The One Thing Each Zodiac Sign Needs To Do This Summer To Find Love

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April 2, 2019
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April 2, 2019
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The One Thing Each Zodiac Sign Needs To Do This Summer To Find Love

Summer is almost here, readers! We have just a few more weeks until the summer solstice. Soon it will be the season of barbecues, tan lines (ones that are nice and not so nice), summer concerts, time at the sandy beach, nights at the drive-in theater, and incredible memories to last us through the fall and into the cold winter. With summer, of course, comes the potential prospect for creating new friendships, finding new ways to love yourself, getting new hobbies, and maybe even finding a new love. This love could be a fling, one that sits in your memories like a sprinkle of fairy dust in the night air, or it could be something that ends up lasting a lifetime (which we’re all hoping for sometimes, right?). This all does, of course, depend on your zodiac sign!

Below, we highlight each zodiac sign, along with their overarching fire, earth, air, and water sign generalizations. We discuss the one thing you need to do this summer to find whatever type of love you’re looking for — or whichever one is meant to be! Rest assured — it will be an exciting few months for all!

Read on to find out more. Good luck!

16Fire Signs (Leo, Sagittarius, Aries) — A Step Back From The Bold

Fire signs are naturally bold and brave and usually beautiful, too! They know what they want, and they usually go after it — not because they should or shouldn’t, but just because they know they can. There is a no-inhibitions type of personality that comes with a fire sign. You best believe you could be going on an adventure when you just decide to do dinner one night.

A fire sign can turn a boring lounge day of watching movies into a day of partying and meeting new friends.

Or, you could wind up at an art gallery or a paint and sip class, laughing until you feel like your abs will fall out of your body. Or, you could end up doing karate on the lawn in the park with a hundred people you don’t know — you just never know!

This summer, in order to find love, the fire signs must take a step back from that bold disposition, however. Each one will do that differently, as you’ll see below. But it is time to change it up, let the little things go, and just be gentle and soft. Go with the flow and love will come to you!

15Leo: Let Go Of What You Can’t Control

Leo girls are the take-charge kind of girl. They love a challenge — and they love knocking that challenge out of the park. They’re confident in their successes and they really know what they’re doing, in most cases. Because of this confident boldness that they possess, Leo women are convinced that they know what’s best for everyone in every situation.

They think they know better and no one will change their minds, no matter what.This kind of mentality makes it slightly harder to find love. People don’t love being told what to do, not all the time at least. Being around a Leo girl can be overwhelming and exhausting, so some people tend to get sick of that controlling disposition they have and go on to the next, as they say.

This summer, in order to find love, Leo, it’s best that you let go of what you can’t control. Go to a bar for a drink and let a man come to you, instead of jumping into a conversation with five co-workers in the happy hour crowd. Go to the market and browse, but browse the flower section or the fruit section; don’t look for men to talk to, nor boys to flirt with. Live your life, let go of what you can’t control, and let it be.

14Sagittarius: Be Present

As a fire sign, you are incredibly open, honest and brave, Sagittarius. People love you for your adventurous spirit. People enjoy you for your deep and honest conversation. People want to be around you for all the parts of your great personality. When it comes to love, you are always spunky and upbeat, looking around for a new adventure.

In friendships, you are very much a good friend, however, there are times that you can’t focus because you get so restless so easily.

This summer the one thing you need to do to find love is to be present. That restlessness is something that becomes a problem quite easily in your relationships. People don’t want to be around someone that gets bored with them. People want a friend that is loyal and that is present in all parts of their lives, too. If you’re not listening to a friend — or a boyfriend or girlfriend for that matter — will they really feel like you’re there for them like they’re important to you? In reality, they probably won’t. That’s why you should be present in all that you do this summer. Let that restlessness go — or try. Be present and open to a new love!

13Aries: Think Before You Speak

Your version of taking a step back, Aries, is that you need to think before you speak. This doesn’t surprise you, does it? Your naturally bold, go-getter attitude can be intimidating, but most people flock to you instead actually. You attract people that look up to you, that find the beauty in your stories, your casual confidence, and your honesty. However, that honesty can sometimes get you into trouble, no? Yes, you know what we’re talking about, Aries. That impulsive, bluntly spoken demeanor you have really can’t be controlled at times. You say what you mean, you mean what you say, and you say what you think, sometimes not even thinking about the consequences.

This summer, in order to find love, we need to dial that blunt impulsivity down. Your mouth needs to move slower than your brain for a few months, so as not to scare anyone away with your critical thinking or judgmental opinions (at times). It will be easy for you to fall back into the same routine when something upsets or angers you, but try to let it go. Take a step back from the bold just enough to meet that special person and find love.

12Earth Signs (Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo) — Let Loose A Little Bit

Our Earth sign ladies are so grounded it hurts. Well, no, it actually does not hurt because you’re so responsible, you make sure no one gets hurt. You’ll always get things done that need to be attended to, before or at the deadline.

You will stick to a routine and stray from it for very little reasons; you’ll have opinions that are strong, similar to our fire signs, but you’ll have very good reasons (probably even in a list) for those specific opinions.

You’re intelligent and you have a lot to say about many things.

You can start a conversation in the grocery store about brands of milk or make a friend on the beach while looking for sea glass. You are usually introverted, but there are times your extroverted side comes out. Further, some of you are more patient and creative than others, but more on that later.

In order to find love, earth signs, this summer you must let loose a little bit — and by a little, we might mean a lot. Let summer be summer and let’s let you be you! Read on to find out how each specific earth sign should be letting loose and finding love!

11Taurus: Let Someone Else Talk… And Get Lost In Their Words

Taurus, you are the type of girl that people follow. You are a natural leader because you’re smart, you feel strong in your beliefs, and you are grounded in your daily life. You have a ton of things to say. You could talk about your favorite new recipe (that you follow to the tee and never stray), you could chat about the new essential oils that you bought and why they’re so good for you, and you could strike up a conversation about serious things too, like divorce, love, and family issues. However, with that being said, you talk an awful lot, Taurus! Sometimes you have so much to say and so much opinion that you never really listen to others and their intelligence or their thoughts.

This summer, in order to find love, open up to listening to others — and really hearing them. Get lost in what they have to say, not in what you want to preach. They might surprise you; you might learn something instead of always trying to teach. Start with a parent, a friend, or a co-worker. Eventually, you’ll be able to listen to a special someone that just might be a really good love.

10Capricorn: Change Up Your Routine

Capricorn girls are naturally very rigid in routine. They like having their coffee at 7 am, approximately 45 minutes before they leave for the day. After that coffee, it’s outfit choosing and changing, 20 minutes of makeup and hair time, and then picking out jewelry before running out the door with a granola bar for the ride to work. You’ll do this virtually every day. When you get home, it’s the same thing every day, too: cook dinner, put a load of laundry in, eat dinner, clean the kitchen, fold the laundry, watch your Grey’s and go to bed! You’ll always follow this. Further, you are also patient, predictable, and down-to-earth with your friends and even new people.

Your patience is kind, your predictability is comforting, and that down-to-earth disposition makes people really enjoy being around you.

In order to find love, you must change up that routine this summer. Be a little unpredictable! Have your coffee at work instead of at home! Do something that is different every day — or even every week if that makes you feel better. Soon, your routine could be totally different — and maybe so will you. Then, maybe a love will come that lasts a lifetime!

9Virgo: Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Virgo girls are mostly introverted. They love to keep to themselves and rarely choose to jump into social settings that might put them on the spot. Their extroverted side does come out, but rarely. It could be in their creativity or real grasp on reality. They are sensible and don’t have an idealistic view of the world; they know what reality is and they don’t ever lose sight of that. When it comes to relationships and friendships, the Virgo girl is kind, patient, and gentle. Most people want to take care of you for this gentle way of you. You are patient with people once you get to know them, but can be judgmental when you first meet them. However, she tends to be overly critical, too. As an Earth sign, that critical side just needs to let loose a bit. It may need to take a long vacation on a sunny beach somewhere so that you can find love!

This summer, in order to do that, you need to take a leap out of that comfort zone. Jump into a social setting (it could be an intimate one!). Let go of that critical side and just take people for what they are!

8Air Signs (Libra, Gemini, Aquarius) — Make A Decision

The air signs are incredibly intelligent, friendly, and natural in conversation. However, there are times they can be reserved, too.

According to, “People born under the Air signs – Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra – are the sweetest, yet the most inconsistent companions. They reflect on every step they make but keep their head in the clouds. Air signs are sociable and talkative; they enjoy a short-lived, superficial relationship. In their restless mind, they are always looking for the life’s purpose, but get disappointed immediately upon discovery and start moping about it. Nothing can hold their attention long enough; their love relationship is unstable, due to the contradiction between their mind and emotions.”

Essentially, the air signs are reflective, yet idealistic; they are friendly, yet can easily turn on you; they are restless yet grounded at times; they are virtually always conflicted between their heart and their head.

This summer, in order to find love, that confusing disposition and conflicting demeanor they have has to make a decision.

It’s time to stop beating around the bush, as they say, and jump right into it! Read on to see what each air sign should do specifically to find love this summer.

7Libra: Let Your Intelligence Shine

Libra girls are openly friendly, love to make new relationships with people they meet, and like to be the mediator for their family. If they have a big family, they want everyone to get along and will do anything to keep them together. If they have a small family, they will enjoy the time that they have with them. All around, family is important to them and they make that clear. Further, Libra girls are very intelligent. Despite this, though, they often have a hard time making a decision. They are the epitome of a devil’s advocate. They see every side of everything. Because of that, decisions are harder than usual for them. When it comes to work, friends, and relationships, they constantly fight between their heart and their head — preventing the best decision from being made or made way too late.

This summer, in order to find love, make a decision to let your intelligence shine through. People like you for that. Hey, they may even really love you one day for it. It pulls people in and makes people appreciate you for all that you know. So make a decision to relax and converse, be friendly and don’t worry too much. Love will come when it is meant to!

6Gemini: Open Up To Others Emotionally

Gemini girls are naturally charismatic. They really love the social scene and have a hard time spending a lot of time alone. Because of this, they have a lot of friends. They can meet new people anywhere for virtually any reason. You’ll always see them having plans for Saturday and probably Sunday, too. Further, even during the work week, they’ll take time to spend with friends by going to get sushi or having a few drinks at happy hour. However, on the flip side, a Gemini girl cannot really open up emotionally. She is a bit nosy, and would rather focus on those things than her own feelings.

She is also moody, so when she is feeling something emotional she really will try to avoid it and cover it with anger or silence.

This summer, in order to find love, the Gemini women should be opening up to others emotionally. This is hard for you, we know, but how can you truly find love if you aren’t opening up to others? We know it’s scary and it’s easier to stay at surface level. But there is much more to love and life! This summer, it’s time for you to figure that out.

5Aquarius: Make A Bold Move

The Aquarius lady is reserved, much more in comparison to her other air sign counterparts. Libras and Geminis are much more extroverted and friendly. This is for a few reasons. First, the Aquarius girl feels her emotions much more than the other air signs. She allows herself to feel in ways that the other signs do not. Second, the Aquarius girl is a little less confident, yet a lot more relatable. It’s just hard for her to open up, but expect to really like her when she does! Usually, it’s hard for her to make a decision, too, like the other air signs, because she is so conflicted inside so often. Further, it’s even harder for her, an Aquarius, because of these emotions she feels so deeply, which she allowed to affect her so much.

This summer, in order to find love, stop questioning who you are and how you feel. Make a decision to be bold and do something out of the ordinary. Kiss someone you just met. Ask someone out that you never usually would. Spend time with people that you typically would not. Question your relationships and push your limits! That’s how you’ll find love this summer — and it will be really great!

4Water Signs (Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer) — Emotional Expectations

Water sign girls are sensitive and really connected with their emotions. They feel everything and they feel it fully. If a water sign is angry, she’ll be angry all day and take it out on others. If a water sign is sad, she’ll cry sad tears, let it overcome her, and learn from it. If she is happy, a water sign lets that shine by taking selfies, making people laugh, and spontaneously buying plane tickets or flowers for her dining room table or a bowl of ice cream. The water signs are also emotionally and mentally intelligent. They love to bond with people emotionally and make friends with those they connect with. They like to challenge themselves in the workplace, yet have a hard time with constructive criticism.

This summer, the emotional water signs, despite their intelligence, will have to realize that their expectations are way too high for love.

It’s a problem that few people have because most signs are realistic. The water signs, however, really love and can’t take themselves out of that perfectionist type of love and life they want. Read below to see how to expect less in order to find a true love for your life!

3Pisces: Don’t Look For It

The honest and somewhat confident Pisces girl is always looking for the perfect love. She will walk into the bar and look for someone to fall in love with. That’s a little crazy, right? But that is how she is. She likes her expectations high because she wants to have that perfect love. She’ll look for it in any place and virtually anywhere. It could be at a wedding, at a house party, or just in class. She sees everyone as a potential prospect because she believes in fate, destiny, and the true love that she deserves.

This summer, however, that Pisces girl needs to stop looking for it! Live your life. Go to a house party with a mutual friend that you don’t see a lot and just enjoy the people you see and meet. Don’t expect anything from anyone. Go to a new art class and converse with people you do not know, about education or pop culture — not about men, women, or love! Don’t expect it everywhere you go because, before you know it, that kind of love will fall into your lap and make you laugh brighter, love harder, and truly find a person to spend your life with!

2Scorpio: Reel In Your Passion…For Now

We aren’t telling you to not be yourself, first of all. We don’t want you to change who you are… we want you to be you! However, that passionate side of your personality (well, let’s face it — it’s all of your personality, really) can be overwhelming at times. People tend to say you’re too extreme in your emotion and your feeling. That’s okay — it’s strong of you, but it’s okay for others to feel differently than you, too. We fear that that passion will turn people and rub them the wrong way, preventing you from truly finding love.

So, this summer, it’s really best for you to reel in that extreme passion for now.

Be you, but don’t shove opinions down others’ throats, and definitely don’t roll your eyes at others’ thoughts.

People can be different than you — in fact, you should savor that! Opposites attract, after all, and that’s good for you Scorpio. Once someone really gets to know you, that passion will get and be appreciated, instead of turning people off at first sight. You’re like a fine wine, Scorpio, you get better with time! We want that special person to get the time to truly see that.

1Cancer: Let It Be

Cancer girl! You are so charismatic and social. When you are in that great social setting, you truly shine. People attract to you. People want to be around you and make good conversation with you. This is no different in your friendships or your relationships, either. Your friends love to make memories with you and bond over anything and everything. The men in your life attract to you for the same reason; they crave that flirty attention that you give off so well. Even in your professional setting and relationships, you tend to be knowledgeable and confident in your knowledge, so people want to go to you to chat and for advice.

This summer, in order to find love, you have to just let it be, though. Cancer girls can tend to be manipulative if they don’t love something or don’t feel secure in a certain situation. They want to feel their best always, so if they do not feel that way they can manipulate the situation. But this year, you should try a change. Let things be. Let things happen the way they will — or the way they are supposed to happen. Fate steps in when it is meant to, not when you try to make it move.

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