The Romantic Gesture That Will Turn Her Off, Based On Her Zodiac Sign

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March 29, 2019
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The Romantic Gesture That Will Turn Her Off, Based On Her Zodiac Sign

We constantly hear our girlfriends obsessing over the latest romantic movies. It seems like it’s their absolute dream to be swept off their feet by an adorable surprise they just never saw coming. At the same time, we know you’re constantly stressing over the perfect romantic gesture that will make her absolutely melt into your arms.

That’s why we’ve tried to figure out what each sign would adore as a romantic gesture. Then we realized that it would be much more helpful if instead, we compiled a list of the romantic gestures each Zodiac would like to avoid!

We’re sure that this article would come as way better help so you can steer clear of the romantic surprises that will just turn her off! Don’t worry, we’ve also included your partner’s ideal romantic surprise based on her element.

We’re sure that if you follow these steps, your partner will fall in love with you even more! Just remember that your relationship can still easily fall apart even if you’re constantly trying to wow her. Putting in some effort and attention into your relationship is way more important than endless roses and surprises. It’s the connection you and your partner have that will take your relationship into the future!

20Fire Sign: Surprising Her Unexpectedly Feels Like You Don’t Trust Her

The last thing the Fire signs (AKA Sagittarius, Leo, and Aries) want is for you to surprise them out of the blue. They’re doing their own thing and don’t want you randomly showing up to wow them.

They feel like you simply don’t trust them, and are just trying to catch them in a lie.

Why else would you just appear unannounced? While you might think this is the best way to sweep your girl off her feet and show that you care, she definitely disagrees. No one wants to date a person that doesn’t trust them, and surprising her out of nowhere gives off that vibe.

19Sagittarius: Putting Labels On Your Relationship, You Just Met

While you might think that you and your boo are ready to put some labels on your relationship, think again. You just assumed that she would love to already be your girlfriend, but you have to take some time. You basically just met and she isn’t feeling it.

Unless you want her to run in the opposite direction, take things slow and don’t try to throw labels this early on. Look at the vibe that she’s giving off and instead wait for her lead. The Sagittarius will definitely let you know when she’s ready to take the next step and call herself your girlfriend.

18Leo: Buying Something Expensive After A Fight, She Knows What You’re Trying To Do

This is a total no-no in the Leo’s eyes. The last thing she cares about is fancy presents and gifts and will instead be furious at you for trying to pull this off. She doesn’t want you to buy her an expensive gift after a huge fight. There’s absolutely no point in it and she knows what you’re trying to do.

Instead of actually working out the issue, you’re trying to get yourself out of the situation by wowing her with something fancy.

While you might be doing this to show her that you care, she just isn’t feeling it whatsoever. Instead, she would much rather prefer you taking the time to figure out the issues between you two rather than ignoring it.

17Aries: Buying Her Flowers, They’re Not Going To Last

Let’s just say that the Aries is incredibly logical and isn’t into the lovey-dovey gifts. While in your eyes it seems like buying flowers is the most classic romantic gesture any girl desires, the Aries isn’t exactly like most girls.

In her eyes, buying flowers is a complete waste of money since they’re just going to die. She would rather focus on the strength of your relationship and it’s probability of lasting into the future. Flowers are only alive for a short time, and she wants to focus on the long term. Don’t stress about trying to wow your Aries when she just won’t appreciate it.

16Fire Sign: What She Will Actually Love

While it seems like the Fire Signs are an absolute nightmare when it comes to planning a romantic gesture, they’re really not that complicated. Rather than watching you going above and beyond, they would completely adore something small that really shows that you care.

A home-cooked meal and a room bathed in romantic candlelight is a good start.

Her heart will for sure stop at this romantic gesture, as it’s just completely adorable. You’ll win some intense points if you surprise her with this adorable setup. This way, the two of you will finally have a chance to talk one-on-one and express how you feel in a romantic setting.

15Earth Sign: Constantly Showing Her Off To Your Friends, She’s Not A Toy

We completely understand that you’re immensely proud of your girl, but she doesn’t need the constant attention. While you might be showing her off to your friends because you just love her so much, she doesn’t appreciate it.

She’s totally confident and is her own person; she doesn’t want to be shown off like a toy or possession. So think again the next time you try to display her to your buddies. She just isn’t feeling it and this can cause some serious issues between the two of you. Instead, let her know how much you care- on your own. You’ll totally thank us for this piece of advice.

14Capricorn: Buying Clothing, It’s Near Impossible To Get It Right

We definitely understand that you simply want to show off how great of a boyfriend you are by buying her clothes, but you should think again. At the end of the day, as much as you think you know her style and what she likes, you’re just not going to get it spot on.

While she might pretend that she adores what you got her, it’s unlikely you’ll get it just right.

Don’t make the poor girl have to fake how much she adores something and just don’t waste your money. You’re never going to get it right and she’s only going to be stressed out about when and how to wear it. Even though you might love it, she might not. Most of all, the probability of you getting her size perfectly is incredibly low.Featured Today

13Virgo: Making Romantic Public Gestures, She’ll Feel Like Hiding Under A Rock

Don’t even think about displaying a romantic gesture in public for a Virgo. They’re incredibly shy and won’t appreciate it at all what so ever. Instead, we recommend that you keep any surprises private, as you’ll actually get the reaction you want. If you surprise her in public, she will probably just want to hide.

This is one of her worst fears and the last thing you want to do is make it a reality. Don’t expect to get a joyful response from her as she will completely freeze on the spot and won’t know what to do. This traumatic experience is not what she needs at all.

12Taurus: Ditching Everything If She Asks To Hang Out, Obsessive Much?

Odds are, you’re just head over heels for your Taurus girl. She’s exactly what you’ve been looking for and you just couldn’t be happier to finally get the chance to date someone as amazing as her. While we appreciate your dedication, you’re going to have to chill a little.

While you might think your Taurus girl will appreciate you ditching all your plans for her, she won’t.

She will instead see this as incredibly obsessive and crazy. She doesn’t want to date a person who will do whatever she tells them to. While you might think this shows your dedication to her, dropping everything for her every time is the wrong way to go about it.

11Earth Sign: What She Will Actually Love

We know it seems like there’s absolutely nothing that the Earth signs actually like, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. They simply prefer small romantic gestures as they can truly see that you cared. Randomly buy her flowers, maybe pick up coffee, or get her favorite dessert. Take her out on a spontaneous date or surprise her with a little adventure.

These little things are what she actually loves and adores. Make sure to surprise her with these rather than grand surprises that will catch her off guard. Doing little stuff here and there will truly reinforce how you feel for her.

10Air Sign: Following Her Every Move, That’s Just No Fun

The Air signs Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini are incredibly independent and know what they want. They have grand images in their head of their ideal relationship, meaning you’re going to have to put some intense effort into your partner. However, this doesn’t mean that you should follow her every order.

An Aquarius, Libra, or Gemini girl absolutely can’t stand it if you try to please her in every way possible.

Instead, chill out and follow your own opinions. Don’t bend over backward for her, as it will only turn her off. While you may think doing what she says shows your dedication, she won’t like it. Play a little hard to get and you’ll begin to see your relationship finally prosper!

9Aquarius: Trying To Fix Her Problems, You’re Being Extra

Every guy wants to be the Prince Charming for their girlfriend, the support system she can always run to when things get tough. It absolutely breaks your heart having to see her struggle with something, and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to fix it.

However, you shouldn’t be trying to fix her problems as the Aquarius just sees you crossing the line. She’s incredibly independent and doesn’t need a man trying to help her fix issues in her life. Instead, let her handle it as she knows the best thing to do. Simply let her know that you’re always there for her and she’ll let you know if she needs help.

8Libra: Endless Gifts, She Just Wants Love

While you might think trying to please a libra right be difficult, it’s actually pretty easy. Stop assuming that she wants to be given endless gifts and start listening to what she truly wants. Instead of buying her fancy gifts and going to expensive places, just show her how you truly feel.

In her eyes, it feels like you’re trying to compensate your lack of love by showering her with gifts.

This will completely turn her off, as it doesn’t feel like you’re actually serious about her. Stop showering her with presents and instead open up your heart to her.

7Gemini: Acting Just To Please Her, You Don’t Have A Back Bone

When you fall in love, you’re willing to do whatever it takes to please your partner. You feel like there’s no other way to truly show her that you care. You’re willing to do whatever it takes and say whatever she wants for her to be truly happy with you.

But it’s time you stop trying to constantly please her as it’s only turning her off. A Gemini wants to be with an independent male that always makes sure to do his own thing. She doesn’t want to be with someone who simply does whatever she says in the relationship. If you follow her every order, she’s going to get bored of you super fast!

6Air Sign: What She Will Actually Love

While it might feel like absolutely nothing would please your Air sign, we do have a few ideas. They love getting a little dressed up and hitting up the town for a fun activity. Just make sure it’s not super fancy as it’s not their favorite thing.

Air sign gals actually adore going on romantic dates, as they’re suckers for fairytales.

Instead, opt for romantic dates like a cute picnic in the park or an activity where you can spend some time together. This will give the two of you a chance to truly connect with one another and grow your bond. We’re positive this is exactly what you want in order to make the relationship flourish.

5Water Sign: Referring To Her As ‘Yours’, She’s No One’s

You better make sure that you never refer to a Pisces, Scorpio, or Cancer as ‘yours.’ She will be completely turned off and a fight might break loose. While you may think you’re trying to show off to the world how lucky you are to call her your girlfriend, she’s definitely not yours.

The Water signs are absolutely terrified of being taken advantage of and don’t want to feel like they’re being controlled by their partners. While you can obviously call her your girlfriend if you’ve agreed on that label, calling her yours is a red flag. Just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean you own her.

4Pisces: Trying To Be Like The Man Of Her Dreams, It’s Just A Show

We completely understand that Pisces women are hard to wow since they have such high standards, but don’t try to change who you are to make her love you. If she doesn’t love you for who you are, there’s nothing you can do.

The last thing you want to do with a Pisces is put up a front that you’re someone who you’re not.

She knows what’s going on and won’t appreciate this fake persona. Simply act like yourself since that’s the person she felt for. There’s nothing about yourself that you can change to make her love you more. She’ll actually hate that you’re trying to be someone who you’re definitely not.

3Scorpio: Confessing Your Feels For Her, Way Too Early

While you might think confessing your feelings for her is what will sweep her off her feet, she doesn’t exactly agree. Scorpios like to take things incredibly slow so they can analyze them properly. If you’re instead jumping into things, she’s going to be completely confused and feel overwhelmed.

Unless you want her to run away, make sure to keep your feelings to yourself at the early stage. Even if you feel like she’s the girl of your dreams, this romantic gesture just isn’t appreciated. She still wants to connect and bond with you more before having you confess your love in the pouring rain. That day will eventually come, but it’s not anytime soon.

2Cancer: Talking About Your Future Kid’s Names, She Is So Not Ready

Whether you’re trying to please her or are genuinely curious, you shouldn’t be talking about your future just yet. You’re still in the early stages of your relationship and talking about your future kid’s names will just freak your Cancer lady out. She will be completely spooked and turned off by your fast pace!

The last thing you want is for her to think of you as desperate while you’re still getting to know each other.

Take things slow and make sure to not bring up any talks about your future together. Unless she brings it up, you should keep these comments to yourself in order to not freak her out!

1Water Sign: What She Will Actually Love

The Water Signs absolutely adore simply spending time with their man. That’s why if you’re still trying to figure out the romantic gesture that she will love, simply give her your time. While it might not seem like much, she will appreciate it more than anything.

Any extra time that you have should be spent together bonding. Think of some fun activities that the both of you would love to do together. This is a great way to bond and get to know each other while having a fun time! You’ll easily connect over something fun and the two of you will be brought closer together.

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