The One Worry Each Zodiac Sign Has In A Relationship (His And Hers)

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The One Worry Each Zodiac Sign Has In A Relationship (His And Hers)

There is no better feeling in life than meeting someone new and getting those tell-tale butterflies in your stomach—you know, the feeling that means you’re about to fall head over heels for someone very special! It’s definitely a magical moment for sure, and it’s a feeling that people will always chase. At the beginning of a relationship, we get caught up in these moments of happiness, daydreaming about everything this relationship could become. We think about the dates, the adventures, meeting their family, and maybe even getting married one day. Hey, it’s fun to dream, right?

But we all know that relationships are not always easy. There are good times and bad times, highs and lows. And everyone goes into a relationship with different expectations and even different fears. Some people worry that they’re getting too emotionally invested, while others feel like they don’t care enough. Some people are looking for something super stable, and some want to be more carefree. Why is this? Why are our wants and needs so different? Well, it could have a little something to do with your zodiac sign! Here is the one worry that each zodiac sign has in a relationship.

24Cancer Girl: She Worries That She’s In Too Deep

Cancer girls fall in love so easily! Honestly, it’s a beautiful thing—so many of us are hesitant to get into relationships these days because romance and dating have changed so much, and the world is so fast-paced.

Cancer girls just go for it—they wear their hearts on their sleeves, there is no doubt about it.

But sometimes they worry that they are just a little too much. They do not want to get in over their heads for someone who may not feel the same way, and they also worry that they could come on too strong.

23Cancer Guy: He Worries That He Cares More Than His Girlfriend

Now, on the other side of the equation, we have Cancer guys. These guys are super sweet and sensitive—the kind of guy who will buy you flowers, chocolate, and stuffed Teddy bears just to surprise you, even if Valentines Day is months away! Because of their caring nature, sometimes a Cancer guy will worry that his relationship is a little unbalanced and that he will end up caring more than his girlfriend! Balance can be tough to achieve in any relationship, so they are definitely not alone in these worries. But their girlfriends always appreciate the extra attention they get!

22Leo Girl: She Worries That Love Will Distract Her From Her Goals

Leo girls are very driven, and this is one of their most important traits. When they have a goal set, they go out there and work their hardest in order to achieve it.

They are always inspiring other people around them to work just as hard to make progress in their lives.

Being friends with a Leo girl will motivate you like nothing else can! But when it comes to love, they worry that getting into a relationship could actually distract them from their goals. In order to handle this, they like to date guys with the same goals as them.

21Leo Guy: He Worries About Being The “Perfect” Boyfriend At All Times

Leo guys may not always show it on the surface, but they do have a soft side. You just have to get to know them to really see it! Trust us, these guys may not make it obvious, but they do care what others think of them, and they want people to know that they have their best interests at heart. This is exactly why Leo guys honestly worry about being the perfect boyfriend—they care more than anyone realizes! They hold themselves to a high standard, but even when they do their best, they stress over whether everything is going okay.

20Pisces Girl: She Worries That Her Expectations Are Too High

Pisces women know that they are just in love with the idea of being in love! These girls just love romance in all forms.

Whether it’s watching romantic comedies, reading love stories, or even setting their friends up on dates, they want it all!

And mostly, they want that perfect romance for themselves. This is why they can easily end up worrying that their expectations for a boyfriend are too high. They worry that they won’t meet someone who checks all the boxes. But the truth is that it’s good that they have these high standards. It’s important to know your worth!

19Pisces Guy: He Worries That His Girlfriend Isn’t Completely Honest

Pisces men are big on honesty. They really need to know that whoever they are with is telling them the truth—they find it hard to accept even little white lies sometimes! Yes, we know that once in a while, everyone will slip up and say the wrong thing, but just as Pisces women have high standards when it comes to anything romantic, Pisces men have high standards especially when it comes to honesty. Their biggest worry in a relationship is that their girlfriend isn’t being 100% honest with them. They are not the only guys to have these worries!

18Scorpio Girl: She Worries About Getting Into Disagreements

Scorpio women are emotional, and even though they are water signs, those emotions can definitely give them a fiery side to their personalities!

If you know a Scorpio woman, she is probably strong and independent, yet also has a sensitive side to her that comes out more when she is in relationships.

When Scorpio women get into relationships, they worry about they will handle disagreements—it is bound to happen sometimes! They worry that they might let their emotions get the best of them and say something they don’t really mean. These types of disagreements can happen to any couple.Featured Today

17Scorpio Guy: He Worries That His Emotions Will Get The Best Of Him

As it turns out, Scorpio women and Scorpio men actually have very similar worries when getting into relationships! Just like Scorpio women, Scorpio men also worry that they will get too emotional at times and act in ways that they will regret later on. It is definitely hard sometimes for Scorpio men to set aside their own feelings and focus on the emotions of another person, but it is absolutely not impossible. This is something that will simply take a little more work on their part. But with the right girl, they will be able to learn and grow over time.

16Aries Girl: She Worries That The Relationship Won’t Last

It takes a lot for an Aries woman to let her guard down and settle down with a guy.

She is definitely more carefree than some of the other signs, so this is a big step for her when it does happen.

However, there is a reason that she can be a little hesitant to commit sometimes—she feels worried that the relationship won’t last. These girls usually don’t want to be someone’s girlfriend unless they think the guy has a chance of becoming their husband! This is why they worry that once they take the leap, things will fizzle out.

15Aries Guy: He Worries That The Relationship Is Moving Too Fast

Once an Aries guy gets into a relationship, he will often start to worry that things are moving too fast—and he will usually be a little concerned that it might be his fault! See, Aries guys don’t like to do things halfway. If he’s in, he’s all in—he does not hesitate to go after the things he wants in life. So if he wants to be with a girl, he will just tell her and ask her out. So when he does get into a relationship, he doesn’t usually consider taking things slow, and he worries that he’s too serious.

14Capricorn Girl: She Worries That She’s Too Intense

Capricorn women seem to work harder than anyone else, and just like Leo women, they go after their goals with everything they’ve got!

Seriously, these girls have the power to change the world.

And sometimes, they worry that they will be too intense for their boyfriends. A Capricorn girl might worry that since they will always continue to pursue their hobbies and other interests, and since they don’t usually have a ton of free time, that her boyfriend will feel like she doesn’t care as much. But that’s not true! Capricorn girls just need to show their love in other ways.

13Capricorn Guy: He Worries That He Won’t Have Enough Time For His Girlfriend

Just like Capricorn girls, Capricorn guys definitely invest a lot of time and effort into their jobs and their hobbies. Sometimes they even turn those hobbies into side hustles! Simply put, these guys are busy with a capital B. It’s amazing to see how much progress they can make in such a short period of time! But this can also cause them some worries when it comes to their love lives. Capricorn guys often worry that they won’t have enough time for a relationship. It definitely takes a lot of careful scheduling to get a Capricorn guy out on a date!

12Aquarius Girl: She Worries About Maintaining Her Independence

Aquarius women really pride themselves on being self-sufficient. Yes, they are comfortable asking for help when they need it, but they also like to know that they are capable of doing things on their own.

They definitely do not like to feel needy—they know that they are independent, and this is one of the defining traits of the Aquarius woman.

This is why they sometimes worry that they are too independent to be in a relationship. But the truth is that they just need to find a guy who wants to be with an independent woman—that’s the key!

11Aquarius Guy: He Worries About Long-Term Commitment

Aquarius men don’t just jump into relationships without a ton of thought. They really like to take their time because just like Aquarius women, they really enjoy their independence! They are totally comfortable with flying solo, and they don’t rush into things. This is why once they do get into a relationship, they worry about whether or not it will really turn into a long-term commitment. They feel like they might get emotionally invested, say goodbye to their old solo lifestyle, and then realize the relationship isn’t right. But this is all part of life—it’s a learning experience!

10Sagittarius Girl: She Worries That She’ll Lose Her Carefree Attitude

Sagittarius girls definitely love the single life! Sometimes, it seems like they were made for it. They love to hang out with their many friends, travel, explore new places, and just have fun—they don’t take life too seriously.

So sometimes they worry that when they do settle down a bit and get into a relationship, that they might lose their spark.

They might have to let go of that carefree attitude that they’re known for. But although they worry about this, it doesn’t have to be the case. If they date another Sagittarius guy? Well, consider the problem solved!

9Sagittarius Guy: He Worries That His Girlfriend Won’t Like His Lifestyle

As we just discussed, Sagittarius girls often worry that when they get into a relationship, they will have to compromise their lifestyle and change for a guy. Sagittarius guys sort of have the opposite worry. A Sagittarius guy knows there is no chance that he will change his lifestyle just because a cool girl comes along—he worries that he’ll meet this girl and she won’t like his free-spirited lifestyle! It’s like looking at the other side of the problem. Honestly, this is the reason that Sagittarius girls and guys end up dating each other so often—it’s no coincidence!

8Virgo Girl: She Worries About Losing Her Boyfriend Over A Silly Fight

Virgo girls can be very particular. They like to follow specific routines and have things done a certain way. What can we say—that’s just how they feel the most comfortable.

And that’s why getting into a relationship can make them so nervous.

Yes, a Virgo girl knows how she likes things done, and she also knows that she can easily get stressed when they don’t go the way she wants—and sometimes, this can lead to little squabbles! Sometimes, a Virgo girl will worry that the relationship she is in will fall apart because of something small going wrong.

7Virgo Guy: He Worries That He Isn’t Affectionate Enough

Virgo men can be total sweethearts once you get to know them! It’s true that they do not show this side to the world very often, but that’s okay—it’s just their personality. They are earth signs, after all! At the end of the day, it’s only natural that they are a little more reserved than the other signs. Virgo guys may catch themselves worrying that they are not as affectionate as other guys. But they don’t really have much to worry about! That’s because any girl who ends up dating a Virgo guy already knows this about him from the start.

6Taurus Girl: She Worries That She’s Wasting Her Time

Taurus girls are not the type to simply jump right into a relationship. No, they like to take things slow and really just take their time. So, what does this all mean? It means that even before they get into a relationship, they have already invested a lot of time and effort into the guy.

And that’s why every time a Taurus girl gets into a relationship, she worries that she is wasting her time.

It’s so important for Taurus girls to remember that even if a relationship does not work out, you can always make it a learning experience.

5Taurus Guy: He Worries That He Isn’t Good Enough For His Girlfriend

Taurus guys are always focused on self-improvement and personal development. They never want to get stuck in a rut—they are always trying to move forward in life and change for the better! But this is why when they start dating someone, they might worry that they are not good enough. After all, if they always have something to improve on, this means that they are usually focusing on how things could be better in the future rather than how good they are in the present. This can often leave them feeling like they don’t measure up in a relationship.

4Libra Girl: She Worries About What Other People Think Of Her Relationship

Yes, it’s no secret that Libra girls sometimes worry about what other people think, and this is especially true when it comes to relationships.

Even if they are super happy in their relationship, they can’t help but wonder sometimes what opinions other people hold.

However, the good news is that this is something that will fade with time—it won’t last forever. When a Libra gets into a relationship, its only natural that she’ll wonder what people around her think, but as time goes by, she will eventually learn to recognize that it is her own happiness that really matters most.

3Libra Guy: He Worries That His Friends And Family Don’t Like His Girlfriend

So, being total Libras, Libra guys also worry about what people think of their relationships. Yup, it definitely seems like all Libras deal with this at one point or another, but as we said earlier, this mindset does not last forever! Libra guys will often feel super nervous when it’s time to introduce their girlfriends to their families! In fact, if a Libra guy is going to bring his girlfriend home to meet his parents for the first time, there is a pretty good chance that he will be even more nervous than she is! It’s kind of cute, honestly.

2Gemini Girl: She Worries About Honesty And Trust

Gemini women are not the type who will just settle down with one guy shortly after meeting him.

They really prefer to just live the single life until someone truly special comes along.

And they have a great time doing it, too—they don’t really stress out over being single. They just enjoy their lives until a good guy comes along! But when that day does come, it isn’t uncommon to see that they worry about whether he will be honest and loyal to them. Gemini girls tend to have a bit of insecurity around honesty and trust in serious relationships.

1Gemini Guy: He Worries That His Girlfriend Will Get Bored Of Him

Gemini men are such softies deep down—they probably won’t show that side to anyone they aren’t dating, but now you know that it’s there! These guys will often get into relationships feeling super confident, but sometimes, little worries will creep up over time. A Gemini guy will sometimes worry that his girlfriend is getting bored of him. He has an entertaining and funny personality, but this does not stop him from worrying sometimes! However, the truth is that it would be impossible for any girl to get bored of a Gemini guy. They bring the party wherever they go.

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