The Things We Need To Work On Most, According To Our Zodiac Sign (His & Hers)

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The Things We Need To Work On Most, According To Our Zodiac Sign (His & Hers)

While we often don’t like to admit that we have a few flaws here and there, we totally do. Yet, we find ourselves spending more time and energy trying to hide them rather than actually working on improving them for the better. It can feel like everyone is judging us for our flaws, so we prefer to wear a mask and pretend that everything isn’t what it seems.

Yet, if we keep on trying to hide our issues and sweep them under the rug, nothing will ever change. We will just end up feeling discouraged that once again we’re left to deal with this little, but still annoying, issue. It’s way better to simply take the time and work on these issues rather than pretending that they’re not there.

If you feel like this is you, it’s time that you come to terms with your issues that are holding you back from truly being happy. We all have something that we need to work on, and it’s better to get working on it now rather than waiting. While we understand that it might be scary to come to terms with reality and everything holding you back, it’s a necessary struggle.

Our team at TheTalko has compiled a list of everything each Zodiac sign has to work on in order to create a way better future! We all have that one flaw that derives from our astrological symbol holding us back, and we’re now ready to get it out of the way.

24Sagittarius Woman: Jumping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

We totally get it, the world is a little scary and there’s no guarantee that everything will work out. Yet, we even more so guarantee that everything will fall apart if you keep on hiding within your comfort zone.

If you’re worried about leaving your comfort zone, then start with slowly expanding it. 

You don’t have to go crazy and face your biggest fear initially. Instead, start off with something small and take your time tackling it. This way you’ll feel super motivated and happy that you’re actually able to try something new, however small that it is. We’re positive that you’ll feel endlessly free and alive when trying something new.

23Sagittarius Man: Having A More Positive Perspective On Life

As a Sagittarius, you may often find yourself in a bad mood. During Virgo season, it seems like the universe is just surrounding you with bad vibes. The good news is it will eventually pass- once the next Astrological season begins. However, this uncovers an even greater issue that you should be working on: being more positive.

It seems like the people around you have been criticizing your bad mood recently, so it’s time that you change it up for the better. You’ll feel like your world completely opens itself up when you finally ditch your terrible mood and incorporate some uplifting energy instead. Endless possibilities will begin to flock to you as your positive energy attracts them.

22Pisces Woman: Making Excuses For Things That Just Aren’t Working Out

It seems like if there’s anyone who’s a master at throwing the blame off of themselves, it’s a Pisces. We predict that while you don’t like admitting that you often try to blame others or the universe for your downfall, it’s totally you.

It’s time that you come to terms with the fact that not every negative thing that happens to you is someone else’s fault. 

There’s no point in wasting time blaming others when you can instead take a good look at your own actions. You’ll be surprised to realize that you’re the one to blame when things go wrong. However, we promise that once you come to terms with the impact you have in life, everything will begin to change for the better!

21Pisces Man: Figuring Out Your Exact Goals And Dreams

You’re constantly feeling defeated, and that’s because you don’t know what it is that you want. You’re constantly searching for meaning when it’s been in front of you the whole time. To remedy this, spend some time on your own to figure out what your exact goals are.

Once you finally figure this out and express it into the universe, you’ll feel your life truly changed for the better. You’ll finally have some meaning to follow and base your actions on. All of your anxieties will flow away as you realize that you’re following your exact purpose. We promise this will feel like a breath of fresh air after a lifetime of wandering.

20Aquarius Woman: Kicking Your Procrastination To The Curb

As an Aquarius, you totally know what you want. You have endless dreams and desires that you’ve come to terms with. Yet while you might know what it is that you want, it doesn’t seem like you’ve actually done anything to achieve these goals.

It’s time for you to realize how much time you’re wasting through procrastination and make a plan to change your lazy ways. 

Set a schedule and organize each hour of your life to be working towards a goal. Make sure that you’re productive during every hour and putting in an endless effort. You’ll feel super efficient and as if you can take on the world. It’s critical that you take some time to make a life plan and promise to stick to it. We guarantee you’ll reach your dream this way.

19Aquarius Man: Trusting The People Around You

It feels like you’ve been wronged by others so many times in the past that you’ve just lost track. We agree that no one deserves to feel this way, especially you. And while it feels like you just don’t have the strength to open up to the people around you, it’s absolutely key.

This is one of the most important things that you have to work on in order to improve your life. You can’t expect to have any meaningful relationships if you’re not willing to open yourself up to the world and let people in. While it might be hard at first, you’ll find it totally worth it once you realize how loving some of the people you meet are. Eventually, you’ll find the perfect people who endlessly love and support you through all.

18Leo Woman: Learning How To Relax

As a Leo, it seems like you’re constantly working. We applaud you for having your goals and dreams in check and always working towards them. Yet, it seems like you’re always on edge because of it.

While it seems like you’re constantly being told to relax, it’s time that you actually do so. 

You can’t keep working or you’ll eventually burn yourself out. It’s time that you focus on truly improving your life for the better, and that means taking some time for yourself. This could mean finding an hour or two every day where you can just wind down. Read a book, watch your favorite show on Netflix, take a bath, anything that will help you calm down and breath a little.Featured Today

17Leo Man: Spending More Time With Your Family And Friends

Similarly to your Leo counterpart, it seems like you’re constantly working and doing something. Everyone around you just can’t imagine being as focused and driven as you are. While it’s completely awesome how on point you are when it comes to the hustle, you have to consider relationships, too.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like you’ve been cultivating yours. We’re positive that you can find some time in your schedule to see your family a little more. Try to schedule a fun activity together or simply a family BBQ. While your family may be a little more understanding of your distance, we doubt your friends are. Call them up and catch up on everything you’ve been missing out on!

16Aries Woman: Being More Independent

As an Aries, you’re a total extrovert and rely on your relationships with others to stay driven and amused. While we definitely feel your energy, there are still a few other things that you should work on rather than constantly sweeping them under the rug.

It’s time that you try focusing on yourself a little and work on being a little more independent. 

You can’t keep surrounding yourself with other people for fear of being left alone. You have to slowly isolate yourself here and there to truly get to know yourself. You’ll find an inner strength that isn’t focused on needing support from other people once you find it in yourself. We’re positive this is exactly what you need to feel stronger and better than ever!

15Aries Man: Making A Plan On How To Achieve Your Goals

It’s common sense that a goal without a plan is basically a dream. Yet, if you give your craziest and wildest dream a plan, you’ll realize that it’s a simple goal that you will be able to achieve. We’re positive that you have the drive to achieve any goal you’ve ever desired, but you have to figure out how.

First, make your goal as clear as possible to make it more achievable. Secondly, break it down into smaller components to truly figure out how you’re going to achieve each part of it. You’ll feel better than ever once you figure out how it is you’re going to achieve your goals while slowly working towards them.

14Scorpio Woman: Stop Being Hard On Yourself For Every Little Mistake

As a Scorpio, it seems like your standards are way higher than everyone else’s around you. While we definitely adore you for wanting so much and believing you can achieve anything, it’s time that you work on lowering your standards a bit.

You can’t constantly keep beating yourself up over little things that you have no control over. 

Instead, it’s time that you shift your energy into focusing on things that you can actually have a handle on. Also, make sure to not put a ton of things to do on your plate, as there’s a huge chance you won’t be able to do so since time is finite. Keep up your endless energy and drive- just make sure to not wear yourself out.

13Scorpio Man: Listening Too Much To Other People’s Advice On How To Live Your Life

As a Scorpio, you’re constantly working towards crazy high standards as you feel like it’s what you need to feel fulfilled. While we totally respect that more than anyone, we want to remind you to make sure to focus on your own goals and opinions rather than those of others. You may often find yourself feeling attacked by those around you giving their input on what you should be doing.

Stop listening to the people as they have no right to tell you how to live your life. It’s time that you understand that the only person you should be focusing on is you. Follow your heart and forget about what the people around you have to say. If you’re happy with what you’re doing, that’s all that matters.

12Cancer Woman: Picking Up Some Hobbies That Truly Make You Happy

The Cancer Zodiac are some of the most creative people ever. That’s why we adore that you’ve constantly focused on bettering your life through your endless pursuits. With summer and its innately good vibes coming to an end, it’s time that you incorporate a new element into your life to focus on.

Consider trying out a new hobby to give you a sense of peace in the upcoming months. 

With everything beginning to get super crazy, it’s only right that you find something to keep you sane. This could be taking up an instrument, doing a work out class, or maybe finally trying out that pottery class you always wanted to do. These simple things can help you wind down after those stressful days you’re guaranteed to come across!

11Cancer Man: Developing An Awesome Work Ethic

As a Cancer, you have endless dreams that you’re constantly working towards to make into a reality. That’s why we’re super proud that you’re always willing to try new things to reach your dreams. Yet, the one thing you’re truly missing is a stellar work ethic to help you reach the stars.

It’s common sense that without the proper work ethic you just can’t achieve anything. If you’re not willing to put in the hard work to make your dreams a reality, then there’s no way you deserve to reach them. Instead, it’s time that you figure out a way to relax and bring your focus back to your goals. Make an awesome schedule and make sure you stick to it. This will be the key to allowing you to finally reach any goal you have in front of you.

10Capricorn Woman: Doubting That You’re Good Enough

You totally know that this is an issue you just have to work on. There’s no point in constantly stressing out that you’re not good enough when that’s simply your own personal opinion. We’re positive that the people around you aren’t constantly judging you- only you are.

It’s time that you try to forget about all of the negative energy that you’re constantly filling yourself with. 

When you always feel like you’re not good enough, you’re guaranteed to be right. If instead, you work to incorporate positive vibes and focus on how great you are, you’ll be motivated to achieve anything. It’s critical that you understand that your perspective on life is the most important thing that you should be working on improving. Everything else will follow.

9Capricorn Man: Scared Of Losing What You Have

While we’re just as afraid of losing everything in life just as you are, it’s the crippling fear that you have to let go. Stop stressing over the fact that you could lose everything and focus on what it is that you want instead. You have to work on this fear of losing all that you have in pursuit of something better.

While there’s no guarantee that you won’t fail in life, it’s highly unlikely. Often, we have to give up some things in our lives in pursuit of something greater. If you keep living in fear, you’ll constantly feel trapped that you’re not able to achieve new things. Take some time to figure out if your fear of loss is justified or all in your head.

8Libra Woman: Opening Up Your Heart To New Love Interests

Whether you’ve been hurt in the past or just aren’t ready to look to look for a new relationship, it’s something you should definitely reconsider. As a Libra, you’re incredibly strong and are able to take on anything that’s put in front of you.

While it may be scary at first, we’re positive that you’ll slowly feel ready to take on a new love if there truly is a spark. 

There is no guarantee that you won’t get your heart broken, and that’s the sad truth. However, there’s also a huge chance that you’ll be happier than ever with this new person as you’re filled with endless love and emotions. You’ll eventually have to open your heart up to new people, so there’s no point in putting it off.

7Libra Man: Cultivating New Skills And Characteristics

With the summer coming to an end and fall just about to pick up, it’s time for you to focus on yourself a little. Forget about anything holding you back and instead shift your focus on making sure that everything is going your way and for the better. Figure out if there’s anything new you want to achieve, and if so, shift your focus to this new goal.

We guarantee that you’ll feel so much better once you have something new and productive to focus on. If there’s any time that you should be working on cultivating your new skills, it’s definitely this season. The universe is on your side and will make sure to fill you with positive energy towards your new endeavor- but only if you’re truly passionate about it.

6Gemini Woman: Trying To Understand Others’ Points Of View

As a Gemini, it often feels like you have everything figured it. It seems like all of your friends are constantly flocking to you for new advice on how to deal with whatever issue that they’re faced it.

Yet, while you might actually know nearly everything, it’s time that you work on not judging others so much. 

Everyone has their own struggles and isn’t as fortunate as you to have life go your way. That’s why it’s time that you try to incorporate more empathy into your relationships. Try to understand things from other peoples’ perspectives rather than your own. You’ll feel yourself slowly beginning to grow as you take in new knowledge and opinions. This is a great time to look into new perspectives on life to start growing.

5Gemini Man: Not Judging Those Around You So Much

Similar to your lady counterpart, as a male Gemini, you constantly feel like you’re on top of the world and know everything. While you might actually know what you’re talking about, you have to work on not judging everyone around you 24/7.

While it’s totally human to be subconsciously judging people, whether you want to or not, you have to try being a little more understanding. You never know the full story of what someone is going through, so it’s hard to really understand them. Yet, if you approach the issue with empathy and patience, you’ll slowly understand how these people feel.

4Taurus Woman: Living In Fear Of Being Judged

While the last thing we all want is to be judged by others around us, it’s totally a normal part of life. Whether we like it or not, everyone around us may constantly be analyzing our every move.

There’s no way that you can stop people from judging you, but you can ignore other people’s negative opinions.

You have to understand that this is your life and no one else’s. It doesn’t matter that someone might not think highly of you for whatever reason. As long as you know what you stand for and are confident, nothing else matters. You don’t have to listen to anyone about what they think of you. Instead, jump into the world ready to face anything or any comment that comes your way!

3Taurus Man: Feeling Like You’ll Disappoint Those Around You If You Follow Your Heart

If you’re worried that your true self might disappoint others, we totally feel you. That’s why it’s important that you reassess your life and figure out what it is that you’re exactly passionate about. Deep down in your heart, you know what it is that you want to work toward.

Yet, you might have to work on being proud of your dreams, even if it might disappoint those around you. Simply remember that if your dreams make you happy, then they’re worth it. We’re positive that you’ll feel better than ever if you focus on yourself and what makes you happy. Also, make sure to understand that those around you only want the best for you and to also see you happy!

2Virgo Woman: Becoming Hyper-Efficient At Everything You Do

Since you have what seems like endless goals, you have to understand that it will take endless work to achieve everything that you desire. You can’t keep daydreaming everything that you want to achieve and then not put in the necessary work to reach your goals.

It’s time that you buckle down and become hyper-efficient at everything that you do.

This is the critical step to shifting your focus on achieving your goals, ignoring everything else that comes up. If you truly want to achieve endless success, you’ll have to put in the extra hours to do so. Everyone who ever became successful had to work hard at their craft to be the best. Get ready to do so too!

1Virgo Man: Facing All Your Fears As Soon As They Come Up

If you’re anything like us, then you have endless fears that seem to follow you everywhere you go. While it’s totally annoying, its a normal part of life that everyone experiences. Yet, the key principle that you have to work on is facing your fears as soon as they come up rather than ignoring them.

We all hate dealing with our fears as it’s uncomfortable. Yet, if we wait around, our fears will only grow bigger into a huge monster that becomes even harder to face. That’s why it’s important that you tackle any issue that arises head on, rather than dealing with them in the future when they will probably become even more difficult to tackle.

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