we really want in a relationship, especially if you’re fairly young or just don’t have much experience with relationships yet. Don’t be ashamed if you get confused when it comes to your “type”—that’s totally normal! Some people don’t figure out what they really need out of a relationship until their mid-twenties and even early thirties! Plus, as you grow up and become more independent and mature, you will have a better idea of the qualities that you need to see a boyfriend or girlfriend.

You want someone who both compliments your personality and balances you out at the same time—if you’re too different, you might butt heads all the time over important issues, but if you’re too similar, the relationship might feel stagnant and boring after only a couple months. Finding the right person is not an easy task, but trust us on this one—the effort is always worth it! When you finally find the right person, you will catch yourself wondering why you put up with the wrong ones for so long! Here is the type of relationship that you will thrive in, based on your zodiac sign.

24Aries Girls Want An Adventurous Guy

Some guys expect women to be afraid of things like traveling or exploring new places on their own. However, it is becoming more and more common these days for women to embrace their adventurous side and be a little more daring. Come on, guys, it’s 2018—you better learn how to keep up with these women! Look, any guy who is expecting a housewife, or even just a homebody, should stay far away from Aries women. They will not be up for that kind of arrangement.

An Aries girl needs a guy who is just as adventurous as she is—and most importantly, he has to be comfortable with her doing things like traveling solo and being very social, and he also has to be okay with the fact that they will probably have to go long distance at times. An Aries woman is not a woman who can be tied down—she needs to maintain her freedom, even within a relationship. Therefore, she needs to be with a guy who wants to see the world and take advantage of all of life’s amazing opportunities. In other words, she needs a guy who is very similar to her in those important ways.

23Aries Guys Need An Open Minded Girlfriend

If you’ve managed to get an Aries guy to settle down with you for even just a couple months, you must be a pretty special woman—it is difficult to get these guys to commit to anyone. But the funny thing is, this doesn’t mean that they’re total players. Yes, they may be more likely to get into a short fling than a serious, long-term relationship, but they are also perfectly happy to spend long stretches of time just flying solo and doing their own thing. They are not the type of guy who always needs someone around to keep them happy.

So, what does an Aries guy need in a relationship? What kind of relationship will really allow him to thrive and be the best boyfriend that he can be? Long story short, Aries men need to be with open-minded women. He hates feeling judged or criticized, so he needs to be with someone who is very patient and willing to explore new points of view. Simply put, he can’t be with a woman who sees the world in just black and white—he needs to be with someone who can accept all of the shades of gray in between.

22Taurus Girls Want A Guy Who Has His Life Together

Look, Taurus girls are super organized and put together. They may not be at the level of Capricorn women, who probably have perfect home offices even if they don’t work from home, but one thing is for sure—these girls have their lives together. They plan every little detail of their upcoming weeks in a bullet journal. They listen to podcasts about productivity. They have a morning routine and a night routine, and they actually follow it. They get a full eight hours of sleep every night. They stay hydrated and drink green smoothies. Seriously, every college girl wishes she had the motivation and dedication of a Taurus woman.

It’s for all these reasons and more than a Taurus woman needs a man who already has his life together. Some men think that if they start dating an ambitious, forward-thinking woman, that she will do all the dirty work for him and help him get his life back on track. Do not ever expect a Taurus woman to pick up all the pieces for you—she will laugh and walk out the door. Taurus girls deserve to be with men who are already on their level, and they should not settle.

21Taurus Guys Want An Outdoorsy Girl

As we just discussed earlier, Taurus women are highly organized, and they are also hard workers. But no matter how hard a Taurus girl or guy pushes themselves on a day to day basis to achieve their goals, they also like to spend a lot of time outside, just relaxing and reconnecting with nature. Both Taurus men and women are known for being outdoorsy, but for Taurus guys especially, being with a woman who loves nature is super important.

Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a woman who enjoys fashion, makeup, manicures, and all things girly! You do you—and there are plenty of guys out there looking for a girl just like you! But a Taurus guy would just rather be with a woman who is low maintenance and does not really care about things like makeup and clothes. He needs to be with a girl who is not afraid to get her hands dirty, who will happily hike for a few miles through the woods without getting freaked out by bugs, and who will always be down to drop everything and go camping for a weekend. These guys will always thrive when dating more outdoorsy women!

20Gemini Girls Need A Laidback Guy

Gemini girls are known for being the biggest social butterflies in the entire zodiac—and they love it! They would not have it any other way. Nearly every Gemini women out there is the most extroverted girl in her friend group, and because she prides herself on her amazing social planning skills and bringing everyone together for fun nights out, she is often seen as the glue that holds her social circle together. Her phone is always blowing up, she’s got loads of pictures of her surrounded by her BFFs on Instagram, and she is busy with some kind of social engagement almost every weekend.

This is why a Gemini woman will thrive in a relationship with a guy who is fairly laid back. Imagine a girl like this dating a guy who freaks out whenever she doesn’t answer his texts or calls right away, who gets annoyed at the idea of her having a girls night out while he stays home, who gets jealous whenever he sees her casually chatting with a guy he doesn’t know? Now, you don’t need to be a relationship expert to know that a couple like this would crash and burn in a matter of weeks!

19Gemini Guys Want An Outgoing Girl

So, we just explained that Gemini women are the social butterflies of the zodiac (honestly, we’re a little bit surprised that the symbol representing their sign is “the twins” and not a butterfly). But what about Gemini guys? Are they the same way? Yes, absolutely. Gemini men (and Leo men as well) are known for being extremely social, and they would much rather be surrounded by a large crowd of people than be at home by themselves! (And all of the water signs are shaking their heads at that sentence, knowing they could never live like a Gemini). So, what does a guy like that really need out of a relationship?

Well, simply put, the answer is actually quite obvious—a Gemini guy needs to be with a very outgoing girl if he wants to thrive. Gemini guys are often unhappy when they date more introverted women (and the women don’t like it much, either). They want someone who will happily be by their side as they take on the social scene, not someone who will try to stay in on a Friday night. Don’t worry, introverts, there is definitely someone out there for you—he’s just not a Gemini!

18Cancer Girls Need A Guy Who Will Return Their Kindness

If you’re familiar with astrology and the many important characteristics of the different signs, you may already know that Cancer women are known for being some of the nicest people around! If your group has a “mom” friend—you know, the one who keeps everyone on track, who remembers the little details that everyone else forgets, who knows that if everyone is getting cranky with each other, it’s time to grab some food—we can almost guarantee that she was born under the sign of Cancer! These women are just naturally caring and attentive. If you ever get the chance to date a Cancer women, consider yourself lucky, because she will treat you like a king.

Now, almost anyone can thrive in a relationship with a Cancer woman, because she will do everything she can to help you with almost any problem you could think of. But what does she need? What kind of man will help her thrive? Honestly, she needs someone who treats her with as much kindness as she treats him. This is one major reason why Cancer men and Cancer women have a tendency to end up together—no one else can love them like that!

17Cancer Guys Need A Compassionate Woman

Now, let’s have a quick discussion about Cancer guys in relationships and what they need to thrive. We just explained why many Cancer guys and girls end up dating each other—they just show each other a higher standard when it comes to romance, and once they have experienced that, it is difficult to leave it behind and settle for less than anyone else! Cancer guys are just as compassionate and kind as Cancer women, even in a society that encourages guys to be tougher! But never mistake their kindness for weakness—they will be the first to stand up against any form of injustice. Cancer man also makes great fathers for this very reason, so if you want to have kids one day, definitely seek out a Cancer guy!

Here’s the thing about Cancer guys: women who do not have their best interests at heart may try to take advantage of their kindness and willingness to be vulnerable! It’s very sad to see this happen because it can ruin a Cancer guy’s trust in the world. Above all, Cancer guys need to be with very compassionate, honest women, not women who will use them and then run back to an ex.

16Leo Guys Need A Girl Who Will Let Them Lead

In every relationship, there is often one person who usually acts as the “leader,” while the other person is a little more laid back and content to let the leader make more of their plans and decisions. Does this mean that men have to lead and women have to follow! No way! Especially not in this day and age—there are many strong women out there who are totally confident when it comes to calling the shots in relationships. Hey, you might even be one of those women yourself!

However, when it comes to dating Leo men, they definitely need to be with a girl who is more laid back. In fact, you might even say that they like to feel needed, so they like it when a girl depends on them for more things. Now, it’s always important for women to make their own money and have the life skills needed to be independent. But if you’re dating a Leo guy, let him take you out and treat you as often as he wants. Honestly, nothing makes him happier than knowing that he can provide nice things for you, and he just loves to pamper you and see you smile.

15Leo Girls Need A Guy Who Understands Her Drive To Succeed

There are some signs that have a tendency to just date each other rather than looking to other signs for romance. This happens quite often with water signs: just look at all of the Pisces men and women who end up together! And as we discussed earlier, Cancer guys and girls often fall in love with each other as well. However, you will not see this happening with Leo men and women. Like we just explained, Leo guys like to be the leader when it comes to relationships, but so do Leo women. Imagine how many arguments would ensue if these two dated? Yup, the fighting can be constant, and it is exhausting for both people.

Leo women need to be with someone who understands their drive to succeed, who supports them in all of their ambitious goals and trusts that they actually have the ability and work ethic to achieve them, and who is okay with occasionally taking a backseat while they put in extra hours at work. Any man who dates a Leo woman needs to understand that she is not the type of girl to sit home while the guy brings home the bacon—she has to be equal.

14Virgo Girls Need A Guy Who Can Talk For Hours

Virgo girls tend to be overthinkers. They are earth signs, and just like Taurus girls, they tend to be serious planners who love to stay organized and on top of things. They would never dream of making a mistake like missing a deadline or being late to someone—not a Virgo girl, not a chance! They pride themselves on being critical thinkers. They do not make snap decisions, and they are slow to “pick a side” in any debate. They like to sit back and consider all the facts before they make a choice on anything.

This is why Virgo girls need a guy who is willing to hear them out when they are reflecting on something important or trying to make an important decision. They can’t thrive when their boyfriend simply brushes them off by saying something like, “It’s really not that big of a deal,” “You are going crazy thinking about this,” or “ Would you calm down? It doesn’t really matter.” They can’t be with someone who is impatient with their thought process or who dismisses their valid feelings when they get anxious or worried about something. If you want to be with her, you’ll have to listen!

13Virgo Guys Need A Girl Who Respects His Space

Virgo men love alone time—perhaps more than any other guy in the zodiac! So, Virgo guys, don’t expect to end up with a Gemini girl—that relationship would be a disaster waiting to happen.

Why do Virgo guys love having their own space and time to themselves so much? Well, like Virgo women, they tend to have racing thoughts and overactive minds. They need lots of time and space to figure things out whenever they need to make a decision. But, here is an important distinction—unlike Virgo women, they do not always want to talk it out with someone else. They would rather simply have lots of time to reflect and think things over alone, without worrying about anyone judging them or having to consider anyone else’s input. Yup, Virgo men are solitary creatures most of the time, but if you are the type of woman who can respect their need for lots of space and alone time, things just might work out. But they can never be with someone clingy or overbearing—above all, a Virgo guy needs to be with an independent woman in order for both people to thrive. Otherwise, the relationship will end with heartbreak.

12Libra Girls Want A Super Romantic Guy

Now, you might already know that Pisces women have a reputation for desiring a fairy tale romance. And while this is true, there is another detail that is often overlooked—Pisces women are not unique in this regard. In fact, many Libra women feel the exact same way! Because they are air signs, people may not imagine that Libra women can be romantic dreamers, but they definitely have that side of their personalities.

You might already be familiar with the fact that Libra women probably care about their image in society more than any other sign—this is both a blessing and a curse. Sometimes, they have a tendency to end up with a guy who looks perfect “on paper,” and everyone will be saying that she and her boyfriend are total “relationship goals.” But deep down, that might not be the truth. Libra women definitely need a very romantic guy, but if you’re a Libra girl who happens to be reading this, do not let yourself get caught up in the superficial trappings of romance. Just because he buys you flowers and takes you out to dinner does not make him the perfect guy for you, so be careful!

11Libra Guys Want A Feminine Woman

So, we just mentioned that Libra women definitely care a lot about their image—and we are not able to let Libra men off the hook! These guys have the exact same mindset. They are much more similar to Libra women than most of them would ever care to admit. So, now that we’ve got that on the table, what’s the real deal with Libra guys? What kind of relationship do they really thrive in?

Earlier, we talked about Aries men, and how most of them would rather be with a low maintenance girl than a super feminine girl. Well, if you’re a total girly girl, and you’ve been scrolling down this list trying to figure out what kind of guy you should date, you’re in luck, because you’ve finally found him. Libra men definitely have a strong tendency to be attracted to feminine women. If you’re the type of girl who could probably open a Sephora store from your room, a Libra guy just might be interested in you! They are definitely the type of guys who notice physical traits first, but you will still need the right personality to match. A Libra guy will be the one to treat you right.

10Scorpio Girls Need A Guy Who Isn’t Scared To Be Emotional

At this point, it’s common knowledge that even though men and women are much more equal in society, there are still some differences in the way that they are treated. For instance, while it is perfectly normal for a woman to be open about her emotions, guys are not always encouraged to express themselves when they are feeling sad or anxious. You may have heard the phrase “Boys don’t cry” before—well, that’s exactly the attitude that we’re talking about!

If you know any Scorpio women—or if you just so happen to be a Scorpio woman yourself—you already know that Scorpio women tend to be very emotional! They consider this one of their strengths, and it makes them more sensitive and empathetic around others. However, dating can be a real struggle for Scorpio women, specifically because so many men out there have never bothered to try to understand their emotions. Scorpio women tend to get very frustrated with this mindset! Therefore, they need a guy who has already done the work in this area of his life—a guy who is not afraid to open up when he is feeling upset, a guy who is not afraid to cry.

9Scorpio Guys Need A Woman Who Communicates Honestly

So, by now you know just how emotional both Scorpio men and women can be. While women tend to exhibit this quality more strongly, Scorpio men are definitely quite emotional too—make no mistake about it! That’s why so many women (who aren’t Scorpios) get so thrown off and confused when they begin dating a Scorpio guy. They are not used to being around men who are so sensitive—and not only that, who have accepted this personality trait and do not try to fight it or hide it.

That’s why Scorpio guys need a woman who is ready to communicate honestly from day one. He needs someone who will be able to simply sit down with him and say, “Hey, I was really disappointed when this happened—how are we going to fix it?” He definitely cannot be with someone who finds it funny to play hard to get, who plays any games at all, or who beats around the bush when they have something important to tell him. Nope, if you want to date a Scorpio guy, you have to be just as in touch with your emotions as he is, and be ready to put all your cards on the table.

8Sagittarius Girls Need A More Stable Man

In some ways, Sagittarius women have a whole lot in common with Aries women. For starters, they are both very independent and rarely find themselves getting into serious relationships. In addition to this, they are very adventurous and love to travel. However, they are less organized and even more spontaneous than Aries women (if you can believe it). Therefore, these women would really benefit from being with a guy who is more stable than they are. Now, they probably couldn’t date a sign like Capricorn, but maybe someone like Cancer or Aquarius would be a good match for Sagittarius women, depending on what other qualities she is looking for in a relationship.

Don’t get us wrong, Sagittarius women are a lot of fun to be around, but they have a tendency to make lots of silly mistakes because they simply do not pay attention to small details. That’s why having a more organized and stable boyfriend can really help them to thrive and reach their full potential. He can help her keep track of important things and remind her of upcoming plans so that she does not get sidetracked and forget about her important responsibilities—it’s a happy match.

7Sagittarius Guys Need A Woman With Wanderlust

While Sagittarius women can really benefit from being with a guy who is calm and stable, and often find themselves thriving and achieving big goals when they get into a relationship with this type of dynamic, Sagittarius men don’t really want that. They would rather be with a girl who has a much more similar personality to their own. This is because Sagittarius women are more open to change than Sagittarius men. Perhaps this is just a weird quirk of their sign, or maybe it’s just one of those little differences between men and women. Who knows? Only the stars could tell us the truth!

So, what kind of woman would make a Sagittarius guy truly happy? He needs to be with a woman with wanderlust—a woman who wants nothing more than to see the world and spend her life exploring every country that she can get to. Honestly, he might really thrive with a woman who is even more adventurous than he is—hmmm, are any Aries women out there up for the challenge? This can be an extremely fun and satisfying relationship for both people involved, and there is no telling just where they will end up going!

6Capricorn Girls Need A Guy Who’s More Spontaneous

If one of your best girlfriends is a Capricorn, and you’ve ever told her, “Hey, lighten up!” even in a joking way, you know just how well that tends to go over! She probably reacted with annoyance and told you to mind your own business! However, most Capricorn women would definitely benefit from being with a guy who is a little more spontaneous than they are. They have a tendency to overwork themselves to the point of exhaustion, until one day, they sit up at their desk and wonder, “Am I wasting my time? Have I been pushing myself too hard?” The answer is almost always yes. They struggle to avoid burn out and they often find themselves dealing with the effects, telling themselves that they will take more time off to relax in the future—only to fall right back into the same problems over and over again.

Dating a more laid back guy will help balance out these very intense Capricorn personality traits. However, he can’t be the guy who will try to force her out of her comfort zone—he will have to take her by the hand and gently introduce her to a new lifestyle, little by little.

5Capricorn Guys Want A Woman With Ambition

So, if Capricorn girls will truly thrive when they are dating a guy who is more laid back and spontaneous than they are, is the same true for Capricorn guys? After all, they share many of the same prominent personality traits, so they must thrive in the same type of relationship, right? Nope! Totally wrong, in fact. Just like Sagittarius, the men, and women of this sign approach relationships in different ways. This is definitely not true for all signs, but it is the case for Capricorn.

Alright, what does a Capricorn guy want? Well, he wants a woman who is just as ambitious as he is. Nothing helps a Capricorn guy thrive more than being one half of a serious power couple! However, since Capricorn women actually don’t really benefit from dating Capricorn guys, he would be much better off looking to other earth signs for romance, or even a fire sign—Taurus, Virgo, and Leo could all fit the bill if their personalities truly click. Don’t be surprised if most of the Capricorn guys that you know personally end up dating extremely successful women, and end up achieving even more of their goals while they are dating them.

4Aquarius Girls Need An Independent Guy

What makes Aquarius women different? What quality of this sign really makes them stand out? Well, there are a number of things that we can list, but the most important characteristic of Aquarius women is their fierce independence. They would never wait around for a man to complete them. They don’t guys just to date them, and they would never settle for someone. They will only date a guy after they have taken a long time to get to know him and know for a fact that he is truly worthy of them. Every woman should have this attitude! However, it does mean that Aquarius woman needs a certain type of man if they really want to thrive in a relationship.

Aquarius women need to be with a man who is as independent as they are. They cannot be with a guy who needs to know their every move. They need a man with a high level of self-confidence, someone who is truly comfortable with himself. And above all, they need a guy who trusts them unconditionally and does not waste his time or energy getting jealous! Aquarius women cannot stand dealing with guys who get jealous all the time.

3Aquarius Guys Love An Independent Girl

Once we explain the type of relationship that allows an Aquarius guy to thrive, you will begin to gain an understanding of why Aquarius men and women often end up dating each other! Aquarius men and women tend to be very similar to each other. It’s almost uncanny—they really do have the same outlook on life! So, naturally, you can expect that Aquarius men really want to be with independent women. And they definitely cannot date a girl who is too clingy.

There is a big difference in needing a shoulder to cry on or someone to lean on during a tough, and always clinging to someone and wanting to be by their side at all times. Aquarius men actually do have a tendency to attract clingy people in both friendships and relationships. This is actually because they are so confident and independent—people who have not been able to work on those character traits in themselves may be drawn to Aquarius men because they feel like these guys can “fix” them. However, this is a recipe for disaster, because Aquarius men are patient with people like this. They need to be with someone who is already confident and secure.

2Pisces Girls Need A Patient Boyfriend

Remember earlier when we were discussing what Libra women really need out of a relationship, and we mentioned that they want a fairytale love story—and they were far from the only sign to feel this way? Yup, we’ve already spilled the beans on what Pisces women really WANT out of a relationship, but here’s another, better question: what do they actually need? That’s what a Pisces woman has to figure out if she really wants to be happy and thrive in her relationship. Good news—we’ve got the answers.

Above all, Pisces women need a man who is patient. Forget the idea of getting flowers, heart-shaped boxes of chocolate and giant teddy bears for a second. Pisces women can be very emotional, they are sensitive to everything that happens around them, and they also have a tendency to daydream and get attached to wild plans that might never end up happening. They need a guy who can ride the emotional rollercoaster with them without getting flustered or frustrated! Yes, it definitely takes a special kind of man to be with a Pisces woman, But when she finally does find the right guy, she will have the romance of her dreams.

1Pisces Guys Want A Creative Girlfriend

Pisces men are often very artistic, and they reveal their talents at a young age. They may take an early interest in painting, writing, or music, and they will often decide that they want to turn this creative pursuit into their ultimate career path. However, everyone will find this cute and charming when they are young—but as they get older, they will slowly begin to see that many people actually do not support them and think that they are nothing more than silly dreamers. It can even be difficult for them to find a girlfriend who understands what they are trying to do and supports their efforts.

That’s why Pisces men should really just date a fellow creative. They should be with someone who is also carving out their own artistic path. That way, they won’t have to deal with the questions like “When are you going to get a real job?” and “So, what is it that you actually do all day?” They get so tired of hearing these questions! They would be much better off just dating someone who understands exactly what they are going through—it will save them a lot of headaches and heartache in the long run.

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