The Name You’re Meant To Be With, Based On Your Zodiac Sign (His & Hers)

Everyone’s Secret Is Revealed By Their ( Zodiac Sign ) ( His And Hers ) !!!
March 6, 2019
What You’re Like When Talking To Your Crush For The First Time, According To Your ( Zodiac Signs ) !!!
March 6, 2019
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The Name You’re Meant To Be With, Based On Your Zodiac Sign (His & Hers)

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While most of us might not be keen on handing over a load of money to someone who claims to know our romantic future, the idea of it is still quite intriguing. Think about it, so much can be said about the planet and stars. If they predict certain flows of energy in different aspects of our lives, why could they also hold some answers to our love lives?

Our fates lie within our own hands, but you have to admit that the constant accuracy in our zodiac and horoscopes is astonishing, if not at least kind of fun. I’m sure many of you, single or not, have found yourselves daydreaming about your romantic futures as well. We’ve all wondered where our current relationship was going, or who we were supposed to be with. Use this as a soft guide to finding your perfect future partner.

Sure, not all of our needs will be met in even the most perfect relationship, but striking a balance and deciding to be happy makes the hard parts seem insignificant. The only surefire way to find the person you are meant to be with is by putting in some hard work and recognizing that neither of you will ever be perfect, nor should you. Focus on fostering a true relationship…and this guide will certainly help you realize some things about yourself and them that may clear up some questions.

24Aries Man: Nikki

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The Aries man is sure to take his commitments seriously, and that means his commitments to his partners as well. This can be intense, but if you’re ready to for a man to take you and your relationship seriously, then the Aries man it will be! One the outside he may seem like a straight-up bad boy. And hello, who doesn’t find that exciting?

But, of course, there’s more to him than his blasé attitude. He can be demanding, and even at times high maintenance. Will this get on your nerves? Certainly! However, there is still so much good to this guy. The name Nikki is rooted in the Greek goddess of victory, and that is exactly what she will be with her Aries man. She will win over her guy by understanding him rather than judging him.

23Aries Woman: Nicholas

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The Aries woman is much easier to please than her male counterpart and meshes better with a partner that is more emotional than they are. She is eager and enthusiastic about new relationships, but needs that energy returned to her in order to have a successful relationship. She can come off as impulsive at times, so if you’re the kind of person that likes to plan every little thing out, you will definitely need to change your ways.

Nicholas is dependable, but also adventurous. It means people’s victory, meaning he will fight for others rather than himself. This is something that will initially attract the Aries woman. She will enjoy having someone on her side not only to fight her battles but to also help her see the other side of any argument.

22Taurus Man: Veronica

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When it comes to love, the Taurus man is a firm believer in the idea that slow and steady wins every race. He has no interest in superficial or vain connections. If you’re in his life, it is because he finds you meaningful. Like the bull that represents the Taurus, he isn’t afraid of any challenges that present themselves.

However, he tends to be on the stubborn sign. He will hold is ground, even if he is wrong. He may seem to grab life by the throat, but he takes his time in the love department to ensure his connections are true. The name Veronica means true image and represents honesty. This is perfect for the Taurus who has no interest in fakes or liars. He needs someone real by his side, otherwise, it won’t work out.

21Taurus Woman: Dan

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The Taurus woman holds a demure appearance, but a fiery temper that could easily burn those who just aren’t ready. Hello, this lady’s got horns, so don’t make her use them. Despite her intensity, the Taurus woman is actually very kind and sweet. There’s a good chance she’s got her school work or career on her mind at all times. This may rub others the wrong way if they are not as equally motivated as her.

Dan can be a common name, but generally, the meaning behind it is that only God can judge them. He will be able to deal with the Taurus woman’s occasional severe moments without a hitch. She needs someone just as strong as her by her side, and she can surely have an equally strong union with Dan.

20Gemini Man: Ellie

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A master communicator, the Gemini needs someone equally as willing to communicate throughout the life of their relationship. He is an intellectual, so he needs someone willing to have interesting conversations. He is constantly seeking knowledge, so someone with a good sense of humor and just as much curiosity, if not more, will thrive with the Gemini man.

Of course, the Gemini is ruled by the twins, so he may have a two-faced factor to him. This could rub most the wrong way. The name Ellie has quite a background, often leading back to the meaning of light. She is the light at the end of the tunnel for the Gemini. She is also the light that guides him the right way and reflects his best characteristics when he can only see the wrong in himself.

19Gemini Woman: Matthew

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Like her male counterpart, the Gemini woman is often notable for being two or more women in one body. She has different personalities that she is capable of releasing depending on what situations she is in. It’s possible that she will express her urge to go rock climbing one day, but instead spend the day curled up on the couch with a good book.

She is naturally charming and has a great way with words. If you are looking for witty conversation, you’ve found it within the Gemini woman. The name Matthew generally means gift. It’s not that he is technically a gift that the Gemini woman needs, but she will eventually come to adore Matthew and treasure him as she would a sacred gift.

18Cancer Man: Olivia

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The Cancer man is ruled by the mysterious moon. He is essentially a quiet and shy guy. However, he does have a tendency to come off as overly aggressive with his friendliness. I suppose there are worse things! He’s not someone who easily opens up to others, so as long as you keep trying and show interest in him, he will eventually warm up and open up to you.

The Crab is quite a picky man, but once you get over this you will find that he is quite the gentleman, and treads on the traditional side of romance. Olivia has an array of meanings that the Cancer man is looking for like beauty, dignity, and peace. He has no care for drama, and neither does Olivia.

17Cancer Woman: Connor

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The Cancer woman’s moods can often sway with the positions of her ruler, the moon, so you are in for quite the intense roller coaster ride of mood swings. She is also a very sensitive person and is empathetic to other’s feelings. She is quite intuitive and uses this to strengthen her relationships with others.

When it comes to love and romance, the Cancer woman believes in taking thing slowly. She doesn’t believe in jumping into relationships right away. She is cautious with her heart, but she will also be cautious with yours. Connor means strong-willed, which is exactly what a man needs to be to win her heart. Men can take her reluctance as a sign that she isn’t interested, which couldn’t be further than the truth. She needs someone who will be persistent so she knows that it’s real.

16Leo Man: Sophia

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The Leo man comes off as quite the character. It’s as if the lion is always putting on a show…but kind of because he actually is. After all, there’s a reason that he is labeled the king of the jungle. He is quite warm and is very enthusiastic—often even theatrical, at times. He is also very outgoing and confident.

The Leo will do well with a woman who isn’t afraid of sharing the spotlight and can handle his perhaps ‘extreme’ array of emotions. Sophia means wisdom, which is exactly what the Leo needs in his life. He needs her to take the reins every now and then, and keep him grounded as well. The Leo man is the type to act first and think later. That’s why he needs Sophia to talk some sense into him every now and then.

15Leo Woman: Michael

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There isn’t much that can stand in the way of a Leo woman. She is not afraid of much, and like the lion, her fierce roar is enough to keep any kind of trouble far away from her. Like her male counterpart she enjoys the limelight, so her partner needs to ensure that she can shine. She’s got the confidence most women strive for, which is very attractive to all of the other signs out there.

Michael literally means ‘who is like God’. Yes, that can seem like quite an intense meaning, but it is also quite a powerful name. The Leo woman will do well with a powerful man by her side. She is faithful and independent and needs a partner who will understand her need for her own freedom.

14Virgo Man: Emma

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Precise and critical comes to mind when you think of a Virgo man. He seems so serious all of the time and is often busy with his head buried in a book or taking extra hours at work. He strives when he feels a sense of duty. But he needs someone to remind him to have some fun and let loose. The problem is that he may often feel like he will be missing out.

Emma means whole or universal; she knows herself so well and knows where she is going, so she has no problem having fun and taking the Virgo man along for the ride to open up his eyes and his mind. And once the Virgo man has Emma on his mind, he will make her his universe.

13Virgo Woman: Noah

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The Virgo woman is the mysterious wallflower that keeps you pondering. She is charming and a perfectionist, but she is often quite shy. She always means well and has a penchant for taking care of others at every chance. She can become more talkative after finding comfort in her partner.

Her inner strength makes her stick out amongst the rest in all of the right ways. She needs someone by her side that will push her at times, but also be understanding to her fears and anxieties. Noah means comfort or rest; the Virgo woman can be very high strung at times and needs her partner to remind her to take care of herself first. Noah will keep her centered and be her calming touchstone.

12Libra Man: Elizabeth

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If you are looking for balance, then find yourself a Libra man. You may wonder how he manages to do it, but pay close attention and you’ll realize that his hard work and sense of humor pay off well. He is quite the pacifist but has no problem sticking up for the little guy.

They are drawn to loyalty, and eventually narrow down their full social calendars to only fit the people that matter to them. Elizabeth is a name that reflects loyalty, which will instantly capture the Libra man’s attention. He is a man who is love with being in love, but with Elizabeth, he’ll surely find the real thing. He wears his heart on his sleeve, so his partner needs to cherish these moments.

11Libra Woman: Alexander

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The Queen Bee is definitely a Libra woman. She is a social butterfly and enjoys partaking in conversations with random strangers. She feels that everyone has something interesting to say. Her charisma is captivating because most have seen nothing like her. She seeks a partner who will keep her inner balance alive. After all, she’s been working on it her whole life.

The name Alexander dates back to Greek times and means defender of men. Oh, the Libra woman loves this! Finally, a man who will help her save the world and bring some justice to those who need it most. She wants and needs a go-getter who isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty along the way. She can be very playful, which will keep Alexander constantly in awe of her incredible abilities.

10Scorpio Man: Amelia

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If you find yourself swooning over a Scorpio man then you better be ready to face his intense sting. He needs to be in control of any and all situations that involve him. There’s a good chance that he’s a self-made man as well. There’s no denying that he takes a very very long time to reveal himself. There’s a reason he is the most mysterious sign of them all.

Under his calm temperament is an emotional man. He needs a partner who will understand his need for space, and also work hard at building a life with him. Amelia means striving, therefore, she will work hard at all things including her relationship with her Scorpio man. Who knows, these two could even become a business duo that does it all together.

9Scorpio Woman: Owen

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The sultry Scorpio woman is essentially hard to read because she does a great job at hiding her emotions and temperament. In reality, she is quite soft and sensitive. Because she spends so much hiding her emotions behind a cold exterior, she is highly intelligent when it comes to reading the emotions of others. She will play the game of love as well as any other man, but she’s tired of risking her heart for no results.

Owen means noble, and the Scorpio woman needs an honorable man as her partner. She needs to be with someone that she can actually respect. Her devotion is fierce, and once she lets partner in they will become inseparable. She will never speak ill of him, and of course, will be his biggest fan in anything he does.

8Sagittarius Man: Abigail

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All those who wander are not lost. The Sagittarius man is the prime example of this motto. Don’t be surprised if your Sagittarius man is a nomad or a vagabond. He has a keen sense of adventure that will take him to the highest mountains and most remote villages across the globe. He enjoys to learn and in order for him to learn, he must do.

He needs a partner who will be just as adventurous and understand his need for independence. Abigail means someone that gives joy. She will be the Sagittarius man’s home. He will always come back to her because he will remember that she is his joy, and his adventures won’t be complete without her. His playfulness and flirtation will intrigue her and make her feel like the apple of his eye.

7Sagittarius Woman: Adam

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The Sagittarius woman is the most curious of them all. She will question everything in order to learn a lesson. Don’t be surprised if you find that she is a philosopher of sorts. She loves to explore uncommon topics. Her mind is often thought to be moving so quickly that it is always in the clouds.

Adam means earth, which is perfect since he can always be her guide to bring her down to earth when her mind has wandered off too far. She goes where others have never dreamt of going before, and Adam is not afraid to travel along her side and keep her feet on the ground. He has no interest in controlling her. She needs a partner to her mental equal.

6Capricorn Man: Chloe

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The Capricorn man is hard to read at first because his brain is always working overtime. He always has something going on internally. He is quite the determined one. In his personal and professional life, the goal is ambitious and practical. You will find that he often uses strategy to get what he wants.

He is down to earth and very easy going with others. Chloe means blooming, and she will constantly be evolving alongside the Capricorn man. These two will challenge one another to be their best. Who needs motivation when you have this incredible duo? He takes his romances very seriously, and is probably one of the few guys left who actually believe in true love. Thankfully, he doesn’t believe in mind games and is a closet romantic.

5Capricorn Woman: Kyle

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The Capricorn woman is quite the businesswoman. She has the executive chair in her mind, and she will totally achieve it. Like the goat, she can be stubborn at times. Maybe that’s why she is so good at business, she believes in standing her ground. She is also a natural born leader. She takes her reputation seriously.

Kyle means victorious, and he and the Capricorn woman will both have opportunities to rise to the top in their professional and social lives. When they are together, they will push each other to reach any goal. She doesn’t believe in wasting her time on pointless relationships, but she will realize Kyle is a keeper soon enough. He will remind her of her incredible abilities whenever she is feeling down.

4Aquarius Man: Mia

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The liberal and independent Aquarius man is unforgettable. He is probably that guy out there saving the world whose face you remember, but whose name leaves your mind. Often times, he is considered a genius thanks to his ability to problem solve like no other. He is often inventing new things and turning his hobbies into money.

He takes romance lightly at first, but he is still very charming. Mia means wanted and wished for. Once she comes into his life, he will realize that he’s been waiting for her all along. He will make his logical head spin at the ideas of what is possible. He will write his love her in the sky, and she will, of course, feel endlessly appreciated. These two will bring out the best in each other even during the bad times.

3Aquarius Woman: Austin

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The Aquarius woman dances to the beat of her own drums. She follows her own path and fearlessly leads others to do the same. She is the visionary of the zodiac, wishing to spread only good and actually make the world a better place. She may be quirky, but she is also unpredictable in all of the right ways. She keeps her partnering guessing, making her exciting to them.

Austin means magic, which is right up the Aquarius woman’s alley. She falls in love easily, but with Austin at her side, he will show her that her magical visions can all come true with some organization and a tactical approach. She will challenge her partner at first to see if their love is true, so be prepared for a serious test or two.

2Pisces Man: Zoe

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The Pisces man is a generous and emotional specimen. He is nothing like other men you’ve met. He is highly intuitive, and has almost mind reading like abilities to know what others are thinking and feeling. He very quickly gets to know his partner and their ways. He is the kind of guy that will have hour long conversations with you, and neither of you will notice time flying by.

The name Zoe essentially means life, and that is what she will represent to the Pisces man. He is deeply romantic, and often gets lost in his love and devotion to his partner. Zoe will become his life. He falls slowly and carefully because he knows his emotions can be quite intense. He is quite passionate once he lets loose.

1Pisces Woman: Cole

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Being around a Pisces woman is like diving into an ocean; she is deep and full of so many possibilities. She can be very spiritual and has a vivid imagination. There’s a good chance that she is an artist or some kind of creative type. That’s how she lets out her energy. She is a gentle woman who may come off as shy at first. But soon you will see her blossom into a very social woman.

Cole means triumphant person. The Pisces will complete his quest for romance. She is the perfect romantic match. The Pisces woman is sensitive and caring. She gives her partners all of herself, and Cole will return the favor by encouraging her spiritual and creative adventures. She will sketch out her art room and he will build it for her.

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