The One Thing That’s Genuine About Each Zodiac Sign (And The One Thing That’s Not)

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The One Thing That’s Genuine About Each Zodiac Sign (And The One Thing That’s Not)



When we read our zodiac, it makes us feel a certain way. It can be an excited feeling, an anxious feeling, or simply an uneasy feeling. We don’t know what the future holds, but usually, the zodiac can tell us.

The zodiac can also tell us about our personality traits. Did you meet a guy you really like? Look up his zodiac sign and see if you are compatible. Have a friend that you are on the outs with? Look up her zodiac sign and see if there is a reason for that. It could be mercury in retrograde! It could just be someone having a bad day. Yes, we can learn a lot from our zodiac signs…

Below, we detail each sign’s most genuine trait. For example, the water signs are classically sensitive in the best way and the fire signs are incredibly feisty, enough to make you light your own fire inside. Along with the most genuine trait, we will detail each sign’s most shallow or fake quality. It will be the side of themselves they don’t show often, but it will hint at those negative qualities you sometimes might see in people that are close to you. Read on and enjoy!

24Pisces’ Genuine Trait: Loyal To The Core To The One’s She Adores

Pisces girls are very genuine in a lot of ways. Some lack natural confidence, not completely, but in certain aspects of life. However, when it comes to relationships and friendships they have a genuine loyalty that few things can compare to. When she invests in someone, she does so wholeheartedly, almost in a way that she doesn’t see the consequence of doing that. If it is a friend, she is always there to listen to them, try to understand them and let them know she is there for support and make them feel special in little and big ways. In a relationship, a Pisces girl is loyal if she truly loves someone. She will never stray, never think of it even! Her most genuine trait is her loyalty and it shines through for those who deserve it.

23Pisces’ Ingenuity: Can Be Very Two-Faced

Even though a Pisces girl is very loyal to those close to her, she can find something negative in everyone sadly. This is unfortunate and this could be for two reasons: either that lack of confidence or because she has a tendency to be pessimistic. This can result in her being slightly two-faced if someone or something is brought up when that person isn’t around. She has a lot of opinions and she is very open and honest about that. She’ll say what she feels about someone pretty much to anyone else. Her creativity gives her a way with words in that way. Some will misconstrue this as negative and two-faced though, which is possible. That is why it is not the most genuine trait of hers.

22Aries’ Genuine Trait: Authentically Direct, No Matter Who It Affects

You have to give it to her– an Aries girl knows how to say something that cuts deep. Unfortunately, that quality can be terribly sentimental and make you smile or incredibly harsh and hurtful and make your heart hurt. It’s one extreme or the other; there really is not an in between. In fact, you’ll notice that an Aries girl won’t really say what she feels, whether she is a talker or not. But, when she does say how she feels, it will be clear and you sure will know it! It is hard for her to get emotional in any sense, but she does always say things she means in a direct and sometimes confrontational way. That is why her most genuine trait is her direct, blunt, and outspoken way of living.

21Aries’ Ingenuity: Not As Independent As You Would Think

Yes, an Aries girl can be direct and outspoken, even sometimes in the best way! It is bold and brave of her to say how she feels, regardless. However, her most inauthentic trait is that independence of hers. Don’t take it for granted. She is independent and she can rely on herself. However, Aries girls can get lonely, too. She’ll rely on me, myself, and I if she has to– but that does not mean she wants to! There is a hidden insecurity inside of that stubborn self-reliance. She doesn’t want you to know it, but it’s there. It may come out in her shutting out a friend in ignorance or going back to a man she shouldn’t. It may come out in her not taking bold moves when it comes to her career or her love life or her adventurous. Once you see it, you’ll know it is there.

20Taurus’ Genuine Trait: Totally Responsible And Hardly Gullible

A Taurus is super smart, plain and simple. She knows exactly what to say when to say it and rarely changes her mind. She trusts in herself, her opinions, and her thoughts. She is practically responsible and will rarely make a wrong choice. Don’t be fooled; she can have fun and let loose. 99% of the time, though, she’s always responsible and sensible. That is her most genuine trait because of the confidence she has in herself; it always shines through. Further, Taurus women are also never gullible probably because of that sensible intelligence that comes to her with such a natural ease. She’s too busy believing in her words to worry about yours. Taurus women do have a downfall, though, and that is their incredibly bad temper.

19Taurus’s Ingenuity: That Bad, Bad, Bad Temper

Okay, so yes, as a Taurus woman you are very responsible, smart, and genuine in both of those qualities. You are sensible in everything that you do, mostly. The most inauthentic trait a Taurus woman has is her bad temper due to her complete lack of awareness for others’ and their different opinions. She thinks she can control it because of that confidence and intelligence. The problem is that she simply can’t. Her complete lack of empathy for others, their thoughts, and their opinions often gets the best of her. She can’t control her mouth and she often says things she could regret. Luckily she is smart, so she’ll just backtrack in hopes that you’ll forgive her. Either way, the control of her temper is inauthentic; don’t let her fool you.

18Gemini’s Genuine Trait: Naturally Intelligent And You Do Not Have To Question It

Gemini girls are the ones that are the life of the party. They have an ease of charisma that others look up to. Her zest for life has a kind of fervor that can not be compared to many other things. She is just that easygoing, social, and friendly. The best thing about her, however, is also the most genuine thing. Gemini girls are naturally intelligent. They not only are charismatic and carefree, but they are smart and great conversationalists. You can carry a conversation with them about politics, makeup, or toast. You’ll be interested no matter what because of her interesting thoughts and a great way of pulling you in. Her one trait that is not genuine, however, is her capability to always be optimistic.

17Gemini’s Ingenuity: Not Authentically Optimistic

As we stated, Gemini girls are wonderful at connecting with people, having great conversation, and going on some great adventures. The problem is all of these things harp on whether or not she is in the mood for it. Gemini girls can be super moody when they want to be for whatever reason (sometimes silly and dramatic ones, too). When they are moody, that negativity tends to really kick into high gear. She won’t be a bouquet of sunflowers or a dish of ice cream with rainbow sprinkles. She’ll be more like a rain cloud or a broken necklace. It just makes you sigh, not smile at all. This is a Gemini woman’s most inauthentic quality because she simply is not herself during these moments. However, they do happen.

16Cancer’s Genuine Trait: Genuinely Emotional, They Can’t Ignore Their Heart’s Pull

Sometimes adventurous and social Cancer girls are sensitive, manipulative, and emotional. They can be empathetic and be caring if they want to be, too. Think a Pisces with some immaturity. Think a Scorpio with some more manipulation. Cancers’ most genuine trait is her emotion, however, because no matter what, she will be feeling the exact way you can tell. Either she’ll tell you or she’ll show you. You’ll see it no matter what, though. When she is feeling angry, she’ll yell at you. When she is sad, she’ll call you to cry. When she’s happy, you’ll hear about that too. Cancer girls will always fully feel the emotion, whatever it may be. They cannot control the emotion, so that is why it’s their most genuine trait.

15Cancer’s Ingenuity: Often Inauthentic With Their Connections To Others

Cancer girls, on the other hand, can be really inauthentic, too. The trait they have that is not genuine is their connection to others. They have that adventurous and social side that can draw many people in. They can meet a future best friend in a bar or a future boyfriend on the sidewalk. They’ll talk to anyone and bond with everyone. Because of this, however, their connections with people are not as genuine as you may think. This is multiplied when her emotions get the best of her, as we discussed previously because she can lash out at her friends or acquaintances for unimportant things, causing rifts and problems to occur in already shaky relationships. She has to be careful and make sure she is taking care of those that she cares about the most.

14Leo’s Genuine Trait: Natural Leader, You Can Always Read Her

Leos are similar to Cancers in the sense that they show their emotion pretty clearly. Yes, similarly, they do not have control when it comes to delivering how they feel appropriately. They yell when they’re mad… and when they’re sad… and probably when they are happy, too.

Leo girls are also bold, brave, natural leaders that love to be in charge. That is probably why their opinions are so prevalent and connected to their emotions. They believe very much in their opinions and are fiery if they meet someone that does not agree. But, the most genuine trait of a Leo girl is her natural born ability to lead others. A Leo girl will always be successful and in some type of power position. Otherwise, she would just be miserable.

13Leo’s Ingenuity: Sometimes Likes To Say She Is Fair, But She Is Anything But

We already discussed how Leo women have trouble controlling their emotions. Despite this, they are very good at leading people in many situations. Whether you are going to a bar or on vacation or just having a meeting in a professional setting, a Leo can get the job done and make sure everyone else does, too. Her most inauthentic trait though is that she thinks she is always fair in these situations. Because of her emotions, however, she really isn’t capable of being fair. She thinks she is nice, empathetic, and fair when in reality she can get pretty nasty if you disagree with or attack her in some way. And let’s be clear– pretty much every disagreement or different opinion is a personal attack in her mind. To conclude, she isn’t fair and that is that.

12Virgo’s Genuine Trait: Authentically Cautious And Hardly In A State Of Bliss

A Virgo is a very cautious person. She never makes a choice that hurts her, if she can see how it may affect herself or others. The future is scary to most Virgos because they don’t know how things will turn out. They prefer the present where they have the choice to make the best decision. Virgo women are also introverted and patient. This is who they are through and through; they simply cannot help it. They stress over little things because what if they make the wrong decision? What if someone gets hurt? What if they get hurt? The most genuine trait they have is their cautious disposition. They are genuinely always worried and cautious with every choice. This is genuine concern and genuine worry from a Virgo lady.

11Virgo’s Ingenuity: Often Critical Even Though She Won’t Admit It

Because a Virgo is so very cautious and worried about the future, they do have a nervousness to them. Because of this nervousness, Virgo women can be anxious and therefore can be quick with their words. Their negative opinions are usually out of fear and they have a hard time not speaking those opinions when it comes down to it. It is like a fight or flight response; a Virgo tends to fight with her words. Her most inauthentic trait is her overly critical attitude of others. She can be judgmental even when she isn’t trying to be. She is critical of things that are different from her, her opinions, or her fears. She won’t admit it, but that judgment is there all the time.

10Libra’s Genuine Trait: Authentically Friendly When She Wants To Be

A Libra girl is openly friendly when she is her best self (this is the version you’ll want to see, trust me). She is always inviting and wants to bond and connect with people, whether it is new connections with old friends or meeting new people. She is also very clever and intelligent when it comes to her interactions with people. She knows how to make people feel comfortable and open up in a positive way. That is why her most authentic and genuine trait is her friendliness. She is usually always peaceful, too, so she will never invite confrontation or negative drama unless it is first introduced to her in any given situation. Libra girls are outgoing, diplomatic, and very witty– they’re just a lot of fun to be around!

9Libra’s Ingenuity: Not As Easygoing As You Would Think

On the other hand, a Libra girl can get really petty and nasty when she feels threatened. That may be harsh but this is how it is. Libra girls can easily feel like they have to defend themselves. They may feel like you offended them even when you did not mean to in an intentional way. Then, there are the times when they are confronted by someone that was purposely trying to be mean. In all these situations, a Libra girl will attack, become inconsiderate of the other person’s feelings, and grow sarcastic and unkind quickly. So, she may be easygoing, but only in that friendly and happy disposition. This is her most inauthentic quality. She may think she is casual and cool, but when threatened, she is anything but.

8Scorpio’s Genuine Trait: Genuinely Intense

A Scorpio girl is passionate in every way. She is passionate when she loves someone, showering them with attention and love any which way she can. She is passionate about her anger, growing angry quickly and allowing her emotion to take over. She is even passionate about her sadness, feeling everything so fully. That is why her most genuine trait will make sense to you: intensity. Her intensity comes in no matter what she is doing. If she is cooking, she cooks enough food for ten people when there is only three to eat. If she is cleaning, she’ll keep going and going until she is completely finished. Everything is done fully and intensely no matter what the case is. She is incredibly intense in every positive and negative way.

7Scorpio’s Ingenuity: Not Always Sympathetic

The negative side of a Scorpio girl is that she can be jealous, possessive, and really angry over seemingly unimportant or little things. It is one thing to make a rude comment and move on; it is another to start a fight over it that lasts days on end. A Scorpio girl has a nasty side when they feel threatened or like they will be hurt, too, and they can’t comprehend others’ feelings if they may feel like they were wronged by that person. There is little empathy there if they have been hurt. That is how it is– plain and simple. This is a Scorpio’s most inauthentic quality because she is passionate, but not when it comes to others’ feelings. Her lack of sympathy can deeply affect her relationships with others.

6Sagittarius’ Genuine Trait: A Good Friend Until The End

A Sagittarius girl can be super fun, adventurous, and bold and beautiful. She never backs down from trying something new or a confrontation. Good or bad, she’ll be right there in the midst of it. She is that girl skydiving out of a plane or swimming with sharks. She loves the adrenaline rush and hates to be bored. When it comes to relationships with others, a Sag girl is very kind and loyal. She is a great friend to all that she is close to, no matter what. She will listen when you’re venting, she’ll make you laugh when you are crying, and she will make you feel more bold and open in social situations, just because she is herself. This is her most genuine quality!

5Sagittarius’ Ingenuity: Thinking They Can Go The Distance When They Probably Shouldn’t

A fun-loving and bold Sag girl really is a great friend. However, that bravery and boldness when it comes to trying new things and adventures can take over and turn her into someone she isn’t always–and it is someone who is not reliable. She can get bored so easily if she does not have that outlet that she can possibly hurt someone. Further, she is just fooling herself and others when she tries to say she won’t get restless or careless in a long-term relationship of any kind. All Sag girls are ingenuine about these feelings of boredom around people they are close to. They do not want to admit it, but it is innately who they are. This is their most inauthentic quality, so watch for these tendencies in your favorite Sag girl.

4Capricorn’s Genuine Trait: Patient With All And Always There With A Call

The most genuine quality of a Capricorn girl is her patience with all the people that she knows. She is down-to-earth, responsible, sensible in her words and choices, and mostly introverted. In a social setting, she can open up if she is invited to, but otherwise, she’ll let the more open and bold people shine– and she will be okay with it. She is patient with everyone that may be too emotional, too interruptive, or too annoying. She is very reliable and will always answer the phone when you need her. She will even come over to let you cry if she has to. This great reliability and patience is her best and most genuine trait, so appreciate the great Cap girl in your life!

3Capricorn’s Ingenuity: Tends To Be A Procrastinator

On the other hand, a Capricorn girl is so busy worrying about everyone else, she can’t focus on her own tasks and lists of things to do. That is right– a Cap girl’s most inauthentic quality is her procrastination! If she has to do laundry or dishes, she’ll watch her favorite TV show first and then do a chore in response to that reward she gave herself. If she has to finish homework or a paper, she will wait until the day before it is due. That responsibility ends when it comes to getting things done that she simply does not want to get done. She has to push herself to even do it on time, let alone do it at all. This is her most inauthentic quality because she is convinced she isn’t a procrastinator.

2Aquarius’ Genuine Trait: Genuinely Determined In All She Does, It’s All The Buzz

Aquarius girls are interesting in many ways. They are very balanced when it comes to their qualities. They have equally good and bad ones. That is just how it is. Most people would say being determined can be a negative trait in certain situations; however, it is the Aquarius woman’s most genuine trait and it is never a bad thing. No matter the situation or case, an Aquarius girl is incredibly determined. She will never give up in a disagreement. She will never stop working until she achieves her goals, whether it is a big or small goal. She has a fierceness inside of her that few people can even match. This is her most genuine quality. Her determined disposition will shine through in any situation.

1Aquarius’ Ingenuity: Not As Loyal As You Would Hope

On the other hand, a fiery and determined Aquarius girl can be unreliable and indecisive. She hates making decisions because she sees every side. She does not like being there for people unless it is convenient for her. This does not mean she isn’t a good friend, but her feelings and emotions are more important to her than others’ feelings. If she is feeling reserved or depressed or simply just negative, she won’t be there for a friend in need. She will revert to her shell to have a mental break until she feels better. That is why the most inauthentic quality for an Aquarius girl is her loyalty because it simply is flaky and fickle. Be warned if you are close to an Aquarius girl !

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