The Myers-Briggs Personalities Of Pretty Little Liars Characters.

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The Myers-Briggs Personalities Of Pretty Little Liars Characters.

Pretty Little Liars is one of those beloved teen dramas that really does stand the test of time. Fans will always have a soft spot in their hearts for the characters known as liars: the well-dressed friend group featuring witty Hanna Marin, smart Spencer Hastings, creative Aria Montgomery, sporty Emily Fields, and mysterious Alison DiLaurentis. Whether the girls are followed by a figure named “A” or falling in love or dealing with school and family drama, this show is always a good time.

Since it’s so popular these days to take a look at Myers-Briggs personalities, it’s also a good time to think about these lovely characters. Read on to find out the Myers Brigg personalities of Pretty Little Liars characters.


10. Ezra: ISTJ

Oh, Ezra. Also known as Mr. Fitz, aka the high school English teacher, he’s a complicated boyfriend for Aria to have. He’s also the Myers-Briggs personality type ISTJ. He sounds a lot like the description: “Quiet, serious, earn success by thoroughness and dependability. Practical, matter-of-fact, realistic, and responsible.”

Ezra most embodies these personality traits when he tries writing a book about Alison and her mysterious disappearance, and when he wants to help with the search to find his girlfriend, Nicole, who goes missing later on in the show. He’s a smart, success-oriented kind of guy, but he’s also very logical.


9. Caleb: ENTP

Mysterious Caleb Rivers is a perfect match for trendy and clever Hanna. He’s also the go-to guy when anyone wants some computer research done (or, you know, for a computer to get hacked into… no big deal). He loves to figure things out and has a really intelligent mind, and he’s not bad to look at, either, so Pretty Little Liars fans are big fans of him, too.

He’s the Myers-Briggs personality type ENTP, and the description reads: “Quick, ingenious, stimulating, alert, and outspoken. Resourceful in solving new and challenging problems. Adept at generating conceptual possibilities and then analyzing them strategically.”


8. Lucas: INFJ

When it comes to the Myers-Briggs personality type of Lucas Gottesman, aka the computer nerd who totally has a thing for Hanna, it makes sense that his type would be all about helping others and working hard. He’s always there for Hanna and is often seen doing research and hanging out in the background.

He sounds just like INFJ: “Conscientious and committed to their firm values. Develop a clear vision about how best to serve the common good. Organized and decisive in implementing their vision.”

It’s definitely nice to see that by the time the series is over, Lucas has become a major success. Fans totally knew that he would do well.


7. Mona: ENTP

Like Caleb, Mona’s  Myers-Briggs personality type is also ENTP, but for very different reasons. Mona is a tough character to figure out because she always seems to be a different person. Sometimes she’s the sweet girl that Hanna was friends with and other times, the girls aren’t sure if they should trust her.

Mona is an ENTP because the final part of the description sounds like her: “Bored by routine, will seldom do the same thing the same way, apt to turn to one new interest after another.” If fans could say anything about Mona, it would be that she keeps things interesting. She’s also “Good at reading other people.”


6. Toby: INFP

It’s simple to see why Spencer is so devoted to her boyfriend Toby. He’s kind and loyal and always there for her. The most interesting thing about Toby is that he pretends to be on the “A” team and even becomes a cop in order to help the liars from the inside.

Therefore, his Myers-Briggs is INFP. He sounds a lot like this description: “Idealistic, loyal to their values and to people who are important to them. Want an external life that is congruent with their values. Curious, quick to see possibilities, can be catalysts for implementing ideas.” (He’s also very cute, but that’s unfortunately not part of any description…)


5. Alison: ESFP

Alison is a bit of a tricky case because she’s so different before she disappears and after she comes back (and all the times in between that the girls randomly encounter her).

Looking at who she is before she disappears (aka the scenes in the pilot of what she’s like hanging out with the girls in Spencer’s barn), it’s clear that she’s an ESFP when it comes to her Myers-Briggs personality type. She’s the most popular girl in school who is always ready for a good time: “Outgoing, friendly, and accepting. Exuberant lovers of life, people, and material comforts.”


4. Emily: ISTP

Emily is pretty quiet, especially when compared to the other girls on Pretty Little Liars. When the series begins, she’s a sweet swimmer who just wants to succeed and be a good friend and daughter.

Since she’s so quiet, that definitely factors into her Myers-Briggs personality type. She’s ISTP: “Tolerant and flexible, quiet observers until a problem appears, then act quickly to find workable solutions.”

Fans are familiar with watching the four liars work out different problems throughout the show’s seven seasons, and Emily is always observing what’s going on. When she cares about something or someone, she’s loyal and goes all in, but she’s pretty no-nonsense and doesn’t sweat the small stuff.


3. Aria: ENFP

Aria is a great character: she’s friendly, she’s creative, she’s kind, and she’s a really good friend, daughter, sister, and girlfriend.

She sounds a lot like the Myers-Briggs personality type ENFP, particularly the part that says that this type is, “Warmly enthusiastic and imaginative. See life as full of possibilities.” She also sounds like this: “Spontaneous and flexible, often rely on their ability to improvise and their verbal fluency.” Aria is up for trying new things and meeting new people, and besides Ezra, she has a few new love interests throughout the course of the series. She’s pretty brave and adventurous.


2. Hanna: ENTJ

Hanna loves fashion and making witty and hilarious remarks. She’s a real go-getter and is the type of person who will step in when someone needs her. While she might sigh and act like she’s super bored and annoyed, she’s always ready to act when necessary.

She’s the Myers-Briggs personality type ENTJ: “Frank, decisive, assume leadership readily. Quickly see illogical and inefficient procedures and policies, develop and implement comprehensive systems to solve organizational problems.” The final part of the description is, “Forceful in presenting their ideas” which is absolutely Hanna. She has strong opinions and isn’t afraid to speak up.


1. Spencer: INTJ

Finally, Spencer’s Myers-Briggs personality type is INTJ. She fits this type perfectly. Fans know her as someone who works super hard in school, always has a plan for her future, and wants things to be perfect.

Someone who is an INTJ type is described this way:  “Have original minds and great drive for implementing their ideas and achieving their goals. Quickly see patterns in external events and develop long-range explanatory perspectives. When committed, organize a job and carry it through. Skeptical and independent, have high standards of competence and performance – for themselves and others.” Doesn’t that sound like the perfectionist Spencer?!

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