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  • January 27, 2021

The Hairstyle He’s Attracted To The Most, Based On His Zodiac Sign

You might think that guys don’t notice your hair color and style, but you’d be surprised! Your hair’s your crowning glory and how you wear it tells the world a lot about you, such as if you’re bold, confident, strong, and unique. Have you ever stopped to wonder what a guy you’re dating or crushing on really thinks about your hair? Interestingly, his Zodiac sign might have something to do with his opinions.

For example, if he’s an Aries, he loves going on new and exciting adventures as much as possible. He wants a partner whose hair shows that she’s bold while being fuss-free enough so she can jet-set to those destinations with him, no hairdryer required. That’s why he’s attracted to a beautiful pixie haircut. What hair color does he like, you ask? Since he’s so daring, he’s attracted to bright tones, like pink. The Capricorn guy, on the other hand, is drawn to layered cuts that always look stylish and soft. As for his favorite hair color, he’s into navy blue because it reveals depth and confidence in the woman who’s wearing it. So, with that in mind, here are the hairstyles and hair colors that the 12 Zodiac signs find most attractive.

24Aries Style: Voluminous Pixie Cut

Aries is all about adventure and trying new things, and he’ll want to be with a partner who’s flying by the seat of her pants, too. So, the reason why he’s attracted to a pixie cut is not just because it looks trendy, but also because it’s really easy to maintain while being practical. Your gorgeous pixie cut makes you seem bold and sprightly, and it’s not going to hold you back from jumping into the next great adventure with him! Who needs to carry a hairdryer with her on all her fun travels anyway?

23Aries Color: Pink

A pink pixie cut is perfect to display your confidence. It will appeal to the Aries man too. Symbolized by the Ram, he isn’t just daring and bold, but he loves to start new trends. As described by Cafe Astrology, the Aries man never shies away from trendy styles, and he enjoys being the first with new fashions. He’ll also be seen as a trendsetter by his friends, so he’s likely to be attracted to women who do the same thing. With a bright or pastel-pink pixie cut, you’ll definitely grab his attention and stand out from the crowd!

22Taurus Style: A Lob

FYI: Any hairstyle that grazes your neckline will be attractive to the Taurus man because he’s drawn to beautiful necks. But that’s not the only reason why he likes lob haircuts on a woman. As reported by Woman’s Day, Taurus loves anything refined and polished. A lob haircut ticks both boxes. It’s also perfect for the loving and reliable Taurus, the site adds since this sign loves a hairstyle that’s not too high-maintenance and can be worn every day. Classic yet chic without trying too hard – that sounds just perfect for the Taurus man!

21Taurus Color: Bring Color To Your Hair With Flowers

While the Taurus sign loves to be around beautiful things, men born under this sign also like to stick to what works when it comes to fashion. So, although you might think you have to dazzle the Taurus man with a flashy new hair color, you really don’t. He’d prefer you to stick to an earthier, more natural approach, such as by bringing color into your hair with the use of bright, bold flowers. A rose or poppy will be especially beautiful, as these are two of the Taurus sign’s flowers, as reported by a certified astrologer on Love To Know. Pick a rose on your way to your date and pin it into your hair – he’ll love the extra attention to detail.

20Gemini Style: Flowing Waves

Variety is the spice of life for people born under the sign of Gemini, so a long hairstyle is perfect because it can be worn in different ways. But, the Gemini guy will specifically appreciate long, lustrous waves. They’re fun and flirty, which is exactly what attracts the Gemini man. Since the sign of the Gemini is the twins, men under this sign seem to have more than one fashion personality, always daring to try different things. But, as reported by Astrology Club, they like to be stylish in their own way, so if you wear a gorgeous hairstyle that’s fun and unique to your personality, they’ll appreciate that you make a bold statement.

19Gemini Color: Bold Balayage

Since Gemini loves variety and doesn’t like to stick to just one fashionable look, he’ll lean towards a balayage hair color on his partner. The reason is that it’s a great way to embrace more than one hair color without having to be limited to one! Balayage is also stylish and funky while offering unique combinations of color that will appeal to his love of creativity in his partner. Hot tip: add some buttery-blonde or magenta to your balayage hair – those are two of his favorite colors, according to the Astrology Club.

18Cancer Style: Middle Parting

The Cancer man likes no-fuss hairstyles and fashion, that’s why he’ll appreciate it if you walk into a first date with your hair in a neat middle parting. The great thing is that it looks stylish as middle partings are big news right now due to how they can change your overall look so easily. The middle parting is also great for the Cancer man’s partner because he likes feminine touches. Since it can definitely be worn in a soft and feminine way, such as with a ponytail or loose waves, it’s the perfect date look.Featured Today

17Cancer Color: Purple Hair

Don’t underestimate the Cancer man. Just because he likes practical, easy-to-maintain hair, it doesn’t mean that he’s boring. Oh no. When it comes to color, he likes mysterious tones, such as purple and violet. The reason is that these colors reflect his love of depth and emotion. The Cancer guy is sensitive and in touch with his emotions, so he’ll love it when your appearance and personality reveal something about your feelings. He also loves looking for symbolic meanings in things, so if you have a great reason for dyeing your hair purple, he’ll be impressed!

16Leo Style: Sleek And Shiny

The glass hair trend is huge right now. It’s all about having hair that’s as shiny as metal surfaces in the sun, and the Leo guy will love seeing you wear it out on dates. Since he has an innate love for anything luxurious and fashionable, he’ll be immediately intrigued by how your glossy hair twinkles in the sunshine. He takes pride in his appearance and looks after himself from head to toe, so he’ll value the same in his partner. Nothing says you really take care of yourself like a gorgeous, shiny mane.

15Leo Color: Jewel-Toned Hair

Another important quality of the Leo man is how he’s drawn to elegant and glamorous women. He’ll hardly notice hair that’s styled in bright, brassy colors – they seem to try too hard to be trendy. There’s too much of that around and he wants something classier! Instead, he’ll spot a woman who’s wearing gorgeous jewel-toned hair at a party or restaurant and take to her immediately. Jewel tones, such as blue and pink, that are done by a hair color professional, look beautiful and sophisticated, hitting all the right notes for the Leo guy.

14Libra Style: Voluminous Curls

Libra is quite materialistic, so he’ll appreciate it when his partner looks good and has an expensive, professional haircut. But that doesn’t make him superficial because even if your hairstyle hasn’t cost an arm and a leg, it can still be fancy. Hello, what’s fancier than a gorgeous head of tumbling curls that look red-carpet ready? There’s no doubt that a Libra man will appreciate that. It doesn’t even have to be a curly hairstyle that’s OTT – just something simple with mermaid waves or retro curls will spark his attention. In fact, simplicity is the most elegant thing to the Libra man.

13Libra Color: Green Hair

While the Libra man tends to appreciate luxurious and classic colors, such as neutrals, a chic hair color such as green will interest him on a deeper level. Not only is it trendy and chic, but choosing a rich shade will appeal to his love of being stylish. The Libra man loves beautiful and creative things, as reported by Keen, and these will grab his attention in an otherwise boring situation. So, a strong shade of green hair that makes you immediately noticeable will definitely reel him in! Keep it elegant and you can get away with anything.

12Scorpio Style: Asymmetrical Cut

While Scorpio is bold and daring, he also loves mystery. As described on the Keen website, the Scorpio man loves a sense of mystery in his partner. That not only means not revealing too much about yourself too soon in the relationship but also making your appearance mysterious. A fashionable asymmetrical haircut will appeal to his love of mystery. It’ll certainly set you apart from what everyone else is wearing, and he’ll be interested to find out what it says about you. When your hair’s soft and beautifully cut, it’ll further attract him because he loves luxurious things.

11Scorpio Color: Intense Red Hair

The best hair color that interests the Scorpio man? Definitely red! As reported by Thought Catalog, if Scorpio were a color, it would be scarlet red. Wearing your hair in a rich, deep shade of red will grab his attention immediately because he’s so intense. Scorpio is a sign that loves drama and passion, and he’ll love when these qualities are displayed in your appearance as well as your personality. He’s also prone to being fiery and feisty, so he’ll love that you’re confident enough to wear such a bright color.

10Sagittarius Style: Pretty Hair Accessories

Sagittarius is the explorer of the Zodiac, so the Sag man is going to want to take loads of new adventures on a regular basis. He’s the guy who’s always got a spontaneous plan up his sleeve. The hairstyle he finds most impressive is one that makes use of hair accessories. Why you ask? They give you some glamour while making it easy for you to tame your mane so you can accept his last-minute invite without spending hours on your hair. As Cafe Astrologyreports, the Sag man is a free-spirited intellectual who embraces a boho culture. Now you know.

9Sagittarius Color: Butter Blonde

Sagittarius is a bold and sometimes intense sign, but people born under this sign prefer fashion that’s subtle instead of OTT. So, what will impress a Sag boyfriend more than an intense, bright hair color is to choose something like a buttery blonde. This is a trendy color at the moment that’s also firmly planted in the classics. It’s chic, warmer than an icy platinum blonde shade while being creative enough to draw the attention of your Sag when you enter the room. Dyeing your hair from a darker color to buttery blonde also shows how daring and breezy you can be.

8Capricorn Style: Layered Hair

You can never go wrong with layered hair, right? As reported by Woman’s Day, a long and layered hairstyle is the perfect cut that a Capricorn will appreciate because it’s timeless yet striking – these are two qualities that the Capricorn gravitates towards. Also, since Caps are ruled by Saturn, they like serious and straight haircuts, the site goes on to explain. They don’t have time for anything too fancy and frivolous! The great thing about layers is that, even though they’re straightforward, they can also be fun and versatile, especially if you wear your hair long and wavy.

7Capricorn Color: Navy Blue Hair Color

While their favorite haircut might be fuss-free, Capricorns do appreciate a beautiful hair color. Navy blue is striking enough to turn heads without being too fancy. It’s the perfect shade because it’s deep and conveys confidence, which is right up the Capricorn man’s alley. It also speaks to the mystery of Capricorn. As reported by Astrology, you can expect some unusual tastes to be brewing underneath Capricorn’s business suit or work clothes. So, although you might think he’ll detest a bold hair color, he’ll probably be intrigued by it.

6Aquarius Style: A Quirky Fringe

The Aquarius guy loves to do the opposite of what people expect. He’s unconventional, fun, and eccentric, as reported by Love To Know. So, with that in mind, he’s likely to be attracted by quirky hairstyles that offer something different. A great example is a playful choppy fringe. As you probably know, fringes are hot property this year, and they’re a great way to be bolder with your hair. So don’t be afraid to choose an unusual hairstyle that reveals your interesting personality because the Aquarius guy is probably watching and liking!

5Aquarius Color: Rose Gold Hair

Instead of liking red or pink hair, the Aquarius guy will want something much more unexpected. Rose gold hair it is! You can’t really argue with it. Rose-gold hair is a beautiful and glorious way to embrace pink and yellow-gold shades of color in your hair while warming up your entire appearance. It’ll also appeal to the Aquarius man’s love of all things beautiful. And, since he’s the type of guy who loves figuring things out, he’ll probably be studying your hair to find out just how its beautiful color was blended. Keep on intriguing him and he’ll be yours.

4Pisces Style: Plaits

The Pisces is known as the dreamer of the Zodiac, so he’ll love to see pretty bohemian hairstyles on the woman he chooses to be with. Plaits and braids are not only trendy to wear this year, but they’re a timeless way to embrace a fairytale state of mind. Add jewelry, pins, or flower crowns to your beautiful braids and you’ll get in on Pisces’s dreamy state. Since he loves to daydream and escape a boring day, he’ll be intrigued by a magical hairstyle that draws him in by his imagination.

3Pisces Color: Ombre Ocean Blue

If you had to take a peek inside the Pisces man’s wardrobe, you’d probably find shades of blue in there, as reported by Cafe Astrology. In fact, the site goes on to say that Pisces favors turquoise because it’s the color of the sea (and Pisces is represented by a pair of fish, FYI). Rocking up to a date with your Pisces man in gorgeous blue hair, perhaps in an ombre style that gives you ocean-inspired tones of blue and navy, will make you catch his eye and reel him in. He’ll love that you share a love of blue, boldness, and superb creativity.

2Virgo Style: High Ponytail

The Virgo guy is practical and doesn’t like too much fuss, so hairstyles like buns and high ponytails that keep your hair out of your face are good. These also appeal to his need to have everything look neat and tidy. A messy, asymmetrical hairstyle won’t attract him. In fact, he might find it hard to be on a date with someone wearing such a hairstyle since he can’t fix every tendril in place! Okay, so he can be a bit obsessive compulsive sometimes. However, the Virgo man also appreciates beauty, so a high ponytail that reveals stunning hair as it flows over your shoulders will make his eyes sparkle.

1Virgo Color: Low-Maintenance Color

Let your roots show! It might sound crazy to think that a Virgo man will find dark roots attractive because he wants everything to be tidy, but he’ll appreciate the natural beauty that leaving your hair uncolored can achieve. Dark roots, when contrasted against lighter hair lengths, can look effortlessly chic – as long as your hair’s shiny and healthy. They’re also great at providing interesting visual appeal to a hairstyle. And, of course, they’re much easier to maintain. So, if you like a Virgo man and you’re quite a low-maintenance fashionista, it’s going to be a match made in heaven.

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