The Difference Between Your Past Self And Current Self Based On ( Zodiac Signs ) !!!

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The Difference Between Your Past Self And Current Self Based On ( Zodiac Signs ) !!!

Do you think that people can change, or do you believe that everyone always stays the same? It’s a pretty interesting question. As women, we always hear that we should never try to change the guy that we’re dating because he’s never going to be the person that we want him to be. If he won’t commit to us or doesn’t believe in marriage, there’s no reason to stick around.

But in terms of ourselves, most of us would agree that, yes, we can definitely change. Because we’ve experienced so many changes as we have grown up and gotten older. While we have kept the core traits of ourselves, as we’ve moved into our 20s, it’s safe to say that we’re no longer the people that we were as kids and teenagers. And that’s most likely a good thing because when we get older, we (hopefully) become wiser and we know better — and we definitely know ourselves better.

Thanks to our zodiac signs, we can pinpoint the changes that we have made over the years, and it’s pretty cool to think about. Read on to find out the difference between your past self and your current self, based on your astrology!

24Aquarius: Past Self — An Exhausted Social Butterfly

If this is your zodiac sign, then the truth is that you need a serious self-care routine, but when you were younger, you didn’t really know that. (Hey, it’s not your fault — people only started talking about this recently, and now it’s a huge trend).

You’re super social, but as you’ve most likely figured out by now that you can’t be social all the time. Of course, as a teenager and into your college or university years, you didn’t realize that. You were the life of the party and were fine with being a social butterfly. You’re such an interesting, charming kind of person and have never been the type to turn down a party or event invitation (or even just a casual invite to hang out with a few people, whether you’re close friends with them or not).

You’re an interesting case since, on the one hand, you’re so social and love being around other people — but on the other hand, this constant socializing really exhausts you and is tough on you.

It’s just not something that you really thought too much about when you were younger, and it’s only now that you’re older is it at the top of mind — which makes sense.

23Aquarius: Current Self  — All About Self-Care

Now that you’ve gotten older, you know what you need and who you are, and you’re more comfortable taking time out of your busy schedule to rest. You don’t feel guilty or like you should be productive the way some people do, and that’s something to definitely be proud of.

Aquarius signs are known for having two personalities, basically, and they come out at different times.

Sometimes you’re social and love talking to people and are so charming, and other times you want to stay home and curl up under the covers. There’s nothing wrong with either of these things, it’s just who you are — and as you’ve grown up, you’ve figured out that you have to work self-care into your regular routine if you don’t want to get super exhausted every time you hang out with other people or go to a party or event.

Luckily for you, self-care is trendy and a buzzword these days, and there are so many different ways to implement it into your schedule. From taking long hot baths or showers to watching your favorite TV show or movies, you can consider anything self-care, as long as you feel better and more rested after.

22Pisces: Past Self — Everything Made You Over-Emotional

Pisces are very emotional and sensitive signs. When you were younger, this was something that was basically your Achilles heel. Instead of understanding that negative feelings are a normal part of life, and that it’s okay to feel bad sometimes (which seems to be what most people believe), you would get way too upset.

When something or someone hurt your feelings, your whole day (and maybe even longer) is totally and completely ruined.

Yup, let’s just come right out and say it: you were a crybaby when you were a kid (and perhaps even when you were a teenager… and, okay, maybe even during your college years). You just couldn’t help it. You felt things so strongly that you always had an emotional response. This would make friendships, and some romantic relationships, tricky— and your friend or boyfriend might not have been that nice about it. Maybe they felt that you were too emotional and that you didn’t need to get so upset, but that would have felt like a total betrayal to you. You didn’t want to hear that you shouldn’t be so sensitive. You couldn’t imagine acting any other way.

21Pisces: Current Self — Everyone’s Therapist

Since you’re such an emotional, sensitive person, you used to take things way too seriously when you were younger. Now, you use that emotional power to help other people, and you’re the go-to person for advice and help.

It’s funny that as a kid, you were such a crybaby (and probably even called that sometimes, which definitely wasn’t a super fun experience). Everyone, from teachers to friends to your parents to maybe even your friends’ parents, wished that you would stop getting so upset all the time.

But now that you’re older, people really respect that you’re so in tune with your emotions.

Yeah, it’s funny how life works and how things happen (but also kind of annoying, let’s be real). Your friends love how sweet and caring and compassionate you are and go to you for help with their problems. They know that you’ll always tell them what’s up and they love that you’re such a good person. It feels good that people see you this way and you really value it. You’re proud of who you are and who you have become, and even though you might be a bit embarrassed by all the times you cried as a kid, you get that you’re just more sensitive than others.

20Aries: Past Self — Ms. Moody

Aries signs are known for being super moody. As you probably know, it’s not great to be moody, and people don’t really appreciate it.

When you were a kid, and definitely when you were a teenager, you were often in bad moods. Your parents probably loved that…along with your siblings (if you have any). You were probably even more of a “teenager” than most, since some teens can be moody even if it’s not their most obvious personality trait. It’s just kind of what teens are like. Think door-slamming, lots of yelling, blasting music (that your mom and dad hated because that was also the point), and saying “It’s not fair!” over and over again until it seemed like you didn’t know any other phrases. Yup, that was you. Now you can blame it on your zodiac sign.

For you, everything was always wrong and terrible and nothing was ever going right, and you didn’t know when that would ever change for you.

You most likely just wanted to grow up already so you could do what you wanted and not be so upset all the time… which is a common thing to think, no matter what your zodiac sign.

19Aries: Current Self — Full Of Passion

While you used to be so moody that it was the thing that everyone knew about you, it wasn’t an attractive or positive thing. But now you’ve learned to channel that passion into something good. You have a hobby or interest that you have thrown yourself into, and that could honestly be anything since, again, everyone is different.

Maybe your hobby is something active and healthy like yoga or barre classes, and you even want to get your yoga teacher-training so you can share your passion for this form of exercise with others. Maybe you have a side hustle that you care about a lot, that helps you make some cash from what you love and what makes you happy. Or maybe your hobby is art-based.

You can’t change who you are at your core — which is a super passionate person — but you’ve figured out how to turn that passion into something positive, and not everyone can say the same.

So even if some people don’t think that you should spend so much time on your particular hobby, they’re just jealous that you’re determined and have found something that makes you happy. It sucks that people act like that, but unfortunately, they do.

18Taurus: Past Self — Stubborn To A Fault

Does anyone love a stubborn person? That’s a rhetorical question because, of course, absolutely no one does. Okay, so you still have friends and family that love you, but your stubborn personality has probably gotten in the way of at least some relationships or social interactions. There’s no way that it couldn’t.

Sorry to break it to you, but since you’re a Taurus sign, you definitely know by now that, yeah, you’re pretty stubborn.

And you also know that it’s gotten you into some trouble at some points in your life…or you’ve at least heard a million times that this is your personality.

While you might be sick and tired of hearing it and it might sound like a broken record at this point, it’s something about yourself that you have to embrace.

When you were younger, you were annoyingly stubborn, and no one could get you to change your mind about something once you made it up. You wouldn’t do anything that you didn’t want to do, which made school challenging for sure, but you were a rebel in that way, too. It was basically your cross to bear on a daily basis and the most obvious thing about you.

17Taurus: Current Self — Single Minded (In A Good Way)

Now that you’re older, you’ve figured out a way to make peace with your stubborn nature. After all, you’ve probably heard the old saying, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” and when it comes to your personality, that totally applies.

It’s best if you can take your personality traits and use them as a force for good.

You use your stubborn nature and apply it to your work ethic. Maybe you own your own business or freelance, and you’ve realized that if you get super stubborn about something like your career, you can see tons of success. Or maybe you’ve risen through the ranks of your chosen industry because you keep your eye on the prize and work hard and don’t rest until you’ve met your goals.

When you were younger, you always heard that you were stubborn and people acted like it was such a bad, negative thing, but now that you’ve grown up and worked on yourself, you would totally take it as a compliment. If someone called you stubborn, you would smile and say “thank you” and explain all about your career success (because, hey, you totally and completely deserve to brag a little bit).

16Gemini: Past Self — You Were Bored All The Time

You can get bored easily and really like trying new things, meeting new people, and having new and amazing experiences. That’s something that you take seriously these days and you’ve made a lot of awesome, positive changes, but when you were younger, you couldn’t always live the life that you were dreaming of.

After all, every kid has to go to school and do boring things like homework and chores. Well, those things were boring to you, although some other zodiac signs might not see those things the same way.

All you wanted was to grow up and have more fun every day (and you definitely wanted to stop being so bored all the time).

You were definitely one of those kids who was always hearing from your mom that you should stop saying that you were bored. It really annoyed her (and she wasn’t shy about letting you know) and she didn’t understand how you could possibly find everything so dull. But you did, all thanks to the fact that you’re a Gemini sign. If only you could have told her that she couldn’t be mad at you because you were just channeling astrology… (But that probably wouldn’t have worked, anyway).

15Gemini: Current Self — Living A Fascinating Life

Now that you’re older, you’ve made a lot of changes and while your past self-was super bored all the time, your current self is totally living a fascinating life.

You’ve figured out that you need to keep your life exciting and interesting. Maybe you travel a lot, or you have a job that allows you to interact with people, or you have a few jobs.

What would seem weird and untraditional to other people is exactly what interests you and what you love.

Honestly, you should be super proud of the fact that you live life according to what you want and what you believe in and the fact that you follow your dreams. Instead of just doing what other people want you to do, like your parents or friends or even your boyfriend, you forged your own path. And you continue to forge your own path on a daily basis. It’s awesome and while most people would never (and could never) live life this way, it’s pretty cool that you can and do. You just never want to get bored. It’s basically your life motto and something that you take very seriously. And why not?! You’re not hurting anyone.

14Cancer: Past Self — A Bit Of A Loner

Since you’re a Cancer sign, that means that you’re a homebody by nature. You have always been someone who would rather stay home than go out.

This was really tough for you to deal with when you were younger. When you were growing up, you had trouble being social since you weren’t big on going to parties (especially going to parties alone, which was more of a nightmare scenario for you than anything else). You were often too shy to get along with most people.

You’re not one for crowds or massive groups of people.

You were more of a loner when you were younger for all of these reasons. Being a teenager was definitely a hard time for you because it’s all about being a social butterfly and being cool and fitting in. That just wasn’t in the cards for you. Depending on who you are, you might have loved being a loner because you knew that you were being true to your real self, or maybe you hated it because you felt lonely and left out. Hopefully it was the former, but it really depends since everyone is different (yes, even those who share the same zodiac sign).

13Cancer: Current Self — A Happy Homebody

You’re not the life of the party and you don’t like going out all the time. Now that you’re older, you’ve figured out that it’s okay to embrace who you really are and not feel bad about it. You’re now a happy homebody and have just a few friends and keep your family close, too.

While you might have moments when you wonder why you don’t love to be social all the time and why being around other people makes you tired, you really don’t have to worry too much about this. This is just the way that you are and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone is different and this is you. It’s more than okay. It’s actually cool to embrace your real self and not be embarrassed because so many people wish they were someone else or that they could act differently.

Since you’re a homebody, you’re more of an introvert, and that means that you feel better when you can spend some time by yourself and relax.

People who are more extroverted do that by hanging out with others, but for you the opposite is true. That’s another thing that you have figured out as you’ve grown up. It’s interesting what we learn as we get older, right?!

12Leo: Past Self — Sometimes Spoiled

Sorry Leos, there’s just no nice, friendly, diplomatic way to say it — when you were younger, you were definitely a spoiled brat.

But, really, it wasn’t your fault. How could it be, when your parents doted on you and everyone that you knew waited on you hand and foot? And, no, it wasn’t necessarily because they wanted to (although maybe your mom did… and maybe your boyfriends in high school and college, too). It was mostly because this was what you demanded from the people in your life and the social interactions that you had.

The Leo sign has a reputation for being a King (or a Queen or Princess in your case) — being demanding is just part of following the rules of your zodiac sign.

No one likes a spoiled brat, of course, so you were probably a very divisive figure among your friends and classmates. Leos are very charming and confident, so you probably won a lot of people over because of your personality. On the other hand, some people probably weren’t the biggest fans of you since they thought that you were too full of yourself (which, let’s face it, you totally were… and kind of still are).

11Leo: Current Self — Super Confident

The things that make you a bit of a conceited person — the fact that you’re really confident and want the finer things in life and the best treatment — made you a spoiled brat when you were younger. Now that you’ve grown up, you’re still prone to those types of outbursts, but now you’re a lot more confident. And that means that even if people you know don’t always think so, you have changed (at least a little bit).

It’s funny that there’s such a massive difference between someone who is conceited and someone who is simply confident. The former seems terrible and like a total nightmare, and the latter is someone that everyone wants to be (and everyone wants to be around).

You conquer your goals and go after your dreams and have a good energy that makes people want to be around you, and that’s no small feat.

Yes, you have your moments when you’re still kind of spoiled and want things that you don’t necessarily need or even deserve — but for the most part, you’ve channeled that energy into confidence and you approach life with a positive attitude and a big smile on your face.  That’s something to be proud of.

10Virgo: Past Self — The Worrywart

Being a Virgo means that you’re a perfectionist. You might not think that there’s anything wrong with being a perfectionist — after all, this is just your personality, and you always do so well with whatever you put your mind to.

You’re a forever good student, rule follower, and the girl with the best work ethic ever.

Your perfectionist tendencies, however, can make you worry a lot and get nervous about things. This was totally the way that you behaved in the past, so your past self-was definitely a worrywart. Talk about a fun experience (not).

No matter how much your best friend or mom or older sister told you that everything would be fine and you had nothing to worry about, you just couldn’t believe them. You always wanted your life to be as flawless as possible and felt like you had personally failed if it wasn’t. Yes, that’s super unrealistic, which is why you would get upset about things that didn’t even matter. Whether you were sad about being single when all of your friends were in relationships or you were desperate to get into a certain program or get an after-school or summer internship or job, you were always pretty worried.

9Virgo: Current Self — A Go-Getter

Now that you’re older, your current self is a total go-getter.

While you let worrying a lot and wanting to be a perfectionist get the better of you before, now that you’re older, you channel that into your career, and you do super well. It’s actually really awesome and inspiring that you’ve been able to take the negative parts of yourself and create something positive. Not everyone can say that, so you should be really proud of yourself.

You’re the kind of girl who doesn’t rest until you get what you want and follow your dreams.

You don’t just follow your dreams, though — you totally make them into a reality. You might still expect perfection from yourself and others, and you might still have a tendency to worry, but you don’t get as upset as you used to. You channel your perfectionist tendencies into doing the best job that you can do (within reason, of course) and you have a ton of success to show for it. Your friends and family are in awe of you and are so amazed by everything that you have accomplished. You’re the go-to for career advice as well. People are so impressed by what you have done.

8Libra: Past Self — You Were Once Pretty Negative

Have you ever met someone who could hold a grudge (as in a serious one) and never seems to let go of it? Someone who could get really mad at someone and hold onto that feeling for a really long time? That person just might have been a Libra since this is totally what this zodiac sign is like.

If this is you, then this is what you used to do a lot when you were younger. You can really hold onto negative thoughts and feelings. You were a much more negative person because you would dwell on the things that weren’t going well in your life and the people that you thought weren’t treating you well. Sure, some of that might have been true, but a lot of it might have been in your head.

Things always feel worse when we dwell on them and get ourselves all worked up.

You probably didn’t enjoy being such a negative person, but you just couldn’t help it and couldn’t force yourself to change. After all, you were younger, and this is the way that you were. It didn’t seem possible for you to act any other way, so you held onto your negative beliefs.

7Libra: Current Self — A Joiner And Connector

Being a Libra sign means that you also love peaceful people and situations, and you really love being around other people.

As you’ve grown up, you’ve become a lot more social. You’ve also figured out that you’re good at being a connector and connecting people. You’re the kind of person who wants to play matchmaker every possible chance that you get, and you really love setting people up because you feel like they would absolutely love each other, all thanks to you. You also like introducing people in a more platonic sense because you swear that everyone would get along swimmingly and be the very best of friends.

You’re a people person for sure and being around others makes you very happy.

It’s awesome that instead of getting so negative and stewing in your negative feelings about the people in your life, as you’ve gotten older you’ve figured out that it’s much better to be positive, happy, and social. You definitely have an amazing social calendar that anyone would be jealous of and you wouldn’t want it any other way. You have absolutely turned things around for yourself and made your life better, and that’s something that is incredibly impressive.

6Scorpio: Past Self — A Loud Mouth

You might have gotten in trouble for your big mouth when you were younger. You’re not shy about expressing yourself or your opinions, and you can be a jealous person who doesn’t always trust other people. Yup, when you were a kid and a teenager and maybe even a young adult, you were definitely a loud mouth.

No one really enjoys being around this type of person. You probably had more than one teacher shake their head at you and wonder why you had to talk through every single class (and even when you were taking a test or something like that). Teachers might have had to contact your parents on a regular basis about how much you talked. Hey, you didn’t care — this was you, and you were proud of being loud.

Even though your loud mouth tendencies could definitely be annoying sometimes, you were probably fairly popular and attractive to the less-outspoken kids.

You like when people pay attention to you and it’s easy for you to lose your trust in someone and think that they’re betraying you or cheating on you or just not treating you properly. The fact that you become a green-eyed monster fairly fast is not really the greatest thing ever.

5Scorpio: Current Self — A Great Leader

Now that you’re older, you’re an amazing leader because you do have that quality.

It’s fascinating that you can channel your loud mouth personality into leadership, and it’s definitely nothing to sneeze at. Instead of feeling like you’re this loud person who just can’t fit in anywhere and can’t ever be happy, you know that you feel the best and the most like yourself when you can be in charge (but in a totally legit way, of course). You’re most likely a leader at your office and hold some kind of management position where a team works under you, and you really thrive within this environment.

You enjoy molding people into being the best they can be, and you want people to follow you and be inspired by you.

Sure, you still have shades of your past self — you never really shook the whole “getting super jealous all the time” thing and you can still be pretty loud — but you’re much better than you were before. It’s all about learning who you are and keeping the good while trying not to let the bad come out that often, and that’s definitely something that you have done.

4Sagittarius: Past Self — The Troublemaker

You might have gotten in trouble as a kid or teenager because you’re a free-spirited, unconventional person.

You probably didn’t do super well in school — not because you’re not smart, because you totally are — but because you don’t like to follow rules or be tied down.

You were totally the kid who talked when you weren’t supposed to (aka during class or at assemblies) and whose parents got notes on your report card about your behavior. You might have even gotten called into the principal’s office on a regular basis — not because it was your fault, of course, but because grown-ups are overdramatic and just don’t get it. (Yup, that was totally why.) You just didn’t understand why you had to sit still and do what you were told, and you really didn’t understand why you even had to be in a school environment at all.

You probably brought your troublemaker tendencies to your personal life, as well. You were the girl who started rumors about other people, who caused fights within your friend group, and who behaved in a totally ridiculous, immature way. Well, it’s not like now when you look back you’re super proud of it, so there’s that, at least.

3Sagittarius: Current Self — A Proud Rebel

These days, you’ve embraced your unconventional self, and things are going a lot better for you. You’re a proud rebel and you’ve designed your life in a way that makes you happy.

You know that you can’t be confined or tied down. You get that a traditional 9-to-5 job wouldn’t do anything but make you very unhappy. You’re also not big on long-term, committed relationships or the idea of settling down, getting married, and starting a family. That just doesn’t seem like the best idea to you.

You’re a zodiac sign that loves to travel, which is something that factors into the way that you live your life.

You might be someone who works for themselves or freelances, and you might travel all over at all times. You might even move around a lot, or stay with friends in your hometown because you don’t even want to rent an apartment or be connected to anything. And, of course, you’ve truly never been happier. This is exactly the way that you want to be living, and even if people insult your lifestyle or act like you should settle down and be more conventional, you really don’t care. You want to do what you want to do.

2Capricorn: Past Self — Nervous And Insecure

As a Capricorn, you have a tendency to think that bad things are going to happen to you and that you won’t be happy. When you were younger, you were nervous and insecure and let these negative feelings get the best of you. It never occurred to you that everything would be just fine. You couldn’t ever think that way because to you, every situation could be a total disaster.

You probably always heard from your parents, other family members, and friends that worrying was a waste of time and that you needed to calm down. They told you that everything would work out okay and that you didn’t need to get so upset.

Of course, you never understood why anyone would tell you not to worry because that was just your regular personality. How could you not worry?!

You were jealous of people who seemed to be calm and not have a care in the world.

Everyone has times of worry and moments of insecurity. It’s totally normal and nothing to be ashamed of — it just stinks if this is your normal state of being, and as a younger girl who was a Capricorn sign, that was the way that things were for you.

1Capricorn: Current Self — Proud Of Your Mistakes

Now that you’re older, you still have tendencies that you had when you were younger, since, of course, you’re still a Capricorn sign. But you’re also wiser, and you’ve learned to accept the worst parts of yourself. You can reign in your worries and not waste quite so much time, and you can talk about your feelings with other people and figure out what is worth worrying about and what you can move on from. You see the good in the fact that you can be such a worrywart, despite often causing unnecessary anxiety and nerves and negative emotions.

You wouldn’t change who you are because the fact that you worry means that you care, and the fact that you care means that you’re a compassionate and a passionate person.

You wouldn’t want to be anything else. It’s amazing and inspiring that you have grown up and moved on and that you have made some positive changes in your life. Not everyone can say that. You’re proud of the mistakes that you’ve made in the past because you know that everything that you have done has made you the person that you are.

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