The Least To Most Likely Signs That Will Become Toxic In A Relationship

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The Least To Most Likely Signs That Will Become Toxic In A Relationship

When it comes to relationships, toxic behavior is discussed a lot these days. But the truth is, we all have the potential to be a little toxic. We can all be selfish, stubborn, and follow the guidance of our egos instead of our hearts. Humans aren’t perfect, and we all have days like that. But when this behavior becomes the norm and we make our partners miserable more often than we make them happy, we cross the line from being normal imperfect humans to being downright venomous.

Some Astrological signs are more predisposed to crossing that line than others. That’s not to say that there are certain people on this earth doomed to be jerks and chase away everyone they will ever love—just that some personalities are more tempted to do the wrong thing than others. They aren’t condemned to dysfunctional relationships because of that—they just have to be a little more careful.

A person’s sign and element can affect how likely they are to become one of those toxic partners we’ve all been warned about, but remember that nothing is definite. You control your own life! Read on to find out how likely your sign is to turn toxic once you fall in love.

20The Qualities Of The Air Signs Make Them The Least Likely To Turn Toxic

Out of the four elements; fire, earth, air and water, air has the least toxic tendencies. While the air signs—Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius—can certainly become toxic, they have their airy qualities as secret weapons to protect them from that. The air signs don’t get attached to things, which some say is the root of all pain.

They aren’t naturally possessive or controlling and they never turn desperate.

Instead, they go with the flow of life and allow things to be just as they are. This usually means that they’re easy partners to be with because they don’t force anything or try to control the other person.

19 They Can Avoid Turning Toxic By Remembering Their Partner’s Feelings

That said, absolutely anybody has the potential to turn toxic if they listen to the devil sitting on their shoulder. Nobody is totally safe. The air signs turn into bad partners when they get so distracted by other things that they totally forget about their partner’s feelings. While these signs won’t set out to hurt their partners, they can cause pain by failing to consider them when they speak or when they make decisions.

With a love of being independent and free, these signs can sometimes forget that being in a relationship means making room in your life for a whole other person.

18 Being Balanced And Fair, The Earth Signs Aren’t Likely To Turn Toxic

If we’re strictly talking about the elements, the earth signs are the second least likely to turn toxic in a relationship. If we’re judging them solely by their elemental qualities, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn tend to be less emotional and affectionate than other signs, which doesn’t work for some people.

But by always staying rational and calm, they usually have quite balanced and fair personalities.

They don’t give in to their tempers, they don’t act like children and sulk when things don’t go their way, and they make the best decisions for the relationship rather than just to suit themselves.

17They Can Avoid Turning Toxic By Turning Up The Compassion

The earth signs aren’t perfect, as much as they wish they were. Being rational and having emotional intelligence is what they’re good at, but they sometimes take that to extremes and lack compassion and affection for their partners, which can make them kind of toxic. These signs tend to be very strict, stubborn, and ruthless in distinguishing between right and wrong.

But there still has to be room for forgiveness and understanding in a strong relationship. Sometimes, their standards are just impossible to meet. Overall, the earth signs can usually avoid becoming toxic by remembering that their partners have feelings and aren’t perfect.

16 Thanks To Their Emotional Nature, The Water Signs Can Sometimes Turn Toxic

The water signs—Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces—have qualities that make them a little more prone to turning toxic than the air and earth signs. It’s not that they set out to be mean, but the water signs have a habit of making all their decisions based on how they’re feeling.

While they’ve got great intuition, this trait can sometimes mean that they lash out at their partners out of anger or resentment, even when their partner doesn’t deserve it.

For this reason, it usually takes a lot of patience to stick it out with a water sign (even though the benefits are worth it).

15 They Can Avoid Turning Toxic By Staying Rational When Their Worlds Spin Out Of Control

In order to avoid becoming that toxic person after they’ve fallen in love and possibly scaring their partner away, the water signs have to gain control over their emotions. It’s not easy, but it’s also not impossible. Things like anger management techniques, taking a walk before reacting, and venting through journaling would all help them to put off reacting to things until they’re feeling rational again.

They can’t stop emotions from flowing through them, but they can take charge of the way they react. The key is to avoid reacting in ways that upset their partners and make them come off as toxic people.

14 The Fiery-Tempered Fire Signs Are The Most Likely To Turn Toxic

You might have guessed the one element that has the most potential to cause the most damage in a relationship: fire. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, otherwise known as the fire signs, are all blessed with qualities that make them, for lack of a better term, fiery.

Being fiery tempered works in some situations, but overall, it’s a tough quality to deal with.

In the context of a relationship, it can lead these signs to make impulsive decisions they later regret, hit below the belt, and say things they can never take back. There is no reasoning with a fire sign who has a vendetta, which is why this element tends to be the most likely to turn toxic.

13 They Can Avoid Turning Toxic By Keeping Their Tempers In Check

If there’s one thing the fire signs should work on to make sure they don’t turn into toxic people, it’s controlling their tempers. These signs are prone to anger, and nothing is going to change that. Yet they are also prone to passion and loyalty. In short, they’re great to have on your side in an argument.

The problem is that anger is what makes them hurt their partners without any regard for the consequences. Because these signs are quite forgiving once the cloud of anger has passed, they should work on doing things to help that rage leave the building as quickly as possible.

12 Libra Is The Least Likely Sign To Turn Toxic

Now to the ranking of the signs! In our book, the least likely sign to turn toxic in a relationship is the lover and romancer, Libra. This sign holds love as one of their highest priorities, so will hardly ever do anything to jeopardize it. Plus, they’re natural balancers and have a great sense of right and wrong.

Libra is affectionate without being smothering and balanced without being boring.

In many ways and for many people, this is the perfect partner. Libra would have to be really out of sorts to turn into a toxic person in a relationship.

11 Carefree Sagittarius Is An Easy Lover To Have

Sagittarius is a fire sign and the fire personalities overall are the most likely to turn toxic. But Sagittarius is a huge exception to that rule, mostly because they’re much less fiery than the others. Though they can be hot-headed when they want to be, most of the time they’re actually super carefree and easy-going.

They don’t pressure their partners into things, don’t try to control them, don’t intimidate them, and don’t lose their cool over little things (unless they’re having a particularly bad day). It’s pretty easy to be with a Sagittarius, and they aren’t very likely to turn toxic at all.

10 Taurus Is Agreeable And Considerate Of Their Partner

Most of the time, Taurus is the kind of partner people dream about. The Bull loves to please their partner and make them happy, always puts effort into keeping the relationship strong, and doesn’t like conflict so does what they can to minimize it. It’s easy to be Taurus’s friend, but it’s even easier to be their lover.

They can turn toxic, though, and that usually stems from a stubborn streak.

Agreeable though they may be, this sign doesn’t like it when they don’t get their way. But those little blow-ups aren’t very frequent. The majority of the time, Taurus wins at being a good lover.

Pisces Is A Great Partner, Most Of The Time

Pisces is a water sign, which means they’re prone to emotional outbursts and irrational thinking. But still, when you consider the other aspects of their personality, they’re pretty good partners who don’t have a high chance of turning toxic. They can fall to the dark side when they get lost in their passions, give in to their temptations, and if things get really bad, betray their partner.

Most Pisces will never get to this stage, though, so don’t sweat it. They are too in love with their significant other to think about betraying them, and always put their other half’s feelings first.

Aquarius Becomes Toxic When They Feel Trapped In A Relationship

There are times when Aquarius can turn into a toxic lover, but these instances are few and far between with the right partner. This sign can become a rebel when they feel smothered or confined in a relationship, which is why they don’t fare well with signs who try to control them or put constraints on their behavior.

When they feel trapped, their first instinct is to do what they can to get their independence back, even if it means hurting their partner.

As long as their partner doesn’t put walls around them, Aquarius is an exciting and caring love to have.

Virgo Doesn’t Mean To Be Toxic, But Their Criticism Of Their Partner Can Make Them So

Virgo always has good intentions but isn’t well-suited to being everyone’s partner. For one thing, this sign demands perfection of themselves and their partners and they see criticism and feedback as tools used to improve. When they see something they don’t like, they don’t hesitate to let their partner know.

In theory, it’s so their partner can get better, but also because they feel strongly about honesty. Particularly for the more sensitive signs, this can be quite exhausting and tough to take. If you don’t like having your flaws pointed out—even if it means you can fix them—then you’ll probably find Virgo to be quite a toxic partner.

Gemini Has Two Faces, And One Of Them Can Get Toxic

Represented in Astrology by the twins, Gemini has two faces. Where being toxic is concerned, one of these faces is more likely to turn than the other. One side of Gemini is understanding, tolerant and passionate, and wants the best for those around them.

The other side is a little more manipulative, doesn’t like to lose, and doesn’t like to be shown up.

This darker side can also lack emotion and compassion. With those combined factors, it’s easy to see how Gemini can turn toxic in a relationship. But you know the story of the two wolves—the one that wins is the one you feed.

Aries’ Love For Revenge Makes Them Toxic At Times

When things are good, Aries is one of the best signs to be in a relationship with. They’re loyal, caring, exciting, and charismatic. The problem is that no relationship goes smoothly all the time and all couples have their bad days. On these bad days, Aries can transform into somebody who’s toxic quite quickly.

As they say, hell hath no fury like an Aries scorned. When this sign is upset or feels they’ve been hurt, there is no level they won’t stoop to for revenge. If they can’t find a way to tame their hurt feelings, their partner could be in for some bad surprises.

With Their Icy Indifference, Capricorn Can Be Toxic

When we think of toxic behavior, we tend to think of partners who are controlling, possessive and jealous, or who are intimidating and aggressive. Capricorn is none of those things but instead can be very emotionally distant, which is a form of torment to someone in love with them.

Sometimes this is on purpose, especially if their partner has done something they don’t approve of.

Forgiveness isn’t really Capricorn’s strong point. Other times, they genuinely get distracted and forget to be affectionate. Either way, if they don’t stay on top of this tendency, they could end up really chasing away their partner.

Cancer Becomes Toxic When They Lose Control Of Their Emotions

Cancer is one of the most emotional signs, which isn’t surprising for a water sign. Of course, when they lose control of their emotions, they become toxic. If it happens to be anger, they lash out against their partner in unacceptable ways. If they’re feeling sad, they can play the victim card and guilt their partner.

If they’re feeling worried, this can quickly ascend into paranoia. Cancer can give their partner a headache as they voice all their concerns. Without learning to respond to their emotions in a healthy way, Cancer can indeed be quite toxic.

Image-Obsessed Leo Is Likely To Turn Toxic Out Of Jealousy

We tend to turn toxic when we follow our ego AKA that voice in our head that is the source of all our insecurity. Leo seems like one of the most confident signs but can actually have quite sensitive feelings because they have a habit of listening to their ego, which constantly tells them they need to look better or be better.

Sometimes becoming a little obsessed with their image, Leo can truly become toxic in a relationship.

This is especially true when they suspect their partner of being unfaithful or of losing interest in them since it confirms the insecurities they are harboring deep down.

Fiery Scorpio Is The Most Likely To Turn Toxic

The sign most likely to turn toxic in a relationship is Scorpio. Though this sign isn’t of the fire element, they sure are fiery! They can’t help feeling jealous, even when they don’t need to. They have no boundaries and say hurtful things they don’t mean when they’re upset or hurting. At the same time, they can be quite clingy and demanding of their partner and can leave them feeling smothered.

It’s not a definite that they’ll turn toxic, but out of the twelve signs, Scorpio has the highest potential. Scorpio is brilliant in many ways, but just has too many natural personality tendencies that make them lean toward the toxic side.

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