The Lie She Will Tell While Dating, Based On Her Zodiac Sign

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The Lie She Will Tell While Dating, Based On Her Zodiac Sign

Everyone tells lies when dating – but is it ever okay? There are some lies that are probably fine to tell because they’re little white lies, whereas others are quite large and difficult to swallow, capable of causing problems in a relationship or even destroying it. Currently, there are so many dating trends out there that are focused on telling lies, such as “love bombing”, which is when someone pretends to be falling in love with their partner when they’re really trying to manipulative them. These kinds of trends make dating feel like a minefield. When it comes to women of the Zodiac, what lies are they most likely to tell you? If you’re going on a date with a Sagittarius, be prepared to wait around for her for hours because she lied when she said she’d see you in five minutes. On the other hand, if you’re dating a Leo, you might have to careful when giving her information about you – she has the tendency to blab to all her friends about guys she’s dating! Read on to discover all 12 of the Zodiac signs’ secrets so you can protect yourself out there in the dating game.

16Fire Signs: Lie To Keep Their Partners Happy

Everyone lies at some point in their dating lives, but Fire signs mainly lie to keep their partners happy. They’ll, therefore, hide their negative feelings or promise their partners they don’t talk about him to others even though they do.

They mean well – they just want to be loved – but sometimes these little lies can have some big consequences.

Keeping one’s feelings inside like Aries does can cause one to neglect their relationship problems until they’re too big to deal with – that not only hurts Aries in the long run but her partner too. Leo, on the other hand, doesn’t lie to bottle up her feelings but to protect her partner from the truth. For example, by promising that she’s not gossiping about her partner to her friends, but this can make her seem two-faced if all those lies come tumbling out. Finally, Sagittarius lies to deal with her feelings of procrastination. She might, for instance, commit to a date only to realize that she’ll never make it on time (or she just doesn’t feel like getting out of bed). But she doesn’t want to admit that, of course, because she’d rather be seen as having a full, busy life. Oh dear.

15Aries: “I’m fine”

Aries is all about putting up a façade for her partner. She wants him to see that she’s strong and can handle things without needing help. However, as pointed out by Thought Catalog, Aries is independent but actually loves attention. One of the problems, though, is that she’ll tell her partner she’s fine even if she isn’t, which prevents him from being able to support and help her! This can definitely make dating an Aries woman difficult at times.

Aries is a sign that comes across as loud and expressive, but that doesn’t mean she’s always playing her cards in the open. In fact, as mentioned on the Astrology-Zodiac-Signs website, it’s sometimes difficult for Aries to recognize and understand her emotions. This can cause her to lose patience, both with herself and with others, which can lead her to say she’s fine because it’s less complicated. The best thing to do is let her have some space to deal with what’s going on in her mind and heart. Ultimately, Aries is a warm, passionate woman who’s got lots of energy and love to give to her partner. She just needs to feel secure to unleash all her private feelings.

14Leo: “I didn’t tell my friends about you”

Leo is a social sign of the Zodiac, and this means she’s always surrounded by her best friends. The thing is, Leo loves to communicate and express herself. She doesn’t hold back when talking to her friends about the guy she’s dating – she’ll tell them pretty much everything about you. Yikes! If you’re dating a Leo, you might fear that she’s not a private person at all, but it’s not just about her wanting to blab about what goes on behind closed doors. See, she tells them “pretty much” everything – not everything! Leo does that because she wants to entertain her friends. As pointed out on The Circle, she doesn’t really look for sympathy, so she won’t talk about her problems.

In fact, when it comes to her real, deep emotions, she keeps those out of reach. Why? She’s too proud to reveal every intense detail about herself!

So, that means, she might tell her friends about how funny you are when you sing in the shower to make them laugh, but she’ll keep anything about your relationship that’s too filled with emotion, such as your declarations of love, sacred and secret, even from her closest friends. Phew, you can breathe a sigh of relief (sort of).

13Sagittarius: “I’ll call you in five minutes”

Sagittarius is led by her own passions and needs. She flies from one mood and intention to the next, within the timespan of a few hours. If she commits to meeting or calling you, be prepared to wait a while. Even if she promises to be there within a few minutes, she’s lying. Sagittarius is a sign of the Zodiac that procrastinates, usually because of wanderlust. As explained on Thought Catalog, Sagittarius is naturally curious which draws her to keep seeking new experiences. “Your serious case of wanderlust also doesn’t help matters, since you don’t need any excuse to escape reality and go on an adventure,” the site adds.

So, while you’re waiting for the Sagittarius in your life to let you know the time you’re supposed to meet up for a date, she’s probably started doing something else and totally lost track of time. She tells you she’ll get in touch in a few minutes but really five minutes to her are like an hour. She’s easygoing that way and doesn’t really mean to lie. She’ll just make promises to call or see you faster than she knows she can in reality so that you don’t get hurt and she can keep you interested in her.

12Earth Signs – Lie To Protect Themselves

Loyal to the end and faithful to their partners, Earth signs don’t really like to lie and if they do lie, it tends to be one of two kinds of lies.

The first is a white lie that an Earth sign will tell you to either protect themselves or you from being hurt. The second kind of lie that Earth signs will tell involves lies about themselves.

They do this for various reasons. For example, Taurus might lie about her emotions, saying she’s not angry when she really is because she tries to appear calm and collected in difficult situations. Virgo, on the other hand, will try to make herself look better on dating apps or at the start of a relationship to make a great first impression, such as by pretending to be a spontaneous woman when she’s actually an intense planner. Then there’s Capricorn, who will pretend not to know information when she really does. This isn’t done so that she can get the upper hand on you (she’s really not into achieving power), but rather so that she can protect her sources. Yup, she’s really loyal, not just to people she’s dating but also to her acquaintances and friends.

11Taurus: “I’m not angry”

Taurus is the Earth sign that’s calm and patient – until she cracks. Then all hell breaks loose! It takes a long time for her to reach that point of showing her horns, thank goodness, but when it happens, she might lie and say that she actually isn’t angry (even if you can see her nostrils flaring and her cheeks flushing).

There’s a good reason why she does this. As explained on the Sun Gazingwebsite, Taurus is a sign that’s usually easygoing but hates other people seeing her as vulnerable or weak. Although expressing emotions is definitely not a sign of weakness, to the stubborn Taurus it definitely feels that way. This is why, the site continues, when Taurus is angry or sad, she’ll go into hiding for a while so that she can work on her emotions. It’s just too stressful for her to open up and figure out her issues in front of you. Don’t expect any calls or texts you send her to be replied to during this time. Then, when she finally comes out of her shell, she’ll be standing on firmer ground and can present her calm, patient nature to the world once again.

10Virgo: “I can be spontaneous”

Virgo is a shy person who’s very introverted. It takes her a while to come out of her shell and form emotional bonds with people. In the early stages of dating someone, you want to make a great first impression because you want to be liked. This is especially important for Virgo who is her own harshest critic. So she’ll lie to avoid being criticized.

There’s nothing worse than if someone points something out to her that she knows she needs to work on. For example, she might pretend to be a spontaneous person in the hope that it will impress the person she’s dating.

This is a far cry from who Virgo really is: she’s a person who likes to plan ahead for outings. Although this seems like a white lie, it can land Virgo into hot water. She might, for instance, have to follow through on being a so-called spontaneous person. This will just increase her stress levels. The best way to deal with the Virgo you’re dating is to let them know you embrace their quirks and introverted personality. That way, they won’ t have to feel like they need to pretend to be something they’re not.Featured Today

9Capricorn: “I didn’t know that about you”

Like the other Earth signs, Capricorn is a loyal and faithful person. But that doesn’t mean she never lies – she is human, after all! In dating, Capricorn tends to lie about information she claims she doesn’t know. Take this scenario, for instance: you tell her that you work as an investment banker and Capricorn raises her eyebrows, saying, “Oh, I never knew.” Meanwhile, she already got the lowdown on you from one of your mutual friends. Highly resourceful and intuitive about people when she barely knows them, Capricorn gets lots of the information she needs from people by either asking them or reading the things they don’t say. But here’s the thing about Capricorn: she’ll never share the truth about her sources because she’s loyal to people and doesn’t want to cause any problems for anyone.

Although she might lie once in a while, Capricorn is generally extremely honest. She doesn’t like lying and would rather tell you the truth to your face. She can also spot a liar from a mile away, so be careful with what you say to her! As pointed out by the Astrotunity site, skepticism and cynicism are in Capricorn’s DNA – it’s really hard to make them believe anything you say. You have been warned.

8Water Signs: Lie To Avoid Emotional Problems

With a strong focus on emotions, Water signs are all about lying to prevent emotional problems with people they care about in their lives. They might lie to hide an affair that can upset their partner, in the case of Scorpio, for instance. The problem is that the lies can cause even greater issues, such as resentment and hostility. Cancer, on the other hand, will tend to want to protect her partner’s feelings so that he doesn’t have to face the ugly issues of their relationship. This, too, can be very damaging in the long run. Pisces seems to be the least likely of the Water signs to lie, and her little white lies are just used when she wants to get out of sticky situations, such as if she pretends to love your new hat or trousers because she sees that you love them. In reality, she hates them but will never let on!

These little white lies are actually no big deal and they don’t have to cause long-term problems.

The Water signs clearly have different depths of deceit, with Pisces being in the shallow end of the pool, Cancer somewhere in the middle, and Scorpio in the deep end.

7Scorpio: “I never dated that guy”

You notice your Scorpio girlfriend texting someone a lot and when you confront her about it, she tells you it’s some guy at work. You ask her if she’s ever dated him and she tells you she hasn’t, and that she’s not interested in him in that way. Guess what? She could be lying. Scorpio isn’t quick to lie, which can actually not feel like such a reassuring thing. When she does lie, she obviously really means it.

Scorpio also tends to justify situations so that she doesn’t really see herself as being a liar. As explained on Good Golly Astrology, Scorpio sees every fact, statement, and opinion as being layered with meaning and different interpretations based on the psychological state of the observer. So, with that in mind, who’s to say what’s true or false? See, things can get pretty complicated inside the intense brain of a Scorpio.

One of the secrets of the Scorpio personality is that people under this sign love being secretive and mysterious.

It actually gives them a kick. The danger is that they’re also very passionate and when they create connections with people, they tend to be deep and meaningful. All the more reason why your Scorpio girlfriend would have to lie to you about her affairs or attractions.

6Pisces: “You look great in that outfit”

If you’re dating a Pisces woman, you’re in luck. Out of all the Water signs – and Zodiac signs in general, actually – Pisces is the least likely sign to lie to her partner. Yay! This is mainly because Pisces is a compassionate sign. She also really holds their relationships in high regard and the last thing she wants to do is lie to her romantic partners. If she does lie to you, it’s going to be over something really silly, like saying she loves your outfit when in fact the opposite holds true. She does this because she doesn’t want to cause you upset over something really trivial. As pointed out by Relationship Rules, Pisces are old souls and peace-loving girlfriends. Nice one.

Although Pisces avoids dishonesty like the plague, when it comes to people they don’t really like, Pisces has no problem telling them lies – and they’re really good at it! Here’s where it gets interesting: if you’ve just met a Pisces woman and aren’t dating her yet, she could actually be lying to you on more serious issues. If you discover her lies, then you know she’s not committed to having a long-term relationship with you, as pointed out by Your Tango. Sad, but true.

5Cancer: “Everything’s fine with us”

Cancer is quite an introverted sign of the Zodiac. Sometimes, if she’s feeling insecure, she might lie to protect your feelings and her own, too. As explained in a Your Tango article, Cancer is an introverted and introspective sign that would rather deal with things on her own instead of bringing others into the situation. As the article goes on to add, “Sometimes, [Cancer will] lie just because it’s easier than telling others the truth – that [they] need help or that [they’re] unhappy.”

So, if you’re dating a Cancer, she’ll probably lie to you about her feelings so that you don’t know if she’s really happy in the relationship or not. Since she’s so quiet and mysterious, Cancer can be difficult to read sometimes. The catch? These very qualities also keep you wanting more of what she’s about, and that intriguing air of mystery that follows her around can make you want to be closer to her than ever. The good news is that when she commits to you, Cancer is interested in creating real and long-lasting bonds, so it’s just about getting the Cancer in your life to open up and be more emotionally intimate and honest. Good luck!

4Air Signs: Lie To Soften Their Intensity

Air signs tend to ruffle up people’s feathers a lot. This is because they’re sarcastic and brutally honest, which makes them want to lie to people sometimes.

They do this for different reasons, but they’re all basically to cover up the truth they don’t think you can handle. Many people can’t really deal with such brutal honesty, after all.

For example, Aquarius has to lie that her rude comment to you was a joke so you don’t end up with a massive dent in your self-esteem the size of Texas. Gemini, on the other hand, will lie about an illness to get out of situations that she really doesn’t feel like attending, in the hope that you won’t be able to hold it against her. How could you be upset with her if she was stuck in bed with the flu, for instance? Finally, Libra will tell you relationship lies, pretending that she’s tuned into her relationship goals and needs, when really she’s pretty darn clueless –she just doesn’t want you to know about that and move on to someone else. Although sometimes these lies might seem pretty harmless, they can hurt. They’re only harmless when you don’t discover the not-so-pretty truth underneath, which isn’t very reassuring!

3Aquarius: “I’m just joking”

You’re chilling with your Aquarius date when she makes a remark about your shoes or clumsiness. And it stings! Aries can be quite condescending and a bit of a know-it-all sometimes, which is why she’ll want to cover up those dark traits of her sign by quickly telling you that she was just kidding around when she said those hurtful things. But now you know she probably really did mean them. Ouch!

The thing about Aries is that her mouth sometimes gets her into trouble. This is mainly because she doesn’t have a filter. “Impulsive, fiery Aries may not be the most eloquent sign of the Zodiac, but when they’ve got something to say, you better believe that everyone around is going to hear it,” as Your Tangopoints out. Once those hurtful comments have left her mouth, Aries might feel she has to do some damage control – and fast. This is especially the case if she’s dating you and doesn’t want to upset you with her impulsive ways. Get ready for her to throw on the charm, giving you lots of praise to make up for that one insulting comment so that you’ll forget about it fast. Sneaky, sneaky.

2Libra: “I know what I want from a relationship”

DTR – define the relationship. It’s become an important milestone for people who are dating if they want to progress to a committed and official relationship. But whether you’re defining the relationship with a Libra you’ve been dating for a while, or just asking a Libra you’ve recently met what her relationship goals are, she might lie about them.

But why? According to Exemplore, Libra is a sign that wants peace. Even if it means that they have to lie and create some drama. And, when they can’t achieve peace, then they’ll resort to keeping secrets. Libra wants to keep you happy and the relationship peaceful when she tells you that she knows what she wants, even if she really doesn’t. She’s just afraid that your intense feelings for her will cause you to get upset, and she hates conflict.

Libra tends to move at a really slow pace, which means you might reach those important relationship milestones before she does – and she doesn’t want you to know she’s lagging. However, it’s worth knowing that Libra loves the idea of love and really idealizes it. The difficult part is for her ideals to match her real-life wants and goals, which might even be confusing for her to figure out!

1Gemini: “I can’t make it – I’m sick”

You had plans with the stylish Gemini in your life, but then she had to cancel, claiming that she’s down with the flu or caught a nasty bug during her recent travels. You believe her – why wouldn’t you? Well, here’s a reason why: if Gemini is going to lie to you, it’s going to be related to getting out of plans.

Basically, Gemini is the Zodiac sign that doesn’t plan too far ahead in the future. So, if you’ve made plans with her a week in advance, be prepared for flighty Gemini to probably cancel on you. She takes life as it comes, and has some sneaky ways to deal when changes come her way – or when she wants to do something else with her time. As pointed out by Good Golly Astrology, Gemini needs to tell lies to fit situations and can be remarkably inventive with them.

She just doesn’t want to hurt you by saying that she thought about it and feels like staying home and watching her favorite series instead of getting dressed for a date.

You might be insulted, which is understandable. But the thing is that Gemini means well. She’s not lying out of malice. She’s just flaky sometimes.

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