The Top Dating Mistake A Woman Could Make, According To His Zodiac Sign

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March 31, 2019
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March 31, 2019
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The Top Dating Mistake A Woman Could Make, According To His Zodiac Sign

Let’s admit it; dating is hard, like really, really hard. You put yourself out there, not knowing what the other person is expecting, just hoping for the best outcome possible. Dating brings out all of the nervous habits and awkward quirks. Have you ever experienced a date where absolutely nothing went right, and you have no idea what you were doing to mess things up? What if all of that could have been prevented simply by understanding the man you were dating just a little better?

It’s human to make mistakes, and most of the time, it’s no big deal. But when it’s your love life on the line you typically want to avoid making mistakes at all costs. Imagine meeting a great guy and being really into him, only to later find out he didn’t agree with half the things you were doing, and all that time was wasted on someone you never had any real chance of connecting with in the first place.

Men might seem like an impossible puzzle, never to be understood. But usually, they know what they want in a woman and a lot of the time, they aren’t shy about sharing what that is. Sometimes, what they want in a woman is wired into their inner-being; they can’t help it. If you aren’t sure what you did wrong while you were dating a specific guy, we could have the answer for you. Here are the top dating mistakes a woman can make, according to the man’s Zodiac sign.

16Fire Signs: Not Wanting To Go Out And Have Fun

Men who fall under a fire sign are typically very outgoing and enthusiastic. Sometimes, they can also be a bit dramatic. Leo, Sagittarius and Aries men of the world like to do things up really big and are usually the life of the party. If you’re dating a fire sign, you’ve probably noticed they are intuitive and make decisions based on a gut feeling. They love everything action-packed and need excitement in their lives. Your fire guy is literally on fire with passion and determination.

With all that being said, keeping a fire guy down on the couch in front of the TV is not going to be easy and he definitely won’t like it very much.

Fire signs are known for being inflexible and sometimes bossy, so trying to make him do anything he doesn’t really want to could end in disaster. A man born under a fire sign usually will not find someone who prefers to stay at home all the time over going out for fun attractive. He might try it out, but ultimately it will probably end with him feeling bored and tied down. If you’re lucky enough to attract a fire sign, be prepared they’re the biggest action-takers of the Zodiac.

15Aries: Making Him Guess

One of the biggest mistakes you could make while dating an Aries is making him guess. He doesn’t like girls who go heavy with the hints; he’s got no time for all your games. He’s impulsive and needs someone who is straightforward with him. The Aries man wants a woman who can hold her own in the relationship and doesn’t need to rely on him for everything.

It can be difficult for Aries men to connect in relationships. He’s so used to operating on his own wave and looking out for number one that realizing there is a number 2 could take a minute. He believes it’s easier to do everything on his own and has a hard time finding someone he feels has enough energy to keep up with his fast pace. Therefore, wasting his time by pouting or playing the guessing game isn’t going to get you a spot in his life for the long haul. If you’re going to ask an Aries out, the best advice is to just go for it. Just do it, because he definitely won’t be taking any hints. Aries are the “do-ers” of the Zodiac, even if they have to ram their way through things to get to what they want.

14Leo: Not Being Confident

Leo men are most attracted to girls who are seriously beautiful. They want a woman who takes care of herself and prides herself on looking good. The Leo man wants a girl who is confident in herself, so a girl who always lets her insecurities show won’t get along well with a Leo.

He wants to know the girl he’s dating is happy with the life she lives, and if she isn’t then she isn’t afraid to do something about it.

Similar to the other Fire signs, Leos like going out where they can shine bright, like concerts or parties. Flattery works well on the Lions of the Zodiac and they appreciate a good compliment now and then. If you’re dating a Leo, remember to keep up the flirting and make sure he always has your attention on dates. Leos don’t like change in their own lives, so typically what the want is what they want, and their stubborn attitude will prevent anything else from happening. A big dating mistake you can make if you’re talking to a Leo is showing him you’re not confident and don’t really want to share that big, bright spotlight with him in front of an audience.

13Sagittarius: Becoming A Clinger

Space is what the Sagittarius man needs while dating. Of course, dating is all about connecting with another person and getting close, but for Sagittarius men, the idea of freedom is still important. So, they typically won’t get along very well with a clinger. Clinging hard to him could be the mistake that ends the relationship. If you are able to find the right balance between giving him the space he needs and being able to connect, then you’re in for one wild dating relationship.

The Sagittarius man is super fun and has that once-in-a-lifetime smile that you just can’t say, “no” to. He needs that partner who is up for anything, but still rational enough to know when to stop him from being too crazy. This definitely doesn’t mean he needs to be controlled; that wouldn’t be a good idea. Rather, the woman he needs in his life should be able to help him make the right choices. Sagittarius men have gained a reputation for being unstable and unreliable, which probably has something to do with why they don’t like dating clingers. A woman who doesn’t give her Sagittarius some room to breathe and continue his life’s exploration won’t have a place in his plans for very long.

12Earth Signs: Taking Unnecessary Risks

Unlike Fire signs, Earth signs don’t usually look for the spontaneous excitement in life. Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn men are typically considered conservative, grounded and reliable. They use logic when deciding what to do and when to do it; they are aware of the practical parts of dating. Men born under an Earth sign can most likely be trusted to get a job done. They aren’t all straightforward, though, and are much more sensory when it comes to appreciating everything life has to offer.

Earth signs don’t need someone in their life who lives on the edge, full of impractical behavior.

Constantly engaging in risky behavior will easily drive an earth sign away. Earth signs are believed to be the stable anchors of the Zodiac. They like to be treated with respect and don’t appreciate change being thrown at them. If you’re dating an earth sign, you will need to show him you can be stable and secure in the relationship. Earth men are wonderfully steady, dependable and have low-risk attitudes. They might need some reassurance when it comes to future plans, so doing anything out of the ordinary could risk the entire foundation you’ve been building with the earth man.

11Taurus: Stressing Too Much

When dating a Taurus man, it’s best you don’t stress too much. These men find girls who are always stressing to be a major turn off in relationships. He wants someone who can just take things as they come without letting them drag her down. The stubborn and strong bulls appreciate a woman who is in control of her own emotions. Taurus men like dating women who have similar values as him; so, she should be grounded and in touch with her world.

A Taurus man doesn’t want someone who is constantly daydreaming; he needs someone who can be grateful for the present. Taurus men date stress-free and if you can’t play in that same relaxed state, you could find yourself dateless very soon. If you’re trying to figure out how to plan a date for a Taurus man, keep in mind that he loves good food, great music, and nice surroundings. Everything should flow nicely. It might come as a surprise, but the bull-headed sign is actually a long term lover with relationships. They excel in long-term relationships because once they find the woman they connect with, their determined nature often takes over and leads the way.

10Virgo: Telling Lies

Virgo men believe being straightforward and honest are the keys to making a relationship strong from the start. Therefore, any woman who lies while dating a Virgo man is making a pretty hefty dating mistake.

These meticulous and intelligent men tend to be drawn toward women who are down-to-earth and wholesome. You know, that good old All-American Girl.

Much of everything a Virgo man does in his life is “honest.” He likes a good healthy meal in a clean and cool environment. They need time to dedicate to their sacred projects, and this unique work will also become a part of your life if you’re dating a Virgo man. His one mission in life is to fix something. And even after he fixes something, he won’t be satisfied and will need to embark on finding something else to make better. He might drive you mad when he starts analyzing every little word you say, but that’s another reason why it is important to never lie to the Virgo man you are dating. He’s dependent on a good world, so he needs someone to help take care of him while, you know, he’s taking care of the rest of the world.Featured Today

9Capricorn: Being A Poor Sport

A Capricorn man is strong, reliable and confident. But he’s also strict, demanding and his own worse critic. It’s not so much about control as it is that they are just afraid of failure. To make things even more complicated, Capricorns are attracted to women who are very similar to them. He wants someone he is free to be competitive with. The woman that a Capricorn dates should be able to take care of herself and know what she wants in life. For Capricorn men, one of the greatest mistakes a woman can make while dating him would be being a poor sport.

He’s got no time to deal with any type of needy or whiney SO. If you prove you are on his level, he will do everything right. Capricorn men know how to behave like the perfect gentleman; he’ll respect you, pay for the date and even open doors for you. Dating someone who admires him is a definite plus for any Capricorn man. Dating for a Capricorn man is a big deal because he doesn’t usually have spare time after focusing hard on work, his hobbies and his family. So, if you get the chance to date a Capricorn, don’t waste their time by being a poor sport if you lose a fun game.

8Air Signs: Trying To Control Them

You can expect men born under the air signs to be very analytical in a dating relationship. Aquarius, Gemini and Libra men are the thinkers of the Zodiac. He is probably going to have a lot of new ideas and different perspectives about situations all the time, so trying to control him will be nearly impossible.

He’s intellectual and a bright, social butterfly. You might feel that your Air man is hard to keep up with and always has his heads in the cloud, but if you want to keep dating him, you’ll figure out how to stay on the same page as him.

You may have noticed your air man comes across as cold a lot of the time, but that’s just another one of his wonderful traits. He can’t be all amazing all the time, right? Air signs are able to find an escape from reality that makes them come off as sort of aloof, but we can say with certainty, that’s probably not their intention. Dating an air sign can be a real adventure if you’re able to keep an open mind when they start throwing out all their wild ideas. Your air man might get moody and need a ton of attention, but as long as you’re not trying to control him, you should be able to find a good balance.

7Gemini: Playing Dumb

Your Gemini man may seem like he has really high standards, but that’s just because he wants his relationships to last. Gemini men want intelligent women who aren’t afraid to show their brain off. He believes a steady, well-balanced female makes the perfect partner in life. There are two sides to the twins of the Zodiac. He is both positive and cool, adventurous and unreliable. Pretty much for every positive thing about a Gemini man, you’ll probably find a negative.

Don’t play dumb with your Gemini man, because he could most likely lose interest fast. He needs someone who makes an effort to keep things exciting and fresh and who doesn’t try to pin him down. Geminis love to talk and someone who is able to hold a conversation will go great with these men. Like we’ve mentioned before, he enjoys intellectual company. A Gemini man will fall in love with your mind first and everything else second. When dating a Gemini man, it’s a good idea to remember to keep an open mind during dates. The Gemini is youthful and lively. He holds a special interest and enthusiasm in most activities going on around him, so be mindful of his dual personalities and everything should be fine.

6Libra: Being Rude

If you tried to pin down the type of girl Libra men connect most with, it would be your traditional “Southern Belle.” Libras like someone who is charming and polite. He will attach himself quickly to a woman who enjoys pleasing others and sees herself as a giver rather than a taker. The strong-willed Libra man has a desire and need to be liked and hates confrontations.

So, when dating a Libra, trying to argue about everything or coming across as rude to him or anyone around him could make him run for the hills.

A Libra man has this inner need to show his affection and declare his love for you publicly. He’ll want to dress you up and take you out to show you off. At the same time, he needs to be reassured and given extra attention in public. If he decides he loves someone, he will usually stop at nothing to make that relationship workout. When he comes across a problem in the relationship, running is not his first instinct. Libras stay calm first and try to figure out a solution before they turn to their selfish or childish personality trait, and he’ll appreciate any effort you make to the relationship.

5Aquarius: Pretending You’re Something You’re Not

The Aquarius man enjoys good company. You will probably find he has a lot of friends in his life and values his relationships more than anything materialistic. He’s clever, original and creative, and is usually drawn to a woman who is like no one he has ever met before. He doesn’t want someone who is just plain and ordinary. Originality is something that can when over an Aquarius man, so pretending to be something you’re not and not embracing your weirdness is a mistake you could make while dating him.

Aquarius men want to date someone who is unforgettable because he’s definitely going to try to wow you with his wacky ideas and intellectual thinking. You can’t really push an Aquarius man into doing anything he doesn’t want to. Trying too hard with him will get you nowhere. One piece of advice for dating an Aquarius is just to keep things casual at first; trying to force anything will send up red flags for him and he’ll start questioning everything. He’s a fascinating man when you let him think freely and open yourself up to his potential. The water-bearer of the Zodiac can also be very stubborn and resistant to change, so, in addition to just being you, keep that in mind when you date him.

4Water Signs: Taking Things Too Seriously

Men born under the water sign can be found living in a fantasy world. This type of man is seriously imaginative and creative. Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio men are often impulsive, rather than logical and they can be considered highly emotional in high-stress situations. He feels things on a whole different level than you and can come across as moody if things don’t go his way. When dating a water man, try to keep things balanced and don’t take everything so seriously.

His emotional tendencies could get in the way when you’re trying to have a serious conversation with him, but not pushing anything too hard will get you to where you want to be.

They’ll show a soft, special sensitivity in your relationship and know when to fight and when to love. If you aren’t sure what to do in a situation, you could follow his lead and probably be just fine. Water signs are known to absorb cues from the environment around him, so if you are taking things too seriously or freaking out about a situation, his emotions will also be heightened, and he might start to panic. This is something he definitely doesn’t want to experience when dating.

3Cancer: Rushing Things

Cancer men are super fun to be around and date. Not only is he great company, but he’s also easy to connect with. He loves getting to know the woman he’s dating but is also looking for someone who can just “go with the flow.” A Cancer man typically doesn’t like to date someone who rushes things along. One of the perfect dates for him is just snuggling up with you on the couch for a good old cuddle session. You’ve got to get along with his family if you want any chance of getting anywhere with the crabs of the Zodiac.

Dating a Cancer man can be everything you want it to be. It can be romantic, and wonderful, fun and flattering. You just have to remember to let him move at his own pace. Eventually, you’ll find the two of you start connecting on a very deep level. He hates confrontations and will lean toward staying calm during a demanding situation. He will cling to what he knows and be resistant to any changes you throw his way. Cancer men don’t always understand the effect their actions and feelings have on others, so just keep an open mind, don’t rush anything and go with the flow.

2Scorpio: Not Fighting For Anything

A Scorpio man wants a woman who will stand up for what she wants. He is drawn to the mysterious woman with a complicated personality. Scorpio men are stubborn and obsessive. When others usually give up on a project, you can bet they will still be determined to complete what they start. He takes that same sense of pride in his relationships. Scorpio men want a woman other men are afraid to take a chance on; someone with a tender soul, who needs his protection but at the same time she holds tight to her values and fights for her convictions.

Never fighting for anything or standing up for your beliefs will make the Scorpio man question whether you are the one for him.

Scorpios are deep and emotional. They are loyal, giving and sometimes, brutally honest. If you cross a Scorpio in the wrong way, you could find his aggressive nature will come out to play. To put it plainly, he is on the hunt for his special one – the love of his life. If he finds that isn’t you, you can count on him to end the relationship before it even begins. Once he’s yours, make sure you let him know you aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

1Pisces: Having A Distrustful Attitude

Pisces men think with their heart. He is a kind soul who follows his heart first and listens to everything else later. Dating a Pisces man and not fully trusting him will cause some tension within the relationship. A lot of his personality is based strongly on his generosity and kindness. He’s likely to never raise his voice at you or start an argument. Pisces men are truly one-of-a-kind and should be treated gently.

When dating a Pisces, you should try to keep everything stress-free, as much as possible. Any sign of trouble could send him into a panic, and you definitely don’t want that. If a Pisces man starts to feel forced into anything, he will run faster than you can apologize for not trusting him. Then, he will find someone new and show treat them to all of the wonderful dates he had planned with his kind nature. The fish of the Zodiac is known for being compassionate and reasonable. For this, they are considered excellent teachers and inspirational judges. They can easily adapt to change, but you have to prove you’re worth it in order for them to make any real effort for the relationship.

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